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The full moon. online resource (None) 1924-????, November 03, 1972, Image 1

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BULLDOGS DIG see page 3 Vol. 38, No. 3 The Full Moon ALBEMARLE SEN^OR HIGH SCHOOL, ALBEMARLE, N. C. KNOW WHAT'S GOOD? see page 2 ^ be Wo'^Kcrs.coxlb iMf« Infe onoiWri Yc^ Koukcankl Juniors Plan Game Competition between junior and senior girls is scheduled for November 10 in a Powder - Puff football game. Game time is 7:30 at the local Junior High Stadium. Fifty cents is the admission charge. Prospective players for the Junior team are Jo Ann Stevens. Shelia Bost, Kathy Koehler, Bess Knotts, Betty Gulledge, Betty Reynolds, Re- nae Morgan, Debbie Burris, Patty Oettinger, Mary Senter, 13 Musicians One of the excellent posters entered in the Student Council sponsored poster contest. tJUUnCl The Modern Music Masters Society initiated thirteen new members at the first meeting of the year, Tuesday, October 19. Council Has Contest Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Chrisco’s homerooms won the Human Relations Poster Con test. The poster created by Mr. Edwards’ homeroom has on it, ‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall,’ and has a picture of the world being held by a black arm and a white arm. The poster created by Mrs. Chrisco’s homeroom has on it, ‘Brotherhood,’ with a fist up in Mary Ann Ritchie, Amie Fort, Cathy Harwood, Lynn Barrier, Melinda Moose, Faye Dean, Becky Feltman, Lisa Roberts, Debbie Flowe, Renaee Gaddy, Donna Speight, Linda Hinson, Melissa Hatfield, Susan Plyler, Susan Stoker, Arthenia White, Lana Glover, Cindy Harwood, Rhonda Justus, Lynn Bowen, Arlesa Daniels, Barbara Riv ers, Pam Atkins, Amy Beal, Lori Whitley, Sharon Thomp son, Linda Frey, Melissa Moose, Jenell Hudson, Jan Griffin, Cindy Treece, Gail Laton, Angelina Dunevant, and Jan Lefler. Prospective players for the senior team are Beth Goforth, Sarah Burris, Toni Lambeth, Patti Hairyes, Mary Emmons, Jana Sides, Kaye Roberts, Debbie Schooley, Janet Miller, Susan Doby, Carol Cline, Irelou Easley, Terri Daugherty, Chris tine Garber, Rene Shaver, Pam Watkins, Cindy Stutts, Joanne Harbers, Sandra Pollard, Bec ky Still, Cathy Cheatham, Belma Hill, Melita Corriher, Ellen Still, Beverly Sanges, Carol Fitzgerald, Cheryl Mount, Cindy Rummage, Eleanor Gold, and Debra Bryson. Each girl is to choose a boy sponsor since homecoming is planned for half-time. The boys will dress as girls and compete for the title of “Homecoming Queen”. The cheerleading squad will be composed of boys. The game is sponsored by the Junior Class to raise money for the prom. Moonbeams CROSSROADS ON SALE The advance sale of The Crossroads will be November 13 through November 17. The yearbook costs six dollars per copy. As of November 10, the yearbook is better than half way finished. NOVEMBER HONORS Student Lion for the month of November is David Adams. Leonard Hawkins is student Rotarian. DIRECTORIES DISTRIBUTED Our thanks to the second period typing class which typed the Student Directory. BULLDOGS TO BE FED The football banquet will be Thursday, November 9. GRADES ARE TOTALED Friday, October 27, marked the end of the first grading period. the air and a poem underneath it about brotherhood. Other posters contributed by the other participating home rooms and other individual students are displayed through out the school. The winner of the Baby Photo Contest was Jo Ann Harbers, who will receive a $5.00 gift certificate from the Albemarle Music Store. Actually seven persons won the Baby Photo Contest. Jo Ann Harbers’ name was drawn out of the seven. The object of the B^by Photo Contest was to match the baby photo with the name of the Student Council Member. King And Queen Greaser Crowned At Festival Tho crowning of the King and Queen Greaser climaxed the Fifties Festival Monday night. Sammy Ferguson was crowned King Greaser and Patti Hairyes was crowned Queen Greaser. Another highlight of the evening was the slave sale, which was sponsored by the Student Council. Football play ers were auctioned off for prices ranging from 25 cents to six dollars. Other booths included con tests in hula hoops, jump ropes, jacks, bingo, darts, and horseshoes. Students also parti cipated in apple bobbing and a cake walk. The festival closed after a dance featuring old records and dances resurrected from the fifties. These new members were apprenticed last spring, and were expected to pass a test on the Constitution and By laws of the Society, and perform for the other members of the club. Irelou Easley began the program with a piano solo. She performed Bach’s Pfelude XXHL Eleanor Gold fo*llowed with an original song, accom panying herself on the guitar. Dewey Preslar and Roger Morton, along with Mary Ann Ritchie and Peggy Wright, formed an ensemble. They played “Anticipation,” by Car ole King. Dewey, Roger, Debbie Fraz ier and Tom LaSalle formed a group, and performed a song by The Moody Blues. Janet Ritchie, Dewey Pres lar, Roger Morton, and Becky Still played an instrumental, “Love,” by John Lennon. A girls ensemble, composed of Cathy Thompson, Katie Cauble, Debbie Frazier, Gail Wilkinson, Susan Huneycutt, and Kim Woodruff sang “I’ll Walk With God.” They were accompanied by Karen Talbert. Nixon Wins Election President Nixon defeated George McGovern for the office of President by a margin of three to one in the mock election held October 25. The results of the project, held only among school members were as follows: President Nixon - .m), McGov ern - 1()0; Governor, “Skipper” Bowles - 280, Jim Holshouser - 272; Lieutenant Governor, Jim Hunt - :U)2, Johnny Walker - 180; U. S. Senate, Earl Ruth - 382, Richard Clark-181;U.S.House of Representatives, Galifianakis- 327, Jesse Helms-221. Write-in votes for President included three votes for George Wallace and one vote for Archie Bunker. The election, sponsored by Miss McKenzie, was held in order to promote interest during the election campaign. In looking over the ballots. Miss McKenzie discovered that ages in the school ranged from 13 to 3000. Also, some of the “sex” remarks she found were: “plenty”, “transexual”, and “once ifl Charlotte and twice in Greensboro”. We Get It Together Bulldogs Capture Fourth Place In SPC STATESVILLE-20 ALBEMARLE - 0 See Page Three Where BY JAN LKFLKll Bill Crummit and Charles Hill, Pfeiffer students; Jon Lefler, a graduate of Senior High; and I, spoke and sang during lunch period, Friday, October 13. Charles, Jon, and I gave our personal testimonies. Then we sang songs we wrote concerning our belief in the Lord. The purpose was to carry out the Student Council theme, “Getting It Together,” and the response was great. Students and teachers began to sing along with us. During the last song, everyone held hands and sang, “We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord.” Because participation was so great. Bill and Charles came back Friday, October 27. Charles, Bill and I played guitars while the students sang Jon Lefler speaks to students at an assembly. with us. Because of the tremendous success of these events and others. Senior High is really beginning to “Get It Together.” Smoke seeps out from under the door of room 214. A curious sophomore pauses to peek in the window only to see a blanket of smog. He detects the smell of coffee. Pressing his ear to the door, he hears pages turning at a furious pace, pencil points tapping on splintered tables, and worried voices droning on and on. What is this mystery? It’s not as mysterious as it seems. Seven English teachers meet each day to plan their strategy. These teachers are the ones who are instructing the new courses being offered to all students this quarter. Mrs. Burleson leads a class in Creative Thinking second per iod and a Science Fiction class fifth period. Mythology is offered fourth period, taught by Mrs. Almond. Mass Media, offered second, third, and fifth periods, is instructed by Mrs. Hatfield. Each class includes instruc tion in the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listen ing. The program may be conti nued during the third and fourth quarters if it proves to be successful; however, its suc cess depends on the interests and growth of the students. Black Literature is being taught first period by Mrs. Almond. Literature of the Bible is offered all periods but second, and is being taught by Mrs. Burleson and Miss Misen- heimer. Literature of the Supernatural, offered all per iods is taught by Mrs. Deese, Miss Misenheimer and Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Gamewell tea ches Research Methods and Basic Grammar and Composi tion first period. She teaches Speed Reading during second, third, and fifth periods. Litera ture of Sports, taught by Mrs. Almond and Mrs. Hatfield, is offered all periods but second. English teachers make plans for new courses.

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