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The Lexhipep. volume (None) 1922-19??, February 20, 1925, Image 1

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(I £ The Lexhipep - Published by the Students of Lexington High School LKXINGTON, N. C., FEB. 20 1905 ' == — ’ No. 8 High Point Hi-Y The Lexington High Bachelor’s Honey- Lntertains School Library ^ ' moon Pleases Lexington Hi-Y club was delight- y, Lexington High School Hoard fully entertained by the High Point ,wisely and well for the The Bachelor's Honeymoon, a mu- Hi-Y club on Wednesday night, Feb. community in sical comedy given under the aus- 11, at the Y. W. C. A. in High Point, ’« "ia“er of our school building and Dices of the Parent-Teacher’s A.sso- at a joint banquet of the local club,’ has failed to provide elation on Monday afternoon and the Thomasville club and the hosts! ^ necessities night, proved a good entertainment. The evening was enjoyed very much the lack of funds. One The choruses and members of the . hy the bo.vs who absorbed the many ° neeeds at the pres- cast were well trained, and surprised Stood things .said by the speakers. The !" additional books the audiences by the extra quality food was e.xcellent, and was enjoyed °p ^t^hool library. of home talent. Mother Higgins . by all. Beautiful served • . familiar with libraries who created quite a sensation with her the tables and a few of the most tim- ^'^hool remark upon the ex- girlish charms, while Betty capti- id of the boys felt that they were selection and number vated the hearts of all who saw the being imposed upon. Some of the “ ^^^^’'^ace books we have, and one performance. The male characters splendid speakers were president Person who is familiar with Hso did excellent acting, as well as White, of the High Point Hi-Y club, libraries in the entire state the choruses. School children were who acted as toastmaster and spoke believes there is not a admitted to the matinee for twenty- liriefly on the purpose of the club- School library in'Xorth Carolina five cents and a little slip of paper . -Mr. John.ston, principal of the High ■ higher than will ours provided by the Parent-Teachers’ As- Point School, who made a brief talk . ^ matter of reference books. sociation, and a large number took on what the Hi-Y club means to course reference books are the advantage of this opportunity to see High Point Hi, and Mr. White of the ''‘'’^bone of any library, but books a dollar show for a quarter. The Thomasville club who responded for "®eded in biography, fiction, his- attendance in the evening the visitors from that city Several miscellaneous, good. of the boys from Lexington made ^ well-balanced, short talks on what the Hi-Y means ® ‘^e working machin- S.ALISBmv GAMI-j to Lexington High School. school. The minimum list The entire evening was well plan- books is as follows; Hue to much advertising and coax- ned and without a dull moment. The ^{OS-vaphy 21 '"S on the part of some members of Hi-Y club of this city is looking for- ^'’'ction High School who are always faith- ■ Ward with great Interest to the re- M‘-story ful to the basketball teams, the turn banquet, which will be given crowd attended the game Poetry pla.ved against the Saiisbury girls on -Miscellaneous Thursday night. February 12, that Tlll-l (JIBL’S BA.SKKT-BALL TBIP “resent at basketball game Total Books season. The game was very in- The girls basket-ball team is tak- M'e believe that the people of this one regretted hav- ^ mg its annual trip. Last year the girls community will supply these books to «ce it, especial- 'vent to Moresville, Concord, and ‘t "c only let them know our need.s, ' there was the extra treat of Charlotte, losing only one game, which but, before we ask others to help u.s! between the .senior boys and Was with Concord. Tliis year they are “ would be unfair to the boys and ‘composed of juniors, sopho- going in another direction, playing girls of Lexington High School if und freshmen. The Lexington CJreensboro, Peace Institute, Carey. they should not be given the oppor- defeated the Salisbury girls with :ind Wake Forest. The team is in tunity to help themselves. We do not ^ ’ ‘“e good shape, and it Virginia and Louise believe that boys and girls are do their usual good playing and Dot willing to have everything provided •ind Mary Beile play uj) to their us- without some effort on their own ! ' dal form, the team will have to win. Pai’t. Therefore, we are asking you . following speakers were chosen think about our library needs, and n t*>e Trianglar Hand-painted posters are- much . Debate: Affirmative, Dick Walser and more attractive than printed ones ' Hargrave. Negative, Cloyd Phil- (Continued on Page 8 ])ott and Stephanie Bragaw. ' r^l

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