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The campus herald. volume (None) 1941-194?, November 01, 1942, Image 10

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,/i" THE Cn..PUS hERaLD Pa^e 9 I a_‘i ohe year round, nake a beauti- Tu' jj ■,'aati:)r, few days af_.o I eau;'.'-: .aiu'tuon different shades of. co],orL :.n a smll patch of trees on the c'lripus The trees are not only colorful but;' are laden with fruits of all kinds til t ripen in fall. Tt is >ry int^rese^n^, vjhexi f„ll coiti-' to v-.tch the sqni:irels and other anindls busy at woi k^ f-etting in their supplies of winter nuts and food. Eh^n fall begins, both fun and work begin. When one gocs into tP.e rural district, one is impressed by the ungathercU grains, fruits and food of harvest time. IJovi is the time lor crop shuckin^, ano quilting paities. b’lring nut gathering time, children have much fun gathering nuts ;uiq taking ^ong vvalks through the forest. In fall it is usually not too warm nor too cold hut pleasant wea.thor \>‘ith Qeep blue skies. Probably the laost noted da^ of fall is ■thanksgiving day v.heii you se^ thv pumpkin nies ready for Thanksgiving diriner. It it; in fall when everyem. seejis to join with nature in iaakin£_, the best of the last days before the long, cold \;inter. Keep your eyes open and do not ,aiss any of the ch.arm that f ill gives us. "Vflien autum leaves turn pink, Vflny don't you stop uc think. Of all the manjr things to see That Ood has provided for you and me,'' "30 PERISH T:- Reviewea C ivSE3‘ By A. TheLma Qumbs Bell This is a very interesting book which rel.ites the life of Charles L'n^ib from his birth to his death ana it is well v/ritten. It is not in very small print and is written in simijle English which should be easily under stood. This story should be an in spiration to everyone, for it shows how Charles Lamb, in the face of difficulties which seemed impossible to overcome, became great. This book V'ould give one in;iny pleasant hours of reading and memories of Charles -Uamb, whose life was crowded with so many interesting events. -0- HEvvLTHI LIVING By Eva Mae Greene Students who spend their spare tLme reading would be missing a treat if they failed to read, "So Perish the Roses" by Bell. It centers around the life of Charles Lamb, the famous English v;riter. The time of the story is 1775-1834. Setting London, England. The story tells of Charles Lajab's birth in Crown Office Rov^ in the Temple and of his life there until the death of his father's employer, ifr. Salt. It gives his experiences at Christ Hospital where he received most of his schooling and also met many life long friends such as Samuel T. Coleridge. He had to stop school at fourteen because of financial difficulties and was disqualified for a Christ Hospital Scholarship, which was given only to those who wanted to take the Holy Order, because of his stammering tongue. The book gives an interesting account of Charles' and his sister's visits to his grandmother's and of his love affair. One of th>. sad events in the story is tho murder of his mother by his sister who vjas insane. The grc>. t kindness of Lajab is shown by his gentle Ccare of his sister who never wholly recovered from her affliction, Charles bogan writing inl796 and continu;d throughout his life. THE COXiON GOLD The common cold is the most frequent of all acute diseases. It is important for us to know that colds are contagious; thiit is, they can be transferred from one 'person to another. Colds are caused by germs. No one germ is responsible for producing them, however, th;;y are caused by any one of a great number of ^erras, or by several aiffereiit kinds or combinations. Colds of themselves are not fatal, but they pave the way by lowering body resistance for th. entry such as, those causing influenza, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. It is estimated that the average person has from three tef five colds a yea.r. Colds nay be classified under two headings: 1. Chest colds, those in which the bronchi and lungs are involved, 2. The head colds, in which the raucous memvrane of the mouth ncao.and throat are affected. Both types need careful treatment. Some ways by which colds may be prevented are the following: 1. Get plenty of sleep. 2. Sleep in a well ventilated room, 3. Eat well balanced meals. 4. Wear sufficient clothing, 5. Get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, anu exercise, 6. If you get wet or damp, change your clothing as soon as possible, 7, Don't put on half dry clothing. The best defense against colds is the building up and maintaining of body resistance. Cold germs do not orainarily thrive in healthy bodies. Most people knovj how to keep physically fit, but do not practice it. Carelessness causes us so much suffering, time, ana money. If we use our handkerchief over our mouth when we cough or sneeze, we will do our part in protecting others against the disease.

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