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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, December 18, 1931, Image 3

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I f i i Decemier 18, 1931 GIRLS’QUINTET PREPARE FOR COMING BATTLES Hold Practice Sessions Every Day Except Wednesday At the Y. W. C. A. large squad on hand Many Candidates Report for Initial Drills Under Direction of Miss Kate Robinson. The girls’ basketball squad has set tled down to serious work this week, and Miss Kate Robinson has been put ting the candidates through severe practice sessions in preparation for the opening game, which will be played the first week in January. The squad num bers around 38 at the present time and Coach Eohinson has expressed her sat isfaction in the amount of interest shown in the quintet. A major portion of the work-outs have consisted of setting-up exercises and trotting around the gym so far. Miss Robinson has lined up two teams among the prospective candidates and a number of practice games have been run off, uncovering a wealth of prom ising material for the coming season. The practice sessions are held in the gym of the local Y. W. C. A. and Miss Robinson urges that all girls interested in basketball report to her every Mon day, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Promising Material on Hand A large group of candidates reported for the squad for the first practice ses sions and a wealth of promising ma terial is on hand, including some of last year’s stars and a number of new girls. Among the girls who were out last year, the following show great promise of becoming regulars this year: Carolyns Hay, a star from last year, Gene Hay, Josephine Lucas, another star from last year, Jean Watt, Jane Goodwin, Marian Goodman, and Helen Kirkman. The two sisters, Carolyne and Gene Hay, played an outstanding ^game last year and Josephine Lucas, Marian Goodman, and Helen Kirkman were some of the most outstanding players on last year’s squad and have shown great promise this season. . List of Candidates A large squad reported for the ses sions held so far and Miss Robinson has found a promising bunch in the following: Carolyne Hay, Gene Hay, Josephine Lucas, Jean Watt, Jane Goodwin, Marian Goodman, and Helen Kirkman. Virginia Antrim, Mary J. Langston, Dorothy Brown, Ruth Davia, Eva Mae Ziglar, Marguerite Eustin, Jane Clegg, Margaret Stedman, Ellen Williams, Mary Hearne Milton, Jane Barker, Mary Lena Beal, Eva Mae Edjitonison, Jean Eider, Mary Julia Leonard, Mary Louise Jeffresa, Maurine Moore, Mary Gentry, Geraldine Bonke- meyer, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Kather ine Ellison, Dorothy Stuart, Mattie Lee Gillespie, Martha Fry, Martha Webster. Hortense Jones, “Pat” Knight, Leah Baach, Helen Pease, Helen Ray, and Phyllis Hagedorn. Promising Candidates for Boxing Candidate Class Jimmy Tuttle Wilbur Smith 115 Harry Wlmbish —145 Josse Morefield .-_125 Ralph Faison — .145 Henry Nau —125 Thomas Stvers —107 Bill Jerome .__135 Bill Cromwell .. 125 Sam Rees Hubert Rochelle -- 153 Joe Smith Walter Slenenson 125 J. H. Jackson - 145 Hal Justice - 125 Floyd Rees .. - 125 Bob Lane Aubrey Haines - -125 Wrestling Candidates Dudley Poster - 125 Archie Seales -125 Ed. Douglas -125 David Miller _ —125 Ed. Benbow -.105 Ed. Heath Joe Fov - — 140 Bruce Thorbnm —140 Fred Koiirv —125 Illlton Gerrineer —KX) Norris Hall —112 Boyd Tilley ...115 Harris Thompson —140 Bob Andrews — 145 Bill Golding —145 Rigdon Griitidmoii _ -145 Ilueh WiiHams - 135 James Hodgin . -145 L. C. Piidget - 127 Bill Bell . 105 HIGH LIFE Page Three BOYS RECEIVE LETTERS FOR REWARD IN FOOTBALL Eleven Members Finished High School Career in Game Against High Point. CAPTAIN BURROUGHS HONORED DURHAM HIGH CAPTURES N.C. GRID CHAMPIONSHIP Defeat Charlotte Eleven 13-6 in Decid ing Game Piayed at Chapel Hill. RUNS ARE OUSTANDINC FEATURE The Durham high school Bulldogs upset all dope in defeating Charlotte for the championship of class A foot ball in North Carolina when they handed tlie Queen City boys an im pressive defeat on the rain-soakocl field of Kenan stadium in Chapel Hill, December 4, Charlotte lost the claims for state championship after holding the honor for two years. Durham outplayed Charlotte through out the whole game taking advantage of every chance. The Bulldogs made seven first downs, six of them coming in the first quarter, while Charlotte failed to make a first down during the game. Qadd, star Charlotte quarter back, was the big factor in keeping the score at a minimum with his punting, averaging about 40 1-2 yards with the ater-soaked pigskin. Durham’s first score was made on the last play of the first quarter when Ilackner received one of Gadd's punts on Durham’s 30-yard line and raced through the entire Charlotte team for Letters were awarded to 19 members of the Greensboro High football team at the annual banquet given at the King Cotton Hotel, by Earl H. Spence, man ager of the hotel, Friday, November 20, after their victory over High Point, marking the close of the season. Mr. Routh presided over the banquet program and talks were made by Coach Belding, Mr. C. W. Phillips, and Dr. J. W, Tankersley. The Lettermen The players that received letters for their gridiron performance this season are as follows: Captain Jack Bur roughs, Harry Wicker, Ed Hartsook, ends; Ralph Riley and Charles Pember ton, tackles; Harry Phillips, Allan Johnson, and Elmer Wrenn, guards; Nat Lipscomb, Oka Hester, and George Causey, centers; Sid Ogburn and Branch Fields, fullbacks; Sammy Bees and Charles Elder, quarterbacks; and Red Whitt, Frank Pittman, Bill Bias, and Ed Lee, halfbacks. Hyman Elli- aan, manager, and Coach Belding re ceived letters also. Lipscomb, Burroughs, Wicker, Riley, Hartsook, Johnson, Phillips, Pemberton, Causey, Wrenn, and Whitt have played their last high school game for Greens boro. This Season The Whirlwinds closed a fairly suc cessful season, winning five games out of nine. They won two out of five games in the Western Conference and won three out of four outside games. The game with High Point was prob ably the best game of this season, al though the Asheville game was very The outstanding performer of this season was Captain Jack Burroughs, who scored six touch downs, or 36 points. What’s Left Next season a new line will have to be built up, but a fairly good squad of backfield men are left. On the line all of the lettermen are leaving except Hester, the center. In the backfield only two lettermen are lost, but they are a very great loss, being Whitt and Ogburn. This leaves six lettermen the backfield and two on the line. touchdown. Ross added the extra point on a line buck. Charlotte’s score came in the third quarter when Holder’s punt carried only 10 yards and Charlotte took the ball on Durham’s 22-yard line. Three line plays netted two yards and then Gadd passed to Morris who stepped across the goal line. Holder added Durham’s second touchdown in the last period on a 57- yard run. Holder took the ball for his second run of the day and started through tackle then cutting around end. Charlotte gained the right to meet Durham for the championship when they defeated Salisbury in a play-off of the western conference tie. GRID PLAYERS REPORT TO BASKETBALL SQUAD Many Members of Local Eleven Are Candidates for Positions on G. H. S. Quintet. A large number of football players have signed up as a candidate for the Purple Whirlwinds quintet this winter and most of them show great promise. A few football men reported to Coach Roiith and Hamilton for boxing or wrestling but many of them reported to Coach Belding for the basketball Jack Burroughs, captain and all- around star in football has reported for a forward position and is showing up well. “Ike” Fesmire, rangy end of the football squad, has reported for the center position, where he starred last season. Allan .Johnson, football ' linesman reixirted for one of the guard positions, “Red” Whitt, star backfield man, and Elmer Wrenn, linesman, are back at their old positions of guard. Harry TVicker, end on football squad is out for guard also. Thomas Roland, heavy tackle in football, is reporting ns another guard for basketball. George Causey, football ceuter, is out for this same position on the basketball quintet. Donald Hunter, football sub, is out for guard. Amos Shelton, star center for the reserve football eleven, is out for a guard position and has shown up well. Robert Saunders, .'isaistunt foot ball manager, has also reported to Ihe quintet. Most of the football players are playing good basketball. Winter Season Begins At this time of the year the athletic activities for the fall season come to an end and in enter the winter season of sport events. Old King Winter” finds basketball, boxing, and wrestling as the predomi nating sports in Greensboro high. Coach A. P. Routh’s call for candidates for the boxing and wres tling squads was issued on December 2, and he has had a promising looking bunch of candidates hard at work in preparation for the schedule of matches to be run off this winter. Lester Belding’s basketball quintet began work December 3, and most of last year’s stars were again present and a number of new men reported at Caldwell gym. Promises are very bright for a winning team this year and Greensboro’s hopes for a championship team are exceedingly good. The girls’ basketball squad has been at work for a good while and Miss Robinson has a number of promising candidates out. Coach Robinson is whipping a strong sextette into .shape for coming schedule of games. Support Basketball Team While we are on the subject of basketball we wish to make an ap peal to the student body as a whole for their whole-hearted support to the quintet this season show some of the old school spirit by attending the games and cheer the fellows on to victory. This year’s squad shows promise of producing a winning team and a lot of good serap.s should he held on the basketball court. Every year an appeal similar to this is presented to the members of G. H. S., but again this year we hope our efforts will have some effect on the students. Anyone knows that a large crowd of home fans at any kind of ''contest adds greatlj’ to the strength of the local team. During the football season there was an exceedingly low attendance at the games. Every student in Greensboro high school likes to see a hundred percent attendance at the local stadium, but such a thing was far from a reality during the past season. The whirlwinds did not have a very successful season this year, and a lot of the blame for this can be placed upon the poor support and spirit given by the students body. Let’s not give this a chance |to handicap the basketball five. Everyone that can possibly do so should attend the games at Caldwell Gym. Baseball Schedule April 8, High Point' at Greensboro. April 15, Winston at Greensboro. April 22, G. H. S. at High Point. April .W, G. II. S. at Winston. May 10, Open. May 13, Western Conference games Championsliip. May 17,—Open, Track Schedule 1932 March o, Indoor Meet at Chapel flill. March 12, Cliarlotte-Davldson- Greensboro. M:ivch 19, 'Davidson Meet. April 9, Western Confereneo. April 15, State Meet. April 23, Salisbury, High Point, Greensboro. April 30, High Point, Winston-Sa lem, II. S. May 7, Civitan. NEW SPORT SEASON BEGINS AT G.H.S. Basketball Practice Begins With Large Group Out Three Letter Men Return in Wrestling—Hamilton and Routh Are Coaches. SEASON STARTS DEC. 19 Our All-State Selection With the ending of the football season coaches, sports’ writers, and fans all over the country are naming all-state, all-American, and all- star football teams from the most important colleges and high school elevens in the country. With the aid of the coaches of North Carolina high football teams, we contribute our mythical all-state eleven of the western conference. The following appears to be the most outstanding line-np in this section: Burroughs, Greensboro, left end; Riley, Greensboro, left tackle; Wrenn, Greensboro, left guard; Walser, Winston-Salem, center; Hood, Charlotte, right guard; Ramsey, Salisbury, right tackle; Shipman, High Point, right end; Gadd, Charlotte, quarter; Newsome, Salisbury, left half; Morris, Charlotte, right half; and Ogburn, Greensboro, full back. The members of this combination have been given high praise by the coaches of North Carolina. Local Fan Names All-State Eleven A local football fan and faithful supporter of the “Purple Whirl winds” shot in the following selection as the most outstanding football eleven in the State of North Carolina. The line-up is a-.very strong combination and should be of interest to the followers of G. II. S. football. Here it is: Burroughs, Greensboro, left end; Burroughs, left tackle; Bur roughs, left guard; Burroughs, center; Burroughs, right guard; Bur roughs. right tackle; Burroughs, right end; Burroughs, left half; Bur roughs, right half; Burroughs, fullback. It looks as if this'fan is a very ardent admirer of Jack Burroughs, captain of the local eleven, and considers him a very valuable man. We agree with him on the fact and realize that he is as good a man in the backfield as he is in the line. Gym Needed for Basketball The prospective Greensboro high gymnasium is needed at this time of the year more than at any other time. The basketball squad must travel all the way across town to the Caldwell school gym in order to hold practice sessions and regular games. If a gym were built on the grounds, almost twice as many fellows would be out for the team, and a better team could he gotten into shape and more people would attenh the games. The squad doesn’t have nearly as much time to practice after traveling so far. The same thing applies to the girls’ six; although they do practice at the Y. W. C. A. A lot more girls would report if there were a gym at school in which to practice. Boxing and wrestling also suffers from this same cause. A gymnasium on the local grounds would also help baseball and track. Indoor practice sessions could be held long before the weather is suitable outside, and when fair weather did come the squads would be in shape. Revue of Past Grid Season A revue of the past football season at Greensboro high reveals that a fairly good record was made by the Purple Whirlwind squad. The local eleven shows a record of five games won, four lost, and none tied, giving a percentage of about .555 for the season. The 1.931 squad was led by Captain Jack Burroughs, one of the most outstanding high school athletes in North Carolina, Burroughs starred in every game played this season and proved a very capable leader.- Jack was highly praised hy the coaches of North Carolina and was unanimously placed on the all-state football team. The season was opened September 25, with the Whirlwinds meeting the Sanford eleven at Memorial stadium and defeating them in a well- played game by the score of 20-0. The second game came October 2 when the Reidsville eleven met the locals here and went down before the Purple Chargers by the score of 9-0. October 9 the locals travelled to Charlotte and were beaten 18-0 by the Queen City eleven in a miser able game played on a muddy field. The fourth game of the season brought the Salisbury eleven here on October 16 and the yellowjaekets romped off with a 20-0 win over the locals. October 23 the Whirlwinds met the Leaksville squad at Spray and gave them a 32-0 beating, Octo ber 30, Asheville came here and was defeated in a very exciting game, the locals taking the big end of a 7-6 score by pushing across the win ning goal in the last few minutes of play. Greensboro travelled over to Winston-Salem November 7. and lost to the Camel City eleven by the score of 19-7, The jinx of Friday 13, seemed to be with the locals when they went to Danville, Va., and were defeated by the Virginians by the score of 19-7. Bill Elias saved a shut-out game by returning a kick-off 75 yards for a touchdown in this game. High Point brought the season to a close for the locals when they came here November 20, for the final game and the Whirlwinds handed them a 7-2 defeat. The winter’s sports program was started in Greensboro High December 2 when the boxing and wrestling squads held their initial workouts under Coaches A, P. Routh and Hamilton. Most of the candidates reporting are men with some experience, but a few inexperienced men are on deck. Coaches Routh and Hamilton have ex pressed their satisfaction with the ma terial on hand as seven of the wrest- were out last year, three of them letter men. Twenty-three boys reported to A. P. Routh for wrestling, and most of them have liad experience, either junior high or at the local Y. M, C. A. The letter men reporting for istling are: Captain Ed Douglas, Fred Koury, and Hilton Gerringer, One of the most promising of the new can didates for wrestling is Bill Bell, brother of last year’s captain, Hiram Bell, and holder of the state champion ship, who has reported for the 105- pound class- A large squad of boxers has reported to Coach Hamilton and a promising hunch of candidates are on hand. Most of the boxers have reported in tip-top condition, a large number of them com ing from the football squads. Seven of this year's candidates were out for the team last year and many of the others have some experience as pugi- The boxing squad was disbanded last season because of lack of interest and support of the team. The outlooks are brighter this year and the boxing team shows great promise. Coac‘Ii Lester C. Bejding, mentor of football, joins the other football coaches of the state in naming all all- star eleven of the western conference, placing three of the Greensboro high stars in his selection. Coach Belding named Captain Jack lUirrouglis, Elmer •‘Runt” Wrenn, and Sid Oglnini on his team and praises of the three very highly. 'I’he ballot held by the Greensboro Record iid Dailu Newn, taken among the most famous coaches. Jack Burroughs was nanied by each one. reim is one of the hardest hitting linesmen In the state and has proved very aluable at the guard position. Ogburn vas given the fullback position and s one of tlie best line iilnngers seen lere in many a season. In speaking of Burroughs, Coach CROSS-COUNTRY SQUAD TO RECEIVE LETTERS Koury, Miller, Lovin, Siittie. Langley, Montgomery, and Rochelle Will Be Awarded “G.” ■veil members of the Green,shorn high cross-country sqiwd will receive letter.s for their work on the team for the 1931 season. The local squad finished the current season with a fairly good record, plac- ig high in ail the meets and sending three of the runners to Chapel Hill as embers of the all-state team. The meml>ers of the squad are Koury, Mil- Lo\-in, Suttle, Langley, Montgomery and Rochelle, Fred Koury. a letter man in wres tling, was the outstanding rnniicr of the season on the local team, com ing in first for Greenshoro in every meet but the last one. David Miller was the next host (Jreensl)oi'o man, running Koury a close se'ond for first place lionors, coming in right behind him In all meets but the last one, wlien he led all tJreonsboro runners. This 5ear was the first lime a cross lountry squcid has shown an appear ance at Greensboro high, anl the team finished a very successful season con sidering this fact. Local Individual Scores Player T.D. B.P, Total Burroughs - 0 0 36 Oghurn 2 ’ 4 10 Whitt 1 0 6 Lee - 1 0 6 Pemherton 1 0 6 Elias 1 0 0 Wreim -0 4 4 Wicker, safety 0 0 2 Total 12 8 82 Basketball Schedule Jan. 8, Gastoni.a at Greensboro. J:in. 12, Oak Ridge at Greensboro (ponding). .Tan. 15, High Point at Greensboro. .Tan. 21, Davidson F. .at Davidson (pending). Jan. 22, Salisbury at Salisbury. Jjin, 28, Gastonia at Gastonia. Jan, 29. Ch.arlotte at Charlotte. Feb. 2, Bessemer at Bessemer. Feb, .5, Winston at Greensboro. Feb. 12, Salisbury at Greensboro. Feb. 13, Winston at Winston. Feb. 10, Carolina F. at Chapel Hill (pending) Feb. 19, Bessemer at Greensboro. Feb. 23, Charlotte at Greensboro. Feb. 20, High Point at High Point. Football Schedule 1932 Sept. 23, Sanford at Greensboro (pending) Sept. 30, Reidsville at Greensboro (pending). Oct. 7, Gastonia at Gastonia. Oct. 14, Salisbury at Salisbury. Oct. 21, Charlotte at Greensboro. Oct, 28. Asheville at Asheville. Xov, 4, Winston at Greensboro. Nov. 11, Open (Raleigh). Nov. 18i High Point, at High Point. ALL-STATEFOOTBALL PLAYERS SELECTED Burroughs, Wrenn, Ogburn Gain Berths on Belding’s All-Star Eleven. G. H. S. CAPTAIN NAMED Bolding states: T liiivo chosen Burroughs as Captain of the team for his sterling qualities, both as a phij-er and leader, who stim ulates his team mates to the greatest possible exertions. In my opinion he is the best player in this section of the state.” Coaeh Price Leeper placed Bur- ■oiighs at a halfback position on his earn stating that he is too valuable i ball carrier to be In the line. Belding’s selection follows: Bur- 'oughs, Greensboro, and Shipman, High Point, ends; Voss, Winston, and Ram sey, Salisbury tackles; Wrenn, Greens- I, and Hood, Charlotte, guards; Walser, Charlotte, center; Gadd, Char lotte, quarter; Newsome, Salisbury, and Morris, Charlotte, halves; and Ogburn, Greensboro, fullback. This Seasons Scores Western Conference Greensboro ... 0 Charlotte ... 18 Greensboro ... 0 Winston .... 19 Greensboro ... 0 Salisbury .,, 20 Greensboro ... 7 Asheville ... 6 Greensboro. ... 7 High Point . 2 Outside Greensboro ... 7 Danville ... Greensboro ... 20 Sanford . Greensboro ... 9 Reidsville Greensboro ... 32 I>eaksville . FOUR LETTERMEN Burroughs, Fesmire, Whitt, and Wrenn Return—Nicholson, Mclver, Norman Missing. TOUGH SCHEDULE LISTED National Jewelry Co. National Theatre Bldg. Convenient Terms Dick Laundry Co. Launderers and Dry Cleaners Dial 2-0127 Durham Life Insurance Co. (Home Orticc, Raleigh, N. C.) I GENERAL BALLOONS “Go a Long Way to Make Friend^’ S. A. Sigler & Go. Some Important Tilts Already Booked With Two Gomes for Each ' Team Played. Coach Lester C. Belding started drill ing his 1932 edition of the Purple Whirlwind basketeers immediately after the Thanksgiving holidays, and is whip ping a promising team in shape for the coming schedule of battles. A large iiufber of candidates were on hand for the initial drills held at Caldwell gym, and Coaeh Belding is getting together a combination that looks good. Four Letter Men Back Thete are four letter men reporting this year, while three will be missing. Those returning are: Jack Buroughs, Elmer Wrenn, “Red” Whitt, and “Ike” Fesmire. Harold Nicholson, Jack Nor man, and Charles Mclver will not re port this year. Jack Brown and Harry Wicker played in a few games last year and showed promise of developing into dangerous men. These two fellows did not receive letters last year and look good for this year’s team. Promising Material There are a number of candidates whom Coaeh Belding is depending on to carry tho Purple and Gold to high honors this year. Some of the most outstanding of these arc: “Ike” Fes mire, Jack Brown, George Causey, and Buck Peake, centers; Harry Wicker, “Red” Whitt, Elmer Wrenn, Donald Hunter, Thomas Roland, Amos Shel ton, guards; and Jack Burroughs, Roy Hicks, Charles Leonard, Dick Nance, forwards. Sidney Kelly, coming here from Pennsylvania this fall, and Hor ace Breazeale, from Greenville, S. C., are two more boys that Coach Belding is depending on this year. They are both forwards, and this is the position where the most weakness is shown. Kelly is already out and has shown up well in practice sessions held so far. Breazeale has not reported yet, but Bolding is urging him to come out. Neither of these two boys will ba eligi ble until next semester, but Coaeh Belding thinks the practice will do them good. Fesmire has not reported yet, but he will be out later. Allan Johnson, a promising candidate for the guard po sition has not reported yet because of illness, but is expected to come out. Roy Hicks has shown promise as a for ward, but has a tendency to fumble too much. Reported Candidates A partial list of the basketball candi dates follows: George Finck, Thoma Roland, George Causey, Roy Hicks, Don aid Hunter, Conrad Tew, Charles Leon ard, Jack Staples, Harry Wicker, L. A Hartsook, Dick Nance, Fred Work Amos Shelton, Fred Rankin, Jack Bur roughs, Winifred Marsh, Talmadge Smith, Jack Brown, “Red” Whitt, Rob ert Saunders, Buck Peake, H. C. thony, Hughes Clement, Billy Freeman Elmer Wrenn, Sam Rees, Waldo Portei’ and Sidney Kelly. All-State Eleven An oflieial all-state high school football team of North Carolina as picked by coaches follows; Name . Team P Votes Burroughs, Greensboro l.e 7 Hooks, Goldsboro l.t 5 Hood, Charlotte l.g 5 Smothers, Winston _1 c 4 Ilolegood, Durham ___:__.„r.g 5 Voss, 'Winston 4 Hayes, Durham Tfe 4 Gadd, Charlotte q.b 7 Morris, Charlotte l.h.--„6 Newsome, Salisbury r.h 7 Smith, Gastonia f.b 5 1^® Cc ‘Jewel Now Opposite Imperial Theatre “Hpciial Terms to High School StudentH” DOAK-CONNELLY t SPORTING GOODS CO. j 125 S. Greene St. ? "Wholesale Prices to High School Students ■iii!BiiiKiiMii[aii::HiiiiHiiiiiniiiniiiini]iinw Miniatures Portraits Framing S Copies from Old Photographs I The Flynt Studio | H. A. FLYNT, Phoiogrugher | (iUEENSBOEO, N. C. § Always Call for Greensboro, N. C. Dials: 2-1125—2-3237

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