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The Baptist messenger. volume (None) 1904-19??, August 02, 1915, Image 2

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The Baptist Messenger PUBLISHED SEMI-MONTHLY BY REV. C. J. BLACK. A BOY PREACHER. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, 50 CENTS A YEaI ENTERED AT THE POST-OFFICE AT WIN GATE, AS SECOND-CLASS MAIL MATTER. COMPEL THEM TO COME. “Go preach my gospel, etc., but tarry at Jeru salem. Why not go now; we have the gospel? Yes, but you are a gun loaded without powder behind the bullet. There is more power in a popgun and paper wadding with power behind it than in a Spring- field rifle loaded with a bullet and no power to send it on its deadly mission. Dear hunter, you will never get the game; no the squirrel will not even move his tail. I once heard of a hunter who said that it was not a matter of time with him as to how long he should hunt opossums, hut he must hunt till he got some meat. The Lord says, “Compel them to come, that my house may be filled." Are we just putting in the time, or are we trying to bring things to pass. Brethren be diligent in business, fervent in the spirit, serving God. If the church is not edified, if sinners don’t turn to God under your services then perhaps you did not tarry at Jerusalem till the fire came down from God out of heaven and set you afire. Go to the secret chamber and wrestle with Jacob til? you not only have power with God but with God and man. As I see it, the church has locked arms with the world and gone a whoring after business and pleasure, and in some cases Satan has sung his lullabies to them till they are fast asleep. Water is not apt to run up stream. The ship with its cargo is in danger and Jonah must wake up. . The dikes are broken and somebody must let the people know ,ere the floods come upon them, then it is too late. Not long since I heard a fire bell. I gathered a bucket and went; I was too late to save the burning building, but plied my efforts with might and main to save the buildings not yet on fire. Brethren, some souls are already in hell cry ing for water, but it is top late to do them any good. Go to those who are living with your ves sel brim-full of the water of life and apply it with the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit, not for a given time, but until they shall be delivered from darkness. We pray that the kingdom of God may come, but how little we are doing to bring it about. Notwithstanding the dark valleys and shad ows through which we have been passing, I can almost .see the glimmering light on the other side of the valley. In addition to the much appreciat ed preaching of pastor Brooks, there are a few workers who are holding prayer meetings three times a week, and we are taking on more Chris tian love and fellowship. Zion is beginning to travel and we expect her to bring forth. A dozen men come running with buckets of water to throw on a burning building, but the commander stops them ten minutes to analyze the water. The water is said to be all right, but is applied too late, and the building burns down. Hell hath opened her mouth wide and people are plunging in. You had better give the warning in the rough than be too late. In conclusion there are three things for which I pray. First. That every preacher in this association may preach with all earnestness' of his soul, that he may wake the church out of her deadly sleep. Second. That there be a live Sunday school in ever^ church, lead a^id taught ny ri.ose who love the Lord. Third. That there be stated prayer meetings in every community. This being done, what is Hendersonville.—Hendersonville is enjoying to hinder the coming of the kingdom? Even so the unusual experience of sermons, attended by a come Lord Jesus. Amen. spiritual awakening, from a 7-year old preacher. P. G. HARTSELL. Little Charles Turner, son of Rev. F, M. Tamer, of Orlando, Fla , is treating Hendersonville to the THE PASTOR’S VACATION. pure gospel and is bringing i-esults, 14 confes- sions having been made at his preaching service Occasionally I notice in the papers an article on a recent Sunday night, announcing some preacher’s or pastor’s vacafion. The largest congregation ever known in the when the fact of it is we are farther behind with First Baptist church of this city and. probably our work than any other men in the world. the largest gathering to hear a preacher or a I think that the preacher who insists on his speaker since W. J. Bryan visited in Henderson- annual vacation needs to get a vision of the lost ville two years ago, packed the church building world. I don’t read in the Bible that the Lord Sunday night until standing room vjas occupied even called a man to preach while he was on his in an effort to see and hear the marvelous young vacation, but He called busy men who had not preacher, who treated his hearers to the story of time to idle away. 'Would a farmer leave his cat- the rich man and Lazarus. The 7-year old boy tic, or a shepherd leave his sheep? Suppose an showed a wonderful familiarity with the Bible aged man or woman wends his way to the church and its teachings and his evei*y-day illustrations, on the Holy Sabbath day only to be disappointed, would lead one to think that he is much older in, to find written over the door, “Preacher on his va- his experiences. While delivering his sermon he; cation, doors closed till his return.” Or suppose was perfectly contained and showed originality., a poor penitent sinner were to knock at heaven’s “When I was young,” the 7-year older in his knee gate to make his confession only to hear the arch- trousers staj-ted to illustrate with a personal ex- angel declare, “Jesus is on His vacation; no sin- perience, but he had to pause at the I’ipple of ners saved until his return.” laughter and then asked, “What are you laughing; R. M. HAGLER. at?” His father explained, “You are little-now.” —^ “But I used to be much smaller,” he said' and then, GOOD CLASS REPORT. continued with his message, exhorting his hear- ers to accept Christ without delay. Our Sunday school is in the most prosperous relating the story of the boy’s conversion- condition since our coming to this place. I am R®''’’- M’"- Turner said that while he, safe in saying that seventy-five per cent of our holding an evangelistic service his son at 4, church membership is now in Sunday school, year's old was converted and baptized', and an- ' This means that the church work in general is nounced that he was called to preach and imme- ' prospering. The work of enlarging several of d'ately began, his first sern-jon being on “God i.«- our Sunday school rooms is now in progi'ess. Love,” when he didn’t know a letter of the alpha- rhe Sunday school is not only growing in num- ^®L Hs entered school and in 10 months mada ber, but in spirit. Visit some of our classes and grades. For thi-ee months be has not missed! li.sten to the opening prayer by the president or preaching one sermon a day and on many days different members of the class and you cannot Le has preached as high as four sermons and as, but feel that the presence and power of the Holy many as two every Sunday. Spirit is in our midst. It is a joy indeed to be '^'’® you”?: preacher who is ordained preached teacher of a praying class. By prayer and con- sermons in the city yesterday and will give secrated seiwice the following report has been more before leaving. He makes a profound made possible. impression upon his hearers as evidenced by the REPORT OF FIDELIS CLASS. ... number of conversations last night. There is said SECOND QUARTER. have been more than 2,000 baptisms resulting; On roll first Sunday in quarter 51 from hi* preaching. Enrolled during quarter 39 Loss During Quarter g \ A iSEVIVAL AT‘BESSEMER CITY. '• Gam during quarter Total roll fourth Sunday in June 85 On the second Sunday nighl in July we began Average attendance a meeting of days. The weather was extremenly Largest number present at any one time 63 warm and local conditions were not very favor- Seventy of the eighty-five enrolled are Chris- able for us, but in the face of all of these we had Hans. Eleven were converted during the quarter, fine congregations from the very beginning of anehe West, Mrs. Gathings, Lucy Holdsclaw, the meeting. Bro. J. R. Owens of Mars Hill' iMargaref and Jessie Kidd have been present ev- came to us Monday and preached the old time ery Sunday during the quarter. We have con- gospel with great force and power. There was; tributed to different objects as follows: nothing emotional in a single sermon that he preached. He preached the truths of God’s Word • ' V,, 1 ® business like way. I feel like we have had Staining Church floor 7 qg a great meeting. P owers for sick •••••■ While the visible results were not what they lo hirst Church of Quanah, Texas........ 1.00 are some times, yet good seed have been sown T to produce a harvest. We f.,,, . received seven for baptism and three by letter, _ Owens is a pastor himself and he is a pas-. r u 1, ‘ $32.95 tor’s helper. He will not be forgotten soon by the ginning of quarter $2.55 people who heard him and especially the homes total paid out during quarter $.35.50 he visited. There were many homes with open Tir- „ ton as that we did not get to visit. I feel m J! n ^ Williams, whose sickness we have like that as a pastor I can truthfully say our t oned several times, died Tuesday, July 27. work has taken on new life and we are ready to Her luneral was conoucted from the home, and press forward in the Master’s service her remains were laid to rest in the Williams’ D P HELMS graveyard. The pastor Rev R M w-.- 1 ^ , ' Meadow Branch is going to install a new bell. •h. of. S'ltfirFrf number^o/yLrs*Unu1ualTv*iarer f During the protracted meeting season ' R. M. ed, and theTnterest was loo ’ rf T the following sei-vice. As a result of the molr Fourth Sunday in July at Oak Grove; is greatly renewed and sixteen J"/ Sunday in August, at Wolf Pond; second ^ inth, and fourth Sunday at Mount Zion.

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