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Fotofax. volume (None) 1968-19??, August 01, 1970, Image 1

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u BREVARD PLAIMT oUPONT^ cnone9(4 MEDCM.I FOTOFAX ONEX Vol. 3, No. 3 E. I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company, Inc., Brevard, N. C. August, 1970 TEAM EFFORT NEEDED TO IMPROVE ON-JOB SAFETY As a follow up on the recent Safety Meetings held with all Plant employees, I would again like to ex press my grave concern over the cur rent status of our safety effort. Three Major Injuries in a period of three months is unacceptable performance when we consider that 3 plant em ployees have suffered. The final responsibility is mine and I accept this completely, however, I am firmly convinced that safety per formance is good only when there is team effort and all employees are involved. All of us are willing and we have a clean, modern facility in which to work. This makes everything in our favor to demonstrate the Du Pont Safety Philosophy, “All Injuries Can Be Prevented”. Let’s all accept the challenge and make the Brevard Plant No. 1. — Jack C. Dense A TIME FOR STRAIGHT THINKING With a union representation election scheduled to be held next month, everyone will certainly agree that this is a time'for straight thinking. Our production and maintenance employees will be called upon to make an important decision —a decision that could affect all of the people at the Brevard Plant and their families. It is important because the outcome will determine whether employees will continue to speak for themselves or will turn this right over to a third party whose interests may not be the same as those of the individual employee. There may be a lot of promises and rumors flying around during the next few weeks. This is a good time to seek out the facts and this can be done in a number of ways. One way is to examine your own experiences and compare them with others who have worked under union contracts. Another way to get information is to ask questions of the or ganizers and your supervision. Your supervisor is prepared to give you factual answers to your questions, or get facts if he does not already have them. Perhaps a simple way to get at the basic answer is to ask your self two simple questions: “What is really in it for me? Do I need this union or does it need me?” Yes, you ovve it to yourself and your family to GET THE FACTS IN THIS ISSUE Foto People 2,3 Doug Birch Views 3 One Million Trees 4 Customer Visits 5 Outside Safety 6 New Health Benefit 7 Biggest Picnic 8 Office Safety Team. 1 Sr', CASTING MADE IT! At 12:01 A.M. on Monday July 14th, the Casting Area reached a sig nificant goal. Their 149 employees went 500,000 exposure hours over a 310 day period without an off the job lost time injury. How did they do it? The day shift, following this achievement, registered these reactions . . . David Franklin . . . “We had a lot of safety meetings, at least one per week. We always emphasized on and off the plant safety and kept up on how we were getting along toward the goal. Here at work, we always work together as a team. We tell each other about such things as wearing gloves. This seems to carry over off the job too. When we come in to work, we talk about off the job safety to see how to avoid accidents.” Larry Gordon . . . “In safety meetings, we stress dos and don’ts. On the unit, we're told what we should and what we shouldn’t do. This makes us more safety conscious at home as well as on the job. When you hear it every day, it rubs off.” Shorty Galloway . . . “We reminded people safety off the job is just as im portant as on the job. When we passed 250,000 exposure hours, we gave con stant reminders. We let employees know approximately when the award would be won. This made everybody conscious of the goal. Our safety phil osophy is, “If a man doesn’t know how Continued on page 3 C&S Rallies 'Round Safety mf:

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