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The stentorian. volume (None) 1981-current, June 01, 1992, Image 14

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w 'C'- *m '‘~~tfs I N - - J n'i %J mA THE ^ mTTS HOSPITAL // . a John Lauve: loud exclamations of his sexiness; Jason: the earth’s mass and that happy feeling; Amben velcro and the Wolfpack cheerleaders; Julie: froggies, meal worms, and roaches (I mean V...); Tiffany and Craig: the Drama Club, the Hokey-Pokey, and Percy the Palefaced Polar Bear; Erin and Beth: artistic sign making talent; Frankie: cultural literacy and luck in finding Chemistry partners; Matt: my disco dancing ability; Jen-jen: static ding and Soon-Heng papers; Skinner: massiveness. Salon Selectives, “On My Own”; Mary: my messiness and a promise to visit; Mindsci Seminar adult, child, nerd, hippie; Marlene: a promise not to break the eleventh commandment (hee hee). Nicole RadziwiU they said thers 2 much caffine in yor bloodstrm and a of real spice in your life leve me alone cuz im al right just suprized 2 still bSihere igo>, moral supt.,jl-> knife throwing!; MEH- wrtdpprs.NDat3am; cm-koolaid pts; JalaPPs to JGr, KB, Ljg, AmyR, cvdb, eeb, ryn. WkbMY clue, tang &. weiidness; cvdb- twinkiedom, poetry, expetms, caves (alsoto ryn&.)jdj->cerulean&fems. M-patchouli; lee- lit&decreeing(also2 cara). MW-$53.99!!! PH- henna&inf.end; l-a:THE ART. PREsin 2012! kb,js, ryn candls/«ncns&. themoon. Ar- grad.hug; To JGar, RyB, cwg, ne, wh, ew, nat, st, cm, (irtsett those inadvertantly left out), felicitacianos, harmony, usw. M, Km, l-a> take care of wyche (ok?) remember - the universe rearranges itself to accomodate your picture of reality... believe it and be satisfied. (nidingexeunts.) . ,,, ... I, Patrick Raulerson, would like to leave the grand sum of my possessions, aspirations, memories, and dreams to Todd Sullivan, but I am unworthy to receive such an honor at the God-foot of that most glorious and terrible of creatures. Despite this short coming, I leave this school as a changed man. The shells of many personal burdens have been shed in the past two years, and I see them as I walk about this place in my final days as a student. With a lighter load. I’ve found it possible to pick up new pieces and grow; not burdens but necessities of travel to add to thebc^. I, Tom Ricks, do hereby leave the following: to Brad Best, three doubles and one quadruple sleep-in; to Melvin Jones, a ticket to the new movie entitled “Bald Men Can’t Jump”; to Holly Stallings, a “wild lifestyle” and ftee golf lessons; to Melvin Farland, an empty bottle of Boone’s (‘cause yo’ mama did!!); Jamey Spencer, my very strategically located room; to Danica Williams, a cage and summer aerobic classes to keep “trim and toned”; to the lucky inhabitants of Second East next year, I leave Melvin (I mean that in the best way); to Bonnie Seigler, permission to drive outside city limits; to Kris Baker, the “Official Guide to Safe Sex”; to Todd Rose, the courage to make a purchase in front of an old lady in Revco (on the first try); and finally to all juniors who are lucky enough to be invited back, I leave Northgate, curfews, Interviz, Invitationak, PDA, sign-out cards, and all the new rules that they are sure to invent by next year at this time. I, Amy Rose, leave q«cial memories of Chef to everyone at Wyche. To Nat, Lee, and Pam I leave a really big tricycle so you can get to the Hare Krishna dinner easier. To M & Frances, 1 leave a fridge with a crisper to keep all your fniit fresh. To Lisa Girardin, I leave the pope so no one can daiim you anymore. And to Diana Jordan, I leave all my love and a big box of that special glue and a cool cave with a big friendly rat. I, Todd Rose, being of weakened mind and weaker body, hereby leave Tejan Hitchkad... (who am I kidding? Tej has everything!). Brad Spu:es hope of getting into Davidson (and getting a date), Ladell Robbins the ability to jump, Spence Allen and Nick Lee a steamroller, Anthony Ku rhymes and a funny nickname (Sorry, Bucky), Melvin Farland an empty bottle of Boone’s: cuz yo mama did. Dawn Dillon aivJ Kelly Lindsey a memorable Tom Petty Concert, Dr. Lutz: my apologies, Jennifer Hinson a 25 mile leash (to stretch to Ralei^), Tom Ricb, the ri^t half of my brain (even though it seems that we share one as it is), and Bonnie Seigler, a numb mouth arvd a lot of memories. Thanks to everyone at S&M. yeah, all you Juniors, Ya’ll come back r«>w, ya hear! I, KeiA Saunders, being of souivd mind and body leave the following to my loved ones. To DeAnna Neal 1 leave Ae memory of Ae first S&M dance. Also to her and the rest of my 3rd Beall dau^ters I leave love and happiness. To AUj> I leave a strong will and determination. Remember, know yourself, be yourself. To Teddy Johnson I leave Sean Sewell’s room and his pick of Ae incommg junior girls. To Ae junior MOB I leave leadership and ability. To Anitra McRae and Becqui Smi A1 leave my phone number so you can call me whenever

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