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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, November 06, 1931, Image 3

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li Xovemher 6, 1931 HIGH LIFE Fage Three Asheville Maroons Lose Close Game to Whirlwinds GILLESPIE STARS Captain Burroughs Recovers Fumble Behind Goal for Only Marker of Locals. VISITORS SCORE OM PASS First Time Greensboro Has Beaten Mountaineers in Five Years of Competition. Asheville’s heavy machine fell to Coach Belding’s squad, 7 to G, last Fri day at the World War Memorial Sta dium. The local boys played the best game and displayed the finest co-opera- tiou shown 80 far this season. This game was %vhat you call “a real game of football.” Greensboro’s Score Local ends co-operated in making Greensboro’s score hi the middle of the - second quarter. At the beginning of the second quar ter Whitt completed a pass to Bur roughs for 19 yards. Whitt and Pitt man made a first down on two runs. Greensboro was forced to punt and the ball was stopped by Alexander on his 20-yard line. The ball was being ' played in Asheville territory when Bur- .roughs punted over their goal line and the ball was on their 20-yard • line. On the next play Alexander received the ball and had started on an end run when Hartsook like a flash dashed in and hit Alexander so hard it knocked the ball from his hands. The ball bounced over the goal line and was re covered by Burroughs for a touchdown. Ogburn pounded through center for the extra point. Maroons Passed for Score Ogburn kicked off to Alexander on his 2G-yai'd line in the beginning of the third quarter. Asheville tried two runs and a pass, but was forced to kick. Rees received it on his 15-yard line. Eiias fumbled on his 20-yard line and the ball was Recovered by Asheville. The Maroons failed to gain on runs, but Alexander _ completed a long pass over the goal to Gillespie for a touch down. Kriekton's kick for the extra point failed. - Locals Threatened Pemberton blocked a punt and the ball rolled out of bounds on Asheville’s 20-yard line. Ogburn made eight yards on two center plunges. Elias tried a pass, but fel! over the goal incomplete. A penalty put Asheyille on their 18- yard line and in the next play Hart sook intercepted a pass on the Maroon’s 45-yard line, but the Winds failed to make any iieadway. Maroon Passing Stopped Asheville started off the game with Gilliapie passing to Alexander on Greensboro’s 20-yard line. Asheville tried three more passes, but the Winds stopped them. Asheville ended the game still passing, but they completed only two out of 15 while Greensboro completed two out of four and inter cepted one. The Stars Burroughs, Greensboro captain and end, was the all-round star of the game and starred equally on the offense and defense. Hartsook, Riley, and Pem berton played prob.ably their best game. Pittman, Elias, Ogl>urn, and Lee shared with backfield lionors. Alexander and Gillespie led the Ashe ville backs. Krickton played a good game also. Asheville was penalized 35 yards against none for Greensboro. The Winds made six first downs to the Ma roon's live. Line-up and summary: Greensboro Pos. Asheville Burroughs he Bryson Riley l.t Burner Phillips l.g G. Bryson Hester center Swicegood Wrenn r.g Suther Pemberton r.t Edwards Hartsook r... Hoffman Rees q.b Gillespie Pittman l.h Pinkston Whitt r.h Alexander Ogburn f.b Krickton Scoring by periods: Greensboro 0 7 0 0—7 Asheville 0 0 6 0—6 Scoring: Touchdowns, Burroughs, Gillespie; extra point, Ogburn (line plunge). Substitutions for Greensboro: Causey, Elias, Johnson; for Aslieville, Clark Graham, Keltli, Beaver, Pritchett. Officials: McAlister (Davidson) ref eree; Doak (Guilford) umpire; Love (Guilford) headlinesman. THERON BROWN STARS IN CHAPEL HILL GAME Former G. H. S. Football Player Wins Recognition Against Ten nessee Eleven. Theron Brown, probably one of the best football players ever to leave G. H. S., won recognition among the great college players last Saturday in Kenan Memorial Stadium at Chapel Hill. Due to his great spirit and work in practice last week, he was chosen to lead the Tar Heels against the great University ■ of Tennessee'. Only pnee did Theron and his cohorts allow the Vols to get going against them, “Wild Bull” McEver, leading scorer of the world in 1929, did not gain an inch around Theron’s end. It takes a good end to keep the slow est of backs from gaining around end some time in the game, so you see The ron must have put up a great fight. Hats off to you, Theron 1 TEAM SCORING W. L. Pet. Pts. Oppt. Charlotte .... 4 0 1.000 107 0 Winston 4 0 1.000 52 0 Salisbury .... 4 0 1.000 132 7 Gastonia .... 4 0 1.000 70 13 Greensboro .. 3 2 .600 61 51 Asheville .... 2 3 .400 44 83 High Point .. 1 3 ,250 24 31 CONFERENCE STANDING W. L. G.T.P. Pet. Charlotte .... ... 1 0 1.000 Winston ,,., ... 1 0 1.000 Salisbury .... ... 1 0 1.000 Gastonia .... ... 1 0 1.000 Asheville ... 1 1 .500 Greensboro . ... 0 2 ,000 High Point .. ... 0 2 .000 CROSSCOUNTRYBOYS MAKE GOOD START Greensboro Reserves Win Over Guilford by Score of 22-23 in First Meet. KOURY STAR LOCAL MAN The cross country team of Greens boro high started and coached by A. P. Eouth has gotten off on a fairly good start this season, having won one meet and lost one. _ ' The first meet, between Greensboro and the Guilford Reserves, was won by the score of 22-23, the team with the low score getting the decision. Coble, of Guilford,I came in ahead, and Koury, of Greensboro, followed, coming a close second. The others finished in the fol- Ipwing order: Miller (G-.), Suttle (G.), Lovin (G.), Budger (G.H.S,), Houch (G.H.8.), Laiigly (G.H.S.), Allen (G.H.S-), F. Allen (G.H.S.), Montgom ery and Roehell (G.) The second meet was won by Win ston-Salem in a triangular meet be tween Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and the Guilford Freshmen, over the local course. Kinney, of Winston, was first in this meet, with a time of 13 minutes and 37 seconds for 2.8 miles, the best time that has been made this year. Koury, star'Greensboro runner, finished second and the rest of the'runners came in as follows: Miller (G.), Patter son (W.-S.), Poindexter (G.H.S.), Lovin (G.), Allen (G.H.S.), Robinson (G.H.S.), Langly (G.H.S,), Rochelle (G.) Win ston had a score of 36, while Greens boro and Guilford Reserves tied for soesnd place, both having a score 42. Fred Koury has been the outstand ing runner on the local squad and has come in second in every meet held so far this season. .Miller and Lovin have also shown good form. FLASHY PLAYS FEATURE HIGH RESERVE GAME Boh Lane Slanted Off Tackle for 95 Yards and Touchdown in Fourth Quarter. GREENSBORO’S FINAL SCORE, 14-0 Greensboro reserves defeated the Reidsville reserves by the count of 14-0, They ran up two touchdowns and a safety. The Greensboro boys outplayed Reidsville in every respect. They were penalized about 100 yards. The game started when Goodwin for Greensboro kicked to Reidsville. They exchanged punts in the first quarter, neither team making a threat to score. When Greensboro received the ball the first time Goodwin, who started at right half, was put out of the game for un necessary roughness. The Greensboro boys were penalized 20 yards during the first two minutes of play. The second quarter began with the ball in Greensboro’s possession on about their own 25-yard line. They gained about 15 or 20 yards and then were penalized 15 yards. They marched down the field for four first downs and a touchdown. They tried to pass for the extra point but it was incomplete. Greensboro a|;ain kicked off to Reids ville and they made two first downs and the ball went over to Greensboro. Greensboro made a first down and then had to punt. The ball rolled over the goal line and Reidsville’s safety man recovered the ball, but was downed be hind the line. Just before the half ended Reidsville had the ball on their ten-yard line. In the last half about the same lineup started that began the game. Reidsville kicked to Greensboro. It was a short kick, not going very far, and Rees caught it. In the third quarter Greens boro was penalized about 35 yards for slugging and backfield in motion. The teams exchanged punts, but Reidsville threatened to score in the third quar- .ter. They reached about the 10-yard line and Greensboro held them for downs. The ball went to Greensboro and the quarter ended. At the beginning of the fourth quar ter the ball was off Reidsville’s 10-yard line in Greensboro’s possession. The first play netted about two yards and in the next play Bob Lane slanted off tackle for 95 yards and a touchdown. Again they tried to pass for the extra point but the pass was incomplete. Jenkins, the little center, acted as captain, and proved to be a pretty good captain except for one thing. O’Brian and Meroney were the outstanding ends while Lane and Carlson were the star backs. SPARKS FROM THE GRIDIRON Football Stars of Past Seasons During the past seasons Greensboro’s football stars have made names for themselves, and many of them have carried their football careers a long way. An interesting review of the stars of earlier seasons is given below. In 1928 Harris Ogburn raced 47 yards for the first touchdown, and Captain Bill Petree played a flashy game in the line against Reidsville. In the Winston game “Red” Goodwin was the backfield star with Jack Norman running a close second to him. “Red,” again starred in the High Point game, and Petree, and Burroughs were also outstauding. S. R. Smoak was the star of the ilebane game, and Charles Rives was the star in the return game between Greensboro and High Point. In 1929 “Red” Paris was the star of the Salisbury game. Charles Shaffer starred against Sanford in the second game of the season. In the Reidsville game Bill Elias was the star, playing a good game of ball. Jack Norman showed some good football playing, and was the star in the Winston-Salem game. Saunders Ogburn, red-headed backfield, was the star in the game with Gastonia. In 1930 Bill Wharton was the “big gun” in the opening game and led Greensboro against Sanford, with Shaffer and Vanstory also playing good hall. Captain Brown was the star in the Hickory game, and A1 Avery also starred. “Red” Riley and Sammy Rees starred in the Charlotte game, and Lee Vanstory was the most outstanding in the Winston-Salem game. Cross Country Team Proves Successful The qross country sQuad lias proved to he a very valuable addition to the sport’s activities of Groonsboro high sdibol, and a number of boys have shown much interest. The squad was organized by A. P. Routh, and it is considered as a valuable conditioner for boxers and wrestlers. The team has figured in three meets so far this season and hav^ won over the Guilford Reserves, lost to the Guilford Prosh in one week, and tied with the frosh in a triangular meet, Winston-Salem taking the honors. Fred Koury has shown the most promise this season and has been outstanding in all the meets. Miller and Lovin have also shown good form. This year is the first time a cross country team has appeared at Greensboro high and Coach Routh has stressed the importance of tlie sport to a track or wrestling and boxing man. Mr. Routh says that all boys interested in wrestling or boxing would get some needful'condi tioning if they reported for the squad. Asheville and Greensboro Play Close Game Greensboro and Asheville’s football teams have played .close games mast every year, and this time was no exception. In 1928 the game ended in a scoreless tie. In 1929 the two teams battled to a 6-6 tie and last year Asheville' won by the score of a lone touchdown. This year Greensboro won with a 7-6 score. Midget Players Show Promise A nuii{ber of players on the Midget Whirlwinds are beginning to show some' real football ability. Holt, Brantley, Baker, and Sneed have shown the most promise so far, and looks like future varsity material. Elmore Holt, a.hard plunging back, and a hard worker in practice has proved to be the most outstanding member of the squad. He is leading the team in points scored and is a good bet for the future full back position on the varsity. Brantley looks like a good triple threat man in the backfield and shows good promise. Baker is outstanding at the guard position and is another promising candidate for the future whirlwinds. Sneed and Banks are showing great form at the two end positions, and all they need to make the varsity is a little more weight and height. In tlie first two starts of the year, the Midgets have pulled through with flying colors. The season was opened in Winston-Salem, and the “little Whirlwinds” ran wild to swamp the “Twin City” eleven by a score of 34 to 0. In the second game, Greensboro fought High Point to a scoreless tie on the home field. Burroughs and Lipscomb Injured The Purple Whirlwinds suffered a hard blow during the last games, five of the star players on the varsity being badly injured. Nate Lipscomb, flashy center, received an injury in Salisbury which will keep him out the rest of the season. On the last play of the game the lower part of the tibia in his leg was broken. Last year Lips comb suffered a broken arm and did not receive his letter. Captain Jack Burroughs was injured on the leg in the game at Leaksville, but it is nothing serious and he will probably be in his regu lar position at left end. Branch Fields, playing at fullback was injured in the same game and he too will probably be back. Ed Lee, flashy half back, had a hurt leg and had to be taken from the Leaksville game. The comparative scores of G. 11. S. from 1929 to the present date are as follows: 1929: Sanford 0, G. H. S. 6; 1930: Sanford 0, G. H. S. 12; 1931: Sanford 0, G. H. S. 20. 1928: Reidsville 6, G. TL S. 13; 1929: Reidsville 0, G. II. S. 20;' 1931: Reidsville 6, G. 11. S. 9. 1929: Charlotte 21, G H. S. 6; 1930; Charlotte 20, G. H. S. O; 1931: Charlotte 18, G. H. S. 0. 1929; Salisbury 0, G. H. S. 6; 1930: Salisbury 6, G. 11. S. 6; 1931: Salisbury 20, G. 11, S. 0. 1931: Leaksville 0, G. 11. S. 32. 3928: Asheville 31, G. H. S. 7; 1930: Asheville 6, G. H. S. 6; 1930: Asheville.7, G. II. S. 0; 1931; Asheville , G. H. S. . 1928 : Winston 0, G. II, S. 13 ; 1929; Winston 13 ; 1930 : Winston 0, G. 11. S. 2; 1981; Winston...., G. H. S —Nov. 7. 1931: Danville...., G. H. S —Nov. 13. 3928: High Point 13, G. H. S, 0; 1929: High Point 7, G. II, S. 6; 1930: High Point 7, G. H. S. 13; 1931: High Point. . .., G. H. S — Nov. 20. After So Long a Time After several years of resultless wishing the girls of G. H. S. have finally gotten a fall sport. And now it seems that the trouble lies in the fact that the fall sport is having trouble getting the girls. In other words tile newly started soeker team is having trouble getting a whole lot of candidates. Football Stars Make Good Last year’s football players are scattered out over the state in various colleges, still carrying on. Carolina has Harris Ogburn, Charlie Shaffer, Steve Douglas, and A1 Avery, playing on the freshman team. A1 Avery is probably looking the while Ogburn is looking good. State received “Red” Goodwin who is doing all of the passing and punting for the freshman team. Davidson received Lee Vanstory and Fritz Byerly who are playing freshman football. Winston beat Jladison by the score of 14-0 and Reidsville beat the same team with a 52-0 win. Greensboro beat Reidsville 9-6 all of which sounds good to local followers of the Whirlwinds because they meet the Twins in Winston-Salem November 7 and con^arative scores prove that Winston had better look out. PHY. ED. CLASSES DEVOTING TIME TO FALL SPORTS Coach Belding Introduces Tag Football in Boys’ Classes. 28 GIRLS OUT FOR SOCCER Second Game Will Be November 1 Return Game With Winston at Winston. The Physical Education classes in Greensboro high school under Lester C. Belding, in the boys’ department; and Mias Kate Robinson, in the girls’ de partment, are devoting most of their time to football and fail sports. Coach Belding has introduced tag football in the boys’ classes and a great deal of interest has been shown in this sport. The fundamentals and rules of tag football were taken up first and then the game was played among picked teams in the classes. Mr. Bcld- ing says that the rules of the game will be emphasized mostly this year and by next year some real football stars should be taken from the classes. Light equipment is being uSed in warmer weather. Soccer in Girls’ Department In Miss Robinson’s classes for girls, soccer is being played and the girls are learning the rules of soccer football. There are a large number of girl in terested in this sport, but Miss Robin son says more are needed and has sent out a call for candidates. A team to represent Greensboro high is being drilled every afternoon after school and all girls interested are urged to come out. There are 28 girls reporting, as follows: Mary Bobbitt, Mary Kirby, Mary Allen, Margaret Barnes, Mary L. Beal, Nell Benton, Virginia Bobbitt, Mary B. Brian, Flora Henly, Eva Mae Edmondson, Lucille Hunson, Nina Keen, Margaret Kersey, Margaret liassiter, Lottie Pepper, Juanita Pickard, Nancy Pugh, Helen Ray, Lois Risaen, Alice Walters, Margaret Weisner, Helen Short, Inez Barbour, Isabel Weisner, Jean May, Jean Rider, Frances Sowell, and Rachel Thompson. Two Games Already Scheduled Miss Robinson has announced that two games have already been, scheduled and more will probably be added. The first game was played on the lo cal field against Winston-Salem Thurs day, November 5. Winston will be met again in a return game at Winston-Sa lem on November 12. HIGH POINT RESERVES BEAT GREENSBORO, 7-0 Goodwin and Nowlin Moved Up to Var sity as Result of Their Ex cellent Playing. ONLY SECOND LOSS FOR LOCALS Greensboro Reserves lost to High Point on High Point’s field by the score of 7 to 0. The Greensboro boys registered more first downs than the High Point boy.s, but couidn’t push over a tally. High Point’s lone touchdown came in the last three minutes of play on an aerial attack. They plunged the ball over for the extra point. The game started when High Point kicked off to Greensboro. Goodwin re ceived the kick and carried the ball back to High Point’s own 40-j'ard line. The G. H. S. boys made a first down and then were forced to punt. Good win punted for Greensboro and the hall w'eut out on about the nine-yard line. After exchanging punts, Greensboro threatened to score, They made three first downs and then tried to pass but it was incomplete over the goal line. The ball was brought out to the 20-yard line and they were forced to punt. When the second half started High Point kicked to Greensboro and the play went to Greensboro’s five-yard line. The two teams exchanged punts and Greensboro threatened to scoi'e when Goodwin and Wall gained ground around end and through the line. The High Point boys bucked up and held and the ball went to High Point. This defeat was a revenge over the defeat handed High Point earlier in the season. This makes the second defeat against four wins since the season started. Sprye and Simpson were the outstanding players for High Point. The Greensboro halves that started the game played an excellent game and were moved up to the varsity the next day. They were Goodwin and Nowlin. G. II. S. is indeed proud to claim Ernest White, who took an active part on the staff of High Life, as one of its graduates. Ernest is now not only at tending Guilford College, but is a re porter on the staffs of the Greensboro Daily News and the Greensboro Daily Record. ODELLS THE aeOLINAS' WEITESI HARMWPE HOUSE FOR HEALTH’S SAKE Eat Frexh FniHa and Vagalablea W. 1. Anderson & Go. GASTON STREET Basketball Schedule Greensboro High basketball schedule for 1931-32: January 8; Gastonia at Greens boro. January 15: High Point at Greens boro. January 22; Salisbury at Salisbury. January 28: Gastonia at Gastonia. January 29: Charlotte at Char lotte. February 5: Winston at Greens boro. February 12: Salisbury at Greens boro. February 13: Winston at Winston. February 23; Charlotte at Greens boro. February 26: High Point at High Point. WHIRLWINDS BOW TO SALISBURY TEAM Yellow Jackets Led by New- some and Harrison ClaSsiest Backs in North Carolina. G. H. S. HELD SCORELESS The Salisbury Y’ellow Jackets romped off with a 20-0 victory over Greensboro High Purple Whirlwinds in. a miserable c-xhihition of football in the Memorial Stadium Friday, October 16. Salisbury was led by Webb Newsome, leading conference scorer in North Car olina high schools, who scored two of the touchdowns, and Clifford Harrison, who are said to be two of the classiest backfield men in high school football in this state. Fumbles Prove Costly Greensboro suffered a great deal by fumbles which came at the very worst times. The whole squad was off form, playing a ragged game both on offense and defense, and the fumbles came at times when they had the greatest op; portunities. Salisbury Scores The Yellow .Jackets scored first in the second period when. th& ball was placed on Greensboro’s two-yard mark as a re sult of a steady march by Salisbury and penalties on tlye locals. Burroughs’ punt was returned by Harrison to Greensboro’s two-yard mark and New- some carried it over on the next play. The second score came when Newsome intercepted one of Lee’s passes in open field and sprinted for a touchdown, adding the extra point with a line plunge. / The final score came in the last quar ter when Greensboro took the ball on her own'six-foot mark. Burroughs’ punt was blocked by Newsome, and Sapp recovered behind the line for a touchdown. Greensboro (0) Pos. Salisbury (20) Burroughs (C) ..l.e Sapp Riley l.e Newsome, B, Johnson : l.g Fisher (C) Lipscomb center Walser Wrenn r.g Lingle Pelnberton r.t Ramsey Wicker r.e Graham Rees q.b Saleeby Lee l.h Harrison Ogburn f.b W. Newsome Salisbury 0 14 0 6—20 GTcensboro 0 0 0 0— 0 HI-Y GIVES w'aRNER FAREWELL CAMPFIRE William Venning Presents Pen and Pencil Set to Departing Worker. DEES TALKS ON TRIP ABROAD Prank Warner was given a farewell party by the Hi-Y, October 24, at the Y. M, C. A. camp around a camp fire. Joe Dees entertained the group by telling of his trip to Germany the past summer. This speech was followed by a recitation by Mary E. Moore entitled “At the Concert.” Dorothy Franklin; G. tv. Stamper, and James Hinton each sang solos which were followed by a tap dance by Geraldine. Bonkemeyer, Mary E. Moore, and Beda Carlson. Wil liam Venning also tapped. Frank Warner then sang and played his uke and his guitar, William Venning presented Mr. War ner with a pen and pencil set, which was donated by the members of the Hi-Y. R. L. Coons, general secretary of the Y, spoke on the work Mr. War ner has done in Greensboro and how much he will be missed at the Y. The meeting cloised with atentence prayers and the Ili-Y benediction. Williams-Bennett Radio Company a. C. A. Victor 457 W. Market Street GREENSBORO, N..C. SASLOW’S, Inc. \ 214 S. Elm St. j ; Special Rates to E. S. Students] Your Credit Is Good I DIAMONDS WATCHES 1 REPAIR WORK | Easy Terms ] visit Us At :K)() Greene Street Dolicimis Home-made Sandw iches, 5c GREENE STREET SODA SHOPPE Jtixt a Whisper irom the Square CURB SERVICE BURROUGHS LEADS LOCAL GRIDDERS TO EASY VICTORY Varsity Replaces Subs in Sec ond Quarter to Check Leaksville Rally. VARSITY PLAY GOOD BALL Regulars Run Wild to Pile Up Thirty- Two Points After Relieving Reserve Team. Led by Captain Jack Burroughs, the Purple Whirlwind regulars came to the rescue of the seconds and checked a second period to down the Leaks- ■ille eleven on the Leaksville-Spray gridiron, Friday, October 23, by the score of 32 to 7. Coach Belding sent his second team . to start the game and they put up hard fight until the second period when Gillie, Leaksville’s quarterback, plunged over for a touchdown. Captain Burroughs and Syd Ogburn starred for Greensboro, while Gillie was outstanding for Leaksville. Leaksville Scores First Greensboro sent a much lighter team 1 the field against Leaksville and Coach Gregg’s eleven swept down the field to the one-yard line as the whistle bleij for the end of the first quarter. Leaksville came back in the second period and crossed the goal line on the first play, with Gillie carrying the ball. Baterraan, Leaksville fullback, plunged through for the extra point. Regulars Come to Rescue Coach Belding then rushed his regu- iB in, and Greensboro had everything leir way for the rest of the game. Greensboro immediately stopped the Leaksville attack, and Burroughs went • for the first touchdown just before the half ended, and then the Whirl winds failed to make the extra point, iding the half with the score 7 to 6 Leaksville’s favor. In the third quarter, Ed Lee broke loose for 30 yards, carryhig the ball to Leaksville’s 20-yard line. Syd Ogburn completel the run. a few plays later 'hen he carried the ball over for Greensboro’s second touchdown. Again the try for extra i)oint failed, and the third period ended with the score standing at 12 to 6 in Greensboro’s favor. Greensboro’s Quarter The last quarter was all Greensboro’s. Elias’ pass to Burroughs was complete and netted the third touchdown. Og burn and Pemberton added two more. Line-up and summary: Greensboro (32) Pos. Leaksville (7) Fesmire l.e Boyles (C) Rolland l.t Ault Knight l.g Newman Causey cen’er McNai*" Hunter r.g Lindsay Gerringer r.t Turner Hartsook r.e Stephens Rees q.b Barham Whitt '....l.h Morgan Pittman ...r.h C. Gillie Fields f.b Bateman Score by periods: Leaksville 0 7 0 0—■ 7 Greensboro 0 6 6 20—32 Scoring: Touchdowns, Burroughs (2), Ogburn (2), Pemberton; Gillie. Extra points: Bateman (plunge), Og burn (2), dropkiek and plunge. Substitutes for Leaksville: Hodges, P. Gillie, Gordon, D. Gwynn, II. Gwynn, Neheree, Kratz. Substitutes for Greensboro: Ogburn, Lee, Elias, Elder, Burroughs, Riley, Johnson, Hester, Pemberton, Wrenn, Wicker, Norcum. 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