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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, October 05, 1990, Image 2

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Tage 'Two, Tfie Mletfieia Why the Crisis ? By: Shannon Hodgins Staff Writer "We don't want war. We hate war. We know what war does." —Saddam Hussein- apx. one week before invasion of Kuwait Students through out the country are pay ing close attention to world events of the past several months. One reason may be that friends, boyfriends, sis ters and brothers may very well be at, or going to the Middle East. For others concern falls in the area of rising gas prices (Which econo mists predict will be at $2.00 during the next couple of weeks). What ever the reason for your concern, events in the world are quite contro versial. If you haven't been updated on recent events, here is a quick summary of world events concerning the U.S. and Iraq. Iraq's previous war with Iran left Hussein and his country bankrupt. Hussein faced a dept of 60 billion dollars and a food shortage, thus the possibility of being over thrown. Hussein is re vered in his coimtry for advances achieved while in power, including a higher literacy rate, but the situation in Iraq was quite unstable. At one Arab conference Hussein demanded help, to the tune of 30 billion, and claimed that if his demands were not methe wouldinvade and sieze what he wanted. Some of his demands included: Kuwait writ ing off wartime loans and the cease of pump ing more crude oil than Opec allowed. In addi tion, Kuwait blocks Iraq's path to shipping lands in the Persian Gulf. Thus, Saddam deployed troops on the border, also hiding his intentions to invade to the press. Hussein also claimed that the invasion was in response to an appeal by young revolutionaries. The U.S. plays a great part in these events due to the amount of oil it receives from Iraq and Kuwait. The Arabs themselves are a private people, and do not want to involve the U.S. un less necessary. One political maneuver that could help the situation and force Iraq to leave Kuwait would be sus taining a leakproof embargo on the pur chase of oil from Kuwait and Iraq. Also, Hussein is almost entirely de pendent on good im ports to his country. A blocking of imports and exports to and from his country could help speed the release of all U.S. hostages and the evacuation of Kuwait. Russia has lent support by completely stopping arms ship ments to Iraq. France, Britain and even Japan have joined the cause to stop Hussein from keep ing Kuwait, all with just reason. The C.I. A. states that Iraq is only 5 years away from total nuclear capability. One student's opinion states the way many Americans feel, "Hussein is crazy, and very scary." President Bush is quoted as stat ing that military action is not out of the ques tion, approximately 140,000 troops are al ready stationed throughout the Pacific. Bush states, "We will review our options." However, Bush is main taining a calm outlook on the world events. His outlook seems to be level and strong concerning the events of the Middle East. Night Light And they over came him with the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony, that they did not love their life even unto death. —Revelation 12:11 Ouotables "Blessed is the man who, know ing nothing, re frains from giving wordy evidence of the fact." —Unknown T/te Weel^y Graham [•MarkNeH Schmidt '^hn Ireitnd

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