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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, March 06, 1990, Image 14

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Page 14, The Aletheia Daniel: The Saga Continues Cont'd from page 12 found out is that Christianity is indeed unique because Jesus Christ is unique. That is to say that the focal point of Christianity is unlike the founder or leading exponent of any religion in the world. But once inside that, even though I had become convinced that Jesus Cluist was, indeed the way (and I held to that conclusion rationally), I still wasn't sure which branch of Christianity was right. So I looked at all the groups that claimed to be Christian and through that I had come to believe in scripture, and Jesus, as being who He said He was, the Son of God,, who is fully man and fully God. This was the most important root of my belief system. I came to the conclusion that basic Christianity or "Mere Christianity, as C.S. Lewis said, was true. It was a search, a pilgrimage and I would never have been satisfied with my life, unless I had chosen to go through that. It was important for me to find out myself." As I sit here listening to Brad Daniel, my head nods in affirmation , "Yeah." I agree. And at this point I figure I'll chime in with my two cents. "You know before I was a Christian I had believed there were manv roads to God. I saw God as a nebulous, cosmic force just sort of hovering around - a supreme being who I could fit into whatever mold I wanted Him to fit (jello?). A lot of what I believed in I By MARK NEIL Assistant Editor With the student elections just a few short weeks off, it's time to think about who you would want as tour leader for next year. In choosing the right person to vote for, you should ask yourself a few questions about the candidate. Does this person have the beliefs and values that I think are important for the office? Does he or she have the leadership skills needed to get things done? Does he or she have the time to devote to the job? Am I voting for this person because I think that they will be best for the job or jut because they are popular? These are all important questions that you need to answer truthfully in order to make a wise choice. The new leaders you choose will inevitably affect your life here at Montreat-Anderson College next year. If you don't take time to make a wise choice you may be greatly disappointed and if you don't take the time to vote then you have no right to complain about any decisions that are made. If you do vote and don't like a decision that was made, you have the right, no, the responsibility to let your thought be known. Thank you and see you at the polls. Join the Aletheia*s CAMPAIGN AGAINST APATHY seemed good but there was no real substance to it.. It's like eating a cream-puff. It tastes good and looks good but it has no nutritional value and if that's what you're living on, your teeth will rot out. It has no substance. But, Jesus, unlike a cream puff, is The Bread of Life." Brad Daniel smiles, "Yeah. Where's the beef?" I wonder, to myself, "What is Epicure serving tonight?" I'm sitting in the cafeteria, asking Brad Daniel's very question, "Where is the beef, indeed?!" I'm having a violent flash back to the dissectogram and fetal piglet development. How I wish I hadn't been so intrigued with the various and sundry articles in that classroom. My knife and fork, now seem like surgical instruments and on my plate lay dead pork (or is it a fetal piglet?). Regardless, I'll eat the "Pork McRibs" with a strange new appreciation. One Hour Service Available I • 2270 Hendersonville Rd. Arden Square Shopping Center Photo Arden, N.C. 28704 684-2037 BIBLE STUDY Featuring: "Themes from Genesis A Video Study Series by: ff EVERY TUESDAY 7:00 p.m. Christ Anglican Chapel Behind Wendy's (Follow the Signs) If you need a ride contact Tim Perry or Bob Graham in McGregor.

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