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The Caduceus. volume (Camp Greene, Charlotte, N.C.) 1918-1919, September 14, 1918, Image 13

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^■*■>>'*1 :'*■*;■• > ; ] **♦ - »'*'* .«-. «_‘i, v'* 'i* S)^- THE CADUCEUS LAWFUL GLEANINGS “HARDLY" IS RIGHT. GATHERED OR MADE UP BY IVAN H. LAW. A business succeeds only as it serv- Chancellor Hertling says “hardly any family (in Germany) has been spared.” es. Do more than your bit; do all you can. As long as any one is’ dissatisfied there is hope. Persons who violated the request not to use gasoline on Sunday and wound up in the hospitals are apt to make a wonderful hit with Sur geons, nurses, and orderlies. A lot of problems solve them selves if let alone.. Pity the grouch; it is his own punishment. I see that some German statesmen say we must have an honorable peace. It will be an honorable peace all right, because one of the principal reasons is that Germany will have no voice m it. The trouble with many iron wills is that they become rusty. Don’t try to obtain the best by get ting the best of a fellow. “There are just as good fish in the sea as has ever been caught.” Sure, but they are the wise guys. They have never been caught and perhaps never will be. It might help the Rhine towns some it they would kick over the traces and deal direct with the Allies. In Honolulu they make hay from sugar cane tops. Now if some of ou laboratory men would .reverse the situation, all would be well. | Stubbornness is often the inabil ity to know just how to act. All high board fences have a knot hole. Before it is too late the Hohenzol- lerns should have a family reunion S decide on the oOcM and eocn- ficial goat. Guess we could pick him. There’s nothing to it. The Ameri cans will have to evacuate what they have taken from the Boches, or else they will become unpopular with the Anti-Saloon League. It seems that as they advanced they were refreshed now and then with Normandy cider. A man’s mind is like a thermos bot tle What ever is in it stays as • Neither can a leopard change his spots, out he can camouflage them. 1 note some wonderful work along this line around here. The young men who was accused of passing a check in a local restau rant at least was frank about it, as he states that the check was as good as the meal. The Rhine must appear much nearer now that the boys are viewing it through Lens. Apparently a false impression pre vailed with reference to the motives that actuated the prisoner who walk ed away from his guards the ' other night, and later returned to the pen. Tis said that he diden’t object to stockade life but, but finding it a trafle monotonous, took a brief vaca tion. Someone suggests the kee^ng of a TYiPTiu book. No need of same, as i will be able to tell twenty now just what they have for dinner if you will only tell me ■What surprises us most is that t Kaiser did not sent to Austria for his retreat expert. A LITTLE SCOTCH. Lemon juice it is said will remove freckles. After looking at some of the afflicted ones I guess freckles are the cheapest. Now they have it that Von Hinden- burg has committed suicide, which is really the most plausible story of his death, yet reaching us. Why shouldn-t he follow the example of his country? Two old Scotchmen sat by the road side, talking and puffing away merrily ^*"“Th«e^s^^no miickle pleasure in smokin’, Sandy,” said Donald. “Hoo dae ye mak that ott. ques tinned Sandy. “Week” said Donald, “ye_ see if ye’re smokin’ yer ain l>acca ye re think in’ o’ the awfu’ expense, an if youre smokin’ some ither ramm’t sae tight it winna draw. —Tit Bits. I read that German ships are some times “manned” entirely by women. The ships of state in this county may com to that yet. NO CHANCE TO CHOOSE. The flags, both national and service, of one of our prominent local clubs seem to us to be somewhat faded, but thes plrit of the private, even if not allowed in the club, is far from that condition. 13 EAST END CANTEEN “ly the Barracks” 6.1. THOMASON Preprietor Cigars, Cigarettes, Candy. Ice Cold brinks a Specialty We Serve YOU Right For LIME CEMENT BRICK Call JNO. L. BEAL Gastonia, N. C. The Phoenix Hotel 231 North Tryon Street CHARLOTTE, N. C. THE SOLDIERS HOME The Hotel that did not ad vance prices when Camp Greene was established. We will appreciate your patronage BATES $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, Single. 1.50, 2.00, 3..50, Double Dormitory Room, 50c FOR RENT Scene, Prance—Officer passes priv ate busily engaged in ridding his cloth- ^"“PiLlng*^t1iem out, my man?” said ‘^“No^sh/’ said the private, “just tak ing them as they come.’—Boston Transcript. Furnished rooms for light house keeping. Modern con veniences. $2.50 to $3.50 per week; Wide porches, large grounds. An ideal location. Must be seen to be appreciated. Phone 2825--J. / I \

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