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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, February 03, 1928, Image 4

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li' I LOCE QUINT GOES TO ASHEVILLE FOR TWO-DAY SCHEDEE First String Lineup With Man ager Shoffner and Coach Parks Make Trip EXPECTING HARD FIGHT Asheville Has Played in State Finals For Two Years—Has Good Team, y, Matthews Coach Greensboro High’s basketeers left for Asheville Friday morning, February 4, at 6:15 a. m., for a two-day schedule. G. H. S. will play Asheville both Fri day and Saturday nights. They are to return sometime Sunday. Asheville has for the last two years played in the state finals, Durham de feating her both years. This year Asheville has played two South Caro lina teams, winning both games. P. Y. Matthews coaches Asheville. Greensboro High is expecting a hard fight, but is hoping for victory. Those making the trip are: Taylor, Rockwell, Matlock, Ballard, Morris, Le-^rte, C^ver,""Nicholson, Shoffner, manager, and Parks, coach. LOCAL QUINTET DOWNS REIDSVILLE BASKETEERS Taylor, Morris, Sockwell, and Matlock Give Exceptionally Good Game. Score 20 to 16 TEAMS PLAY EXTRA FIVE MINUTES After an exciting game, G. H. S. de feated Reidsville with a score of 20 to 1. The game was played at Reids ville Friday, January 27. Reidsville got the gain on the local quintet, but finally Greensboro got to her feet and tied the score. An extra five minutes plsj'od to breok the fie. The game ended with Greensboro four points ahead. Taylor, Morris, Sockwell and Mat- iHdcIF^iayed an exceptionally good game. RIGHT CHURCH BUT THE WRONG PEW A crowd of girls started to Reidsville the other night to support their fond team at a basketball game. In spite of the rain and snow, they continued on their way. Arriving in the fair city, they inquired the way to the said game. “Two blocks to the right, one to the left ,and then to Clark’s Ware house,” were the directions. These members of the fairer sex did as they were told—for once—and left the car in which they were riding. They boldly walked in the warehouse to give their lungs a treat. To their surprise, there was not a single person there they knew. One of the members of the party asked who was playing. Well here they had gone to a game of two factory teams. Stranded in a strange city alone and darkness everywhere the poor dears were frightened greatly Well, at any rate, they got to the game they wanted to see, even if they were terribly late. REDWAY AND COLTRANE COACH G. H. S. WRESTLER Greensboro High mat men have again taken up work after “laying off” for a couple of months due to a lack of candidates. The grapplers work out every aftemoon at the “Y” under the coaching of Redway and Coltrane. The G. H. S. lads are not as yet well organized, and it is not known whether any meets will be secured this season. However, the boys have given some exhibitions and will give more in the future. .Las.i.-. siter and £Il,eg:g.gave an exhibition bout recently at a meeting of the local American Legion. Lassiter and Brp,oks ,gave an exhibition be tween halves of a recent basketball game. More work of this kind will be forthcoming. Those out include Jinimy Lassi- ter, James Clegg, Louis Brooks, Eric Whitworth, and Carlton^ Wilder., “Pie who laughs last has told the joke.”—Exchange. STATE CHAMPIONS OF THE PAST Winston-Salem High School 1915 Durham High School 1916 Winston-Salem High School—1917 Durham High School 1918 Winston-Salem High School—1919 Wilmington High School 1920 Chapel Plill High School 1921 Greensboro High School 1922 Asheville High School 1923 Reidsville High School 1924 Durham High School 1925 Durham High School 1926 Durham High School 1927 MONOGRAM UDB MEETSATy.W.C.A. Thirteen New Members are Ini tiated January 20—Odd Clothing Worn GREENSBORO QUINT DEFEATS fflGH POINT BY SCORE OF 29-15 First Victory for the Purple and Gold Basketeers During the Season JOHN SOCKWELL STARS Whitner and Hinckle Lead in Scoring for the Pointers—Taylor Does Good Floorwork for Greensboro CARRY BOOKS IN CASES Friday, January 20, the new mernbers of the Girls’ Monogram Club came to Greensboro High School wearing their dresses backward and their stockings of different hue. Their books were carried in pillow cases. They were being intiated. Saturday night, January 21, the ini tiation culminated at a meeting of the Monogram Club at the Y. W. C. A. Girl Reserve room. The new members who were present at this meeting were: Gladys Barbee, Claire Hartsook, Irene McFadyen, Edna Soelj^ll, Elizabeth Sockwell, Duella Walker, Mary Bailey Williamson, Eliz-,, gbeth Wood, Elizabeth Leak, Lillian Hauck, and Daphne Hunt Rebecca Webster and Lydia Balance were not present. Miss Nellie Dry was sick and Miss Julia Searcy chaperoned in her place. The fun began when stunts were given by those being intiated. Other interesting feats were performed. Then the girls had the Monogram ritual. Carl Lane Browne, president of the club, welcomed the new members. A general handshaking followed—old members shaking hands with new ones. The constitution was read and explained. Old members present were Carl Lane Bjbwne, president; Margaret Bowles. Virginia Brown, Marian Geoghegan, Rose Goodwin, Rachel Lipscomb, Leila G.'~ Cram^ Marian Curtis, and Doug las Long. Carl Lane Browne, IMa^- rian Curtis, Ma^rian Geoghegan, Rose Goodwin and Rachel Lipscomb^ are chaHer "'members of the club. G. H. S. walloped High Point High School Wednesday night at Caldwell gym by the score of 29-15. This was the first victory for the Purple and Gold basketeers during the present sea son. The prospects for a good team have been excellent all season, but it seemed that at every game the team couldn’t get organized. The team worked fine in this game and the de fense was almost perfect, only three points being registered during the last half. John Sockwell, lanky forward, could hardly miss the basket, registering 17 points during the evening, and led in the individual scoring. Led by his con sistent shooting, the team piled up 16 points during the last half. The first half ended 13-12 with the locals main taining a scant lead. Captain Taylor’s fioorwork was good for Greensboro, while Whitner and Hinckle led in scoring for the Pointers. Lineup as follows: Greensboro (29) High Point (15) Carver (4) Hinckle R. F. Sockwell (17) (2) Willard L. F. Taylor (6) (8) Whitner C. Ballad (2) (1) Bryant L. G. LeForte (1) —— Kearn.'- R. G. Substitutes for Greensboro—Matlock (3). Lligh Point—Goble, Smith, John son, Gurley, Kearns, Bryant. Referee —^Woodward (Wake Forest). JOHN SOCKWELL STARS IN LEAKSVILLE HI GAME Greensboro High met defeat at the hands of Leaksville High School in a basketball game at Leaksville January 10. The score was 40-22. The Greensboro team captured the lead in the first few minutes of play, but were soon left far behind by a rapid Leaksville offense. At the end of the half Leaksville was leading, 18 to 3. ^ckwell starred for Greensboro in the offensive side of the game, scoring 13 points for his team. Smith and Crouch were the leaders in Leaksville scoring, netting 18 and 9 points, respectively. A preliminary contest between the Leaksville “Y” girls’ team and the Leaksville Hi girls’ team re sulted in a 33 to 13 victory for the former. SPORT SPARKLES The reserves of G. H. S. have been faring better than the first string for the past few days. They have met al the teams of the grammar schools and defeated them. They have given a good account of themselves against severa of the smaller high schools in their section. The soccer team has at last received letters. “S” and “T” will be put on them but this will probably be removed in a few years after soccer has become a major sport in North Carolina. Track prospects seem very bright for this year, in fact the best in severa years. Many boys are taking advan tage of the good weather and are work ing out in the stadium daily. Capt. Clarence Phoenix had his pic ture in The Daily Record the other day His handsome mug was almost inspir ing to the sport editor. Mr. Coletrane is coaching wrestling and boxing at the “Y” every day. A number of boys are practicing daily and it is planned to stage bouts between halves of the basketball games. At tempts are being made to arrange matches with other schools that have teams. Among the boys that are out for this sport are Lassiter, Brooks Whitwo/th, Hodge, Clegg, Motsinger and McClean. The local boys finally broke the jinx and ended their losing streak against High Point Wednesday night. It was High Point’s first defeat of the season and it was the first victory of G. H. S Two boys of the wrestling team met the Winston grapplers between halves at the basketball game Saturday night The boys showed up well for their first meet. Boys Receiving Soccer Letters Ed Chambers (Capt.) C. F. Neville Watson O. L. George C. Hutton O. R. Plummer Nickolson 1- L. Arthur Campbell 1- K.- James Lassiter C. H. Gordon Bason L. H. Paul Vestal R- H. Harvey Anderson F. B. Ed Blair G. K. James Clegg— F. B. H. W. Park Coach BOYS’ LETTER CLUB VOTES TO PRESENT ‘G’ TO SOCCER MEN “S. T.” to Be Placed on Base of ‘ Letter—Was a Compromise Measure G. H. S. RECEIVES TOURNAMENT NEWS Third Invitational Basketball Tournament for High School Teams March 2 and 3 WILL BE THREE CLASSES To the High School Principals, State of North Carolina: The Physical Education Department of the N. C. State College will conduct its third Invitational Basketball Tour nament for the high school teams of the state Friday and Saturday, March 2 and 3. There will be three classes as follows: Class A—Special chartered schools with enrollment of 300 or over in senior department. Class B—Special chartered schools with enrollment of less than 300 in senior department. Class C—Rural high schools. Trophy cups will be awarded to the first two teams finishing in each class. In addition the eight players of these two teams will be given individual gold and silver basketball charms. The A. G. Spaulding championship cup will be presented to the winner of class A for a period of one year and will carry with it the championship of the tournament. However, any schoo wishing to compete for the champion ship cup may enter class A. A class B or class C team entering class A may not compete in its own class. The games will be held in the Frani Thompson gymnasium, beginning at 9 o’clock Friday morning. Two games will be played simultaneously on courts approximately 85 by 45. An entry fee of five dollars should accompany each entry blank. This fee will be returned to those teams par ticipating in the games. Entries must be made on the official entry blanks which will be sent to you on receipt of the enclosed postal requesting same Please return the postal promptly. En tries close on February 23. Class C schools fill in their season’s record on entry blanks up to February 18. The college will furnish rooms for visiting teams. Travel expenses and meals will be borne by the visiting teams. Attention is called to the mini mum cost of bringing a team to the tournament. MISS DRY RESIGNS AS GIRLS’ COACH Greensboro High lost one of her best basketball coaches when Miss Nellie K. Dry resigned. Miss Dry will remain at G. H. S. and con tinue her same work, both in the scientific field and in other ath letics. She has given up basketball because of it oxer-taxing her health. Miss Dry came to G. H. S. in 1921. The school laments the fact that she will not be able to continue her basketball coaching. FOLLOWS BITTER FIGHT Hayworth’s Jewelry Store Gives Team the Annual Silver Footballs—Clar- ence Phoenix Presides at Meeting The boys’ Monogram Club held a meeting on Tuesday, January 17, at which time fhey voted to give the mem bers of the soccer team “G’s” with ‘S. T.” on the base of the letter. There has been a bitter fight over whether or not the soccer boys should receive let ters and this was the compromise de cided upon. The members of Pomona’s club were voted into the local organization and will be initiated at the same time the other new members are taken in. The silver footballs that are given to the team each year by Hayworth’s were presented to the football letter men at this meeting. On each ball was en graved the initials of the man receiv ing it, the year, his position on the team, and “W. Champs.” The engrav ing was the cause of the delay in get ting them. CJarence Phoenix, president of the club, presided during the meeting. TWIN-CITY IS WINNER OF CAGE GAME SATURDAY Many Local Students Follow the Boys to Winston to Give Them Their Support GREENSBORO LOSES BY 10 POINTS The Greensboro basketball five suf fered another defeat at the hands of ston-Salem. Taylor starred for Greens- Winston, Saturday, January 28, at Win- boro, adding five points to the score, 15-25. Many G. H. S. students followed the boys to Winston to give them their support. Greensboro Winston Carver West Matlock Roane Sockwell Beck Weaver Weaver Taylor McGhee Ballard Smathers Morris Cook F6 Forte Brewer BiSCOE LOSER TO GREENSBORO HIGH Second Team Called “Wild Red Heads.” Team As a Whole Plays Well. Boyd Morris Stars The G. H. S. cagers carried away the score of 00 to 00 from Biscoe in a well fought game Monday night, Janu ary 20, at Caldwell gym. Both teams played splendidly. The coaches seemed to be trying their stuff as they interchangingly swapped their players about. Both teams used their first and second string men. gave some good work for Greensboro High. “Red” Routh, coach of the second string for G. H. S., was proud of the fine work the boys did. His team has been named the “Wild Red Heads,” as it consists of “Red” Paris. “Red” Good win, with “Retr^^h as coach. What Hit Him? A Topeka millinan tells about a tin roof of a Kansas store that was torn off and rolled into a compact bundle by a cyclone. Having a sense of hu mor, the owner wrapped a few strands of baling wire around the ruin and shipped it to Henry Ford. In due time came a communication saying: “It will cost you $48.50 to have your car repaired. For heaven’s sake, tell us what hit you.”—Exchange.

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