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The shore line / volume (None) 1979-current, February 01, 2016, Image 1

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bhoreline 4 Early Voting ^ ' Information '7, See page 11 Vol. 11, No. 2 A Shoreline Community, Pine Knoll Shores, N.C. February 2016 Hdp Emeigency Responders He^) You By Jason Baker, Pine Knoll Shores Fire Chief How quickly can the fire and EMS responders get to you if you have a medical emergency in your home? Of course, speed is of the essence. In the fire and EMS world we pride ourselves on response times and giving the best assistance and patient care that we can give. We must know our district so well that we can get to any house almost blindfolded. As we do our part in knowing the layout of the town, there are some things that you as a homeowner can do. to help us help you. Clearly visible house numbers. One of the most difficult issues for first responders is getting in the general vicinity of a call and then trying to determine the location of the specific house where we are needed. While it is understandable that homeowners may want to personalize their property by choosing decorative signage, it is vital that your home be easily identified by emergency responders. A town ordinance is in effect regarding house numbers as shown below: Sec. 10-5. - House numbers; numerical street address. (a) Single-family residences. The official address number assigned by the town shall be displayed: (1) in an easily visible location on the primary entrance side of each structure, at least four feet above the floor level of the first occupied floor; and (2) on a post or mail box located within or near the street right-of-way nearest the road which provides access to the building. The location of the post or mail box shall be such that the markings provide a clear identification of the residence in question. If a post, unattached to a mailbox, is utilized for displaying the address number, it shall be installed between six and ten feet from the street pavement and shall be located in such a fashion as to give emergency service personnel an easy view of the number from the street. For installations where several mail boxes are located in close proximity to each other on the same side of the street, each residence served by those mail boxes must have a separate post marking the individual residence address number. The address number(s) shall be at least three inches in height. Numerals shall be of contrasting color to the background and reflective numbers are recommended. (1) For corner lots (lots with frontage on two streets) the official address number required within or near the street right-of-way shall be located on the street of the official address assigned to the residence by the town. (2) For new single-family residences, no certificate of occupancy shall be issued until all required numbers are appropriately installed. (Continued on page 4) 1610 The Pine Knoll Shores Radio Station broadcasts 24 hours a day with weather and emergency info. EMERGEHCY - CALL 911 ECC 726-1911 • PUBUC SAFETY 247-2474 Emancipation Proclamation Commemoration By Barbara Milhaven On January 1, the annual program commemorating the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln was held in the Carteret County Courthouse in Beaufort. During the program, which was presented by the African American Historical Cultural Educational Society, Beaufort Mayor Richard Stanley was honored for his continuing support of the African American community. The Emancipation Proclamation was drafted by President Lincoln in 1863, but he held its issuance until after the battle of Antietam, the success of which assured victory for the Northern cause. According to the online source from the National Archives and Records Administration, Lincolns Emancipation Proclamation states “... that all persons held as slaves.. y within the rebellious states "... are, and henceforward shall be free....” Some people believe that this document ended slavery, but this was not its goal and it only applied to states that had seceded from the Union. It did not apply to the loyal Border States or the Confederate states that had come under Union control. President Lincoln was an astute politician and strategist and used the proclamation to boost war morale among the citizens of the North as well as the troops fighting to keep the country together. It also allowed black men to serve in the Northern army and navy. While the Emancipation Proclamation did give some hope of freedom to enslaved people, Lincoln (who had long abhorred the institution of slavery) had as his essential goal at the time to keep America united. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery. The Emancipation Proclamation remains one of the greatest documents of human freedom, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to honor and celebrate its issuance on New Year’s Day each year in Carteret County. Willing to serve. Commissioner Ciark Edwards (right) is sworn in as mayor pro tempore by Town Clerk Scott Sherrill on December 16.—Photo by Brian Kramer THE Shoreli standard Pre-Sort Permit #35 h,NC 28512

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