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High life. volume (None) 192?-19??, May 01, 1977, Image 2

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Page! HIGH LIFE May, 1977 Editor of High Life: There seems to be a new fad sweeping Grimsley. It’s called kick Student Council in the teeth.” I’m not so sure that it is really that popular, but a few ignorant, immature, and irre sponsible students seem intent on unjustly tearing Student Council (S.C.) down at any cost. It really disturbs me and 1 intend to educate the uninformed about how it really is. The one aspect of this whole episode that really astonishes me is how these students actually think that they are in a position to judge S.C.! Not one, to my knowledge, has ever attended a meeting of Pep Board, Student Affairs, Youth Recreation Coun cil, School Beautiful or any other S.C. related organization or activity, much less volunteer their .services toward constructively Jmaking Grimsley a better school. If 1 am in error, please correct me. And, after having a S.C. meeting every Wednesday morning first peri^ in room 406 (open to any concerned student) we have had a grand total of three student visitors! Yet, there must be a problem if students are complaining at all, right? This is true. One real root to the problem, if not the problem itself is what students see as the purpose of their Student Government. One common myth which students have about S.C. is that it should “pass laws” and make important decisions affect ing their school life. And if they don’t see us doing this, then they start complaining. That is absurd! Those decisions are reserved for the Administration, the School Board, Raleigh or Washington. That is how it is, was and should be. Now this is not to say that there is no student representation and input in all decisions made. On the contrary. S.C. members as well as random students are involved with every aspect related to school life from PTSA to the Greensboro City School Board and students should realize that all decisions include student opinions and work towards our best interest. But students should remember also that S.C. is a privilege and should always be viewed in this manner. Be thankful for what we have. Now 1 will relate my own opinion of what the S.C.’s role really is. Objectively speaking, 1 feel that the S.C.’s major purpose is to organize and provide students with all vital extra-curri cular activities and services. Also, they are to raise money to pay for these activities in a variety of ways. (S.C. pays for each classes Council, Pro-Con pictures in the yearbook. Otherwise, you would have probably paid closer to $20 instead of $12 for this years Whirligig.) In fulfilling these “duties” S.C. should be able to work effectively and harmonious ly with the Administration and Teaching Staff while serving as a liason between the student body and faculty. This view is very cut and dry, but subjectively speaking, S.C. also expands into many other school and commu nity areas while acting in behalf of the students and school which they represent. Here is a list of the major services and activities the Grimsley S.C. provides either directly or indirectly: Homecom ing, Prom, Book Fair, Twirp Dance, class projects (Womanless Beauty Pageant, Sophomore pensales. Faculty Foolies etc.). School Beautiful workdays, pep rallies, any assembly, ribbons. Thanksgiving project, Christmas project. Student Exchange days and Human Relations Week activities. Teacher Appreciation Week, Muscular Dystrophy fund raising project. Senior class gift to school. Little Four basketball tournament. Graduation plann ing, Voter registration drive, etc., etc., etc. The list is much longer and 1 will gladly continue if someone shows enough interest to ask me. But this gives a general over view of the major undertakings; S.C.’s involve ments are a whole seperate list. Now this list may or may not surprise most students, and some would say, “so what?” But look at it this way, try to imagine what High School would be like without these things and then the purpose of your Student Government will take on a new meaning. The most acute problem plaguing this school, (and America for that matter) is widespread apathy. It is disgust ing to see just how little concern the average Grimsley student has for his own school. A good example is School Beautiful. Ten years ago and for many more proceeding that. Grimsley was considered to have the most beautiful campus in North Carolina. Today weeds replace flowers and bits of trash outnumber blades of grass! Yet 1 get constant complaints about glass and trash in the parking lot etc. Well, School Beautiful has held parking lot sweeps and general workdays as many Saturdays as possible with each workday announced several days in advance, that is. if people cared enough to listen to Officers Should Choose Positions In the recent election of officers •’ to the Executive Council, not one of the candidates had any | knowledge whatsoever of the' office that they would have charge of, should they win the_ election. This is a strange situation, to say the least, and a severe oversight in that much^ potential talent is wasted. If a candidate wins the largest I amount of votes, it does not\ necessarily mean that this: particular person has the qualifications for holding the office of class president. Indeed, the person assigned to lead Pep Board may be more suited to managing Student Affairs or Youth Recreation Council. Each candidate should have the option of running for a particular office. This way each candidate has the chance to work at a job' that puts that person’s particular talent to its best use, and in many cases encourage the office-holder to do his or her best at what this' person does best. In addition, more students may decide to participate in the student government, since there; would be the definite need of' more than one person running for. an office. | After all, even the junior high; school kids at Kiser are allowed to run for a specific office. Are Grimsley students moving for ward in the voting process as they, move to higher educational institutes, or ate they regressing?, announcements. I’m embarrass ed to admit that out of 1700 students, we were lucky to get five students there and two or none were common turnouts. Whose fault is this? Certainly not S.C.’s. The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the student body and especially on the ones who have gaul enough to complain about trash that they threw down but won’t even come to workdays to help pick it up! Not everyriiing is as bad as this, out that seems to be the general attitude. It is embarassing and a total disgrace. Grimsley has long stood on its proud and glorious reputation as being a leader in academics, sports and its contributions to the community. 1 would hate to see these things collapse, but if the classes to come don’t improve on the present situation, then the school has a bleak future. There is hope. One of the best places to start with is Student Government, right? 1 mean, it is a group of concerned students who are in a perfect position to organize a move towards improving any aspect of student life and overall school conditions. We try, believe me we do! But it is virtually impossible without the respect and support of the student body. Instead of criticizng and tearing down Student Government, students should join and work with it to try and correct the problems and faults they see. Students should realize that their hypocritical and attitude is really the root to the problems they complain about. Students should realize that S.C. is not a well oiled machine. We make mistakes and have noticeable faults, but under such adverse conditions, 1 feel that the Grimsley Student Government has done an admirable job. Students should realize the limits to what their Student Government can do and what tremendous potential it has with student support behind it. 1 hope that students will stop and ask what they can do to improve Grimsley instead of complaining about it while they sit idly by. 1 have great confidence in this school and its ability to overcome these acute problems. I hope that students will take a more active part in school activities in an attempt to make Grimsley the school it can be. Grimsiey’s past thrived on it, and those not so long ago days were glorious. But now Grim- sley's future depends on it. John R.Hepler Chairman Executive Council “Student Government is a Farce” is not at all verbally abusing; nor is it intended as an insult. “Student Government is a Farce” is not a criticism of any one or two people either. It is the entity itself that is being criticized; the election itself is being criticized; the achieve ments and worth of the student government, as it is now, are being criticized. The student government at Grimsley is not a governing body. In reality, it is a group of people who happen to be popular enough to get elected. If the government is a governing body designed to help students, why does it not put its talents to the questions of possible exam policies or school calendars in conjunction with the other three Greensboro high school student governments? Why not have the four student. governments get together and have a say on these things. After all, they are supposed to represent the student body and we have to go to school and take exams. Shouldn’t the student govern ment initiate changes in Grim siey’s Constitution, which, by the way, has never been approved by the student body? Why should the principal and/or administra tion have total and almost unconditional power over student government? What is the use of the student government if it cannot make decisions? Obviously, an alternate plan is in order. 1 think 1 have one. Now, if 1 were as apathetic as some people say 1 am, 1 would not be taking my time to do this. 1 would accept student government as a group that appoints committees to do things. 1 realize that 1 can expect no miraculous changes, but anything is possible, so 1 will outline my proposal. Since the student government does very little except appoint committees to do things, it is really not needed. 1 have not witnessed anything being done that a committee could not do on its own. But what can student govern ment do? It can’t make laws. It can’t lower taxes. Now some where in the three classes at Grimsley there must be some students interested in politics for the sake of politics. To make a long story short (and if anyone asks, 1 will gladly elaborate), why not make politics at Grimsley an educational experience, like the ‘independent study’ courses available. Teach the students how the actual United States govern ment works so if they enter politics they will have a basic understanding of it. This may not be the answer, but anything is better than the government now. “Student Government is a Farce” and 1 believe you know it. 1 want to make it clear that 1 am not speaking as a Playmaster, but as a concerned Grimsley High School student. David Wilson A Thought On Graduation By David W. Bulla We-the seniors-now come to the time of year for which the idea of public education is consum mated, and it is the time to go forth in the world - one does this often in life. But one would think that the commencement exercises would befall at a place that encompassed a facet of the experience, education, but this is not the case this year. Instead we will try to graduate at the Greensboro Coliseum, a well known place indeed, but not a part of Grimsley. And here is my argument, wouldn’t it be more adequate, more proper, to have commencement exercises closer to home? I think the answer is yes, but since the gymnasium floor is down to its last splinter, this seems impossible. But let us look to another direction. In August of ’76 Mr. Glenn announced that graduation would take place in the Greensboro Coliseum; there were few who cared, objected - general apathy! Since I have heard many arguments against. I have talked in Study Hall with three seniors who were disgruntled. Other seniors have expressed similar opinions. Now the procedural stratagem would be to complain to Mons. Balance, Gwynn, and Glenn, but for this year it is too late. So let this experiment be. But let me leave an alternative to posterity. Here is my remedial proposal, and it is simple; let’s have it in the Jamieson Stadium. We could have it in that great ball field for which we all are familiar. We could sit in one group on the GHS side of the field (at the 50 yard line) march in, hear the salutatory, receive the degrees, march out. The parents and relatives could sit elsewhere; the orchestra would flank the rostrum. We could start a tradition with the exercises on Saturday morning (in order to avoid afternoon thunderstorms) and the prom could be held that night. This proposal seems to be an adjustment that could be subscribed to perforce, but the idea of the Coliseum may not meet with such antipathy as I expect. 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