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Queens blues. volume (None) 192?-19??, April 01, 1944, Image 1

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HAPPY BLUES QUEENS COLLEGE, CHARLOTTE, N. C. April 1, 1944 Examinations Exterminated At Queens Consdtution Completely Revised New Council Makes Changes In Set-Up On Friday, March 31, the re tiring members of boarding student council and the newly-elected members went to Montreat, North Carolina to lay plans for next year’s Boarding Student Constitu tion. Following is a partial copy of the Constitution as it will appear in next Fall’s handbook. BOARDING STUDENT REGULA TIONS I. Dormitory Regulations for all students. A. Quiet Hours: 1. Each student must observe a closed boy-friend-writing time from 7:00 P. M. to 10:00 P. M. during which time absolute quiet shall be observed. 2. Radios and record players are to be played loudly enough to be heard by all students on the hall. One major will be given for any student owning a record player and not playing special requests. 3. Students are requested to walk quietly during study hours in order not to awaken those who have re tired early. 4. “Busy” signs may be broken only for phone calls, to ask ques tions such as “Have you anything to eat?” or “Will you walk to drug store with me?” B. Telephones: Telephone duty will be dispensed with this year since individual tele phones have been installed in each room and a full time operator em ployed to work the switchboard in each dormitory. C. Lights: 1. Regular Hours: a. Week nights and Sundays, all lights are to be off promptly by the time the cock crows. b. Saturday nights; all lights are to be off promptly by the Sunday morning breakfast. 2. Special privileges: a. A student returning from a “hen” party may keep her lights Trustee Board Settles Issue At Meeting » n-Anp-Rt?- Heads of the several student organizations here at Queens for next year who were NE^^ LEAD ^ , ^ cfn^YAnf LrkrYv ni-#k«tdenff leff tri NEW LE. Shown in the picture are: sitting, center: Edna Adams, student body president; left to jlected rece • Athletic Association; Betsy Hodges, president of the boarding student right, Sitton president of the day student body; and Emmy Wood, president of the Student ^°A;.;.-‘‘ALod.tio’n. (Ob.erver Staff photo). on for thirty minutes. b Students returning from a dance may keep their lights on long enough to tell all interested stu dents about every eligible man they May Day Plans Well On Way To Completion The Athletic Council and Miss Mavis Mitchell have been working hard for weeks preparing for the May Day event. They are just beginning to see the fruits of their labor and now their chief —“Will it be a pretty day or wi IS the Queens’ beauties have to carry umbrellas?” This annual event will take place the amphitheater on Friday, m May 5th. The general theme is be ing kept secret, but we do know that about 100 girls are participat ing in the various dances which include as usual the colorful May Pole dance. La Rue Allison is serving as chairman of the various commit tees. The heads of these saw. D. Miscellaneous: I Slacks or shorts may be worn in any class. This saves time from changing clothes after a gym class. II Social Regulations. A. Rules for dates which apply to all students: 1 All dates must be received and dismissed in Burwell Hall and be paraded in front of all other students so they will not forget what a date is. 2 No student is allowed over seven night dates a week. Any excess will result in one less dat ing privilege a year — preferably taken in June, July, or August. B. Chaperone Regulations: The only time a student is required to have a chaperone is if she be lieves any detail in this constitu tion; then she must be accom panied by a chaperone and a straight jacket to the nearest in sane asylum. Scavenger Hunt Held Tonight For Soldiers Date Bureau On Job For Square Dance The traditional Queens-Davidson Day was observed on Saturday, March 25th, when a hundred boys (75 Air Corp Cadets and 25 Dav idson Students) arrived, via buses, on the Q. C.’s campus. One hun dred Queens girls signed their name to lists on the bulletin board, giving general zed description of them selves; mainly, color of hair and height. The list, on being sent to Davidson, was immediately dis tributed and when the boys ar rived on Saturday and met their dates in Burwell Hall, the couples were evenly matched. Dinner was scheduled for 6:00. Four couples were seated at each table, the four hostesses being responsible for original, individual decorations. At 7:30, everyone adjourned to the auditorium to attend the thorough ly entertaining program of the Faculty Stunt. From the auditor ium, the couples returned to the dining, room where the Freshmen- sponsored square dance got under way. By 12:00, the excitement had ended. The boys returned to their waiting buses, and the girls to their dormitories. Final Results Of Elections Announced On Saturday, April 1, the Board of Trustees held their last meet ing for this school year. The question which was decided upon at this time was the much de bated “should examinations be con tinued at Queens?” Dr. Hunthim V. Blakeful who was representing the students said, “In this time of worry everyone is naturally upset over the develop ments of the war. It is not right to place any more worry and strain on the students through examina tions. Not only will it be a great relief to the students, but if the examinations are discontinued the teachers can make out the grades earlier and enjoy the Spring weather out-of-doors more. An other advantage to take grades coming out early is the fact that the seniors will know if they should send their invitations out or save them for next year.” Dr. Blakeless was applauded heartily at the end of his speech. Mr. Henry Allidaughter, chairman of the board, then made the pro posal that the board vote on the issue. The proposal was seconded and the votes were unanimous in favor of dismissing the examin ation period. Examinations were scheduled to begin on May 25 and continue through June 1. However school will officially close at 12:00 noon on May 25 and commencement will be held May 29. On next April Fools Day the board will meet to decide if tests should be eliminated. tees are: Elnora Anderson tume- Carolyn Hobson, dance, Betty Howard, music; prompting; and Anne ““ Thelma Martin who are in ch^ge of the programs. Miss ane ler and Mls^ Clare Purcell are also helping. On April Fool’s Day Queens , Students, Davidson cadets and' students, and Morris Field soldiers are going to see how many “fool ish” things they can find on a Scavenger Hunt sponsored by the Student Christian Association. Emmy Wood, president of the Fellowship group, has appointed the following committee chairmen: Program, Helen Davis and Vir ginia Jackson: Dates, Doris Skir- row; and Refreshment, Sue An derson. These girls are making plans for a gala evening. The Queens students and their dates will meet on campus at 6:30. The Hunt will start at 7 o’clock. After the return of the groups a picnic supper will be served at the outside grill on campus. The results of the elections of Tarch 14-23 are as follows: President of Student Body Edna Adams. President of Boarding Students Betsy Hodges. President of Day Students Marie Sitton. President of Student Christian Association Emmy Wood. President of Athletic Association Ruth King. Vice-President of the Student Body Betty Schaff. Secretary of Student Body Bea Potter. Treasurer of Student Body Ann Perry. Boarding Student Council First Vice-President—Elsa Turner. Second Vice-President — Annelle McCall. Third Vice-President—Betty Car ter. Secretary—Carolyn Hobson. Treasurer—Peggy Kimrey. Senior Representative — Tiny Duckworth. Junior Representative — Helen Davis. Sonhomore Representative — Dot Jones. (Continued on Page 2) New Officers Welcomed By Hatcher THE FACULTY AND STUDENT BODY OF OUEENS COLLEGE EXTEND THEIR SINCERE SYMPATHY TO: MISS CATHERINE SWINGLE IN HER RECENT BEREAVEMENT Mikado Plans THE MIKADO, an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan, will be pre sented by members of Queens Choral Club and Davidson Glee Club sometime in May. The oper etta is under the direction of Mr. Earl Berg, teacher of voice and 'director of the Glee Club at Dav idson. At present no definite flans have been made as to parts. At 12:00 on Wednesday, March 29, Queens College held its annual service for installation of the of ficers for 1944 and 1945. The serv ice opened with a processional of the outgoing and new officers. Those in the procession were the five new presidents, Edna Adams, president of the student body, Betsy Hodges, president of the boarding students, Marie Sitton, president • of the day students, Ruth King, president of Athletic Association, Emmy Wood, Presi dent of Student Christian Asso ciation, the five former presidents, Anne Hatcher, president of the student body, Mable Beach, presi dent of boarding student govern ment, Peggy Benoit, president of day students, Annelle McCall, pres ident of the Athletic Association, Lou Weyland, president of Stu dent Christian Association, and Dr. Mowat G. Fraser. After the processional the entire student body joined in the singing of a hymn followed by a welcome address by Anne Hatcher. Anne then presented Edna Adams with her robes after which the other outgoing officers followed in the same order. The Lord’s Prayer was sung by Doris Sk’rrow, and Anne Hatcher introduced the speak er, Dr. Mowat G. Fraser, dean and acting president of Winthrop College, who presented a very in spiring talk. The service was dismissed with the singing of the Alma Mater. >1! i > . I

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