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Lights Out! Students and administrators alike speak their minds on the new policies Page 3 cUrMCSSM There’s more than one way to skin a... potato. Page 2 The Supreme Court over turns Texas law against homosexual conduct Page 2 0) vol. XXXV stentorian the north Carolina school of science and mathematics 1219 broad street, durham nc 27705 august 2003 Finding Your Way Out Of The Bubble Charlie Stone, c/o 2003 N CSSM has a well earned reputation for being a bubble in which students forget families, current affairs, and even the taste of fresh food. Still, some times it's healthy to take a break from contemplating the complexities of mitosis and pondering the significance of the first and second New Deals, and leave the confines of campus for food, fresh air, or simply a good time. You don't have a car. (At least, you shouldn't), and so this means you have to'find' other ways to get around. The simplest is walking, and the Ninth Street area, Duke, and Northgate Mall are all within reasonable distance. A warn ing about this: Durham has the 4th highest murder rate per person in the country, so take precautions. The routes to Ninth Street and Duke are gen erally very safe, but you should still walk with some one, and you should not go walking after dark. Last year a student walking alone late at night was assaulted. Don't be foolish. For those places and times where walking isn't practical, the school runs minibus routes, known simply as the Loop, to a variety of locations. While pulling up in a dwarf bus with NC School of Science and Math painted in big letters on the side is a sure way of advertising what a loser you are, it is a pretty reliable form of transportation. The Loop generally runs to differ ent locations each night, which are posted in the SLI offices and decided by Student Activities Board. You simply arrive in front of Watts at the designated time; pack yourself in like a sardine, (I've been on return loop with 41 passen gers), and show back up at the pick up time. Don't miss it: The SLIs who have to pick you when you miss the last loop aren't happy, and they'll make sure you aren't either. You can also take the DATA bus from the stop in front of school and, by making the right connec tions, wind up close to any where in Durham, although it takes a while. The DATA bus does occasionally attract some of Durham's kookier citizens, but fairs are cheap ($.35), though drivers don't give change. For the rich and the desperate, there are also cab services. Now, based loosely on personal experiences and those of friends, here's the run down on what there is to do off cam pus. 9th Street Area Restaurants Cosmic Cantina: Cosmic is undisputedly the most popu lar restaurant for Science and Math students. The Mexican food is cheap (there's a decent entree for $1), the location is grungy, and vegetarians and vegans actually have variety. The quesadillas and burritos are the most popular items, and they are quite filling. Go down Ninth Street, turn left before Bruegger's, and go up the stairs. , Jimmy Johns: Large and filling submarine sandwiches on 9th, with prices in the same range as Jersey Mikes or Subway. Bruegger's Bagels: At the end of 9th street, you can get the usual bagels, juice and cof fee, and bagel sandwiches, and it's one of the cheaper ways to Students and teachers help each go. The place opens absurdly early, and a few hardy souls sometimes get up early and have breakfast before classes. International Delights: Offering tasty Near Eastern food for around five to ten dol lars, this is a good choice for those adventurous enough to try it. For the proprietor, not allowing ketchup on the entrees is a matter of personal principle, and trust me, you don't want to face the wrath of the man NCSSMers have nick named the "Ketchup Nazi." Yearbook Staff other move in. Wellspring: Ok, Wellspring is an upscale gro cery store, not a restaurant, located opposite Duke's East Campus. But Wellspring has a variety of gourmet goodies and free samples, and sells sandwiches, salads, and sushi packets, with seating overlook ing the parking lot. It's good but a bit overpriced, although this can be managed if you are careful and bargain hunt. Wellspring is a place you can get lost in looking at all the See “Off Campus” Page 3 How To Make the Most of Your S&M Experience Jason Denney & Christine Fang 1. Make a point of getting to know people Since you will be spend ing the next year/s of your life with these people, friends and acquaintances become invalu able. Obey the two-week rule! You will miss out on making new friends during the first two weeks of school if you are tied down. As your year pro gresses, sacrifice sleep to have late night talks with people every now and then. You may bq. surprised to learn how much you have in common with someone despite appear ances. 2. Let loose your inner child at a nearby park Hanging out at the park is an ideal outlet for stress and also a superb destination to walk to on Alt Days with pre mium lunch in hand. Nearby parks include Oval, Westover, and Triangle Park. If you are short on time, spending a few minutes on the swings on cam pus also does the trick. 3. Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible Sunshine boosts positive endorphin levels in your brain. For the biology junkies who already knew that...go outside! Enjoy the time you are able to spend outside before winter comes around. Do your homework on Beall or Bryan lawn, or round up a few people for a game of four square at happy half; however, do not leave the four square ball unattended as it may end up in a drainage pipe. 5. Creativity is key when it comes to the PFM Try taking a few ingredi ents to Hunt Kitchen and cooking a meal. If short on time, experiment with what you have in your dorm room. Don't forget to throw food scraps in compost bins. Also, walking to one of the restau rants mentioned in the off- campus article by Charlie Stone is an option. 7. Don't let AIM consume you between the hours of inter net access AIM comes in handy when inquiring about home work after tutorial hours but idle chatter absorbs far too much time. 8. Get to know at least one staff member well If you talk to your teach ers outside the classroom or to other staff members, they can provide a good deal of support throughout your academic year. They are much more approachable and understand ing than you might think. ■ 9. Sign up for a seminar or club Seminars can be a stress- free way to learn something that interests you. Whether if you have an interest in paint ing or want to learn another language, seminars offer flexi bility and help to boost your transcript. Clubs are great since you're not pressured to attend, thus limiting the amount of stress you have. 10. Participate in some form of athletics Take time to participate in some type of physical activity. If you're not varsity material, IM games are always an option as you bond with your hall mates in the pursuit of the Director's Cup. Go running in the rain, play frisbee with some friends, or take a bike ride. When all is said and done, NCSSM is what you make of it. So do well in academics, obey your RLA, do your housekeeping, and don't forget to have fun.

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