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The stentorian. volume (None) 1981-current, June 01, 1992, Image 15

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you’re in need. To Dwanye XI leave a girl of his own (not mine). To 2nd Hill I leave lots of love and friendship. To Sarbeth I leave Ron, and a trip to State to see him. To my friend Domeica I leave eternal love and joy, all my worldly possessions and our bright future together. I Love You. To New Dorm I leave new Twister Mats. It’s 92 and I’m outta here. “Peace.” I, Dan Schudel, being of dilapidated body and mind do hereby leave the following to the following: Katherine M. and Kristen C., a spades hand ready and waiting. Breakfast bars and Rush have to be left to Steve M. and Alex M. To Katie B. I leave clear skies and perfect horizons for wherever you roam. Teri D., some time, love and tenderness. Dwight S. and Todd S., the best hall on campus to lead. I leave Jeff S. those late night existentialist, theological, and slam society bull sessions. I leave lots of tea, expresso, and string to Andres J. To all in my Science of the Mind Class, a revolution. To the twins, lots of music. To Aaron M. and Adam S., another year of stress relief on you neighbors. To Heather P. I leave (but still keep) a great friendship from these past three years. And to S&M, I leave the want and need for human compassion and free will. I, Shawn Sewell, being of unsound mind and ultrasounded body, do hereby bequeath the following items to the following people: Stephanie, late night walkie talkie talks, and an occasional moment of insanity; Ebea, water, life and stranger; Brian, unlim- ited number of Palladium books; Chris, ledges, a walkie talkie, and a room with a view; Tasha, Mercedes Lackey books forever, and walks to Earth and Spirit; Josh, The Anarchist on disk, general destruction, and a few bombs; Daniel, A book of human knots and how to untie them; Jen, a snackmaster cookbook, Watson, and a license to spin, be crazy, and insanity, good for one week; The Plat, happy memories, an occasional return, and trips off campus next year. I, Manan Shah, do leave the following: to John a great boat ride, a hot tub, a bull, some bleach, a sweatshirt, and my thanks; to Scott, a morning picture, late night talks, and the boss; to Charlie some meaningful conversations, mulemastery and a banana for the monkey; to Briari another small hoop earring in case the first one wore out; to Bimal some cake, chemistry and.a new shadow; to Minesh a horse and laughter; to Alpen my left ear; to Steve a ping pong paddle; to Bart a football; to Bobby dinner and a paper bag; to Brad some tea and banana peels; to Spence a mirror and some cough syrup; to Melvin some vines to swing on; to SGA arid Orientation my hard work and a great week; to the guyssome boats to race, a hill to climb, lucky number seven, Brightleaf square, mid FAB. To the junior class I leave a carpet to sleep on, times I’ll never forget, and another year. Finally, I Manan Shah leave. Peace... I, Imani Mutnina Shahid-El, being of sound mind and body, leave... To Beth, Jayme, Delicia, Tacita, Fab, Erin, Tracy, Luchia, Kool, Steven, Dwayne, Duane, Winfield, Ladell, Dwight, Petty, Jody, Ranier, Anthony, Paul S., Udana, Tavaris, Michael B., and the rest of the Class of’93 the strength to “hold your own.” 1, Dennesha (Nesh) Sherril, being of confused mind and worn out body do bequeath the following: To Evelyn McPhail and the future residents of 2C, all the privileges and pleasures of living there; To my little brother Winfield, a little sister with no mental problems and a slam dunk; To Pooh and Ted, run of the school... I don’t know why you would want it, but here it is; To Kool, a mall of your very own with a barbershop; To Michael Bond, bowling with broken fingers, cow hoof prints in doors, bicycles in trees, and the wish that you never feel lonely; To Domeica and Becqui, great looking guys at basketball games; To the rest of my junior acquaintances, feelings of love, peace, and a senior year that treats you right; To my senior friends... Alex, Tasha, Kit, etc... (you know who you are), fond memories, perpetual friendship, and a promising future. Love y’all!!! . ^ I, Christy Shi, being of unsure footing and far less stable mind, do hereby leave to the women’s soccer team the best luck next season - you are a special group of girls. To Paul, Melvin, Scott B. and Com pany, thanks for the fun. To Becca, I leave the gifts of generosity and honesty - two very unique traits. To Scott “Dork” Ogle, I leave that unfulfilled dinner date. And to my favorite junior, I leave memories, a promise of those to come, and a summer together. You are a true friend. Beam, and I know that you will do so well next year. Live life to the fullest and I’m certain that you will go far. Last, I leave to Reeta the cherished moments that are precious to us as sisters. I will be lost without you next year- my life can never , be the same. I love you all. Glenn Simmonds To Dr. Britton, I leave: my deepest thanks for the last two years and the successes that came from them. To Mike Davs, I leave: the Producer’s chair, the Gilligan’s Island parody, and the memory of countless games of 3-D chess. To Lisa Piekarski, I leave: a year’s supply of Energizer Batteries! (Got You!!!). To Mike Davis, Lisa Piekarski and Jennifer Robinette, I leave: the Kobayshi Maru. Guard her well as the founders leave her behind. To Darius Burden, I leave: a bottle of phenolphthalein. Use it well, and during titrations! To Braden Boone, I leave: the chem lab I screwed up by reading the thermometer wrong! To Jeanette,-! leave: the electron shell christmas tree. To Jeanette and Robin, I leave: the book “Glenn’s 101 ways to do a Chem Lab problem.” To Shannon, poke, “I got you last!” To everyone, I leave the words “Live Long and Prosper.” I, Katherine Skinner, do hereby bequeath the following: To my big sis, Aileen, a clean room (yeah, tight!), a zillion telephones, our ell-raising guides (with pictures!) & many more late night talks, laughs & cries at UNC-CH with our awesome suitemates. To Michelle, my curly-haired buddy, Salon-Selectives SHampoo & rainchecks for many more vicious wrestling matches. To Suz, happy-day flowers, Hipper’s fries, and a date to decorate a Christmas tree together again next year. (Pick a bar, and bar...) To Shannon, Jennifer, Erika and Suz, the expression on Pam’s face after finding me and Shannon hiding upstairs and behind the door... OOPS! And to my awesome, beautiful, unforgettable, unbelievable, fantastic, impossible, amazing, perfect boyfriend, all I ever have to give - from the sacred sandals to 1000 airplanes (I got it!), pillow-fights to hugs to chase the bedbugs away, 4-leaf clovers to wishes on headlights, stars, & greens M&Ms, rainchecks to flowers in the rain, & most importantly & most of all, every bit of my love...Always and forever and day or two. I, Sarah Soutter, being of small body and even smaller mind, do hereby bequeath the following: To Darcie, “Huffy” and a pair of rubber gloves; Rebecca, late night spade games and a bra to wear to church; Bimal, my awesome height, and, of course, my roommate; Melvin, hair, Espanol, and a picture of Paul’s mom; Scott Barnes, a little black book so he can keep all his women straight. To Paul, M&Ms, picnics, swingsets, a razor, and all of my friendship. To the Seniors, thank you for the best year I’ve ever had; Chris, Scott, and Tommy, I leave treasure hunts with milk and cookies; To Scott, saxophones, and most importantly, to Margaret and Christy, 1 leave all of my love - what more can I say? I, Holly Stallings, hereby leave the following to the following: Mary - exit lamp, red/green light, rented movies, basketball players, away games, and “wear heels”; Rachel - Harry Connick, Jr., shank; Laura and Elizabeth - prize-winning cow door; Kim and Jennifer - the best hall on campus; Kim - talks and walks, studying in the hall, and a shoulder; Shannon -. intramural basketball without the cough; Diana - one hug; Spence and Nicolas - someone to tap on your window; Anthony - scorekeeper for every sport; Paul S. - dinner with a wet statistician wearing a white t- shirt; Paul H. trainer to tell you when to quit and women’s intuition; Colbert - French partner (mon reve); Lacy - ham and eggs, fellas; Gary - someone to hold your necklace and clean your glasses; Bonnie - Connells concert...! drove underwater!!; Kyle- Cape Hatteras; Craig - Broadway, double exposures, “I never met a man...”, and don’t forget the gas; Bart - directions and interviz; Scott O. - another cool sister hall; and Scott B. paper tulips, pianos, walks and talks, invitationals, never give up, and, oh, I saved the best for last. I, Tommy Terrell, of glad to be going mind bequeath the following: to next year’s basketball team, a winning record and some tall juniors; to Melvin Jones, some hope for hair; to Alexia, a new person to hug; to Fab, some more cool-aid; to Bimal, a blond female from Winston-Salem; to Priscilla, some more Chinese food; to Brad, some more cool friends; to Jamey, some height; to Mike Holmes, a decent date from the dating game; to Rebecca Filbey, some better social habits and not so much homework; to Penny, 1st team all-conference, all-area,and maybe even all-state; to Charlie, a lot of sleep and food; to Paul H. an injury-free year; to Melvin Farland, a hall of people like Chris; to Sandy G., a workservice student like me; to Steve Chang, some longer hair; to Melissa Wood, another tattoo; to everyone coming back, new mles, to Kirk McCoy, PDAs and last but not least my Dad, a year without any broken or stolen light bulbs. Carolyn van der Bogert tigger refrigerator killers poet of vision we’re the only ones and always will be, to me mallard meer little feets nose smiggle and a bug kiss, the uncom mon nicling of instant friendship chemistry poems cavemud miniscule cows twinkieness buns of steel, the other vanderb lucy in the sky with dinoflagellates backscratches, inserted waverly a big hug friendship like a phoenix, randal my friend of hugs and astro sunshine on sunny days liquid sunshine on rainy days to keep you smiling, last but not least my silly will poke poke really i’m not ticklish dinners zoo paths of thought you made me think everything is of course my fault, now that i have run out of words, to those

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