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The Orange echo volume (None) 19??-1948, May 01, 1945, Image 1

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Theme: Youth Looks To Tomorrow THE ORANGE ECHO SENIOR EDITION Motto: We Finish To Begin VOL. 13 —NO. 2 CHAPEL HILL. N. C.,MAY — 1945 PRICE 10 CENTS SUPERINTENDENT PAYS FINAI. VISIT TO STUDENT ASSEMBLY Has Storage Room For Stage Equipment Built Riiperintondoiit A. tV. iroiioycult paid ills final visit to the students and faculty in assoinhly rocontlv, be fore leaving iiis |ir(>sont position from wliicli lie recently rosi>;ned. Ti! his ndress to students, he ex pressed his ref?rets for not having been able to do more for thmu duriutr Ills years as suiH'riutendent. TFo also ai-knn\vledljTi>d thanks for tiic coopera tion that all had shown. Mr. lloni'ycutt exhorted the stud ents to cease to be .satisfieii with merely gettiiijr l,y, but to work up to their capacities. Ite called attention to the need of education for real citizenship in tlie conqilex iiost-war period. -As a final expression of his desire to meet most pressing needs of the school, Superintendent ITonoycutt is iiaving built a room for storing stage eqni])ment. This is cxpecti‘d to be ready for use before school closes. FIRST TEN RANKING SENIORS AND CI.ASS PRESIDENT MISS RUTH POPE ATTENDS HOME ECONOMICS MEETING Home economics teachers through out the State honored AFiss 'Rnfli Pojie by \-oting her the jirivilege of rejire- senting the teachers in this field in a National meeting lield in Washing ton. D. 0. Aprill 27 and 2S. The purpose of tlie meeting of the National High School Home "n/cono- mics Clubs A.ssociation wa.s to form aims, policies, and techniques for good - cb:b_ «’tivit3' •on_a.TinfiotxnL-ii4iii.lf>, nr.d to appoint two representatives from the student group for national offic ers. Representing the State of North flarolina, along with Afiss Pope, was the State Club Consultant. Mrs. Marie C. Moffitt. Tlie student representatives of Home Economics Clubs were Marporie Hiucs, President of Home "Economics Club‘5 bi North Carolina, and a stud ent at Mary Potter, Oxford, N. C ■ Angela Merchenia, "Washington "High School, Raleigh, N. C.: and .Tewel Hopphdolt i^foTPanton High School, 'Morgnuton, N. C. The states represented at this con ference werci "Delaware. Maryland, West "Virginia, Virinia, North Caro- T-lina and the "District of Columbia. Aliss Pope announces that the State Histrict Home Economics Clubs will meet at Berry O’Kelly High School, Method, North Carolina on May 12. vSeatod loft to riglit in fnuif row: Ijilliaii Omin. valediotoriatc with ail average of ')4.oO; Fred WiiLstoD. class president. Char- tlirec' II oral Vir-i standing left to right: e Hrewei-, Doi-otlpy King, lia .Edwards; third row (1 roiv of of five standing : A Ivestor'Walk er, laicy Trice. Alice Norwood, Dorona Fonshec. Elizabeth Reg- (‘ster. STUDENTS COUNCIL CONDUCTS CLEAN- UP CAMPAIGN the Student Council con- 'on-np campaign and con- Alusic Stiiflents Oh.serve P^ational Music Week The Music, pupils of Orange Coun ty Training School celebrated Nation al bfusic Week May 4, in the school assembly. The sciiool band opened the pro gram with two selections, ‘'Director” l>y F. E. Biglow and ‘'Thunderer” I'.y Philip Sousa. The director was Mr. B. F Garrett. To show the place of music in phy sical education, the rhythm and mea sure, the sixth grade boys, under the direction ef Clarence Hargraves of tiie ninth grade, gave a demonstra tion of the flip, the no-arni flip, the single-arm flip, and the two-arm flip. Tliey also demonstrated the cart wheel. Following this, the sixth grade girls See ifHSTC STUDENTS Page 6 Pecontly ducted a c tost. Throe prizes were offered to the throe de]iartmonts. the primary, the grammar grad-'s and the high school. The following cla.sses won in the cam paign: ninth grade taqiro.sont ing tlic high School under Airs. M. D. Turner ihe grade under hfiss Erierson, and the fifth grade nndcT the direc tion ryf Miss T, Tfirkiund. The campaign lasted over a period of six weeks, during which time every Tiident was kept busy keep Ins home ^•oom clean, and otber parts of, the building. Even though the contest ended, the cnmpargn in cleanliness will continue miHl tbe end of the school teian. The p‘’r] of the campaign is ob- Hkiiis to itrgi' tlie students in the -cliool to keep flieir aiirroiindin-g.? ■Iran, attractive, and liealtbfull. Intensive Health Drive Hn T. B, Anri Venerea] Diseases With school and community cooper ating, the Health Department of Or ange County carried on an intensive program in education on the nature, •‘aiises, cure, and control -of tuber- cuilolsis and venercnl di&easos over a period of two or more weeks. A double-feature moving picture program wa.s presented to parents ou Monday evening, March 19, in the school auditoriiiiii. Following the moving picture program, Doctor Gavins and Doctor Wright lectured on the ways of combating these dread ed diseases, giving opportunities for interruptions with questions from the audience. A similar program was presented to the students in assembly on Thurs day, Marcli 22. Following the moving picture-lecture program, students were given opportunity to ask many questions about the diseases. These queries were answered for the girls in assembly by Miss Allen from the health department, and for the boys by Doctor Wright from the health de partment. Following ti'is, many students liegnn See VENERAL DISEASES Page (i LILLIAN NUNN WINS FIRST PRIZE IN DRESSMAKING T.illian Nuiiii, an Orange (Vnintv I'laining SclionI senior, won |>rize in the schooi dress grou]) of the dri'ss- making coiitrst held in the Hillsboro High School. Hillsboro, North ('aro- l;na. North Caroliiia, .\rav 4, lIMo lina, May 1. l!i-ir, spom-ored by .Mrs. Ruby Oarawav. Four type-^ of ,|r,-,se were mmMed — rcliool dresses. l'oiisi> dresses, stre- ! dri', end cbui -i dri^-Jcs.^ Fi and second pri'/v'- were 'hw.a'r.icd 7.. each groiii). Tlie contestants consisted of mmn bers of 4H Clubs of Cranage County and Home-hlakefs Clubs througlunit See LTDLTAN NUNN Page fi MRS. BURNETTE CROWNED QUEEN OF GRADE MOTHERS Mrs. Charlotte Burnette was crown- edl Queen of Orange County Training School Grade Mothers in the recent membersliip campaign conducted by the Pareiit-Teaelier Association, that closed its campaign with a celebration of the annual Founders Day. Representing the second; grade, of Inch Mrs. Pearl S. Lampley is teach er, Mrs. Burnette aided the claiss and its teacher in brin'.Tiug in the largest See MRS. BURNETTE Page 5 Home Ec. Classes Use Two-Year Old Boy In Nutrition Project George was a very fortunate baby on Afar !), 194.1, because on that dav he was given a .shower, it is not every baby that has a sliowm- xvhen he is two years old. What beautiful gifts be received! Afilk bottles, soajt, wash clnHi.'^, and all such paraphernalia. -AIriidiigli George is two years old, he is the size of a five niontli old baby. TTi; is a real nutritinn problem. [The cb.ssofl in -.uico ,ir.- .dried tr- .'d.-i.c tiiis bnmnn subject for study rather than white rats. Over a period of two months he has gained in weight, and activity, and is develop ing into a normal child. These changes were brought about by the consistent work of these stud- ent.s. They feed him twice daiy, breakfast and lunch and they prepare his third meal before leaving. Over the week end a supply of food is given to the mother to foc-d him during that This food is bought jiartlv by a white group in Oliapel Hil?, who don ated five dollars monthly for his care. Citizen of the community supplement this by giving such articles as bacon and eggs. The local health department furnishes cod-liver oil. Pictures are taken periodically to check his growth. At the shower George made his first personal ap pearance. At first lie cried but soon he went from one student to the other inakin g friends. The students find this an interest- ii.g project, and also they are grati fied to kiu.-w that they are helping someone else. Seniors And Excella Chib Donate Curtains To The School Handsome- draw curtains for the stage, will be the gift of tlie senior class with the aid of the Excella Home Economics Club to the school this year. In keeping with the tradition of graduating classes, to make a gift to the school, the seniors accepted the offer of the Excella Club to aid them in this expensive gift. In making this contribution to the school, the two groups supply a most needed part of stage equipment, which is essential to FINALS TO BE HELD MAY 18 TO JUNE 6 Dr. J. W. Seabrook Will Be Speaker J lie exei'clMies of flio ('oninioncoiiiciit sinsoii will riniior-.Soiiior Proiii, Frulay, May 18 lit oiKlit o'clock |i. In t|„. school ciKlitocio,,, and ,,„d iiioncoiiioiit oxorciscs on Wednesday, -I line f), ;i t S : ] .1 p. ni. •Ml-. ,1. W. S(‘;ibrook, Prosidmit of Fiiycttcvilfe State Tenphers College, "■'I! deli\-ci' the comnumpenK-nt addro.s.s ofi Wediic.sday night, .hine b, at S:15 1>. m. The simior (das.siiiglit program, a 'Iramatizatioii of flu* fhetiie, ‘‘"Toiitii Looks To Tomorrow,” will be hedd in Ti,e.sday night, Afay 29, at eight 0 ’eioclc. A revived feature of comtnimce- meiit .season this year is the element- nry .spIiooI coinmeiicemont, which will be held at the school on T'hur.sday night, Afay 31, at eiglit n’clock. The program is in the form of an operetta entitled “Sunny of Sunny- side,” in which about fifty children will take part. Mrs. Nonna Snipes is general director of this program. I'he Reverend ,T. R. Stanford, pas tor of Rock Hill Baptist Cliurcli, will deliver tlie annual vesper sermon on Sunday afternoon, June 3, at four o’clock, in tlie school auditorium. The general piililic is invited to attend the programs on Tuesday, Afay 29, Thursday, Afar 31, Sunday. .Tune 3, and AVednesday, June fi. V-E DAY OBSERVEn IN MEiviORABLE SERVICE MAY 8 The observance of A^E Day in the assembly on May 8, at 10:30 a. m. will be long remembered by the stud ents of Orange County Training School. Mr. Kenneth Jones, Notary Public and Funeral Director was tbe guest speaker. In his nddr‘=‘as, Mr. Jones stressed the importance of peace in the spirit 'f men, individually, nationally, and iulcrna.tionally. The theme of the -ogram having been “The Meaning cf V-E Day,” the speaker explained its meaning as marking the cessation of hostilities in Europe, but that it cannot mean the cessation of a battle against the enemy, race hatred, whatever it may exist. At the opening of the program, the sciiool sang .several numbers appropri ate to the occasion. Following this, Airs. AI. D. Turner and Air. B. F. Garrett made short talks on the general tiieme. Principal D. AI. Jarnagpn presided over the program. During tiie program, Reverend J. R. Stanford and the Reverend Mr. Jones, Pastor of the Chapel Hill Pres byterian Church, wiiite, slipped into the assembly silently, to announce the invitation to prayer for all the peo ple, regardless of race, creed, or color to be held in the largest church in the village — the Chapel Hill Methodist Cimrch, white, at eight p. m. carrying on a program of cultural activities. In addition to tiie draw curtains of royal blue plush, the two groups are donating a traveler track of combin ation wood and steel, with ball bear ings end pulleys. ADIEU a 0. a T. S. ! ! !

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