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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, October 14, 1921, Image 1

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I ON TO DURHAM “+ I I i U i/s/ c>; IV^ ifp SUBSCRIBE FOR “HIGH LIFE” VOL. 2. - / u I NO. 1 NEW FEE SYSTEM BEGUN IN ATH LETIC ASSOCIATION The G. H. S. Athletic Association for 1921-22 Avas started off with a rush on September 26 with 634 charter members. The membership is expected to increase to the seven hundred mark within the next week or so. This ■will make the average for the school around 87 per cent. This unusually large membership may be Ik accounted for by the dues system which was recently adapted. The system is as follows: Instead of paying a 50c initial fee for membership as was required in previous years, 5c is due each week through out the school year. Tickets to all athletic events are issued to those who have paid their dues in full. By this system both the association treasury and the members profit, for the association will take in around $1,000, an amount more than that taken in last year, and each member will see a game for 5e in stead of 25 as in previous years. For the first two weeks $96.30 was taken in, many having paid ahead a -iveek or so, and a few for the whole year. The Senior room 106 led in ambunt turned in, being accredited with $13.50, but it did not have 100 per cent, membership. The association is especially proud of rooms 107, 201, 208, 5B, and 8B, who are 100 per cent, associa tion members. The new officers for the association are: Neal Jones President Katherine Gregory Vice-President Jeff Fordham Treasurer Grey Fetter Asst. Treasurer James Wilkins Secretary Robert Irvin Asst. Secretary PHYSICAL CULTURE MADE REGULAR SCHOOL COURSE Physical Culture, a course heartily reco- mended by the State Board of Education, has been installed in the High School for the first time this year. The course is -un der the supervision of Coach Harry A. Rabenhorst for the boys, and Miss Detwiler for the girls, and is a part of the County Playground Movement. Mr. Park, in charge of the playground tfork in the wdiole county, laid the founda tion for such a course this summer. Mr. Rabenhorst, a .specialist in the playground education, has taken over the High School end of the work. Every pupil in the High School is re quired to take this work twice each week during chapel periods. The exercises are carried on in the rear of Spring Street School. Several classes are given each day by both the directors of the boys and girls athletics. HIS BOOKMARK “IIow far have you studied, Johnny?” ; inquired the teacher. “Just as far as the book is dirty, ma’am.” — EIGHT LETTLE MEN RETUEN TO SHOOL Squad Trained at Camp Hicone for Two Weeks Before School Began Practically New Backfield After two weeks training at Camp Hi cone and four weeks hard practice at the local field the runners up of the scholastic Western Championship of North Carolina last year have taken the first and second games of the 1921 season. The men are working hard. Coach Rabenhorst and assistant coaches A1 Pur- riugtou and Charlie Phillips see to that. It looks good for the state ehampionship to be played at Chapel Hill this year. Last year the team played nine games, winning six of them. They -were defeated in the game for the Western Supremacy of North Carolina in foot-ball by Monroe by a score of 2 to 0. The loss of Fordham, Grimsley, Hendrix Moss and Ballard, all star players last year, will be felt. The majority, however, of last years first string men are back. “Jodie” Transou -ivho made all-state tackle last year is back, a tower of strength in the line, this year. “Willie” Green who played creditably in several games for the past season is holding down left guard. George Taylor, all state second team man, and Greensboro’s fighting cap tain, now holds down the center of the line. Next to Captain Taylor on right guard will be found “varsity” Forsythe, who held do-wn that position last year, while “Bunnie” Barker is playing his usual good game at right tackle. Hender son and Hinkle, both experienced men, are on ends. Henderson is fast, a deadly tackier and good on forward passes, while Hinkle is noted for his clipping ability. In the backfield, Paul Transou, is back at quarter, playing a better game than ever. Garland Daniel, w’ho last year play ed center, is now holding down ‘ ‘ Christie ’ ’ Fordham’s place at full back. He shows a great deal of drive' and speed. Andy Bell, last year sub half is now running LILLIAN KILLINGS- WORTH APPOINTED DEAN OF GIRLS Miss Lillian Killingsworth, head of the English Department, has been appointed first dean of girls in the Greensboro High School.The need of siieh an advisor has long been felt by the students of the institution and the appointment of Miss Killingsworth to this position has received the unani mous approval of the G. H. S. girls. Miss Killings-vvorth has been associated with the school for three years and during that time she has won the hearts of her “little sis ters” by her sympathy and interest in the affairs of young women. Besides her du ties as dean of girls. Miss Killingsworth has been appointed, this year, to the head of the English Department. GREENSBORO BATTLES OLD RIVAL TOMORROW Greensboro goes to Winston-Salem to morrow to meet her ancient rival on her home ground. The game will be a hard fought one as Winston has always turned out a well trained, fighting squad; and the squad this year is no exception to the rule, Winston having already defeated Oak Ridge 7 to 0. Greensboro has also turned out a team which is in no way inferior to past production. In the two games which she has played her opponents were defeat ed "with heavy loss. Guilford College Scrub team being defeated 34 to 6 and D. M I 26 to 0. first half. He shows great lunging power. Jones at half is the only man on the team "svho has ^lot had some foot-ball experienee, but he shows promise of developing into a good back. Others who are showing up well are: Swift and Sellers, -nho played ends in the Guilford game. They keep the regulars moving to hold the end positions. Block works well at center. Fordham, Cole, Williams and Baxter, the sub-backfield, all showed up well in the Guilford game. GREENSBORO WINS TWO STRAIGHT PIGSKIN GRIDIRON GAMES Guilford Scrubs and D. M. I. Defeated by Coach Rabenborst’s Warriors D. M. I. S. football warriors gained and they This was goal was The G. II. plentiful revenge for their last year’s de feat at the hands of D. M. I., when they smashed the visitors line and swept their ends for a 26 to 0 victory last Saturday, at Cone Park. Coach Rabenhorst’s men outplayed the visitors throughout the game and would have scored at least once more had it not been for off.side penalties. The game was won mainly by straight football. Greensboro tried only one forward pass and completed it. Danville tried her “spread formation” which carried her to victory last year, but with very little suc cess. With Daniel, Bell, and Transou, run ning so strongly in the backfield and the line outplayed its opponents, there was no need of anything . else. Greensboro showed such a strong defense that Danville did not make a first down until the third quarter. Many times it threw the runner for a less. Danvdle showed more strength in fourth quarter, making repeated gains over the Greensboro line. A fumble gave them the ball on Greensboro’s 15 yard line, but Greensboro’s defense stiffened were unable to carry it over, the only^ time Greensboro’s threatened. . The greatest thrill of the game came in the first quarter, when Bell, Greensboro’s left half, received a punt and ran 50 yds. through the opposing team for a touch down. His teammates ran him good iu- terperenee and his own speed carried him out of the reach of most of the taeklers. The game started with Greensboro kick ing off to Danville. Greensboro held Dan ville for downs and Danville punted. Tlien Greensboro ran a series of line bucks all the backfield making steady gains un til the ball was on Danville’s goal. Dan ville carried it over for the first touch down in a delayed buck. Bell’s long run and Danville’s kick for goal gave Greens boro a 13 to 0 lead. In the second quarter neither side scored. Greensboro’s chances for a score looked good several times but penalties spoiled them. At the beginning of the second half Greensboro came out as strong as ever and scored again. Danville received the ball m the center of the field, broke loose and scored again. Daniel received the ball over for a touchdown on the same delayed luck that netted the first score. The final touchdown was made in this quarter. Greensboro blocked a punt near Danville’s goal. Then by a series of line bucks she carried the ball over. Danville showed some good defensive work here and it was (Continued on Page 6)

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