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The shore line / volume (None) 1979-current, April 01, 1983, Image 3

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-3- 5J4ERGENGY Mayor Cleveland has urged a more comprehensive change whereby no fcnMMTiNTrATION'" Carteret city or town would operate its own communications system, ^^ but whereby the County facilities would be expanded to care for all necessary communication within Carteret, The cost of the County system would be much increased,but the cost of the present city and town systems would be eliminated. Over all, the arrangement proposed by the Mayor would appear to be more efficient, less costly and subject to both better control and better management than the diverse systems now supplying communication needs. WE CAN BEAT THE STATISTICAL TRSND Nation-wide, approximately one million Americans suffer heart attacks every year. About 650,000, or two thirds of the million, die. The truly tragic note is that more than 350,000 die before they can be treated at a hospital. The Fine Knoll Shores Rescue Squad wants to help you and your loved ones to avoid being among the 350,000, But the Squad cannot do it alone. You are the key persons to beat the statistical trend. Only a person trained to recognize the symptoms of heart attack and to take the appropriate action can help a victim. Within 4 to 6 minutes of cardiac and respiratory arrest, the process of irreversible brain damage sets in; it takes a near miracle for HEART revival after 10 minutes have elapsed. The Fine Knoll Shores Rescue Squad has the best response time record in the County, Even so, it is obvious that there ATTACK! is often not enough time to telephone the emergency number, tell the dispatcher the nature of the problem and the address, broadcast the rescue squad alert signal, drive to the emergency location and start cardiac-pulmonary resusitation (CPR), The Squad will do its best, but the crucial minutes tick away and for all practical jui*pose6 it is sometimes all over before the first squad member can arrive at the scene. The answer to the problem is to teach everyone how to use the first few minutes effectively. Our Rescue Squad can do that. Several of our members have recently com pleted a comprehensive course for CPR instructors and have been certified by the American Heart Association, They will teach townspeople in a series of ^-hour classes, twelve students per class. The first two classes were scheduled for April l6th and l?th. Class #3 will be held on Saturday, May 7 from 8 a,m, to 12 noon. Class #4 will be held on Sunday, May 8th from 1 p,m, to 5 P.n^t The course is free. To register call the PKS Town Hall (726-8021), give Corinne Geer or Brenda Cox your name, telephone number and date you want to attend. If you would prefer to take the course on week days or evenings let Corinne or Brenda know your preference. Help your family, your friends and yourself by learning what all of us should knowl GIL MILLIiNfGTON - JOAN LIBBY On April 2nd a meeting of the Board of Beacon's Reach Master Association was held at the PKS Town Hall. Ted Hearth presided. The Presidents of the home-owners associa tions in each of the developments included in Beacon's Reach, together with representata- tives of other organizations in the same general area, were invited to attend. Representatives of Pine Knoll Association, Inc. and of Piksco Corp. were also in ttendance. Mayor Cleveland, Commissioner Jerome and the PKS Building Inspector, Bill llantine, were there on behalf of the Town. 4 The purpose of the meeting was to consider what, if anything, should be done to arrest beach erosion such as that which has occurred this year. Col. Dennison, of the Von Oesen engineering company, spoke at length on the way erosion occurs and the

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