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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, October 20, 1922, Image 5

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HIGH LIFE PAGE THREE Rucker & Co. COTTON MERCHANTS Membei’s of New York Cotton ExchatiRe New Orleans Cotton ExchanfJre RUCKER BONDED WAREHOUSE CORPORATION Storag-e of Capacity 30,000 Cotton Bales The Habit of Thrift THE IS foundation OF SUCCESS Acquire this habit by depositing in our savings department. Interest compounded quarterly Atlantic Bank & Trust Company With The Army of Occu pation at N. C. C. W, Dear G, H. S: Howdy! We heard about your i marvelous victory over D. M. I. last Saturday. You can’t begin to know how tickled we were. We thought of a time, two years ago, when the D. M. I. team played here. They ^ The Community Forum In Chapel The program that had been planned for chapel Monday, Oct. 16, turned up missing! Nevertheless the full period was thoroughly en joyed. After two songs were sung, the or- I chestra, for the first time this year, just simply walked over G. H. S. | with the selection, “Even ing Breezes,” by Zamecnik. Mr. Charles Phillips then told us But you know the last laugh is the longest. The last score is the larg- est, too. So we give fifteen “rah^’^ j,, chapel Hill to see the for the 1922 football team at G. H. ■ ^ ^ he managed to see all of the G. H. S. alumni. The last part of the period was spent in a pep meeting, due to G. H. S.’s victory over Danville with a score of 40 to 0, and also for the the deepest pleasure because yo« are , giving us a whole column m 'High I 2O. Life.” »e feel as important as a 1 ^ „p„senative from room 207 bug under a microscope. | j proper occasion for applause. Here- S.. Just keep on winning- got the stuff in you to do it. , We think this year’s annual .and “High Life” staffs are unusually well' selected. Great things can be done! by you. Everyone of us is filled with j tBusiness Directory! Auto Supplies Davie St. Auto Exchange “U-NO, the guy who puts water in It’ Dealers in used cars 211 S. Davie St. ! Dixie Sales Co. A.utcmot VC EUctri al S« vice—,Ofan .« Front) | Phone 1123, 109 S. Davie St.. Greensboro.N.C. ; Attorneys J. S. Duncan Brooks, Hines & Smith Attorneys and Conrsellors at Law GREENSBORO, N. C. Louise B. Alexander ATTORNEY-AT-LAW 41.3 Banner Bui’ding, Greensboro. N. ( Sidney S. Alderman Dr. C. I. Carlson CHIROPRACTOR Complete X-Ray Laboratories .,..,..•.4, presided over by Miss Boddie. N. H. Silver Co. CLOTHING I and I i FURNISHINGS | i Greensboro High Point | After a whole month’s encamp ment here, we have found that it I takes the combined efforts of all twenty-nine of us to keep the enemy subdued to a reasonable degree. Tw'o of our number have been rash enough to attack Latin, that most fe rocious of barbarians, single-handed. Quite frequently sounds from the fields of combat issue from the room But, we must say, our dear friends al ways come out whole and alive. This! ^ meeting wdth Miss Detwiler, is for your ear, (We believe Latin i hiking club elected will lose some of its conceit before Margaret Patterson as captain and tofore we have applauded every speaker on every occasion. There is an improper time for applause, es pecially after Bible talks and simi lar serious subjects. If the students would heed this advise, embarrass ments, as well as bad impressions, would be prevented. Hiking Club Shuping, Hobbs & Davis Attorneys and Counsellors at Law Offices in Banner Bidg. Greensboro, N. C. William P. Bynum ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Rooms 205-206-207—County Court House E. D. Broadhurst ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Third Floor—BANNER BUILDING Dentists F o Drs. Coble & Poindexter DENTISTS PHONE 601 Grocers 200 John E. Sockwell 1 GROCER ' West Market Street. Greensboro, N. C. ' 114 W. MARKET ST. buy at ? Odell’s i ’22 gets through wits ill. Practically all of us are still par- ley-vousing. French is not nearly as much fuii here as it was at G. H. S. There are (this is to prove to Miss Dorsett that we ain’t forgot the learning she gave us last year) sever al honest-to-goodness French wo men on the faculty. They reel off a thousand feet of French wljile we WHERE quality TELLS .....4. .The Passion Play as Mr. Brooks Told It. (Continued from page 1) The next scene is where Pilate is trying to release Jesus, because he can find nothing against Him. Then He is taken to Herod and then back again to Pilate and at last He is giv en over to the clamoring, fanatical people. .Then in the next scene Ju- are saying We often find it quite hard to get uj) for breakfast at 7:15, so that we can begin the attack at 8:15. But taken all in all life in camp is far ^en will be Thursday, from bad. We are fed well, very well. There is plenty of fun on our plates. All ready there have been several wonderful parties. The thing that set us on our ears at first was the announcement that we had to have two examinations— a medical and a physical one. Gee! but we were scared! We were al most ready to decamp. Dorothv Allbright press reporter. Plans and aims for the new work were discussed. The aim of the club is to give activity to the girls who can’t or do not take part in the more strenuous activities; also to give points to the girls who are taking part in more strenuous activities. It was decided that no points will be given to a person unless she hikes three miles or over on each trip. She will get no credit unless she hikes fifteen miles during the year. Regular hiking day for the fresh- The day for the other classes has not been decided upon. There will be heaps of fun in store for those who take part in hiking—weinie roasts, steak fries, and other good things to eat will be ready for them. The first hike was last Saturday morning. The girls met at the High School and the Church of the Cov- The whole enant and from there walked out to Liiidley Park, where they roasted weinies. There were about twenty- was a farce. So we tell you experience that a thing that scares you is really small or insig- present. We hope to have a nificant if you march right up to larger number for our next hike. it and hold your bayonet drawn. The facilllv here quite took our breath Mr. BarilBS AfOUSBS IH- away w hen we first began attending tGr6St in PaSSiOTL Pla^y remorse at what he has done and what is awaiting him in eternity. He soon finds that money is not every thing. The most impressive scene of all is where Jesus is being crucified. Patterson Bros., Inc. DEPARTMENT FOOD STORE ! 219 S. Elm St. Phone 400 Henry Hunter GROCER St.—Five Points—McAdoo Heiffhts Insurance Matheson-Wills Real Estate Co. Girls’ Basketball (Continued from pasc 1) At a meeting of all the basketball girls, IMarjorie Blair was elected sport head. The various captains of the class teams were elected as fob , lows: Senior, Carlotla Johnson; Jun ior, Elsie Fluharty; and Sophomore and Freshman captains are yet to be' elected. Miss Morrow is coaching the Sen-! ior and Junior teams at present, while Miss McAlister is coa'. hing the, Sophomore team and Miss Mitchell the Freshman. Under the leadership | of these cajilains and coaches wej know we are going to iiavc the best class teams ever. ' If the present plans are carried out, the class championshij) will l)e played off during the months of No vember and |December. In these games we are going to see some real basketball. Scrubs Hold Asheboro (Continued from page 1) with their backs Uo lEe wall the Greensboro defense stiffened and held Asheboro for downs. Then is when the opportunity was lost. By a series of line jilunges and end runs and a pretty forward past. Butner to Thomas, the ball was carried to Ash- boro’s five yard line. Here Ashboro das is suffering with the agonies of They invariably call us (Continued from page i) Miss This or That. “Is our powder try to live so that their lives may Ire- on straight?” Do we look all right”? Hay the true character of the saints. We are grown-ups. It is a queer lire personator of Ghrist consid- feeling. ars his part an act of religious de- Here’s great news for the “weary' motion; he and the other principal followers of Aeneas,” or of Miss performers are said to be selected You can see the marks of the nails Gressitt or of anyone else. One may for their holy life and eonsecratiSn in His hands and feet. Then when ^ q fj g. and then conic; to their work of prayer, the sword is struck through his side, jg ]\( g. C. W. and be con- The actor who has taken the part j held G. H. S. for downs by two inch the blood gushes out as though it gidgrgd a pavant. If you doubt the of Judas three different times is j es. At this point the ball went over to was really the actor’s own blood. veracity of this statement ask anyone said to live a life secluded from the [ Ashboro and the whistle blew for the The last scene is the Resurection g£ ^j^g fossilized professors here what rest of the village. j end of the first half, where Jesus is risen from the dead jj^g^ think of the girls who were The players, about 700 in number, | In the second half came some pret-! and appears to his disciples. boobs at G. H. S. last year. are all villagers, who, though they ty running by Cole for Greensboro This play impressed upon Mr. Will not some one of you please have no artistic instruction except ^ and Burns for Ashboro. Both backs Brooks that our only guidance is the tell Miss Gressitt for us that she nev- from the parish priest, act their parts | showed speed and line crushing abil- Pilot. Without Him life was dark gr told us anything about two planes with much dramatic power and with ity. The game ended with the hall and dreary. It also meant to Mr. being parallel to one another. My a delicate appreciation of the har-1 on Ashboro’s twenty yard line with Brooks that if all people tried to live goodness! but we have to learn it aclers they portray. A'- H- S. working hard for touch- as these people tried to live there here. The gospel narative is closely fob ' down, trying pass after pass, would not be so much strife or hard- Here are our complete congratula- lowed: the acts alternate with tab-; For Greensboro the playinj to Miss Jane Summerell: We leaux from the Old Testament and Turner in the line and Cole in the, help but rvondei' how she choral odes. ' backfield stood out. Burns for Ash- CLOTHING Greensboro Drug Co. FILMS Promptly Developed THE Ungur SHOP FOR MEN Guilford Hotel Corner Red Lion Tablets 4c WILLS’ BOOK & SIATlERy of ship. lions The storv of this play has meant cannot a preat deal to me. Jesus who died ever reached the rank of senior. Hon- for us is always willing to forgive est did she use a pony? us and we can turn to Him when in Here’s best wishes from trouble and for guidance in the friends, rough patliwav of life. The girls of 22 at N. C. C. W . While Mr. Barnes was in the little j boro was the outstanding player, village, he was much impressed by, The line up for G. H. S.—Ogburn vour the saint-like expessions of the inhab-1 le, INeele It, Turner c,Hodgin rg. itants, due to their Christ like lives. ’ Hobbs rt, Smith re, Thomas qb, Cole Per G. P. and C. F. i rhh. Watson Ihb, Burtner fh. i SYKES SHOE SHOP I ; EXPERT REPAIRING I • Ladies’ Work a Specialty Phone 806 4 • 110 W. Market St., Greensboro, N. C. T t t FOLKS SAY—And You Hear It Everywhere When you wantt Kood shoes it’s Dobson-Sills GREENSBORO’S OLDEST AND LARGEST SHOE STORE WALTON’S SHOE SHOP 112 W. SYCAMORE STREET High Class Repairinj; Our Specialty PHONE 3185 For All Cold Troubles WICKS W VapoRub

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