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The full moon. online resource (None) 1924-????, May 31, 1939, Image 3

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May 31, 1939 THE FULL MOON Page 3 SUE COBLE “Five feet two, eyes of blue. Sweet Sue.” Yes, that’s Sue Coble, blond, neat, studious, sincere, and dependable. Her school record? She has been an honor student since she entered the first grade! Among her likes are Gene Strat ton Porter, tennis, typing, every thing to eat, Deanna Durbin and Mictey Rooney. Sue hastily adds, “I like bass singers, too, and tubas!” A dramatic enthusiast, Sue has acted in many plays, including the senior comedy. Also, she has been a member of the Dramatic club five years and the Summer The atre, one year. After graduation, she plans to continue with a secretarial career, at which she already has a head start. \ WHAT A GIRL! Margaret Ridenhour’s hair Virginia Crowell’s eyes Menefee Bennett’s disposition Martha Efird’s complexion Peggy Eflrd’s personality Pauline Beaver’s figure Mary K. East’s talent Jane Morrow’s clothes JACK WILLIAMS Jack Williams, better known as “Crack,” is one of the most out standing athletes in high school, having been on the varsity football team two years, the baseball team three years, and the basketball team, of which he was co-captain during the past season, three years. Naturally his main interest and activities are centered around his favorite sports, but as a member of the Boys’ Glee club and the Pres byterian young people’s choir. Jack has an interest in music. “Crack” likes good sports, Rud- yard Kipling, banana pudding, pineapples, fishing, Spencer Tracy, Ann Sheridan, and blondes; doesn’t like “nosey” people, spinach, as paragus, and Hitler. After graduation, “Crack” plans to enter aeronautics. WHAT A MAN! Warren Perry’s hair Buddy Roberts’s eyes Bill Mann’s voice “Sid” Gulledge’s personality “Hod” Shankle’s disposition Jack Williams’s athletic ability James Greene’s scholastic ability C. B. Efird’s talent. Black Masque Dramatic Club — Section One Newspaper Gets Excellent Rating In the National Scholastic Press association contest, conducted by the School of Journalism at the University of Minnesota, the Full Moon received a first-class, excel lent rating. A superior rating was awarded for a total score of 600 or above, and the score of the Full Moon was 650. The publication was judged in the class of monthly papers, print ed commercially, and belonging to a public high school with an en rollment between 500 and 899. Twelve papers rated first class in this group. There were 1,038 pa pers to be rated and the Full Moon was one of the 400 to receive the honor rating. Clyde A. Erwin, state superin tendent of public instruction, said in the April issue of the North Carolina Public School Bulletin, “The Pull Moon, newspaper pub lished by Albemarle High school, is a well-balanced publication and conveys to the reader a very good impression of many phases of the high-school program.” Black Masque Dramatic Club — Section Three PERSONALITY? The creative writing class has been trying to improve their per sonalities by writing their im pressions of each other and read ing them to the class. Although many threaten to sue for malicious slander, they have got results. Black Masque Dramatic Club — Section Two ‘Genny’ Steals Show An announced event stole the : shown on Field day when Gilbert Russell brought his pet burro, “Genny,” along to take it all in and march in the parade. Mr. Gibson somehow became at tracted to the little animal, who, in turn, eyed the principal mischiev ously. Finally it was too much Hi-Y Club Elects Hatley President Masqueraders Tap Ten New Members Ten students who had done out standing work in dramatics were tapped into the Masqueraders, hon orary dramatic society, in a special I chapel program May 10. Follow- ' ing the tapping ceremony, Mrs. j Ruth V. Everett, state dramatic representative-at-large, gave a talk about her experiences in directing plays. Those tapped were Jeanne Hurt, Pauline Beaver, Lee Copple, Lydia Bowers, Virginia Stone, Bonnie McCubbins, Ila Lee Knotts, Peggy Efird. Josephine Whitley, and Hoyle Whitley. Work in such phases of dramatic activity as make-up, costuming, properties, sound effects, prompting, publicity, ' stage management, and acting had been done by those recognized. The students received this recogni tion by unanimous vote of the ac tive society members. Charter members of the organi zation were officers of the Black Masque Dramatic club and com mittee chairmen. They are Mary Katherine East, Menefee Bennett, Leroy Plyler, Lyna Mae Easley, Sue Coble, Marie Deese, Douglas Cranford, Frank Deese, Rachel Burris, Lorene Melton, and Wade Underwood. Thomas Hatley has been chosen by the Hi-Y club to head the or ganization for next year. Thomas succeeds Sidney Gulledge in this capacity. Other officers chosen by the group are Lee Copple, vice president; Lamar Camp, secretary; , Hoyle Whitley, treasurer; and Ray Mr. Gibson borrowed “Genny” and j Lefler, chaplain, climbed gallantly on. Waving an j .'For two consecutive years imaginary ten-gallon hat and yell-1 Thomas Hatley, active in many stu- ing “Hi Ho Silver,” he was off!; dent affairs, has served as presi- And your reporter means off, be- i dent of his class, and, during the cause “Genny” seemed to have past year, as treasurer of the Hi- other ideas about this gay esca pade. She struck out across the athletic field as R. C. Hatley did in his younger days on Duke’s bas ketball court! “Pahdner” Gibson held on for dear life, like a regu lar western bronco buster, but to no avail. The lone ranger of A. H. S. “bit the dust.” P. S. Where, oh, where was the photographer? Y club. He is also a member of the National Honor society and of the Student council. Palmer Furniture Company Inc. Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors — Ambulance Service — Phone 117 Albemarle, N. C. STANLY C IMPRESSIONS OF STUDENTS Nickname Pastime Hangout Known by Weakness Ambition 1. “Wowo” getting into trouble at Carolyn’s house thought fulness Bailey G. to go to Europe 2. “Kat” singing choir practice sweetness “Hod” S. to be an opera singer 3. “Peg” dating- Badin lake her looks Wade A. to be a cafe proprietress f&4., “Haney” flirting with Rachel on the square playing cowboy Rachel B. to learn to cook “filed lice” 5. “Joey dear” drawing cowboys Western Union that country accent Badin to graduate (and how!) 6. “Bill” driving Badin freckles Kathryn Hardister to be a T-model Ford mechanic ^7. “Squeezer” reading home height “Candy” to be a beauty operator 1 8. “Weiner” rolling up her hair chemistry lab. her hair “Crack” W. to be a professional 9. “Dink” riding a bicycle anywhere Jack is friendliness Jack L. to get a secre tarial job 10. “Speerow” laying out of school drug store his shirts Maria E. to be an (See Page Ten for Answers) engineer Thursday and Friday June 1st and 2nd “T/ie Duke of West Point” with Louis Hayward, Tom Brown, Richard Carlson, Joan Fontaine and Alan Curtis PARAMOUNT NEWS STANLY THEATRE

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