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Pine Knoll shore-line. volume (None) 1973-1978, September 01, 1976, Image 1

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Issue Pine Knoll Shore Line September 1976 Editors: Mary Doll Betty Hammon BOARD OF C0^^I''1ISSI0NERS♦ MEETING, Aug* Board voted to install more new street lights including six along Salter Path Road at intersections, three along Oakleaf, and one each on Knollwood Drive and Pinewood Drive. As the town gr ws, so grows the budget for lights, and safety is a big factor in decisions about where they are to be placed. Eventually the plans call for lights approximately J>00 feet apart, and property owners who do not now live in PKS might like to note,future light locations in relation to their own lots* Board approved the reappointment of ED CRUMLEY as chairman of the Board of Adjustment, with PAUL KINCAID and KSN Kl'IIGHT both appointed for three year terms. ED CLOSE, an alternate, was appointed to finish the term of PAUL MUILENBERG, whose business prevents his continuing* Planning Board Chairman LARRY JEROI'CE reported that the proposed waterways ordinance has been submitted to the two local home-owners associations, the National Federation of Wildlife, the National Marine FisheriGs Division, and the Army Corps of Engineers for review* WILLIAM MCDONALD requested that the Board investigate lowering wind damage insurance rates for the Town and for the Bogue Banks area, saying that More- head City resident's pay 28% less than Bogue Banks people* Chief OVERMAN asked the Town Attorney to check on the definition of a ’’resi dent” of PKS, in regard to the license ^Dlates that are required on cars of residents.*.Beach goers ufeing PKS beach accesses are reminded that yellow stickers are needed on their cars, and that renters must obtain these sticker from property owners* The meeting was held in a large conference room in the Marine Resources Cento on the right side of the lobby area, with entrance from the deck. If you attend a Commissioners' meeting on a rainy night and find the door closed, it will probably be because of the large FROG population in the nearby estu aries* If the door was left open, the frog chorus might drown out the commissioners' report si AH AN INTERIM policeman has been serving us: his name is DAVID BROW, and he was sworn in on a Bible and given a revolver to use, in an impressive cere mony, during which Chief Overman pinned a star on his uniform, Terry Siegler resigned recently from the force, and David Brown will be leaving us to go back to school, A full time policeman will be hired soon, reports Commissioner RUDY MCBRIDE. , NOTES FROM THE RECEIniT PK ASSOCIATION MEETING, Aug 10: Director DAVIS COOK, Chairman of the_Waterways and Embaymcnt Areas committee, is forming his committee, and it will meet soon *•• SOUND PARK or BROCK BASIN, whatever you want to call it, is complete with shuffleboard courts and horseshoe pits* Eager players may contact KEN KNIGHT, GERT WARNER, or MILT YAECK for equip ment, or, if you have your own, go ahead! Several members of the Association attended the Aug. 10 meeting - members are always welcome - Second Tuesday of the month, 7:30pni*i Town Hall, Pine Knoll Blvd. (formerly Bridge Road). THERE*S ENOUGH TO GO AROUND - For the past ten years, much has been written, much unhappy division created, by the very real "generation gap". Many’ young people think their parents spent a life pursuing financial success, maintaining artificial appearances, neglecting the closeness of family ties. Older people feel the new generation is impractical, is not working hard, is morally lax, and that the u.S* will inevitably become a third class nation. But there arc new life styles that are most high-minded and filled with hard Viorking people* One such group is "The Farm"| a spiritual community of 120^ people with 1700 acres of land in Tennessee. The PKS BILL MUELLERS' daughter, Cristine, her husband, Clyde Gensert, and their baby, Emma Louise, recently left "The Farm" for a short rest here in PKS* The young Genserts are most inspired by the good they know they have done* 'TV's "60 Minutes" presented one side of their work; soon the "Natio al Geographic" will feature an article about "The Farm", Both the Mcini^onite Church and the Canadian Government are working with them

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