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The Orange echo volume (None) 19??-1948, December 01, 1946, Image 2

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DECEMBER — 1946 SEVENTH GRADE VISITS CAPITOL By Gloria Ma.ton Wo wore oft to ttie Capitol city — twenty-five of no seventh graders, with onr teacher, Miss Olivia Waddell. Three senior Girl Scouts went with ns to assist onr teacher in keeping ns together in that milling crowd at the Fair. On arriving in Raleigh, we first saw some of Iho important buildings — State buildings —and then we went In flip fifnfe ?nir. The sights in that spacious Fair Ground were simply too numerous and too eliciting to describe. The chil dren rode on the ferris wheels, the ca terpillar, the dive bombers, the loop- ers, the hobby horses, and the air planes. All these various amusements furnished so much excitement that some of the children laughed and screamed, while others cried from f right. Too, we saw many, many kinds of animals, some from various part of the United States and some from South America. How we had fun at the capers those animals cut! There were trained monkeys that could swing on the trapexe and “ride through the air with the greatest-, of ease.” ’ One of the funniest incidents to hap pen to us was that of a trained mon- key’s jumping on Thomas Bynum and taking his frozen drink from him. (Funny to everybody besides Thomas.) Borne of the side shows were both interesting and horrible sights to look on. The exhibits of farm products, cat- ' tie, pottery, handicraft, and the like were so marvelotis in quality that it would be imposible to describe them here. '‘You ought to have been there and to see it for yourself.” PAGE Resume Shows Tigers In The Lead The Orange County Tigers enjoyed one of the'best seasons they have seen in the last few years. Although they got off to a bad start, the Tigers bounded back to win laurels in later games. After the Gagers lost the first game to Atkins High of Winston-Sa lem, Coach Scales made many changes in the team, trying to form n click- ing combination. letter mett return M;lliv Itillht lllhh ¥0111 ilk turned to their posts. These were Tint” Mason, "Peterwink” Ed wards, O. T. Edwards, Thelbert "Ba by” Harris, "Speed” Boyd, "Lish” Burchettc, "Map” Farrington, Her bert "Tnnk\” Paylor, Norman "Body” Barbee, Same "Iron Man” Head, Willis "Wootie” Barbee, O- tis "Creeper” Pettiford, "Tipping In” Williams, ,Iep Foushee. VETERANS ADD POWER Adding power to the Tigers, several ' ‘-Vets ’ ’ came out to do battle on the gridiron. They are as follows; "Big ,Tohn” Mason, Thomas McDuffie, .lohnny "Sticky Fingers” McWil liams, Thomas Marrow, "Mink” By- nujn, and lyicArthur Alslo^. TIGERS RALLY After the changes in position, the Tigers lost its second game to a sur prisingly hard fighting Wilson team. This seemed to stun the "Stripes of the .Iimgle.” However, deciding that being pushed around is not funny, the "Big Cats” rallied and began to do I the pushing around. They did just that in beating ,1. S. Gunn High of Burlington 54-0. wood, and Thelbert Harris. Excellent ine work was turned in by "Lish” Burehette, "Map” Farrington, Sam Boyd, wlio was elected All-State Cen ter and who played a gead game in the Annual Shriners’ game in Greensboro. Also Sam Head, Norman Barbee, and Jop” Foushee did excellent line I work. The Tigers boosted two of the best ends seen in high school circles in a Iniig tiiiiP; iiTO fInTiliniBn rh Otis Pettiford nml .1. McWilliams. Tim latter wna the team’s highest scorer, will; about eight toiichdo-wne to his rir-.lit. Otis was a pillar of granite on defense. The final log finds the Tigers with score of If " 'Uts against its op- ents’ 63. { Gradnatiou give the Tigers a heavy blow next spring. However Coach Scales is forover scouting to find new material. ItnAU TllOK. JUNIORS « Ih'llo, hoys and gala! Keep your eyes on ns if yon w to keep up with ns. We are do things and going places. .lust 1 at what this group of thirty-two b and girls are doing. Without Burehette, M.ason, Byn and Maepn, what would the Ti( bet Too, where would you find -wise^and unbiased a judge as .Tohi Mason to preside over the Stu; Court? And again, Helen Rof and "Dish,” are stars in drama Ill (lie (llioml Oliil), 1V6 Imvp Jiin Crowe, Catherine Davis, Mary Davis, Madjoree Edwards, Bla Farrington, Pauline Hogan, A Minor, Blnora Neville, Ulysses chetto, Robert Carver, .Tames By Macon Clark, Clarence Hargr .Tohnnie Mason, Henry Oldham, Russell Watson. EIGHTH A CLASS FORMS BUSY ^ BEE CLUB Georgia McCoy, Reporter Veterans’ Rare Privilege The G. I. Bill of Bights offers to veterans the best opportnnll;- they have ever had to get an edur-.Pm, and thereby improve their social and economic status. The wise vetm will take advantage of this, oppoi ” "'ty. It aoren/s that U' -any are stay- ieg ' af school b- 'wk, falling to rpiC nt nn educnlnl person hns .? ndvnntage over one -with- GAGERS SET BACK AGAIN After this rebound, the Gagers were set back only once more. This time at the hands of the former State Cliamps of Raleigh, the .T\ingle Lords were set back by a score of 20-0. This was the innst thrilling game of the season. At the half time, the score was 0-0, Coach es Scales, Kornegay, and Groton had only praise for the boys. However, the Cliamps felt too much sting in score like this and turned on fresh power that downed the home^team in tlip latter halti( ALL’S WELL IN THE END The Tigers ended the seflBn?' i ’ the upper brncketa, winning eiRh‘ n-H, of ten games. To give special assistance to the class and to set np models of good behavior, the Eighth A class recently organized the Busy Bee Club. In a later meeting the. club will set up laws and work out a creed to express the ideals of tlie boys and girls. One project begun by the clnb is that of beautifying the classroom. Too, the Busy«.Bees are searching for n suitable play to present in assembly. Under the inspiration of the teach er, Mr. TI. K. Groton, Jr., nil the boys and girls cooperated to make this class work toward having the best school yenr of its experience. The Sports Column of The Oi Echo has been edited for the three years by thnt tnUmtod "LislC' and '‘Tint.” Also, year, the secretary of the piiblir is our littlo Ella Qattis. Or why should I go on like giving yon the log of our class t know yoTi can^t look jnuy wljere out seeing a junior. We are ni behind in scholarship either. Lo Juanita Crowe, I^eora Atkins, B1 Farrington, Margaret Farringti al. Here are our officers: Macon ■ See JUTNIORS Page Four M. |. BRIGHT'S FOOD STORE GROCEBTES — PR''”'nCE frehh meats FOWLERC FOOD STOR All Kinds Of FRESH MEATS, GROG lES AND COUNTRY P DUCE, FISH AND OYSTERS. PHONE 6411-9831 Fresh iileat, Vegetable / Groceries — At— W. FRANKLI ST. GROCER

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