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Pine Knoll shore-line. volume (None) 1973-1978, July 01, 1977, Image 1

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PINE KNOLL SHORE LINE Issue 51 July 1977 Editors: Mary Doll Betty Hammon THE COI'MISSIONERS have set July 5 for a public hearing on the proposed nex^r Municipal Complex. This hearing will be held at the Marine Resources Center at 8:00 p.m. In order to familiarize voters with the plans for the munici pal complex and the bond issue to finance it, a series of small meetings for various civic groups such as the PIKSCO board, Pine Knoll Association board, Garden Club, and Planning Board v;ere held. These groups learned that the town has been assured that FHA will purchase 5^350,000 in bonds, subject to approval by the voters. This amount will be divided into tv70 parts — :li275jOOO in construction bonds, j?75?000 in equixDment bonds* . No rise in tax rate is anticipated, because of . the bon'd issue. The bond issue v/ould be for a period of 33 years. Plans include purchase of a new pumper at a cost of about 3^0,000. At the moment, the tovm has received a matching grant of ^^,500 from the N.C. Dept, of Natural Resources to equip a vehicle for fire and rescue use. This vehicle, a surplus army truck, would remain the pro perty of the Dept, In considering cost of the municipal complex and of fire and rescue equipment, voters shouUd keep in mind that our present contract v/ith Atlantic Beach costs the tovm S20,000 for the year’s service and is based on assessed valuation, so that the cost will rise. Having fire fight ing equipment and a fire department in PKS will probably lead to a substan tial decrease in fire insurance rates. Grant for purchase of a rescue vehicle is available only if v/e have a volunteer rescue squad made up of certified Emergency Medical Technicians or Ambulance Attendants. A tevj from PKS are already certified and a class is just nov; completing its train ing. Al']. Pine ICnoll Shores voters are urged to attend the public hearing on July 3 to pre^Dare themselves for the referendum to be held August 23® CIVIL DEEENSK: The Commissioners have appointed General John Elder director of Civil Defense, General Elder takes over from Dr. Robert Bloomer who agreed to serve on a temporary basis v;hen Col. Robert O’Neal resigned last year, Gen, Elder has been preparing informative material v/hich will be distributed to all residents. Be sure to read it carefully so that you will know what to do should a HURRICANE strike our island. We have been for tunate for many years, but we cannot afford to be lax in our preparations for a possible major storm, ’ferner was talking about sharks, and^we were so interested that v;e asked him to write it dovm for the Shore Would You Believe It? or Speaking of Sharks like fish which can retjuXate the gas Ir bladder to make them hydrostatic. Sharks must keep swimrjing but P"“P water past their gills like other fish depend on swimming to force water in their mouth and past the gills. the Life Nature Library volume on The Sea, "are un- lions^ S?ds fish swallow anything: Sea turtles, sea , as, lish, lobsters, horseshoe crabs, garbage, coal, people. One shark captured off an Australian dock had in its stomach half a ham, several egs oi mutton, the hindquarters of a pig, the head and forelegs of a bulldog Tnd around its neck, a quantity of horseflesh, a piece of cloth, biL?re bSllv?u???^^;hv. in the Adriatic, had an even more license n 77^ ^ raincoat, and an automobile anvil throvm overboard Sd promptly sank! ^ swallowed an Shark steaks are tasty. Ask Ed, He cooked and ate a steak. Our Pine Knoll neighbor, LIB FLEMING, opened an antique and gift shop in At lantic Beach on Memorial Day, The Sea Chest. Lib has oak furniture, some cut glass, some pressed glass, some quilts. All her things were gathered in iorth Carolina. She tells us she began going to antique shows and then a couple of auctions and got really interested. The shop is open not only v/eekdays but every weekend, and if Lib is not right there in the shop, she can be found in the Fleming Motel office and v;ill gladly go over to her shop you her things. Incidentally, she also has oil paintings by Jean Willis v/ho teaches at Carteret Tech, and among the crafts are stuffed cloth dachshunds which your editor coveted for her grandchildren, COBIA: Jim Redfield was out fishing v;ith Joe Dv;yer, Otto Weis, and Harold Smith when he caught a big one about 23 pounds. He caught a second one on another trip, and both right by buoy 9 near Spooners Creek, ^-^e would all like to be that fortunate. It’s a thrill to catch a cobia, and they are good eating, besides.

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