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The belles of Saint Mary's. volume (None) 1937-current, November 23, 1970, Image 1

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^>4^ Belles OF ST. MARY’S NO. 5 RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA November 23, 1970 leg. body adopts new dress CODE AMONG PETITIONS passed by Pjjg’nj ° approved by Dr. f students of St. Mary’s are now Wea ^ ‘^'^uss code. Girls may and'^ P^^ts while attending classes Hrm wear them to meals. WQrn^^^’'’. skirts or dresses must be Sy , uuring chapel services and .„i uay meals. fPool fun, Weekd; On actions days of or during to special special are assemblies, dresses or skirts desir,'^ worn. These days will be ^"Jgnated by Dr. Pisani or “Miss R,” kullet' ke posted on the occasi'^ uoard one day prior to the tiojjai '■^sses have been granted addi- follow °'^S‘^'8kts and ch^apel cuts as two pC k^ushmen — four overnights, seven . *^uts first semester and and four chapel cuts P^^Pel cuts °r^nights Sophomores — first uight overnights and four s, second semester, ten niors chapel cuts; Ju- '^kapeT overnights and six over^i semester, and sixteen opd eight chapel cuts sec- .Seniors - eighteen nine T twenty overnights and ^^niorQ^^^^^ second semester, setpeste ™uke Dean’s List first nights unlimited over take T^^^uud semester. Seniors who I;. Uean’c T _ -n , i . tited unns List will also have un- ^'ght ^'^^'■uights. These new over- 80 into effect sec- Day of this school year, tvitfi k„ '•udents may spend the night '^''J'np during the week pro- Driv i ^ ked available and u wiiege is not abused. The Day ^pfc/%1 ihanks ^0'h> WTVD fo(^ p^o4ijcffnq '^Oodh C^?o[ro/9 sKoioi'no/ ^ts+gfliaro4r Ha£oy> L £: Students must follow all boarder rules and regulations. Members of the Junior class may be allowed to date one night during the school week until 11 TO P.M. In order to do this, the student must have at least a 2.0 average. Juniors may not date at night dunng the week until the end of the first quarter of each school year. An attempt will be made to in stall milk, coffee, sandwich, and ice cream machines in all dorms as soon as possible. If this cannot be done, then Smedes will house the machines. ST MARY’S NOW HAS ® H^OR SOCIETY The Belles is pleased to be able to anlounce the eLblishment of ^the r'hi Beta chapter of r ni Sipa the National Junior College 'Tw £'b.rhr«o,w sistance of Mr. 1 ate an ling members ot tne Standards Committee. ibership in Phi Theta Kappa ^P^^hT^a°coliegr smd°ent must have f3®25 QPR for the first two semesters ^At Mary’s and acceptable citizen- The^ eligible candidates will ship, t tie ® 1 c,,, a faculty com- .hen be ''"='3‘‘T,he pre Jen. of „i„ee comFS«d of ■ P j S' “Kcatolc A'kai.s, .he Dean Dean of three members of of Students, excluding depart- »i“S‘?n%e£b,.e S'aTso';hSseTU..y=^"-'» •'ThTSe.yhope^-H»ei.»fc. ,er will be primarily ^5 hv its^students members, governed by its j projects theyWI”T''!”“T»ch‘^as’.he or in national P Jl,,.,,,,,, [,oid each National Honors summer. establishment The reason tor tne 1 he reasou ^cognize of this ,£s^who have excel- and reward students 1 these siudenls ner^onorerl for the.r knovvledged an reouirement for students who this society will inc--- j:^^ ^3^1- migkt not ^ elig ations whose pus honorary ^ includes Schedule ^ ^kort film Cold Cuts I low to Study Cold Cuts a Christmas Program—Mr. L-Orc . “'I''*' Chti;i._ Assemblies until after criteria for plans to SS^£&ietyforthe high school students. DRUG PROGRAM ENDS WITH VISIT OF PHARMACY STUDENTS For the past few weeks, St. Mary’s has presented a program on the topic of drugs. This program has ranged from a series of films to the arrival of four students from the School of Pharmacy at UNC-CH. The stu dents, Jerry Palmer, Dickie Bower, Larry Elliott, and Danny Clinard, have visited several of the area schools conducting informal talks on the use of drugs. There was no planned speech given in these sessions, just an in formal discussion in which the stu dents answered the girls’ questions. Basically they talked of the effects of drugs. They did not come to St. Mary’s to condemn the use of drugs, rather they came to try and give the St. Mary’s student body a better knowledge and insight into the use of drugs today. FRESHMEN TO HAVE SLAVE SALE The Freshman Class will sponsor its traditional Slave Sale December 2. This annual money-making project will be held in the gym from 9:30- 11:00 P.M. Class President Lauren Jones has appointed three committees to co ordinate the sale. Cynthia Warren will be in charge of the food and Coco McConnel is in charge of pub licity. Lane Turner and Brandon Moore are co-chairmen of the selling committee. Freshmen and teachers will sell themselves for a wide range of services. The auctioneer will be Mr. Serxner. All money from the slave auction and food sales will be used to finance the Freshman-Soph omore Dance. f f ''ktnias ‘""'kkes vacation. have a happy thanksgiving that is. These young men compared the problem of illegal drug use to the problem of the illegal use of alcohol during prohibition. Some of the girls admitted that if marijuana was not illegal, they would very possibly try it. Questions were asked concerning the rumor that “shooting” peanut butter or mayonnaise would produce a “high.” They answered that per sons would slit their veins and spread mayonnaise over the cut, allowing it to seep into the wound. The “high” produced would be mainly psycolog- ical, they said, for a person can talk himself into a “high” if he wants it badly enough. It actually depended on what state of mind the person was in as to whether he would become “high” or not. SMJC Girls Involved In Southside Project “You’re my sister and she’s my mother,” said one little Negro girl to two St. Mary’s students. Another little girl pointed to several SMJC girls and said, “You’re my friend and you’re my friend and you’re my friend.” What is the occasion for such comments? It is a Saturday morning recreational project for Southside kids, grades one to six. This project grew out of the interest of Mr. Robert’s sophomore govern ment class, with the interest and help of people in the Raleigh Redevelop ment Commission and Wake Oppor tunities. The recreational project called SMILE is held in the basement of the Raleigh Redevelopment Commis sion in Southside. Some Saturdays there is planned recreation, and on others the group goes to the brand new mini-park to play. Refreshments are served afterwards. Besides the SMJC girls, interested persons from State and Meredith help out. It is hoped that if the project is success ful, a Tuesday night tutoring session can be added to the program. their com- ;an lie affairs, ted both in fork and in h Carolina, iry’s. t St. Mary’s mented Dr. tn past dat- no personal “My job is ts graduate, ryone.” r: “I really ean, but I ,ve up teach- oroughly en- lect of St. plans it Play yan, II onducted for ib production >ason at St. 28-29. To be k of Pather- I fall produc- ’ilson’s “The slightful mu- rls’ finishing .nd their love in the 1920’s, le music and .e. male lead is ship portray. . Karen Rose listress of the Dubonnet, dcap” school. by Lena haracters Leigh An,i^ sugar BryaaJ Janet Davig’j e Boyfriend)! cast also d, Beca BittiJ 1 Raleigh t® of the chor is directed with chael BulieJ )f the Dra am, vice yan, secretj ind Cathed measurer. k' ill

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