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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, February 08, 1988, Image 6

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Satisfaction Guaranteed sex pg. 1 8:00 L 9:00 REGULAR SCHEDULE 0:00 (D) 1 1:00-1 1:40 1:00 (E) 1 1:50-12:30 2:00 (G) 12:fO- 1:20 1:00 (H) 1:30- 2:10 2:00 (J) 2:20- 3:00 3:00 (K) 3:10- 3:50 4:00 4:00- 4:40 Attendance slips will be taken each meeting. Take your General Studies cuts some other time and attend these services; they will be worth the time. Students will have many opportunities to get together with Dr. Hayner. He will be having lunch in the cafeteria. There will also be a sign-up sheet in Dr. Theilman's office for individual counseling and Dr. Hayner will be Interested in any problems that students may choose to discuss. He will also be available for small group talks. We should all be looking forward to the Staley Lectures. They can be a real source of spiritual encouragement. Let us all be in prayer for those Involved; Dr. Hayner, and the student body, that the Holy Spirit might speak to us. BRYAN SMITH Filling the Empty Void There seem to be many controversial arguments on the part of Christians in today's world. Let's focus in on oni- of the most serious conditions STEPHANIE SCHAEFER When home for Thanksgiving Break, I felt Inclined to write what had been on my mind. I’d like to share it with you now, please forgive the procrastination. As Christmas came upon us, I couldn’t help but notice the selfishness of our society. At the mall, the day after Thanksgiving, people are bustling around, paying an arm and a leg for something not worth that at all, kids pulling on Mommy's shirt, "Mommy! I want this, I want that, I want ....” The junior higher's in their brand names walking around, checking out the stores to tell their parents where to get what they want, etc. It gets hard to see through all the hub-bub of the season, and notice that people really are searching for fulfillment. And what do we Christians do? in the play "Catacombs", Captain Slater exclaims, "You are your own worst enemy when you’re not persecuted!". It seems believable. Do Christians in America know anything about true persecution? It is true that we are blessed to live in a free nation— but are we as willing to die for Christ as those Christians behind the Iron Curtain are? No, I think not. We're too busy picking out the clothes we plan to wear tomorrow, taping our favorite soap opera on the VCR and driving our cars that are worth more than many nice houses. Somewhere I heard a story about some- Christians in Sweden who made a cross on the street one Easter. Later that day the police came and arrested all of them; and they were executed, I believe. We Christians in America surely have the right to do that without the risk of arrest- but do we even take a stand for our convictions? Do we have any convictions? Or do we spend most of our time worrying about material things-- that in the end will be worth nothing? Of course, I am guilty of all my accusations, but I can't help but think of how selfish we all are. As Christians we are to model our lives after Jesus Christ— a completely selfless man. Jesus was a man without one stain of sin in his whole life, yet he completely looked past his righteousness and took on our uncountable stains of sin and died so that we could be clean. And he didn't do it because his dad was forcing him-- he did it because he wanted to— be,cause he loves us. I challenge every Chrtgtlan who reads this to take the time to re-evaluate your walk with Jesus. Are you ready to die for Jesus Christ? No, it's not required of you— but Jesus was willing to do it for you. Isn't that reason enough? Why don't we make this year the beginning of a truly holy and selfless life to glorify our King? it won't be easy because we are human— and American— but It will be fulfilling. And isn't that what everybody is looking for anyway? TBIVIHL POBSDIT HOW MANY MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY OR STAFF ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED AS STUDENTS AT M-AC?^^ »PRIZE TO BE ANNOUNCED. REPORT TO EDITOR of the church today, which is hedonism. Does seeking after pleasures mean that one is lukewarm, worldly, or maybe not even a real Christian? Realistically, I think the answer is yes and no. Contrary to worldly belief, being a Christian doesn't mean the forfeiting of all real pleasures. Realistically, only sinful pleasures are forbidden by God. True and full acceptance of Christ will cause you to be devoted to following God's will, which draws you to the source of the only true pleasure, which is fellowship with Christ. Those not born of God will never understand this principle, but those who have experienced a daily fellowship with Christ can understand this which surpasses all worldly activities. In Psalm 84:11 God says, "No good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless." Paul says in I Timothy 6:17, "God richly provides us wlt;ji everything for our enjoyment." The problem exists, such as that in Noah's days, that people become so preoccupied with these activities of pleasing themselves that they neglect the spiritual dimension of life (Luke 17:26). The same problem is prevalent today as people become absorbed into the things of this life, they rob God of His time in their life. The Christian ideal doesn't demand that one must renounce all interest in the affairs of this life, but rather seek the guidance of Christ as we keep both our laboring and ambitions in subordination to the Lord. The Christian's profession of faith is found in many ways, such as the things we say and do not say, the things we do and do not do. The Christian faith is not based on externals, yet it is expressed in conversation, habits, activities, emphasis, and ambitions lived out in our everyday lives. Does your conversation honor Christ? Are your habits approved by Him? Can Christ's presence be a part of our activities? Can people recognize from the emphasis we place on material things that our affections are on things above or attached to this world? Are our ambitions in accordance to the Christian life or against it? We should ask ourselves these questions honestly. How then can our lives reflect the gospel? First, we must recognize that we are not of this world, but we are in the world as salt goes into food. We are not of the same substance, therefore, we are not associated with the world, but rather, we "add a pleasing taste to it." Thus, we do not hold to it's principles or human traditions, but rather set our hearts and minds on the things above which are far more important and everlasting (Col. 3:Iff). Our obligation to each other as Christians is clearly taught in the scriptures. I Timothy 4:12 says, "Set an example for the believers in word, conversation, in love, in faith, and in purity." This isn't a suggestion, it's a command, not a recommendation, but an obligation to be model Christians. We are an example to those whom we have fellowship or mutual association with, We do not shut ourselves off from the world, rather we go into the world just as Christ went to sinners in order to minister to their needs, and to preach and teach the gospel. His purpose was for sinners to come into fellowhlp with the "Living God," not to partake of what the world had to offer, The Bible clearly teaches that the world'ls constantly trying to victimize Christians with it's principles; to rob them of the freedom found in Christ. The world conveys to us the message that meaning in life comes from what you can obtain and what you do, but the writer of Ecclesiastes rips this view apart saying that everything is maningless except the worship of God and the keeping of His commands, which is the duty of man. Fellowship with God and the praises we give to Him are the only true pleasures in life. Only these can fulfill God's desire for us, and only in these can we find true peace and contentment. Otherwise, we would be left empty and longing for more. In Matthew 6 and Luke 12, the words of Jesus tell us not to worry about satisfying our needs but to seek Him and His righteousness and through this He will supply our every need— that includes the satisfaction of our souls. That's real pleasure. Think about it.

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