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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, February 27, 1991, Image 8

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(Page ‘EigHt, Tfie S^etheia Actions Speak Louder Than Words And when the centurion, who stood therein front of Jesus,heard his cry and saw how he died, he said, 'Surely this man was the SON of GOD!'. “Mark 15:39 Love is easier to recog nize in our actions than it is to define in words. We are touched by love each day through a smile, a friendly hug, or a pat on the back. We mostly use actions to show our love. God shows His love through actions, too. He opens each day with a bright sunrise and closes it in the awe of a fading sunset. He clothes us with warm sun- crosses - the confusion and shine and breathes His love struggles that we face each Shayna Siekkienen Spiritually Speaking in the colors of a rainbow. Jesus also shows His love for us through ac- tion-His death on the cross! The cross symbolizes love, but it also symbolizes so much more. We live in a world sur rounded by the effects of sin. We suffer with feelings of hopelessness, injustice, and doubt - so did Jesus! Jesus fell three times as He carried His cross to Cal vary. So must we take up our Aletheia's NCAA Division I 25 Top (1) Montreat Cavaliers (Awesome Record) (2) UNLV (Undefeated but wouldn't stand a chance against our Cavaliers) (3) Arkansas (4) Ohio State (Has a better record than Arkansas, but has let too many poor schools play them too close) (5) Syracuse (6) North Carolina (7) Indiana (8) Kansas (9) Duke (10) Utah (11) Kentucky (12) Southern Mississippi (13) Nebraska (14) Oklahoma State (15) UCLA (16) St. John's (17) LSU (18) Virginia (19) East Tennesse State (20) Mississippi State (21) New Mexico State (22) Seton Hall (23) Georgetown (24) Pittsburgh (25) Wake Forest I forsee Kansas making a run for the title as they did in 1988, when they went all the way with Danny Manning.... day. Falling is part of our journey, and just as Jesus did, we must get up and go on again and again. Carrying the cross was a physical burden. Jesus's head was pierced with thorns and His hands were tied. Simon of Cyrene, a mere stranger, was forced to help carry the cross. Often, our crosses seem heavy and we feel like our hands are tied. But remem ber, in face of all the confu sion and struggles that we face as young adults, we're never alone. God has put special people; friends, par ents, professors, even a stranger, here to help us. Jesus was humiliated, spit on, laughed at, and stripped of His clothing. Sometimes we receive the same stabbing ridicule from others. Though it hurts very deeply, we must never un derestimate the kingdom of God. Our self-esteem is a gift that Jesus died for, and no one should be allowed to rob us of that. Now, it’s our turn to take action. Jesus calls each of us to change the world by first becoming His dedicated fol lowers, and then, by our ac tions, making His kingdom a reality. Look around. There are so many people who need what we can offer. Through positive actions we can create a world where God is really number one, where people face life's challenges with God's purpose and the good of others as their motivation. Together we must embrace our destinies and reach be yond our human weaknesses and limitations to places oth ers wouldn't dare. Sometimes, Lord, your will I doubt And I wonder what life is really about I look around and again and again I see a world full of suffering and pain But we're blessed with sontething So precious and rare A gift to be cherished A gift we must share This gift is a challenge Straight from above- The challenge to grasp The power of love For it was for us He came and died His bruises showed the love inside So love will endure And continue to thrive Just remember that Love has to give to survive!

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