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The full moon. online resource (None) 1924-????, November 03, 1972, Image 2

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Page Two Behind The Qouds At Senior High THE FULL MOON November 3, 1972 There Is A ‘SUver Lining!’ A speech expression thoughts. ‘Onward Together’ | outward D is for deciding between a is the of one’s campaign No one likes to hear what is wrong with him. Criticism, no matter how constructive be, becomes tiresome awhile. And it seems that Adopted a child at 0’Berry Center; plan to make Christmas IS in rest homes. HONOR SOCI- retarded pre-schoolers. SCIENCE CLUB- Plans hear anymore is criticism. We have “no school spirit.” We “don’t care about each other.” We are “apathetic and lazy.” Let’s backtrack for a minute. Has anyone, ANYONE, stopped to look at how much GOOD we are doing? Unknown to many, there are service clubs within the school that are helping others and enjoying every minute of it. So, for the benefit of those who are uninformed, a brief list of clubs and their services follows. STUDENT COUNCIL-“Get Together” program; new sta ium and trackfield; possibilitj of Albemarle Clean-Up pr gram; possiblity of collectin; gum wrappers and labels to’ earn money for UNICEF; representatives worked in re freshment stand meeting. FELLOWSHI TIAN ATH Bible study to students involl |ey#n ity and brothelh HEALTH C;%IE mner speech should, therefore, be a profound expression of the candidate’s beliefs. Arlesa Daniels, the 973 FHA State Secretary smile or a frown. T is for taking one day at a time O is for opening up your heart and your mind. 11 always be freshm our g s for etern each month; perform service for teachers; plan to host part for exceptional children at North Albemarle School. FUTURE BUSINESS L DERS OF AMERICA- Keejp iristml 'teria. CHEERLEADERS- go ALL of the games, rain or shine; smile (except when we lose); services to all teams. BOOSTERS CLUB- Home coming; stickers and shakers for games; concessionj^and at )asketball gai^ei^'^^ playe^fg^mer In cafe nd on. a few on, rilhtl^gwrT^^ jour nefees Si'g"Tf^*‘^vice^are.. notl)ejng pe^fori^^ by a club, but by * re^J^-'*"lim caring per^nsL It,Js s^much to be proud^lK^,"« is only the beginm t to be N is for natura^O faking, just being me W is for willing to do fj^best trying to togetherness, wants to see which I have that’s R is for reaching out tc^omeone who needs us H is for helping other people, like you and me. E is for everyone which we love with our hearts R is for remember you too must do your part. Let’s Not Foi^et OuriPOW/MIA’s BY ROY ROGERS A prolonged about the organization its war aims. ed ChF r^MMl^ ; ^ treshmei^^ firtifctions. JJNlpRC| 'jaffici put s^ui&si Gh.ris Girls 11 ISJ Powder Puff coming to our scl year to help Junior-Senior Pr paration for this both junior and have been practicin Most of these girls ff playing football was it looked. After a few practices t start asking questions: clipping? and how do you One girl summed it all u she said, “Just how do y football?” So here is a brief guide what happens in Powde football. First of all, football is game and injury is expected. In the wo Powder Puff player, is really easy if you ball.” Minutes jammed her finger the first day of practice a few .j. ^ liunes ^ pol^n'*fin{ i*K^e^n6t flhe.gir** ^ -C^fi^enic am ijf footb uscles les. Bu ey sure pid.” Football mplicated lay, all t w exact e to bei ations i bach Whee’ ing different girls, he rec^ iMEM^El |Provideire^ all scwol JS- DirecteCf and actet iE meeting;! party for [ques the^lniteji States into |erfOfipS|it^^ Ofh^e side f, the ^ id the _ |t|te s^^% and the |rd^rner^|£verybody hasJiNclM'^yiew of the war; one clnsensus of ns; th^ituation of ietnamese f wa^is the most rim^(j^he war. i^fe^re the students s|rious, or is 1%. just a passir^ fad, someth|A^dte:fiaak«!^^^^'f^udent “look ff ^^re'^irious, just ^op the fcar^ |a bracelet. Ions nave 9oli|Tiitted ?s tc^/a (fauselbigger I ^us.. aill the lenr is tafenf with the ^rioU§r^ss.,XMtil the is# on the American people may succeed in the homecoming of our captured and lost men. For Information Write: persoi Thes^ pe^ then^elvi thanl a^ committi utm |IVA VOICES IN VITAL AMERICA rred. mails ng c^ ho Jaas anrone ^here except to nine long one. are v»j»mpor- . Theyj^^ber up^ nd he^*prevef as one girl saic lo make fe« the No^ bvth^Ge#l^a Cot iS^ior parUci|ime^ and such endeavors; i. e. (^rite Hanoi” caflsaj^ign was ?s a^o, the /htJseT^nama on the ;t,isii^e^ bacMn the U. re wjB§per has'lodged not il^ off*'^tff6* jif^elet - for rites to the lily of the man, and when is nothing else left, he 10966 LeConte Ave. Los Angeles, California 90024 and ,lX->-->pray^for the safe return of his r’ STe^‘‘brot when the This ider way t\ iglis Tas allot€ lavt )po iver^^ Th |cute I hate to dotand find, Iween andl alter who wms, interesting. he- no yve virti signifying th lial sucq tgy prises, iicjes in ^ulh or W, spring, sd wr 5V€ ', on y jvio is Vim NSHti BY CHICK MORRIS A number of “Things” on our football team indulge in extra-football activities. As though practice is not enough, these gents enter the locker room and slug away at each other with dummies. At first, I took this as meaning that the players were slinging “Butkus” Simpson at each other. But later I realized that there were blocking dummies being used instead of Paschold and Cohorts. I also realized that these Fearless Five are called “offensive” linemen not be cause of their position of attack, but because of their rather sour smell. I also suggested the possibi lity of changing the team’s name from Bulldogs to Indians or Viet Cong because of their habit of ambushing the mana gers. Armed with analgesic balm and ancient athletic thet! supporters, tered and t|i^|i tied managers to the.^ater fouifitajii/ Then they wei^? subjected unspeakable to)ftures. Once on the ^actice field, a)f of the “things” proligio^s energy is released upon the blocking sled. Due to the great number of tipovers, holes bored in the west wall of the'school served for the* time as a sled. However, this was discontinued when it was determined that our school now lies 20 feet closer to the Palestine Eoad than it did before. This hias been noticed, and I hear that the team has been rented by the Army Corps of Engineers to build a new dam across the Pee Dee River by pushing Morrow Mountain across that body of water. This whole story was related to me by a friend who would never lie to me, unless it was absolutely convenient. ■s _ ts tQ4|^£ to uatim>^of th^#me th^sa^ as re o| PI e( i|^.^meiica), nizationf%t£#ted a fj^.A. progfam list his organ^ation I is th^ basic : one, to and^^ meniifissir is eas ntiin; f tl#se men in ’thrie,'«*«t»^! ^ ^ iipport. d| th^istu(|eits here, as all I acro^ i|ai(ion, have “pf:ked i||) f#sses” and hafe became staurtch suppoij^ of ca|inot g(||dq^fth^.h^lls^j{itb-^ both eye^^^Partjd;ino> see a P^O.W. If^W.sbracfelet and a px).w.’s|r^^ i^^ A D^y” bi|t^^f L^k^rs |jave t^en decor^d with mini-stic- ^rs and |umper^tic|iers wi|i similar slogans, and soifte teachers have .^given bulletin boards and time for discussion ar transcends the right g, or even the why, of This is strictly a concern, a desire to help ody else. In this venture is no glory; only the action that comes when ave tried to help someone And with enough people ing everything they’ve got. )m L.I. Congratulations are in order to everyone who participated in the Fifties Festival. Faculty members, students, and, most important, Mr. Hawkins, were impressed by the enthusiasm shown in the festival; so much so, in fact, that hopes for similar projects are good. We have finally proved that if we want something bad enough, we work for it, and thus have renewed the administrations invj^ifment. /ou| }cl ither once Jeigh to talk te officials elations. /ef' t%at including t hu|iai^^ activit- anything else. about f..,how - SchOGl districts across the state ^^ents feel toward ediJ^tion« may invite them to discuss with iirjNorth Carolina? Would ydia l^lieve that they listen? ; 'iVell, it really happens. Three yiears ago, the State Depart- nii^t of Public Instructions created the Task Force on Student Involvement, a group of sixteen high school students who advise the State Depart- mei^t on student opinions. T^e Task Force researches fori and advises both the State Department of Public Instruc tion and local high school groups on student needs, The Full Moon ' AU^emarle Senior High School Albemarle, N C-2«)01 • AAary Emmons, Editor-ln Chief John Baugh, Managing Editor David Adams, Business Manager Monty Canon, Assistant Business Manager Susan Sanderson, Promotion & Research Editor pni Editors Melita Corriher, News Marie Auton, Assistant News Roy Rogers, Feature Myron Harrington, Sports Nona Pease, Copy Frances Long, Art Staff Steve Crowell, Arlesa Daniels, Chuck Gaskin, Jan Gnffm, Allison Harris, Cathy Harwood, Linda Hinson, Janet LMier, Sherry Morton, Chick AMrris, Mary Ann Ritchie, David Sanges, 'Lynn Snuggs, Ronald Wait Advisor, Mrs. Nancy Gamewell Published every three week dur ng the school year students, teachers, and admini- ^"^trators the whole realm of student activity and involve ment. While members for this year’s Task Force were selected last spring, the Task Force organization involves much more than just the sixteen members; there are Associate Members, District Consultants, and most important, student contracts. Every student can be involved in Task Force. If you are interested, you may contact the Task Force by writing; Task Force on Student Involvement, State Department of Public Instruction, Raleigh, North Carolina 27602. STATISTICS For the date-conscious indivi dual, the following vital statistics have been compiled. As of this afternoon, there are* (1) 20 days ’til Thanksgiving (2) 52 days til Christmas (3) 144 days ’til spring break (4) 168 days til Easter vacation (5) 209 days til school ends and (6) 213 days ’til graduation!!!

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