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The belles of Saint Mary's. volume (None) 1937-current, March 26, 1954, Image 1

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954 U-lli its iiii'' .AND SUDDENLY IT’S SPRING!” Belles OF ST. MARY’S CONGRATULATIONS, NEW SGA OFFICERS I Vol. XVI, No. 11 RALEIGH. NORTH CAROLINA March 26, 1954 Adlai Stevenson s First Stop in N. C. Stevenson Takes St. Mary^s By Storm Amil a host of excited, clamorous, dironging admirers, Adlai Steven son, Ilemocratic nominee in the last presidential election, made a aon-seheduled and unprecedented '■isit to St. Mary’s Junior College ifarch 23. Forsaking all party prejudices, Republicans willfully joined the Democratic enthusiasts *0 extending a fervent welcome fo ^fr. Stevenson. Eagerly Await Visit En route to a ten-day rest in Southern Pines and a speaking Engagement in Charlotte on April 2) Stevenson arrived at the Ra- leigh-Durham Airport about 1:30 P m. News of his expected arrival had reached C. A. P. Moore, Adviser to the Young Democrats Of St. Mary’s, earlier in the day. ■fe immediately contacted Mr. E. L. ’Unkin, Jr., secretary to the Gover nor and requested that Mr. Steven son be escorted through St. Mary’s ^’Oinpus since it was within range of Ueir route from the airport to the I^Xeeutive Mansion where Governor ^nistead awaited a brief visit with *he celebrated dignitary. Receiving nn encouraging word from Mr. nankin, Mr. Moore made a rapid Unnection with the student body to ’Ofom them of the possibility of 1952 Presidential Candidate, En Route To Governor’s Mansion, Thrills Qirls With Impromptu Speech, Handshaking Mr. Stevenson’s tour around tlie campus. Mild bursts of enthusiasm and applause greeted his announce ment. Excitement soared higher when Dr. Richard G. Stone, (leiit of St. Mary’s, granted permis sion for classes to disband at the ex])ected time of his arrival. Scores of girls flooded the cam pus many moments before his ap pearance. Precautions were made in case the Governor’s chauffeur failed to signal for a turn into the college grounds. Forty or more thrilled students lined up, pre pared to form a barricade across Hillsboro Street if the awaited event called for it. Suddenly an hysterical, rhyth mic chant arose, “Here comes Ad lai, here comes Adlai,” as a ma jestic, gleaming black Cadillac se dately proceeded down Hillsboro. Approaching St. Mary’s gates, the chauffeur’s signal to turn served an additional purpose, for a ve hement cry of welcome exploded instantaneously. As the Number One car, followed by an escort of j)ress agents and members of the UNO Young Demo crats Club, rounded the entrance, it quickly disapiteared under a swarm of the tumultous receptionists. Ste venson gallantly obliged his fair ad mirers by shaking hands with them as the car crept around the campus drive. Stevenson’s hand, too, was invisible under tin; mound of hands that passionately clamped down u])on it. Car Forced to Stop One girl, having shaken hands with him, was overheard to say breathlessly as she stared down a\ her own hand, “I won’t wash it for a month.” Eager to catch a glimpse of him, those who could not reach inside the car, followed it around the drive and controlled the pace of the car. ^ When it reached the main building the crush became so great that the chauffeur was forced to stop, although no stop was ])lanned. The climax of the event soon ex ploded when the car door opened and Mr. Stevenson stepped out. He handsomely acknowledged his welcome and charmed his audi ence. “I think you are sweet to have come out to greet me,” he said beneath a bright, broad smile. “I am delighted that we stopped, but I was told we wouldn’t be able to. Now, I see why; I don’t think they trusted me. After this greet ing from all you lovely girls, I can’t understand why my folks ever moved from N. C.,” he con tinued. Dr. Stone, from his stand in the crowd, retaliated, “Then you must come back.” Stevenson thanked him heartily and ex])rcsso(:I a desire to return." Another girl, looking up at him in adoration, was overheard to comment, “Oh, I could marry him.” Stevenson good-naturedly waved and re-entered the car. The girls followed him in a surging throng until the big Cadillac left the cam pus. Although his visit is now a thing of the past, the event lives on vividly within the halls of St. Mary’s. Excitement lingers and amazement increases at the thought that Adlai Stevenson actually spoke on St. Mary’s Campus.

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