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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, September 24, 1976, Image 1

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Of Sophomore Football Elections Results Tuesday Page 6 Vol. LVI Grimsley High School, Greensboro, N.C. 27408 September 24, 1976 Homecoming Multi-colored Homecoming, the traditional Grimsley affair, to be held Friday, October 22, shall be celebrated with a rather different flair, this year. Posters bearing colorful rain bows and chrysanthemums will don the Grimsley campus in the weeks to come as a foreshadow of this year’s “somewhere over the rainbow” theme. The festive occasion will commence at 8:00 p.m. with the kickoff of the Grimsley-Dudley game in Jamieson Stadium. Halftime will bring the parade of the homecoming court and escorts. The 1977 Homecoming Court will consist of a group of senior girls, reduced in number by the votes of the junior and senior classes from a list of 56 girls nominated by the Varsity football team. The Homecoming Court is chosen according to the extent each girl has participated and contributed to Grimsley and its News Briefs Takes On Image Caroline Johnson attended Girl’s State and Girls”-Boys’ Nation this summer. At Girls’ State she was elected outstanding citizen, one of six mayors, and she finally became a gubernator ial candidate. Ms. Johnson went on to Girls’-Boys’ Nation where she became a member of the House of Representatives and finally the Chief Administrator for the Federal Aviation Administra tion. Ms. Johnson met president Ford and other prominent figures during her adventure. Of late Ms. Johnson, a member of the Senior High Cirriculum Committee, was interviewed on channel 2 Inquiry, “The 3 R’s Ain’t What They Used To Be.” Post High School Opportunities Night will be held from 7-9 p.m. on October 11-12 at Grimsley and from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 12. Representatives from most colleges and some from' outside of the state will be available for discussion along with representatives from local technical institutes and the Armed Forces. Ms. Hoffler accompanied a Study Tour in Greece this summer. An article on the English teacher’s experiences will be included in the Feature section of the next issue of High life. Spanish Club inductions will take place tonight in the library. school activities. It is also required that a racial balance be achieved. The halftime activities will be highlighted by the announcement of the 1977 Grimsley Homecom ing Queen and her three runners-up. In addition to the regular halftime demonstration, an unex pected homecoming ritual is being plundered by two Grimsley seniors. Terri McGuinn and Theresa Farley are hunting up some of Grimsley’s bygone homecoming queens. The two students are in the process of inviting the queens from 1937, 1947, 1957, and 1967. The homecoming queens are to be introduced sometime during halftime. Topping off the evening will be the annual Grimsley Homecom ing Dance to be held after the game moving to the beat of Excursion, a band made up of such Grimsley students as Wynn Baum, Kelly Upchurch, Robbie Shankle & Heath Chapel. The location of the dance is still in the planning stages, but it is certain that the girls’ gym, now undergoing renovations and expansions, will not be used. Another consideration, the boys’ gym, is also impossible since the floor, which needs resanding after every dance held there, can only withstand one more ; sanding before its replacement becomes necessary. And with basketball season soon to come, the result would be both costly and messy. However, the location of the dance will soon be decided upon and released by way of the school announcements and the home coming promotional posters. Also participating in the homecoming event this year will be various school service clubs. The clubs started their Home coming projects Friday, Septem ber 17, and according to Genie Doar, Grimsley Homecoming Projects Chairman, the ideas for Continued on Page 8 Grimsl^’a new tearliwa m [kit te i|ght] Dr. VMMBt, Ifr. Griffin, M/Sgt. Hale, and Colonel Janaaen GHS Faculty Expands Eleven new members have been added to the Grimsley faculty this year. They are: Mr. W. Colson, Mr. R. Cox, Mr. D. Griffin, M/Sgt. Hale, Colonel Janssen, Mr, G. Lewis, Ms. D. Schober, Dr. H. Vansant, Mr. H. Whitley, Ms. Metzger, and Ms. Parlier. Mr. Cox, one of the new additions to the social studies department, and an assistant football coach thinks Grimsley is “just great” and reminds student to “support the Whirlies!” Mr. Griffin, a graduate of Wake Forest University and former teacher at the Oak Ridge Academy, has become the new swimming coach. He has served as a lifeguard, swimming coach, and pool manager during the past summers. Mr. Griffin was “impressed by the friendliness of everyone.” Manning the Marine ROTC department will be Colonel Janssen and M/Sgt. Hale. Backed by varied scholastic and business achievements, the two men plan to work diligently with the Grimsley ROTC program. M/Sgt. Hale requests that all students, “Please give those who are members (of ROTC) all the support you can.” Grimsley’s new football coach is Dr. Vansant. He sums up his feelings with one short sentence; “Grimsley is great.” Along with his coaching activities. Dr. Vansant will be teaching in the social studies department. He wishes to remind the “congenial and thoughtful” Grimsley stu dents to “support the'Whirlies.” One of the new assistant football coaches, Mr. Whitley will be dividing his days between the science and physical education departments. He is currently enrolled in the Masters Program at UNC-G also. MYC Results “I have always considered Grimsley a superior school,” stated Mr. Lewis, the newest instructor in the I.C.T. program. He is to be the sponsor of the VICA Club and professes an interest “in assisting in any way ' possible with other organiza tions.” Mr. Lewis serves as the Senior Director from North Carolina on the Board of Directors of the National Education Association. He wishes to be of assistance to students other than those enrolled in the I.C.T. program also. Conference Action Taken Attendance Policy Adopted All Greensboro high school students are subject to a new attendance policy that has been enacted by the power of the School Board this year. Each student is to be given ten absences in each class for the duration of each semester. The absences may be taken at the student’s discretion. No note will be required when a student returns after being absent for one or more days, but as in past years, the attendance secretary will call the home to verify all absences. Students leaving during the day are required to check out in the office prior to leaving the campus. Any student loitering on the Grimsley campus will be asked to leave the campus of return to class. Three tardies from any class wil constitute one absence from that class. Tardies or absences resulting from school functions will not be counted. Students who report to school and are absent three times from homeroom or study hall will be liable for a suspension. Absences resulting from a suspension will be counted and can jeapardize course credit. Certified letters will be mailed to the home after the fifth and the ninth absence in order to keep the, student and his parents informed. After missing eleven days the student will get no credit for courses missed. A student may apply for a waiver which would allow him to continue in the course and receive credit. After missing eleven days the student may continue in the class and receive no grade other than a “W” (withdrawal) or he may wish to transfer to a study hall. Students may take college days as in past years. With a note from the college, these days will count as a school function. Any student with an attendance problem may be encouraged to seek enrollment at the Greens boro Optional School. A special school Board meeting to discuss action resulting from the Mayor’s Youth Conference issues took place Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the Administration building. After taking care of regular business, the School Board allowed Sandy Maxwell, M.Y.C. chairperson, to introduce the issue presenters. Gene Sanders spoke first. He stated that the first part of his proposal which called for an elected School Board, was being considered by the City Council. The final half of his issue, stated that “Consideration shall be give to the opinion of’ the Student-School Board Action Group in making decisions that affect students. The Board voted to raise the group to the capacity of the Parents’ Council in order to use it as a sounding board. Tom Carruthers’ group was concerned about the task of comprehensive reporting on the activities of the Superintendent, Dr. House. He was informed that it is assumed that the Superintendent takes part in all activities of the administration as reported in the State of the Schools Report and an annual report in Greensboro Didly News. As the meeting continued, Carol Eddy spoke on the sex education cirriculum proposed by the M.Y.C. William Johnson, the Assistant Superintendent for instruction, replied that the program was presently being examined by the Cirriculum Committee, but that progress was slow. He suggested that she voice her suggestions through the Cirriculum Committees. The third issue explored the lack of funds groups haye available to provide the . police protection they must have at various events. The Assistant Superintendent for Business, Thorpe Jones, replied that police were only required at football and some basketball games where it is their duty to relieve traffic congestion. Furthermore he added that neither the School Board nor the City Council can find funds to pay the police officers. When presented with the problem of physilities for the handicapped, the Board replied that plans were being made to equip one school in each grade level for these people to attend. Russ White questioned the presentation of diplomas to students who have not mastered the basic skills needed to function in the modern world. The response he received was that perhaps sometimes in the future, diplomas may be given with a form on the back specifying what work has been satisfactorily completed. Finally Paul Suh presented a request for a board comprised of students to evaluate teachers. Dr. House suggested that he channel complaints through the principal of his school. Mr. Carson Bain thought that a means of anonymously making complaints within each school should be devised. He requested that students examine this idea.

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