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The full moon. online resource (None) 1924-????, January 29, 1965, Image 1

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Stomp Statesville! The Full Moon Trample Thomasville! Vol. 31 —No. 5 Albemarle Senior High School, Albemarle, N. C. January 29, 1965 s. O. OFFICERS BEGIN PLANS for the WDNCSCC Convention to be held at ASHS April 2 and 3. S.O. Announces Plans For District Convention Preliminary plans for the West ern District of North Carolina Student Council Congress are now taking shape. Committee chair men have been appointed and sev eral meetings have already been held. Those who will head the com mittees are as follows: Charles Morton and Mr. Webb, arrange ments committee; Mr. White, clean-up committee; Tom Webb and Mrs. Young, elections com mittee; Annette Thomas and Mrs. Fry, housing committee; Joanne Lisk and Mrs. Young, invitations committee; Edith Johnson and Mrs. Gamewell, publicity commit tee; Mrs. Helms and Mrs. Carter, registration committee; Emalynn Helms and Miss Brooks, social committee; Steve Pinkston and Mr. Frazier, traffic committee; Alana Russell and Mrs. Helms, typing committee; and Joanne Lisk and Mrs. Young, financial committee. Mr. Robert T. Crawford, Mr. Ralph Gardner, and Mr. Don Ben- Classes Invest In Stock Market The American Problems classes. Under the direction of Mr. Gibbs, Miss Bishop, and Mr. Altman re- *^tly concluded a unit on the stock market and its economic system. To make their study enjoyable ^ well as educational, the stu dents were given an imaginary sum of $200 to invest in the stock ''Market. They watched their in vestments for a period of several ”®ys, during which they sold their Shares when it seemed profitable. ^ the end of the allotted time, person who made the most PTOflt in each dass was to receive ® Small prize. I Besides this imaginary inyest- the members of the combined l^asses pooled their resources and •J'vested any amount from fifty ^ts in a stock which was chosen ?y a professional stock broker. 'Jne hundred fifty-three dollars "as collected and invested in “FUnswick, a company which m^ufactures medical supplies sporting goods. Divldrads the stock are to be divided ^ong the stockholders according ® .the amount invested. At the ^ of this school year, the stock be liquidated and distribute ^ong the investors who will be ^gerly awaiting their fortunes or “'elr, bankruptcy. nett represented the Merchants Division of the Albemarle-Stanly County Chamber of Commerce in a meeting with the WDNCSCC planning committee January 12 at ASHS. The meeting was to discuss fa vors to be donated by the mer chants which will be given to the convention delegates at the ban quet. All committee chairmen met January 21 with the plannmg committee to determine their m- dividual responsibilities. Approximately 250 students from various schools in the western district are expected to attend the two-day meeting which is sched uled for April 2 and 3. Mrs. Young, Student Council adviser, stated that many students wll be called on for help, and that any student wishing to contnbute his services is asked to notify any of the Student OrgamzaUon officers. Chris Koepcke Calls Home Christian Koepcke. our Gem^ AFS exchange student, enjoyed a 15-minute t^lephoiw conv^- tton with members of his far^y in Stuttgart, 24 During the phone call he lii The call S Mgh at 3:30 p. m., which 9^ p. m. in Stuttgart, ^d Christian Sf fS the Concord Tdephone Ompany, which gave similar ^ft SC other AFS students resid ing in its service area. Five Achieve Highest Honor For First Term Five students attained highest honor roll for the first semester. They were Betsy Patterson, Elicia Harwood, Linda Long, Debbie Weemhoff, and Edwin Sides. Senior Class members who made honor roll for the first se mester were David Boyer, Jimmy Lowder, Nancy Butler, Sheila Hall, Jack Deese, Pearlie Rae Burris, Sue Plyler, Shelia Smith, John Burleson, Butch Lowder, Joe Elamhardt, Mark Stambaugh, Robbie Bost, Mdie Mauldin, Dar rell Newton, Eugene Coley, Edith Johnson, Joanne Lisk, Diane Mor ton, and Brenda Peeler. Junior Class members who made honor roll for the first se mester were Tom Webb, Vickie Alexander, Gwen Boyd, Robbie Vick. Ellen Wilson, Allison Har ris, Dane Perry, Paul Carder, Da vid Smith. Billy Tucker, Janis Clarke, Patricia Snipes, Celia Mauldin, Fredia Plyler, Ronnie Swanner, Teresa Yow, and Steve Kendrick. Receiving semester honor roll from the Sophomore Class were Franklin Beaman, Ann Taylor, Michal Medling. Beth Moose. Bruce Smith, Keith Wolf, Joe Crumpler, Susan Earnhardt, Lou ise Harrington, Betsy Miller, Bill Hartsell, Gail Lowder, Joe Schrey- er, Beverly Tarlton. Faye Van- hoy. Betty Trexler, and Ann Hud gens. Allison Harris and Patricia Snipes achieved highest honor roll for the third six weeks. Seniors receiving honor roll for the third six weeks were David Boyer, Jimmy Lowder, Laura Doby, Sheila Hall, Steve Pinkston. Pearlie Rae Burris. Shlia Smith. Marie Bassow, Kathy Gamewell. Sally Efird, Jack Deese. John Burleson. Butch Lowder. Joe Earnhardt, Chuck Morehead. Mark Stambaugh. Robbie Bost, Eddie Mauldin, Darrell Newton. Eugene Coley. Edith Johnson, Jo anne Lisk. Sarah Anne Mann, Di anne Morton. Brenda Peeler, and Shelia Lowder. Achieving honor roll from the Junior Class were Dwight Rus sell, Tom Webb. Vickie Alexan der. Gwen Boyd. Ellen Wilson. Nancy Walker, Cynthia Freeman, Dane Perry. David Smith, Mike Waller, Charlotte Gantt, Lynn Burleson, Janis Clarke, Jimmy Stockton. Bobby Tucker, and Te resa Yow. From the Sophomore Class, students making honor roll were John Morrow, Beth Eddins, Ann Taylor, Gerald Hatley. Edwin Sides, Beth Hartsell, Gail Low der, Betsy Patterson. Joy Schrey- er, Beverly Tarlton, Faye Van- hoy, Oroon Palmer, and Betty Trexler. Achieving perfect attendance for the first semester were 74 seniors, 70 juniors, and 69 soph omores. 113 seniors, 108 juniors, and 97 sophomores attained perfect at tendance for the third ix weeks. Neagle Attends GubernatoriaL Piesidential Inaugurations Mrs. Yates Neagle, who teaches geometry at ASHS, and her hus band attended the Gubernatorial and Presidential inaugurations and inaugural balls in Raleigh and Washington, D. C., respectively, January 7-8 and January 17-20. She and her husband left Thurs day, January 7, for the Gover- inor’s Inauguration and 'the Inaugu ral Ball. The ball took place that night. The ball’s official program consisted of the presentation of the girls who were spxmsors of the members of the legislature. The dress was formal. After the presentation of the sponsors, the floor was open for dandng and the meeting of Governor-elect Dan K. Moore. The inauguration 'took place in Memorial Auditorium Friday for the Council of State, Lt. Gover nor Bob Scott, and Governor Moore. They were sworn in by die Supreme Court in a very impres sive ceremony. Sunday, January 17, Mr. and Mrs. Neagle left from Raleigh to ■go to Washington, D. C. for the Seniors Apply For Cannon Textile Award Two Albemarle seniors. J. W. Lisk and Eddie H. Mauldin, have applied for the Charles A. Cannon, Jr. Scholarship to be awarded this spring. Four outstanding seniors from the Concord-Kannapod'is-Albemarle area will receive the convet^ award of $1,000 per year for study at a leading college or university of the recipient’s choice. The purpose of this scholarship award is to encourage a greater number of young men to study for careers in the challenging field cf textiles. The awarding of these scholarships is based on the applicants character, ambition, energy, past school work, and an achieved SAT score of 1000. A number of semi-finalists wiill be chosen to be interviewed by the selection committee before final awards are granted. Mascots Chosen Jackie White and Cindy John son were chosen December 7 by the Senior Class as class mascots. The class assembled in the au ditorium where the voting took place. The mascots are to par ticipate in the graduation exer cises. Jackie is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack White of 1191 Carolyn Drive; Cindy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson of 906 North Eleventh Street. Inside ASHS' Staff Reveals 1964 Christmas Superlatives Christmas Superlativ^ ^re s^ lorfpd bv the student booy ASHS and announced on ber 19- This contest ws sP^' sored by the Radio Suff of side Albemarle Senior High. Ballots were distributed through ,he S,”room all students were eligible to De selected. Sap ^ “*'*• an Cranford; naughtiest boy of 1964 Richard Frick; naughtiest eirl of 1964, Libby Mauldin; best behaved boy of 1964, Dane Perry; best behaved girl of 1964, Joanne Lisk; most likely to get nek of Christmas candy. Heath Godfrey and Jane HarUey; most ^nst- mas spirited, Joe Allen and Cyn thia Freeman; Santa’s most help ful helpers, Phil Furr and Diane Clark- best Christmas carolers, Joe Earnhardt and Frances Mill er Way; cutest New Year teen- Teers David Miller and Catherine Kellev most likely to turn over S Christas tree: Joe McManus and Susan Snuggs; most likely to open the wrong present, Wayne Harwood and Nancy Morton; most likely to get the wishbone out of the turkey, Roger Blake and Sue Plyler; most likely to have the merriest Christmas, Christian Koepcke and Marie Bassow; most likely to address the Christmas cards wrong, Joe Crumpler and Debbie Sweet; most likely to stay up all night looking for Santa Claus, Lionel Rushing and Kitty Purser; and most likely to wrap the box and forget the pres ent, Norton Pease and Annette Thomas. Presidential Inauguration and In augural Ball. They went as i>art of the official party delegation from North Carolina. While in Washington, they attended a luncheon in honor of former Sec retary of Labor Luther Hodges and Governor Moore. The main Inaugural Ball was held at the Armory Auditorium Wednesday night. This climaxed the inauguration of President Lyndon B. Johnson at 12 noon and the Inaugural Parade which followed. Formal attire was the dress for the ball. Bill Smith Talks Textiles To Boys Mr. Bill Smith, representative of the North Carolina State School of Textiles s{X)ke to nine of our high school seniors inte(rested in textiles Tuesday, January 5. Those who attended the program were J. W. Lisk, Eddie MaSdin, Henry Fox, Mickey Burleson, Ed die Lane, Johnny Burleson, Kelly Jones, Joe Eamhardt, and Rusty Vick. Mr. Smith gave a description of the School erf Textiles at N. C. State as well as the many oppor tunities available in 'the study of textiles. Some of those mentioned were unlimited job opportunities, hi^»er salaries with advancement, and expanding future in the state’s largest industry. The group reported that Mr. Smith was well received and much u^ul information was obtained by these prospective textile stu dents. Moonbeams Lion And Rotarian Serving as Student Lion and Rotarian for ithe month of Janua^ were David Boyer and David Mil ler, respectively. Congratulations, bo^! Exams First semester exams were given to ASHS students Wednes day, Thursday, and Friday, Jan uary 13, 14, aiid 15 from 8:30 to 12:45. Firsit and second period exams were administered Wednesday fol lowed by third and fifth period exams Thursday; sixth and fourth period exams were given Friday. The first exam each day began at 8:30 and ended at 10:30. Fol lowing a 15-minute break, the sec ond exam continued until the dis missal of school at 12:45. SAT Cx)llege Entrance Examinations (SAT) were administered at the Albemarle Senior High School for prospective college students on Saturday, January 9. The test was given from 8:30 a. m. until 12:15 p. m. followed by the achieve ments section in the afternoon. Other testing dates will be in March and May. Math Contest The Sixteenth Mathematical Contest will be given March 4 by Miss Ghicora Caughman in co operation with the Mathematical Association of America and the Society of Actuaries. Ten seniors will be 'taking the eighty-minute test. Winners will be given a prize; the highest scorer from each school will be given an award. ITED Juniors at ASHS took the Iowa Test of Educational Development all day January 18 and 19. The ITED tests students in the areas of English, math, and reading comprehension. The .test was ad ministered by Mrs. F^, Mrs. Gamewell, Miss Misenhedmer, and Mr. Altman.

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