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Aletheia. volume (None) 1977-1997, October 30, 1991, Image 2

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^P^we 1:^100, 'ITte ^theia EDITORIALS 9{pU J^rom tke ‘Editor Sz/ jWar^So/ic^ 'Editor-In-CHkf Ifpercitance, you ta^ the time and energy to sit stationary for five minutes and actuary read this article I’ve u>hippedup here; there are just a feu) things I'd lihffor you to thinfahout. Truth to tell, there are a feu) problems zvith iMontreat life. Odpu) these problems are not insurmountable by any means, but to solve a problem one must first Iqtou) it exjsts. I zvas read ing a quote the other day that zvent something Uhe this: ‘Qos- sip is the art of saying nothing in a zvay that leaves practically nothing unsaid. "(The quote zvas by ‘Walter'Hhnchellbythe zvay.) I sat at my table in the comer of the snackbar (the one I usually inhabit on homezvorh^ evenings) and thought about this. I also thought about the stu dents here atMontreat, andhozv zve react to things. I began to realize that a lot of people here could stand to thinli^about this quote (myself included). I caroused through the clut tered inde?cfile of my mind and thought of several instances in the last zveel^zvhich drezv bacfi to this quote. Things lil;f, "I heard a rumor that there zvas a nezvpublication being put out," zvhispered in secretive, hushed tones to a friend of mine. It zvas stated almost lil(e it zvas a top secret, dreadful fact that should never see the light of day. J^d yet, everyone has heard about it. 9dy friend responded, “T^a, the Off-Campus students are put ting out a publication to deal zvith their concerns and prob lems since they differ somezvhat from the On-Campus students." iVhat zvas the horrendous se cret, I zvondered? 1 began to thinl(_about all the various things that had off- handedlyflozvedthrough my ears over the past year and a half, "dley, y'hnozv zvhat he did at TizzadhitF Didyou hear about theiRjD? zvhat she and this guy did?" I almost laughed out loud at the shear stupidity of Cont. on CBage 5 Return To Lake Susan n HAS BEEN A QUIET WEEK ON LAKE SUSAN. Autumn has been set to motion in our little hollow of the world and all the leaf-watchers have ar rived with cameras and awe. They drive at a snail's pace along our roads, searching for a better view of the reds, oranges, yel lows, and greens that cover the hills around us. It is then, driving be hind them late for some- By Kim Holt Staff Writer thing, that I secretly wish them to arrive back at their homes only to dis cover that the film in their cameras was black and white. Many of us here in Montreat take for granted our surroundings, even in the serene beauty of this season. Why? I think it's because we have stopped looking up at the leaves hanging brilliantly Cont. on Page 7 Annoyance by: John MiHs They com.e from the four corners of the world, with one tning in mind. Completely vulnerable to peer pressure, prone to flock in groups, and tend ing to dress exactly alike, they are an upperclass man's nightmare. Con stantly needing encour agement and obsessed with fitting in. they attempt to tell us exactly what we want to hear. Any kindness on our part will Immediately be misconstrued as affection, damning us to "puppy love' forotteastfouryears. It IS completely Impossible to befriend this group, for they are unwilling to en gage in intelligent conver sation. They have infiltrated ever\' aspect of college life, and even Join clubs to provoke the wrath of thoseofuswhotakeclubs seriously. Fortunately, most leave organized clubs once they realize commitment is not only wanted but required. They break curfewsjust for the sake of rebellion, skip classes on a whim, turn papers In late and con sider themselves mature. They dye their hair blond, giggle without reason, and call you at unreasonable hours for help in a class you're fail ing and they're master ing. They claim to be inde pendent. but call home daily. Separation from their clique causes ex treme apprehension. I sawone stand outside the cafeteria the other day for forty-five minutes In the rain, waiting fora Mend so she wouldn't look like an idiot sitting aione or with strangers. This weeketKi was the first weekend they were allowed to leave campus. I wasn't here, but my friends foid me that a feeling of peace andtron- quility invaded the cam pus. The most amazing fact about this group is the amazing metamor phosis that takes place after the first summer of college. Experts believe that (other than kindergar ten) the first summer of the college is the most Cont. on Page e

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