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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, April 29, 1977, Image 2

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P«ge 2 THE HIGH liFE April 29, 1977 School Board Discusses Exam Policy W/AIT6R i a iis/ fAy 5oupl[ At a recent school board meeting, the topic of the 1977-78 exam policy was debated. The School board, teachers, parents, and students took their views on the subject more readily this year than ever. The meeting was to debate on whether a requirement of five exams is to be given to students in our four high schools next year. The school board and many teachers, as well as parents believe that a tougher examina tion requirement should be put in effect beginning the upcoming year. But the final decision on this topic is highly questionable, mainly because many teachers, parents, and especially students have opposite opinions. The board and many of our teachers want the five exam schedule because they believe if would be a learning experience for the students and better prepare the students who want to further their education after high school. But on the other hand, many teachers believe it could cause confusion and unnecessary work for the schools and that they should leave it the way it is. Many parents believe their children are not getting the kind of education they should have and are asking for the adoption of the five exam requirement policy. Such parents of high school students have become more and more persistent on this issue and are greatly compounding the matter between everybody else. Only the students in our high schools can completely express their feelings. I believe nearly every student here at GHS is firmly against the exam policy. The students as well as others who oppose the adoption believe it would induce the students to take easier subjects and would lead to lower educated students. The main gripe of our students is that if they must take five exams there will be just too many exams to study for and it would cause bad grades on their report cards. The seniors who do not even have to worry about next year's exams, also show a big opposition to the decision. A large number of senior home rooms have unanimously voted against it, but even so, the board, teachers, and parents, may not consider such a resistance by students in their decision. So we have an issue which nobody so far can really tell what is going to happen, but one everybody can tell you what they want. Test For Grads In Raleigh, on April 14 the House approved a two-part bill requiring competency tests for six levels of school students. The bill which require all high school students to pass compe tency tests before they could graduate are being strongly pushed by Governor Jim Hunt as a way of making the school systems accountable. The propo sal by our Governor would require a statewide test in basic subjects of students in first, second, third, and sixth grades. Also in definitely in ninth and twelth. Spring Comes To Grimsiey The rites of spring are now upon us. The trees and flowers are blooming as fast as the temperature is rising. Students are catching that dreaded disease called spring fever, as well as hay fever. Teachers are struggling to keep accurate attendance records because of the unusual high amount of absence from classes due to the weather. Yes, these are the signs of the times. Students are having a hard time keeping their minds on their school work with the many diversions that are happening around them. What with the trips to the beach, skiing, sun, picnics, parties and tennis matches it is really hard to concentrate on books. It is a wonder that the whole school dosn’t flunk out. Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to be sitting by a lake or an ocean or just out in the cool green grass, while their chemis try teacher is trying to explain the finer points of covalent bonds. School holds no interest as compared to the things we could be doing outside. It takes a most disciplined person to maintain his studies during this period. Either he is disciplined or justxme who is naturally boring. Seniors have an especially difficult time in school during spring. Zero per cent of the seniors at Grimsiey enjoy staying at home at night trying to finish a spring term paper when they ' could be doing something else. The main objective of those who have “senioritis” is to have a good time, graduate, aAd to maintain a good enough average to be accepted in college, in that order. No one cares about vocabulary tests or who said what about the New Deal. None of that is relative in the minds of upperclassmen who are trying to survive their senior year. Spring is also a time for love. The girls are beginning to shed their winter clothing, and the guys are beginning to take notice. Guys, that girl in front of you in your English class is not a new girl in the school, but the same one you never noticed in December. She is just beginning to bloom now that spring is here. It is also time to be saving money for the Prom, the biggest social event of the entire year. It may also be the last date for the remainder of the year because of the lack of funds afterwards. Teacher’s we hope you are not offended if we do not show in your class on time. It is not because you are boring, but because it is spring and we are releasing our stored energies from the harsh winter and it cannot be done taking notes. For the seniors it is our last chance to act like kids before we have to force ourselves into maturity at the various institutions for higher learning. Bear with us while we enjoy one last fling with each other before we part and go our seperate ways never again having these opportunities. We’ll go into life and the seriousness of the adult-world and remember these times of our youth as some of our best. Teacher, forgive me for my apathy but I’m trying to be young before it’s too late. No Need For Five Exams I'he exam policy of the Greensboro Senior high schools, in my opinion, is effective. But, in polling other students and teachers, differences of opinion exist. The present exam policy requires that each class takes a certain number of exams. Sophomores, for example, must take a minimum of four exams. Juniors are required to take at least three, while the seniors may takj only two exams. The purpose for exams is to test the knowledge students gained from each course. There are at least two other benefits to the student. First, the student has better preparation for the College Board exam, because he has learned to act under pressure of taking a long test. Secondly, he has another opportunity to bring up his semester average. One can see the opinions on the present exam policy by polling students and teachers. Two out of the three students polled recently, approved of the present policy for taking exams. They agreed “If we didn’t have this policy, then we would be able to exempt exams if we had better than a B average. Many students don’t make such high grades.” On the other hand, other teachers disagree with the present exam policy. Three teachers thought that the present system should be changed. They believe that students should be required to take five exams. This, they said, would ,Jielp students prepare for college exams. One teacher gave this comment; “Every student picks his easiest subject to take an exam. When I was in school, we had to take all of our exams and a competency test to graduate. This is how it should be for high schools in this city.” In my opinion, the present exam policy is good. It gives me a chance to pick any exams I would like to take. In junior high school one had no choice of which exams he was to take. He took all the exams. I also like the policy because as I advance to each year of high school, the number of exams I am require to take decreases. (Like many others). 1 approve of the present exam system. On the other hand, many teachers dislike the system. These opinions will not change until students and teachers get together and agree on an exam policy. Chris HIpps There has been no decisions for tenth and eleventh graders. This would begin the 1977-78 school year which would “access the effectiveness of our educational process.”, said Governor Hunt. Many teachers have been concerned that they would be held responsible for test results, and are aruging this because of the unfair way it may show in various school curriculums in different school districts. They have also challenged the validity or real value of these tests, charging that the bill would encourage the teaching of how to take tests rather than teaching course contents. The Governor will appoint a commission to select appropriate tests to the state board of education. This commission then seemingly would decide on which tests are to be given and everything pertaining to test pretaining to timing and procedures for giving them. Local and state minority groups have also objected to the bill because they charged that tests results would descriminate against children who attend schools in which a complete curriculum isn’t offered as in wealthy district and that is discriminatory because it doesn’t apply to non-public schools. They . have a point there because the amendment for non-public schools was defeated, but the testing program may be changed for these schools anyway. Now I believe I have covered nearly all the facts to this date and I have taken a side or have common belief as any teachers, parents, and students feel. The real value" of these competence tests will not make our school districts accountable, increase students and teachers quality of work, and put North Carolina’s educational funds and national rates better. If our new governor is in all seriousness and believes that a better quality of education will be achieved by these tests maybe the new educational proces will be more effective. But I think, as many others, that it will only end up having teachers teaching us to take tests and leave no meaning to what course offerings are today. Every high school graduate will be required to have a score of grad 9.5 on his test. Even so, the student may score this or higher, we are still not sure if he or she will leave their high school prepared with the skills they should have been taught in school for their future, whatever it may be. Do the students at GHS or any other high school want this? I don’t know, but I think I could make an educational guess. What do you think? It looks very likely that the bill will pass and next year’s school section will see these tests coming even though the people giving and taking the tests don’t seem to want it. Thanks to Journalism lA For Their Work on the Paper HIGHUFE PobUshedMontUy Grimsiey Senior High ^hool 801 Westover Tetrsce Greensboro, N.C. 27408 HIGH LIFE is > member of QnlU and Scroll and the National Scholastic Press Association. The cost is $1.50 per semester $2.00 per year. EDITOR Ed Moore NEWS EDITOR: Pam Gregory News Staff: Ellen Mltcbell, Leigh Cagle, Cindy Caveness, Sandy Pleasants, Chris Burke, Chris Decker FEATURE EDITOR: Cindy Ward Feature Staff: Sara Gramely, Ann Smallwood, David Bolton, Thad Damkoehler, Da^d Bulla, John Stevenson, Hank Howard SPORTS EDITOR: Sharon Sturdivant Sports Staff: Steve Theriot, Charlie Brown, Gary Sue, Billy Tsintzos, Lisa McDowell ART EDITOR: Curtis Fields ADVERTISING MANAGER: Sandy Pleasants BUSINESS MANAGER: Susan McGlamory PHOTOGRAPHER: Nelson Burke ADVISOR: Ms. Kathl Scroog

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