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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, October 21, 1937, Image 1

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Congratulations, Honor Roll HIGH LIFE From the Gate City of the South nd the Birthplace of O, Henry Try Again, Failures VOLUME XIV GREENSBORO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, GlEENSBORO, N. C., OCTOBER 21, 1937 NUMBER 3 VISITORS’ DAY IS.^CHEDULED ' FOR WEDNESDAY Members of Session Room Council Will Officiate as Welcoming Committee. ALL PARENTS INVITED Presence of One Thousand Visitors Will Call for Diligent Attention of "-'^/Traffic Committee. ThV^’’'members of the Session Room council, under the direction of Miss Es telle Mitchell and Annis Hines, \A'ilI act as the welcoming committee on Parents’ day at G. HL S., which will be held Wednesday, October 27. The parents of all the students are invited and will observe in any class they like. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria. This is the second project tbe Session Room council has undertaken for the year, the first being the successful P.-T. A. drive, which was sponsored three weeks ago by this group. Since there are around one thousand parents expected, it will be necessary that the traffic committee take special care in order to keep traffic running smoothly. NEW MODEL CLUB HOLDS FIRST MEETING OF YEAR Will Head Cast SOCIAL STIDARDS C0NFEREICETOBE HELD mmmi 12 ‘‘Behave Yourslf” Has Been Chosen as Theme for Annual leeting. CAREFUL PLAVS ARE LAID Conference Is Orgjuized on Different Basis From Tht Prevailing in PastYears. SUSANNAH WIMBISH Above is shown Susannah Wimbish. who will have one of the leading parts in the one-act play, “Ftor Distinguished Service,” to be presented by the Modern Drama class in chapel on Thursday, October 28. SENIOR HIGH GIRL MEETS MOVIE STARS Ruth Heffner Tells Playmasters of Her Experiences in California. Frank Roberts Elected President, Claude O’Brien Vice Presiden, and Carl Compton Secretary-Treasurer. ADDITIONAL MEMBERS INVITED The newly-organized model club held its first meeting last week in the shop, under the supervision of Mr. Miller. The 25 boys who gathered there elected the following as their officers; President, Frank Roberts; vice-presi dent, Claude O’Brien; and secretary- treasurer, Carl Compton. The group also discussed plans for the year, which were chiefly concerned Avith the type of models to be con structed. It was decided that airplanes, both solid and flying, would be the main subject of their Avork, although other projects, such as boats and motors Avould not be excluded. Later on, about the middle of November, they expect to have several contesis, in Avhich their Avork Avill be entered. HoAvever, their largest project aauII concern only flying models of airplanes. All boys Avho are interested in this club are advised to see Mr. Miller or Claude O’Brien Avithin a feAV days. Yv Dju-ii-O 2f-JL' ■ O i il X' O 11 1> ■ CAFETERIA OFFICIALS ATTEND CONVENTION Greensboro Is Well Represented Meeting of American Dietetics Association This Week. at Mrs. Charles S. Milner, director of the school cafeterias in this city, is attending,the American Dietetics asso ciation meeting, being held in Rich mond, Ya., this AA-eek. With her is Miss Maude Baker, of the City Memorial hospital in Winston-Salem. Mrs. Milner is participating in the round table dis cussion concerning school lunches to- daj’. She is expected to return home the first of next Aveek. Miss Elizabeth IlarA’el, manager of the Central cafeteria, and Miss Cleone Boyd, of Greensboro High School, left Tuesday \o attend the lat^r sessions of the same meeting. “Yes, I saAV Shirley Temple,” pro claimed Ruth Heffner to an excited audience at the meeting of the Play- masters club, Avhich Avas held Tuesday in Room 10. “She helped me paint red posies on some costumes, Avhen she came over to see her brothe-r. Jack, bC; fore she embarked for Honolulu.” And hoAv did Ruth happen to see Shirley Temple? But let’s begin at the beginning. “I Avent to Palo Alto, Calif., the last week in May Avith my brother, Prof. Hubert C. Heffner, of NorthAAmstern university, Avho taught dramatics a:t Stanford this summer,” began Ruth. “He directed Shakespeare’s play, ‘TAvelfth Night/ Avhich climaxed the Summer Drama festival and dedi cated Memorial hall, Stanford’s new (Continued on Page- Three) NoA"ember 12 ha: been set as the date for the annualSenior Pligh School Social Standards [conference, Avhicli this year aauII have he subject of “Con duct” as its theme. This subject Avasselected on the as sumption that ever student Avishes to be attractiA'e, chaming, noble, and popAilar and that hese qualities can be obtained only though conscious ef fort. EA^eryone is fapable of self-im- proA'ement; therefor, the emphasis Avill be placed on a men are of achieAmment to be obtained by ejsh pupil. The conference lafill, hoAvever, he organized on an entrely different basis from that of past yars. There Avill be no group meetings ifith boys and girls divided, no football ^ame, and no union lunch hour. Instea.;, class meetings of seniors, juniors, ad sophomores, re spectively Avill be organized for the noon-day meal, andfo climax the day, some outstanding spaker Avill conclude the day’s program. speakers and minoi themes of the con ference Avill be lufje later, according to Miss Alary MoroAV, faculty chair man, and HoAvaii Moffett, student chairman, of this cmmittee. N.C.E.A. District President .. ■: if' H. A. I-IELMS Mr. H. A. Helms, principal of Cen tral Junior High, Avho Avill preside to- morroAv at the NorrhAvestern District meeting of the North Carolina Educa tional association in Winston-Salem. FESTIVAL COURSE TO BE GIVEN HERE QUILL AND SKOLL CLUB TO ADD EMHT iE.iBEES Candidates Asked 5 Submit Samples of Their Work D Submission to Internationl Society. CONTESTANTS HAe BEEN CHOSEN Kiwanis Club Sponsors Collins Entertainment Group as Aid to Sight-Saving Class. DISTRICT MEETING OF TEACHING GROUP IS HELD TOMORROW Mr. H. A. Helms Will Preside Over General Conference in Winston-Salem. HOLIDAY WILL BE GIVEN Blackman, Mitchell, Blackburn, and Lesley Are Scheduled to Address the Assembly. Play Ball! Our advertisers have done their part, and now it is up to us to^ do ours. Will we succeed?—Are we will ing to?—It all depends. If we will get out and boost the merchants Avhose names are printed in our pa per, we will surely be successful, but if we just let things slide along, and forget those that aid us, we will fail. What we should do might best be ex pressed as the Roanoke college paper, the BRACKETY-ACK, so appro priately put it. That is, “Play bail with our advertisers,” for they have certainly played ball with us. Through the cooperation of our loyal merchants, it has been possible to publish HIGH LIFE without charging the students a fee; but, of course, if we neglect our benefac tors, they cannot be expected to con tinue their help, and then we would have to pay a subscription fee. Thereforei, we should not only pat ronize our advertisers ourselves, but we should urge our families and friends to do so, too. The Quill and Sciii societj’ met last Tuesday at the regiar club period to discuss possible caiudates for member ship in the group, finee memberships are limited, only eigt students Avill be taken in this semest^. The folloAving lue been asked to submit samples of heir AVork to the International Quillmd Scroll society at XortliAvesterh ni^-ersity : Carolyn Ballow;, Xelle Booktq, Miriam SeAA’ell, Willa Jean Hayei Charles LeAvis, Laura Jane Liles, Jean Yates, and Nancy O'Brien, Those students aV) are accepted by the international sfety Avill be ad mitted locally in chapel program around December 1. FRANK M’LEO BECOMES FRINCiFADF SCHOOL & Former Teacher in Athematics Depart ment of Senior[igh Goes to Trinity,c c. Mr. Frank McLq^ former math teacher at Senior jgp recently ac cepted a position principal of a school in Trinity, :^c. Mr. McLeod AA^ent to fill the vaccy left by A. R. Bullock Avho has be given a similar position in Lexingto The school, Avhich[i.. McLeod is to head, has eleAmn gr&.g and an enroll ment of about 1,000. To help defray the expenses of the KiAvanis club’s sight saving class, the Collins Festival, an entertainment se ries of four AA-eekly events, Avill be pre sented from November 3 to Novem ber 24. The festival features : the King’s Am bassadors’ quartet; Harold D. Fide, arctic explorer; Lucille Elmore and company’s up-to-date music and comedy ; and “The Mysterious Mr. Ma son,” a comedy of high finance. The quartet will appear in the Senior High School auditorium Wednesday night,. November 3, at 8 o’clock. Prices are: season ticket, adult, $1.25, student, 05c; single admission, adult, 50c, student, 25c. The sight saving class is conducted by the board of education, in coopera tion Avith the KiAvanis club, to provide an education for .students Avith AA^eak or defective eyesight. Mr. H. A. Llelms Avill preside over the iiorthAA’estern district meeting of the North Carolina Educational asso ciation to be held tomorroAA^ in Winston- Salem, N. C. The meeting Avill be an all-day session held in the auditorium of the R. J. Reynolds High School, Avith the first conference scheduled for 9 ;45 a. m. A holiday Avill be gHen the schools throughout the entire city system in Greensboro so that every teacher will be enabled to attend. The theme of the meeting Avill be “Good Teaching.” Dr. W. C. Jackson, president of Woman’s college, is president and Ben L. Smith, superintendent of city schools, i,s vice-president of the state association. Principal speakers Avlll include Dr. Jackson, Dr. Prank S. Hickman, of Duke uniA^ersity, and Charles E. New- combe, noted humorist and philosopher. Among those of the faculty 0^ G^ H. S._^. who Avill participate in the program are Mr. Blackmon, Miss Estelle Mitchell, Mrs. N. K. Blackburn, and Mis,s Sarah Lesley. This conference at Winston-Salem is one of the series of educational meet ings to be held throughout the state. JUNE GRADUATES ARE HONORED AT GUILFORD Bob Garrett is Chosen President Guilford College Day Students’ Organization. of OTHERS ARE ELECTED TO OFFICE KESTLER NEW TEACHER IN GEORGIA COLLEGE Secures Position in English Department Through the U. N. C. School of Graduates. IMr. Charles Kestler, Avho formerly taught at tills school, is iioaa^ a member of the faculty of South Georgia State Teachers’ college, AA’here he is teaching freshman grammar and sophomore lit erature. He assumed this position Avhen the college began its 1937-38 academic term, his appointment haAfing come through the U. N. C. graduate school, AAfith Avhich he is affiliated. Mr. Kestler graduated from U. N. C. in 1932 Avith an A.B. degree in English. The foIlOAving year he received his M.A. degree in the same subject, and for three years taught school in Wil son, N. C., and Concord, N. C. In Sep tember, 1936, he joined the faculty of this school, AA’here he taught senior English: for one year. He also dis tinguished himself here by his Avork as an instructor in physical education. Bob Garrett, June graduate of G. H. S., Avas elected president of the day students’ organization at Guilford; College last Aveek. This brought to a close the class and group elections for- the current semester. Other officers, all of AAffiom are Greensboro hoys, are; Tommy Mc- Knight, vice-president; George Wilson, secretary-treasurer; and Teddy Mills, representatiA-e to the Men’s Student GoA-ernment association. Eileen Dornseif, another June grad uate of 1937, Avas elected president of the Fine Arts club. THREE HUNDRED BOOKS ARE ADDED TO LIBRARY Bound Volumes of “National Geographic Magazine” Are Also Added to Periodical Section. The Greensboro High School librarian became the proud custodian, last Aveek, of approximately 300 neAv books. As soon as Mrs. Hall finishes the catalog ing of these books, they Avill be put in sei’A’ice. Last semester, a campaign AV’as put on to gather all National Geographic magazines from 1927 to 1936. This sum mer those copies Avere bound Avith bind ings sent out by the National Geo graphic company.

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