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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, May 20, 1927, Image 6

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Page Six HIGH LIFE May 20, 1927 HED AN OPEN FORUM ON TUESDAY NIGHT Discussion Was Made Concern ing the New High School Site. E. D. Broadhurst Presides STERNE FOR CONE SITE A Poll Was Taken as to How the Audi ence Stood on the Location of School Sites The P>oar(l of Education of Greater (freensboro listened to an open forum discusftion concerning the new high school site, Tuesday night, May 17, in the county courthouse. E. D. Broadhurst, chairman of the board, presided and said that he held no preference as to the location of the new high school. John S. Michaux stat ed his objection to a site three miles from the city, and suggested that the TTite property on Belelmeade street he considered. Sidney Stern favored the Cone site adjoining the Stadium, and asked the board to think seriously of accepting Hie 40-acre gift. The Latham site was again discussed, but this site has been withdrawn. C. G. Wright and T. J. Murphj^, prominent citizens of Greens boro, spoke against the Scales site. A poll was taken as to how the audi ence stood on the location of school sites. Ninety-four of those present op posed the Scales site while only eighteen favored it. Frank Blackwood made the last talk. lie urged the board to con sider the future and buy enough land. Mr. Broadhurst thanked the audience for its interest in the matter and said that the school board would assume its responsibility of selecting the site for the high school. Just preceding this discussion a site was also considered for the Pomona Mills school, but no site was definitely decided on. HUMOR By G. Todd NINETY-ONE SENIORS WILL BE GRADUATED FROM G.H.S. JUNE 3 (Continued from Page One) Hyams, Ruth Ann Heath, Minnie Her man, Lorraine G. Keller, Dorothy E. II. King, Mary Elizabeth King, Mary I^yon Leak, Sarah Elizabeth Mendenhall, An nie May Matlock, Annie Stroud Mann, Edyth Inez Matlock, Thelma Louise Miles, Emily Mae Murchison, Virginia E. McKaughn, Dorothy Fields Miller. Phyllis Alexander Penn, S. Malinda Rankin, Evelyn Mae Rives, Matilda Robinson, Esther Pauline Reele, Ihiul- ine M. Stedman, Ruth II. Simpson, Mae Sue Stack, Nell DeWitt Thurman, ATr- ginia Tucker, Alartha ATrginia Talman, Jessie L. Tate, Cynthia Norris A^aughn, Sarah Catherine AATiarton, Mary Jane AVharton, Alyra Louise AAdlkinson, Fan nie Louise AVilson, Swanie Alae AATide, Alary Young. John F. Allred, John F. Alison, Albert Finley Atkisson, aAIrshall II. Barney, John AYilliam Baxter Bason, Charles G. Burgess, John AATlliam Campbell, Rob ert Lee Caveness, James B. Clements, Jr., Jack ITckens Coble, Richard C. Cox, Enoch Stanley Eliott, Glenn D. Gurley, Jr., John Alclver Gillespie, AAMyne K. Hopkins, Frederick Thomas Jones, Earl L. Johnson, Herbert AY. Jones, Herbert L. Lewis. Charles T. Alclver, AA^ylie Hampton AIcGlamery, Jr., Raymond T. AleKei- than, Beverly Cooper Aloore, Joe AY. Alann, Jr., Robert Garland Paschal, William Beall Pemberton, Alelvin Jud- son Samuel, Ernest Alarshall Scarboro, John G. Stone, Elbert Howard Samp son. John P. Turner, Paul Cunningham AA^imbish, Ernest Hughes AA^yche, Charles Lloyd AA'yrick, Jr., AATllard G. AATitson. LOVE AS ’TIS IN G. H. S. O’ course, I can’t lay no claims to bein’ no expert about this deliket sub ject, like Finley Atkisson, Bill Fife, Elinor Glyn, AA^ill Rogers, Nina AYilcox Putnam and Ralph Cook, but just like Heebe and that Indian boy, I have saw right much in my tender years of ob servation. The reason I am not so up to date is because, just like Charlie Rives, I ain’t never went out much. But since it is my dooty to get some thin’ or other in this colyum every other week, on general principles, I find it necessary to take up this vital (luestion and give it a airing. I^ove is a wonderLil thing. I have known fellers which was in love, but I don’t get the above statement from them. I get it from the magazines, books, and funny papers. If I was to t;die the felers of whom I speak an’ put down their ideas above love, Airs. Ash ford would kill this copy and half kill me. It just ain’t fit for publication. Love, in their nunds, rates as an in stitution along with Sing-Sing, Greens- boor High School, and work. J’he way it all starts, some boy which wears his wide pants to school, t)unches another one an’ says, “AA"ho is that black-headed girl with blue eyes an’ a mole on her left-hand ear?” ‘’Oh! Her? That is Alolly Cucumber —‘her old man runs a bakery.” The boy approaches and, assuming a silly aspect, says, “Goo-hoo, Coo-coo.” The girl happens not to be poetic, but she finishes out the rime with eyes which says, “Goo-goo.” And so, it starts—love for the first five minutes and seventeen seconds is grand. After that, doubt enters the mind of each party concerned, and the thing nearly gets on the rocks, but everything is made hotsy-totsy again through a fuss over which is most to blame, both of them wanting to take it all. And yet they say love is unselfish. iTien the inevitable third party, en ters. The boj' catches the girl makin’ “goo-goo” eyes at another, and after a gnashin’ of teeth and threats at bloody murder, libel, larcenj’, double-parking, and speeding, things turn out right again when he finds it was only her brother an’ she was makin’ signs for him not to tell her mama that she was chewin' gum. An’ so it goes; there ain’t no happi ness in love exceptin’ in books, maga zines and College Humors. I pity all the boj’s in love—Nina AVilcox Butnam pities the girls—and I pity myself, be cause I’m right in the thick of the fight. Let me tell you somethin’ I have seen somewhere about love. It fits in with my topic. (1) Love is blind; (2) Love is an institution, and (3) Therefore, Love is an institution for the blind. CHOOSES LOCATION OF GRADED SCHOOL Board Authorizes Purchase of 25 Acres on West Mar ket Street OPEN MEETING PLANNED Collins Land to Be Used for New Gram mar School—Just off Elam Avenue WINSTON-SALEM HI TAKES FIRST PLACE Typist Contest at Memorial Hall, University of N. C. on May 7 68 PARTICIPANTS ENTER The board of education of the Great er Greensboro school district on Alay 17 authorized the purchase of between 20 and 25 acres of what is known as the Collins land on AA^est Alarket street from Air. A. AI. Scales. This school site it intended for a grammar school and is just west of Elam avenue. Tile board discussed the proposed high school site and decided to hold a public meeting on the matter in the Council Chamber of the Alunicipal building Tuesday evening, Alay 17, at The AA^inston-Salem Hi typists took first place in the second year team con test and a Charlotte Hi contestant took the first prize for the initial year writer i nthe contest held in Alemorial Hall at the University of North Carolina on Alay 7, at !) o’clock. A total of 08 participants were en tered and eight schools were repre sented. The schools were Asheville, AATnston, Alt. Airy, Raleigh, Charlotte, Newton, Durliam, and Greensboro. i rr 0. The board has under considera tion the purchase of about 130 acres of land from Air. Scales, which was his old home site. This site has been dis cussed at variout times and at the last meeting of the board several weeks ago a committee was appointed to negotiate for its purchase. The board decided to give the public a chance to express their opinions for or against the purchase. to LONG HAIR “Look at my hair!” “I can’t keep my hair up.'’ “I wish I had another hairpin keep this piece up.” “How long is your hair now?” It isn’t a beauty shop, only the fuss made by G. H. S. flapjiers who are growing long hair. “AIj^ heart leaps up vrhen I held A rainbow in the sky—” I jump, I turn, I feel my neck. It looks so like my tie. —Tulctj Review, Chicago, III. -for silver pencils -for fountain pens -for gifts of silver or of | gold -for luatch repairing Bernau's 180 S. Elm St. CITY RALLY HELD BY GIRL SCOUTS AT AYCOCK SCHOOL (Continued from Page Three) all the troops were awarded second class badges. Eighteen scouts were in vested as tenderfoot scouts. After the awards were made, Aliss Thelma Linton, AYinston-Salem girl scout director, made an address. Then Alary Lyon Leak introduced the senior- troop of the IT-esbyterian church. These girls, with scouts from the other troops, then presented “Camp of Our Dreams.” After this the judges announced troop one as the winners of the evening. The award was made according to the num ber of points won since January and the number of scouts in the troop. Folowing this an exhibit of scout work was arrayed in the school halls. Nature work, dresses and other handi work were on exhibit. Lady: “I gave you a piece of pie last week and you’ve been sending your friends here ever since.” Tramp: “You’re nustaken, lady. Them's my enemies !”—Tattler. i The Book Shop BOOKS GIFTS PICTURES GREETING CARDS 110 South Greene Street Greensboro - - - N. C. Xeuplfli ’CPf ^ \ GOOD CLOTHES for HIGH SCHOOL BOYS Right In Style Lota In Price Long or Short Pants Our Creed "All that’s worth printing is worth printing well” j I Give tts a trial—tve ask. no more McCULLOCH ^ SWAIN Paramount Printing P. O. Box 1193 Phone 2348-L2 Corner Asheboro and Trinity THE AIEAT BOY’kS LOVE I never sausage eyes as thine. And if you’ll butcher hand in mine. And liver round me every day, AA'e’ll seek some ham-let far away, AAM’d meat life’s frown with life's caress. And cleaver road to happiness. —West High Tatter, Des Aloines, la. RADIO HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS IF YOUTH BUT KNEAV THAT AVHICH AIEN FOR THEMSLVES MUST LEARN THAT faith in some one, or some thing,, anchors us. THAT sincerity is essential to intellec tual honesty. THAT one act does not establish a habit, but its repetition does. THAT we are but a composite group of our habits. THAT character is the truth of a man. THAT nothing will pay that is not right. THAT “duty” means to do in the best possible way the thing that lies near est. THAT duty daily performed invites peace of mind. SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES WILLS BOOK AND STATIONERY CO. Greensboro, N. C. Greensboro Book Co. ^^The Book Store That Appreciates Your Business” 214 South Elm Street >*o***»»**»«* i I j G. H. S. Boys and Girls j 1 We can supply you with all I your needs in our line, and I will appreciate your patronage. I GREENSBORO j HARDWARE j COMPANY 1 Phones 457-458 221 S. Elm St. Wharton-Medearis EVERYTHING FOR FIIGH SCHOOL BOYS Exclusive But Not Expensive Ellis, Stone Company Greensboro’s Best Store for High School Girls We Have It, j j Boys and Girls j i Everything In j I Hardware Line | = and a special price for you = I on all I I Athletic Supplies i 1 COBLE HARDWARE I ! COMPANY ! I I tainiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiitiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt I GREENSBORO I I COLLEGE I = Greensboro College is a mem- E E her of the Association of Col- E E leges and Secondary Schools of ^ = the Southern States. E E Chartered 1838. Confers the E ~ degree of A. B. in the literary s E department and B. 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