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The Salemite. volume (None) 1920-current, September 25, 1926, Image 1

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PARTICIPATION IN SPORTS DISPLAYS SALEM’S SPIRIT WINSTOX-SALEM, N. C., SEPTEMBER 25, 1926. HISTORICAL SALEM SUBJECT OF ADDRESS BY MISS FRIES Archivist of Moravian Church Speaks of the His torical Significance of Buildings on Square At tlie first expanded chapei lioiir of the year on September 22, Miss Adelaide Fries, president of the General Alumnae Association, gave interesting and delightful talk o ;t notable plae he square em. The -oncerned •rounding a map of le chief buildings. Streets were cut and five stand pipes set up. From the stand pipes the watei was brought in liand-bored pine logs. The square was the center of things and around it the old settlers group ed tlieir houses. Main Hall, which was built 1861, stands on the site of an two-story building, the first floor of which was used for apartments and the second for a meeting hall. Th' building, whose corner stone w. laid in 1771 lasted until 1800 when the church home was built. In th( south end of this old building th girls’ school had its beginning. Th( teacher taught her tliree pupil: iting, knitting with beautiful cedars that gradually killed by coal smoke storms, and were replaced with pop- to be' remembered. The walk u and n travelled ^ thinks In greatly and school had rithm( , and painting had been added to the curriculum.. demand for a boarding school creased and between the years 1 1805 a four-story academy erected. The most interesting of the boarding school was thal girls should not scrap over plates at dinner. South Hall only two stories higli at fir^t, third and fourth stories being added later. The west gate entrance was made to give more room and to con nect South Hall and the Sisters’ House. The Sisters’ House was built as a r young gi n who bee; t that t girls, the Senior and Junior mem bers of the Y. W. C. A. cabinet were 5 for’supplies. In it v ‘"The corner building, whic for Moravian bovs. The bi was used for thi.s purpose un ’''"^hrLad'4"^" ( about the same date as the m It was built for the presid. place of the old Congr House. The outer walls anything oi lave a beauty all thei larliest settlers thought of the grave yard as a family burying gr md tliev therefore buried the Iren in' one place, the wome and the men in still anoth- The gra^ t th( angregati the unity of the and the family. Around the coffee po up legends of their own pot was used as the si shop and the stories ( are only mythological. Belo Home is not the kind of a e that vould ii ately th a private residence, tile first flc being used for a store, the seco for the members of the family, a the third for clerks who worked the store. Since Mr. Belo’s dea the house has been used as an apa ment House. Mis! concluded h Charlotte Sells Treas. Student Government call meeting of the Student I L'Monday afternoon "septlm- 20, at one-thirty in the Campus ig room of Alice Clewell build- •alled tlie meeting to ordei ■ Wolfe, and read Order of the Scorpion Honorary Fraternity To Create Spirit of Co-operat. Between Faculty and Student Body scorpion was organized the p veek, and members made themseli mown about the campus Friday norning wearing black with i ’ " lannel arm bands on which v, arge black felt scorpion. Th, reated for the purpose of stimulat- ng a better co-operation bet he faculty and the student body ind among the students; to cnabl he students to make the best us of their oportunities at College, an uphold the standards of Salem. At I t the. fourt girls who are members of th( ime phase of eollegt'lffe. Mem bership is limited to only the upper- ssmen who are interested whole- irtedly in Salem. 'iernce is the motto of the Order of the Scorpion, and calls for un selfish and loyal service to those with whom the members come in The Preamble of the Order is as allows: . “Believing in Salem College and s manifold opportunities; believing iat the best use of these opportuni- nay he realized by developing closer o-oper, body and the faculty, and by oting fraternalism among all students of Salem; we do hereby es- iblish the Order of the Scorpion for the fostring of these ideals." Pierrette Pi,ayers Tryout SCHEDULE: FRESHMEN: Tuesday, Octo ber 12th; Wednesday, October SOPHMORE LIFT FRESHMEN RESTRICTIONS THURSDAY Green Ribljoiis Dkcartkd; Jomco and Rnliet hy ShilUarn Wakespeare. Presented [’hursday night in the Recrcntion loom of Alice Clewell Building, i-hen the So))homores entertained he Freshmen and lifted their init- beautifully niors were given honorable The song contest prize, pas a box of chewing gum, irded to the Seniors, by the judges. Miss Desha, Miss Reid and r. The Alma Mater was onclude the first pienic ed successfully as a get- together meeting. Sunday, September 19; held at six- ....... ov the Alice Clewell Building. Virginia Welch, the capable College cheer leader, lead the singing. Both hymns and ular music were used,’to which ryone present heartily responded. Mondav, September 20: Upon invitation of the Fre.shman Week Committee, Dr. Rondthaler E a brief talk to the Freshmen in Campus I.iving Room of Alice Clewell Building. He was intro duced by Charlotte Sells, president of the junior Class, who first re- ted that all Fi ?e, blue, and wh ;iring the first p.- ning danc^ing^was enj their guests a good t Rulict,” bv *'shmiam if the' vished I go ti the Wednesday afternoon. Dr. Rondthaler emphasized the importance of knowing how to study that ninety per cent c' . - -. failed in their work a knowledged that it was because the did not know how to study at tli ted i s of red. and n Wakes Miss Dorothy .liss Anna Pau- , )ineo, and I.ardner McCarty as Ruliet’s mo- Mier. So well did these young ladies .ilay their parts and enact the trag edy of the young lovers’ deatli that .ght midst of i Miss I.illv.- laughter bnri.sqn, ay and i; beginning of theii college I of the first things is that College studying diffi from high school, largely because the difference in hours of recit._ ssarily The e prepa n by ballot the meeting was Two Additions to the The Salemite Staff g that Doris Wal- Senior Picnic, Songs Stunt Night Enjoyed Seniors Won Song Contest; Sopho mores Had Best Stunt; Fresh men Conducted Thru e supper was followed by :^heTr“^rDorti;’ Captain John Smith and his Indian “tIi^"supreme'^SacS,’’ judges of the stunts. Their decis- fifteen for recitation, making proxiinately eight hours of daily work. Furthermore, college assign- Dontemplate not only the d‘ on™spoke"of^Te‘^hlgh'st‘anda?d", L:^ini^r:istu^tS ....... sang beau tifully several popular songs includ ing The Indian LoveTall from Rose Marie, and The World is Waiting for the Sunrise and Gray nays. Miss Eliz.ibcth Rominger gave a humorous reading which delighted Imi iiments, Doris Wooten at the green ribbons noved, and name plae- d. However, due to SOUK bold Freshmen ■n on th.^ campus and it the proper Frcsh- --CS, the jiunishment of walking on the sidewalks and using onlv the side doors would continue to be in force. Thus Freshman Week closed, aft er a ,>eriod of fun .-.nd frivolity for all, and after creating a .spirit of Athletic Association Elects Heads of Sports Archtr^ Track Marv Dun Automobile Tour of Home Economics Club "fkTtZFre^'men’’™'rte tou"" The To Meet Tuesday rtation"«.c city mI™^ Buena Vista, I the Country Cli enjoyed this ou

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