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The campus herald. volume (None) 1941-194?, October 01, 1941, Image 4

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Tu / JOKES This i-rc h’vc' A Knight' riJ Dr.yc, b’lt ri'') A Urlher, b’lt no riun;icr A JorJ.^n, but no River A Branch, but no Tree 4 Gunn,'but no Bullet A Poole, but no Fich A Bnile^r, but no Bo-mm A Iloorc, but no Leer A Cr.rrol, but no Siijij^or A Bin;'., but no'Groeby A Brornl, but no 3l\:c A Ltne, but no Ki^ii-'O.-.y A Hunt, but no Fine! A Tr.ylor, but no Sc'-Oi'^tre A Younr, but no OIB Crons but no Ships Vlfills, but no Property Gunbo, but no Tooth. Wock£ "War-t'ch- Knon Joe?” Tco.chcr: Joe, rrhe sentence u in; the ■■.■•ore! SELDO;.I. Jocf 'iJclsl, one tine riy p^ h-c! ten ho5s, but ho hod to sell der.i. hllO SAID V.liAI TO Vifh.-.t did the hot sr.y t' the hrtr ck? You r.t-.y here. I'n yoini on 'hose’, V'fhrt did the b 'n.'no. s-.y to the brn no pooling'? You £;ot no undoi your skin, V/h"t did. the rug sny to the, Hnor? I hnvc got you covered, Vi/hrt did the ripe s.pplc ss.y to tl'ic R-itJiLo girl? In frllinf for you, V^ost did hhe cslf say to the silo? Is ny fodder in there? A certain yoimg nm in Chenistry clsss (C. E.) T/onts to bo a Ph. D. he saj’-s 'it is a Physiccl Health Doctiir, Givics Teacher; ;Tno is the •■poaker of the House? Hrlf-asloop Student: Ilothcr, Professor; Students-, I an d±3«»«n#—- you ten ninutes early today. Please" go out very quietly, so as not to wake the other classes. \ r'' ) t 1 t ““'f 1 ' i C A K P U S GOSSIP By Robert Scott TheLv', Haiioljn •• lo-.Jtiiir for b 'y T/ho pl'.yed f ;v'tb- 11, she f.ujnd cue.. O-uoa.-j rrli'' it is? Lclrnd Thi-]‘cno Henry loere turns redder u'hjn he sees Gi'Tondotta Pr-tt. Jc 'n Hardy usually has tva, er c.nt.3^ They -n-c Charlie Jiggetts and PLobort Poole. At pres." tine r.-e have a hnt fla'-'h that there is nu? .■nly one. It didn't take Louise Gibson l.nag to filed her nci: fl' •— D'vid H.''r:.vrio Itarie Jones ha.- a couple of Secret P".'slons on the .canpus, Vjillian Holtz tli:'n:;r- that Dorothy JolmS'-in 1'. the .sv.’cctcst one a,r.;und, Gor."ld.i’no Korg-’n couldn't stand it any nore, she ca'ie '.ith Isaac Could yni believe George BLair is in love './ith Ala.bclle Cooper? Elrich C olcn.ur has landed soae near girl friends since sclinol opened. Sure, LuciLlc G.oodc is one, I'ildrod Stridor stil.1 likes Harry Faulk ner, but he li’.cca Irene Hunt, Thur.'ton Sneed h.'’.s a different type of girl friend this year, .she's Barbar.a Cooper but Jack Trov/er cones betivocn, Jerone Taylor and Delia Scott seen t ■) have the real thing, Betuer hurry Lucy aillcr, Juanita Tv.dtty and Er-dly Borgus, the boys vfill all soon be taken, I hope Robert Jonc.s sige and voice doesn't frighten La.Vcrnc Perry, Cla.udo Eops has piped doun long enough to v:in the hc''.rts of both Rosa Lee Brane and Annie Belle Stegall, Does ILariui Reid cry night and d-ay bcc.-.u .e '•:hc nisses Alvic Pa.schall? 2'Ia,rga,ret is .sure •’■ying ha.rd for Sidney Rc'-vis. Take your'tiue. Cheer up Carrie Pa-clv:'ll, V/illisn Pett- v.aay t;ill take the place -.f Lloyd Steven son, Johnnie Mac Taylor's nov/ flanc is San Brynit By Doris. Poole

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