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The belles of Saint Mary's. volume (None) 1937-current, November 18, 1960, Image 2

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BELLES OF ST. MARY’S November 18, I960 CitBinn of ©hanko of an invalid Q +£il>TTVr»VO >*T’’ ITTI’^O _ _ M e hear a lot about the separation of church and state. Thanks giving, however, is a liappy and not a controversial occasion for cliurcii and state to unite. It is tlie institutional impinging of state and church upon each other that provides the unhappy features in this area of life, but religious faith has been an ingredient of life, social and political as well as churchly, in ths country and most countries. This is a nation “under God”; our coins bear the legend “In God we trust”. So, follow ing the jirecedent of the pilgrims in 1621 to have a day of thanksgiving to God for the harvest that saved the lives of strangers upon this dis tant shore, the Continental Congress and presidents of these United States have proclaimed a day for repairing to the churches for the pur pose of giving thanks to God for the bounty of the earth. Most men are willing to acknowledge, with the Jubilate, that “it is God that hath made us and not we ourselves”; nor did we make the earth or the sea or the life of the things that in them is, on which our life depends. Much of early religion was acknowledgment of this great fact; and the Jews celebrated three mportant feast days in connection with harvest: Pass- over, first-fruits; Pentecost, grain harvest; Tabernacles, vintage har vest. Thanksgiving has ancient roots in the heart of man’s life. Does it have root in our personal hearts this thanksgiving season and in our daily lives? This is imi)ortant, for the most graceful virtue and the most selflessly outgoing is gratitude. Grace means gratis, free. God’s grace is His freely given love. Gratitude is our freely responding faith and devotion. “We love Him because He first loved us.” Our mo tivation is not to serve God to make Him love us; but to love and serve God because we are thankful for His bounty and grace, especially in sending His son to be the Saviour of the world. So, while the nation has one Thanksgiving day a year, with services of worship and family feasts, the Church calls us constantly to a grateful response to God’s goodness, especially in the Holy Communion as a sacramental meal of thanksgiving, in which we say: “It is very meet, right, and our bounden duty, that we should at all times, and in all places, give thanks unto Thee, 0 Lord, Holy Father, Almighty, Everlasting God.” (Prayer Book, p 76) Many thanks to Dr. Guerry for an inspiring editorial, and a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all from the ’60—’61 BELLES Staff. Can You Imagine? Doing away with campuses? Mus beating the Sigmas? Miss Jones wearing a Republican hat? Everyone at breakfast? Miss Lloyd swimming? People saying. “I can believe it!”? A St. Mary’s Senior at Germans? No Thanksgiving vacation? Eight days in a week? Patsy Frank on time? St. Mary's without the research triangle? Miss Morrison complete with rnadres, circle pin, and Weejuns? The latest saying in the infirmary, ■ Gimme all your jewels.”? The Cold Cuts at the KA House? MUs Win at Speedball The siieedball tournament start ed off with a “bang”! The games have now been played. The Sigma team won the first game by the score of 6 to 2. However, this de feat rallied the Mu team, and they came back to beat the Sigma’s in the second game l>y the score of 7 to 2. The final games proved to be full of “clashing” competition. The Mu team won the rest of the games claiming 25 points towards the jilatiue to be given to the win ning team at the end of the school Year. Life is boring. There’s not much of an opiiortunity to take a break and go to the Little Store or the “Tod.” The break would last at least two hours—two hours of valuable time. So she remains bored by studying, staring, and thinking. Boredom is broken by those occasional naps. She man ages to slip in a few “z’s” every afternoon. Life is troublesome. The “crip” appreciates the sympathy of oth ers, but the “crip” finds that it is troublesome to have to answer “water on the knee” a thousand times a day. Here is the schedule to classes: 1. Asking someone to carry- her books—that poor dear. 2. Coordinating crutches and body—you need plenty of co ordination. 3. Opening elevator door—like oj)ening a vault door. 4. Oi)ening gate to elevator—not too much trouble except for the weight of the elevator door that sets you flying in to the elevator. 5. Closing gate door—elevator door obviously closes bv it self. 6. Pushing button to desired floor—easy! 7. Waiting years for arrival— elevator is plenty slow! 8. Oj)ening gate door—after ele vator has stopped. 9. Opening elevator door—you need every capable ounce of energy. 10. Flying into hall before eleva tor door crushes you to mere tidbits. 11. Proceeding to class—a task in itself. The life of a temporary invalid is extremely troublesome. So sit back, relax, and just think how lucky you are to be able to make those recpiirements: You’ve got two useful legs! Flickereenos Nov. 16-23 Desire in the Dust Nov. 23- (JI Blm-s Nov. 2 Tarzan tlie >Iagiiifieent (for two weeks) Nov. 20-21 lee Palace Nov. 13 BiitterfieM H (for three weeks) The life of a temporary invalid is different, boring, and trouble some, especially when the invalid is an ardent extrovert. THE BELLES OF ST. MARY’S The life is different because the “crip” is required only to go to classes—on crutches, that is! “You dog, you don’t have to go to chapel, assembly, gjun, or break fast!” No, the “crip” does not have to attend chapel, assembly, gj’m, or breakfast. But what else can she do—run, jump, walk, or even dance? Good luck! She can gain weight sitting around keeping that leg of hers j)ropped up. No prob lem there! Published every two weeks during the school year by the student body of St. Mary’s Junior Coliege. Entered as 2nd Class matter Dec. 7, 1944, at Post Office, Raleigh, N- ; C., under Act of March 3, 1879. Sub- ! scription $1.00 per year. BELLES STAFF Editor-in-ch ief Cakteb McAlisteb Assistant Editor Cleve Pletoiieb Xcirs Editor Lii Lii Ridenhoub Feature Editor Decky Elmobe Social Editor Hadley MorgaX Alumnae Editor Susan PoE Cartoonists Frances HoltoX Sally Stevens Photo(jrai)hcr....Ayii Cameron Bowma.n Exchange Editor Stuart Austin Head Copy Reader Joy Hick.'^ Headline Editor Sophia Pike Head Typist Anne Benson Business Managers Betsy LynN Forest Williamson Circulation Manager Ruth Bowles FEATURE STxiFF xVim Baskervill, Jane Brooks, xiliuira Bruton, xVnne Burwell, Cornelia Hines, Elaine Graybill. Nancy Heath, Betty Lynch, Nelson Pemberton, Jo-Ann Ro- chow. Jean Stroman, Cecile Thebaut, Charlotte Thorne, Bltsy Wingfield. NEWS STxVFF Cookie xVrthur, Su.san Becton, Mar tha Pat Beil, Gene Birdsong, Frances Douglas. xVlexa Draxler, Susan Harris, Frances Jones, Martha Rose Lambeth, •Marguerite McKee, Sally Quillian, G- G. Saunders. LoiiLse Thornton, Dee Tillery. TYPISTS Chasie Allen, Robbiii Causey, Mary Brent Elmore, Betsy Holland, JIartha Ann Martin, Buzzy Miller, Suzanne Miller. Ruth Mills, Lane Norman, Rob' bin Pleasants. Ginny Simmons. SOCIAL Mary Richard Chambers, Susan Keel, Edith Kellermann. COPY READERS •Vnn Farmer. Jackie Polk, AValker. Barney CIRCULATION Carol xVsliley, Jackie Baubitz, SalH Harper. xVnne Jloore. Mary Peyton, Marcia Sawyers, Dade Wall, Betty Jane tVands. MAKE-UP •Inn Niemeyer, Sally Stevens. CARTOONISTS Susan Ehringhaus, Frances McLaua- han. Little Theater Celebrates Anniversary This year tlie Raleigh LittF Tlieater is celebrating its silvdi anniversary. As a birthday presen^ to the community five outstanding plays are going to be given. Amonh these are “Paint your Wagon,” broadway musical by Lcrncr an^ Lowe, “Look Homeward Angek from the book by North Caroling " Thomas Wolfe, “Tlie Gazebo,’ , comedy, .Moliere’s “The ImaginnU | Invalid,” and “(Incline,” a broadway jilay. Student Season tickets cost and may be obtained from PanR' ‘ ■‘Yright in 112 Penick.

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