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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, February 08, 1988, Image 3

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M-AC FANTASIES OVER DREAM DATES GREG HOWARD Everyone, at one time or another, dreams of the perfect date with the perfect person. Public figures are often the target of these dreamy thoughts. For instance. Freshman David Love dreams of the perfect date with actress Heather Locklear. After a day of skiing In Switzerland, David and Heather spend a quiet evening alone in a Swiss chalet. They have a nice big fire going and they cook themselves a gourmet dinner including lobster and Alaskan King Crab legs.' "After dinner, we spend the night talking by the fire about ethics, religion, and aerobic techniques," Love said. Guys aren't the only ones who escape into a dream dating world once in a while. Junior Alice Harding's date with Emilio Estevez begins as they fly to New York City and dine at Tavern on the Green. After dinner, the two lovebirds jet down to Naples, Florida and walk on the beach under a full moon, Alice and Emilio pass the time by Just talking and getting to know each other. Then they go to his father's, Martin Sheen, house and sleep for a couple of hours (in seperate bedrooms, of course). Emilio will get up and make Alice breakfast and serve it to her in'bed. "We spend the rest of the day sailing," she concluded. Freshman Mike Beaver will have a busy evening on his date with actress Susan Synder (Night of the Living Dead Part II). Mike,and Susan will take a private jet and "hop .over to Paris, France for dihner (somewhere not too fancy). After dinner they will fly to Chicago to catch Michael Jordon in a NBA game (Bulls.-and Hawks). After the game, they will jet over to London, England for a late night shack at the Hard Rock'Cafe, Mike reflected on the date by saying, "It'll be a very epensive evening." (This comes from a guy that had two dates to the Senior Prom!) Freshmen roommates Susan Groves . and Melissa Hachet also spent an evening thinking about their dream dates, Susan wants to go out with singer/songwriter James Taylor. "I just want to listen to him play and sing all night long," she added, Her roommate Melissa spends her dreams on a date with actor Tom Cruise. Some dream dates of students at M-AC hit a little closer to home, however. Sophomore Derek Helton spends his dream date in Hawaii with (who else, but) sophomore Sonya Mills. Derek and Sonya start off their day with a nice continental breakfast and then on to a full day of funning, sunning, and snorkling on the black But, students aren't the only ones just loves to shop!" she smirked, that have dream dates. R.D. Lou Johnson vYell, everyone has their own dreams of a trip to Colorado with actor fantasies and dream dates, but the Tom Selleck, They take a sleigh ride to award for best dream date would have a restaurant where they have a to go to "Mr. Romance" himself, beaches of Maui, Later, they do some candlelight dinner overlooking the ski jsophomore Kevin Harris. Kevin would sight-seeing and have dinner in a slopes. "We just sit and talk," Lou said take his girlfriend Angela up on a quaint, little oceanfront cafe, dreamingly, ^ mountain for a picnic with flowers and Derek said they would conclude the R.D, Janet Belden will take her the works. They would later watch the date with, "a moonlight stroll on the husband Doug (Punk) on a date to sunset and then sit under a full moon beach and we'd fly back to Montreat for remember when she takes him on a ^ttp candles placed all around them, classes the next morning." safari to Africa. "We take a balloon \yf,en just the right moment comes. Sophomore Sam Wheeler spends his flight over the jungle, viewing all kinds Kevin gives Angela a ring and then every waking moment fantasizing of a of wild animals— including Punk. Then kisses her—ever so gently, date with Senior Jackie Beaver. Sam we fly to New Zealand, " Janet said, says that he ahd Jackie would take a The couple then comes home and goes lear jet to Charleston, SC, where they on a week long shopping spree. "Punk would spend the afternoon sailing. They would theh come back to prepare for a great dinner at The La Batique. "It's very expensive ," Sam added, "so I'll take the Mastercard!" The two will be picked up at the restaurant by a horse drawn carriage and taken to the theater—maybe for a Spoleto concert featuring the Philharmonic Orchestra. Later they will take another carriage ride in the moonlight. - "It will be a night of enchantment," Sam said. Wintertime Blues ALICE HARDING Wintertime can be the most depressing season. The roads are to slick to drive on, the sky is so gray, and there is no life in the trees. Often this dampers one's outlook on the season and on life in general. Well, there is hope! There is pretty white snow on the ground that can be fun to play in • and throw at your boyfriend or your, girlfriend, I know, you say you hate to get wet and cold, so don't. Instead, stay inside with a good book and a large mug of hot chocolate. Play games with your friends, like Trivial Pursuit, Scruples, or Pictionary, or study and "get ahead". There is no need to lose hope when Winter creeps in, So, maybe there Isn't a whole lot one can do outside of Montreat— so enjoy what you have. Actually, wjnter is beautiful and there are days when the roads aren't all bad and one can get out of the gates, I urge you to take in the beauty of the season though, and thank God for ft. Attitudes can make a difference, and I mean good , attitudes. Keep yourself busy and don't stay alone for long periods of time, this .may also help. Just remember this season only comes once a year and is not that long either. In fact, in about one and a half months we'll leave for Spring Break— doesn't that encourage you? Hang in there! Measure for Measure NANCY NICHOLS I cannot hear My heart is still They cry in pain I shoot to kill My firey arrows One by one Hit the mark Missed by none The wounds are deep But no one sees The scars behind The hurt it leaves. The pain they cry Is aimed at me But I'm so quick I just don't see:.,. That they are hurting Just like me. ¥ Hello World Hello out there, world; It's me in here Can't you see me? What? You're having trouble hearing me? But I'm in here. Yes, that's right. Inside-Where? Inside myself of course. This outside shell is very thick; I’m having trouble getting out. Who am I? You say I don’t sound like myself. That's because you never heard me. This other guy? Oh, he's the shell I told you about. You say that's me? No, I'm inhere; He's just my protection. Protection from what? From you, the world, I can't be hurt here. You see, my shell keeps you away. You, the world, are pain. I’m safe in here; I will never be laughed at. The shell, oh, he doesn’t mind laughter, Come to think of it, I'm comiortable in here. Why should I leave? Hello, world, still listening? What's that world? I thought for a minute you said something. It was a faint voice; It sounded; human, real, I thought. I thought is was answering me. Maybe not, 1 can’t hear to well inside this shell. Well, I feel funny, sleepy, And it's so comfortable in here world.

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