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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, November 04, 1988, Image 8

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ALL LOUE ACCEPTED HERE GARRETT STANFIELl. In all honesty, we Christians are extremely blessed. We have a wonderful college to learn in, we have an extremely prosperous nation to live in, and we have a Father, Son and Holy Spirit who gives us love eternal as vast as the range between up and down. To be out right honest, God had given us more love than we truly know what to do with. What should we do with this love? According to Matthew 22:39, we should take this love and pass it on to whoever needs it. And I know of a group of people that could use it: the people of the Black Mountain Center, Black Mountain Center outreach ministry goes down weekly, Monday nights at 7:00 p.m. to 8:30, to see the residents. These people are people whose physical and/or mental faculties are impaired. Things that are relatively simple for us, such as walking down the hall, holding a tooth brush, or speakhng to a friend, are real struggles for residents to learn. The residents live on encouragement and love. It's one of the needed requirements for anyone to get through life. And having been on the outreach team myself, I can tell of the joys and blessings of being a Black Monain Center Volunteer. But I'd rather let someone who's a bit more of a veteran at this tell it. According to Lind Delgado, leader of the outreach, she encourages people to come at least once. "It may be a bit discomforting at first, but once you come and get adjusted, the visit brings forth a sense of inspiration, uplift, and thankfulness. 1 also give thanks to God for opening up this oppoprtunity for witnessing." (Linda also seeks to use fier lalenls li'iis Way as a Career.) As ! look at her account, and look back on my experience. I'm in agreement. I encourage everyone who has the time to come by Monday night 7:00 - 6:30 to the Black Mountian Center. Please see Linda Delgado in McGregor 203 or Box 79 for details. LOOKOUT 1 Go up to the mountain you say to me But I do not understand why? To look around and see what I have created for you my child. Let the beautiful nature treat VPu kind with a feeling of Desire to let you learn more about me. For I am, the Truth, The Wag, and The Light. I love you child, the world does not I have chosen a few of my children to guide you and help you understand that I AM LOVE w'ith nothing to be afraid of reach out to ME and I will guide your path. BHOHVnOUS LETTER FROM PRISON Dear Editor, I would very much appreciate it if you would place this ad in your campus newspaper as it is very important to me. V/anted: Behind the wall's born again Christian college student looking for correspondence from people that care. I am serving time for drugs and gun possession . Black, 5'! 1", 165 lbs., and very lonely. Friendship wanted. All responses welcomed and answered. Write to Crispin Lewis 87A-4126 , P.O Box 149 Attica, NY 14011. Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter. Being that I am incarcerated, I am unable to pay for your services, therefore I would appreciate it very much if you could post it where interested people might be able to see it. Thank you again for your time and consideration, and I thank you in advance for running this ad. May the prosperous of the Prosoeritu be with you and family always. May God bless you always, Respectfullly yours, Crispin Lewis MIC MIC Stic To my better halt; I LOVE 'tuU! Th.jnks tor a wondertu! weekend. Jernan bomeone StMnebod,!' I miss you; I want to e^oress (Tiv love to ail the ones who mean so much to me. Keep up the tunl Especial T)' J.C., D.K., J.S., K.K., L.D.. and 1st t'loor McGregor. MAMieDi :he!t to steal c-ar ■* +or insurance purposes! More into later. Jimm)'- Who could ask tor greater brother than you. Love in Christ, FIipper j HI HOil I daresay rou're the best oarent here this ; weekend. Love, N Joy N : I Love you mushroom. Nasty 1 Here in Mon treat 1 found 2 ot j God's most beautiful creations. nature and Diana. DaVIS; I hanks tor the dance. It was a blast! hM T. - I. M. N. L. U/ U. -■ R. Thank you "Younggan" -for being a big part oF my li-fe. Also tor Ued., Oct. 12th. FLP. ■ ^ ■ ' 6. in FLh. I MISS i'OU' Love t^lN. You- re grea! . 1 1 P''’: “ four 2 £ 4 True ; ^ gotten LCC K.H, - You friend! Thank 1 Luv I4N. are an 5 tor 1 awesome everything. 1 You f me! - Have a nice day! Love, 1 LCC • RR - You're stuck wi th ■'me! 1 C.B. CML > .• - I mi55 you and 1 ove you! 1 J/M -We win! E/H POR SALE! Skis; $80. Har t 170's. Look GT bindinas. Nordica Boots; .Plouresent Or an ge. See Eddie: Howe r t on 204. FOR SALE: Ski boots. Raichie Rockets* brand new, used twice, paid $125 asking $75. See Eddie, Hoiwerton 204. WANTED: Assasin to do small task. Good Pay. More Later WANTED; Nannies, Fresh start in a career. Turn your children, luxurious desire exciting protessi oral Make a rewarding love tor your wish For a litestyle, and your For travel career nanny. available nationwide, call THE NANNY CEIFTER in Orlando, 1-407-260-0031. ror into. PLACEMENT Florida at: LCC - Happy Anniversary - RR. MIC MIC MIC

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