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Pine Knoll shore-line. volume (None) 1973-1978, May 01, 1976, Image 1

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Issue 37 PINE KNOLL SHORE LINE May 1976 Editors: Mary Doll Betty Hammon BOARD OF C0^^1.iIS£I0HEfiS ME3TIHG, April 8th: The zoning amendments discussed at the March 31et meeting were passed. These deal with the clarification of what kinds of businesses are not allowed on single family property and may be read at the Town Hall. The Board also voted to rent a safety deposit box for safekeeping of the Town records. Commissioner hcCulley announced that Carteret-Craven Electric people are working on tree trimming in our area, making sure that branches are not in vvt ° electric equipment. And - there is now a light at each of the intersections with Salter Path Road. approved which prohibits town employees from recoiimiendinc con- struction companies to prospective residents; this is expected to take pres- ^nd Inspector, who is frequently asked to recom- nd contractors, A list of local contractors will be available at the Town Hall ^d people building here will be encouraged to talk with PKS resi dents who have used these contractors. (Audrey Hoffmeyer) UTE NOTE: Budget Hearing: I-iay l8th - Bogue Banks Country Club. CSarden Club has a supply of flags for sale to centennial.. These flags are sold in packets of ten for „ Members suggest that residents space them along their front lawns, 7fion Interested flag displayers may contact Vern Wallace, 726- are cloth ll^» bv member about procuring their own flags, v*ich Cloth, 11% by 16%»' on a wooden dowel 30 inches high. r"?® iGAN, and her sons, GRAY, 1/f, a nowl!!^?rtf n! A Carteret High, and HAYES, 12, at Horehead Elementary^ who w fsside on Acorn Court. Diane teaches music in the Tarboro City Schools tly to PKS iriunr KcCulley. V/he will be moving permanen- th^ boys L" f^iJe do™r..a::e?:!.f“"'^'^ enthusiastic new PKS-ers; THE TOW has a daaapd water (well) pump and 12 gallon tank for sale. Any- call him'^f??! subrait a bid price to Hayes Hc'Culley; and see or regarding an estimate of the necessary repairs that would place the pump in operating condition. IT TURNS OUT that JOE AND GERRY HSiijRlCK have been living in number 77 Pine ^011 Townes since last July . we keep missing these things! A™ they arLitec^ irAIA^^’ and we can consider ourselves lucky because Joe Is an Sll t- ^^-o ^?^>/®8istered in North Carolina, and wants to devote himself workin^It Cher^^Poi^r ^ogue Banks. Right now he is tural in^.Eort of planning capacity, offering architec- oloEv f engineering section. Gerry works as a path- ^ T t" “P Durham, Gerry in Asheville, where they were in*the July* Joe sap he is "design oriented", spends lots of time in the early stages of a jot, avoiding problems later on, and promiees re freshing architecture. Best of all, he is right here our ST ROUND HOUoE on Loblolly has been bought by DON AND ANN PROCTOR; they've on'^he^^a surrounded by a pile of boxes when we called sum^\ * little bogpd down but happy to be near the beach in time for and The Proctors have two children; Tammy, 12, Slcomr.^^ ^Ses Ld drop by L dearino Z Keggie, the galumphing St. Bernard, a most en- for himself^'hP^’ a “ foi-“er industrial engineer, will be in business on morrhLfi,.-?!, ^®Sal secretary, plans to concentrate ua more housewifely dutxejs for aviMle.

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