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The Carolinian. volume (Raleigh, N.C.) 1940-current, July 27, 1957, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1957 Call TE-4-5558 And Give Your “Want Ads’VVa Will Write It, Charge It And Let It WorkFor You TENNIS PLAYER (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) released. Before the case came to court, Negro leaders in this city request ed a conference with officials of the city to discuss the After the conference. City Manager R. W. Flack said the leaders were "pleasant” in their approach, but 1— mini ■ n«i i» winmanmv* i*i»—;jir»» »*r»» l **.>ri if ■ tx.ii>*,kmkmmkhamt*■/»-«/jaaot'i.'sx mmmtcum*>*>•tmnuaMmrrnrttwtwmmmav* Campbeil-Honeycutt’s Economy Champion Here s the full-sixe ECONOMY car you v,-* bet r swbkw hearms so much about. The Studebaker SCOTS- '"’M ' w 7^ MAN is full-size in everything but price. The ji M g jpfe 2-dooi sedan as low as $1776 with 4-door at *5 Ej fi« M fiJ9 $1562 and station wagon at $1995' And these *» " W sßgy price INCLUDE heater defroster, turn signal;. double wipers, mirror l Full-powei 6-cylinder *n- TWO-DOOR REDAN ?ine that delivers up to 29 miles per gallon. Pav only local plus transport*.* f ion from 3ou i h Bend. Indian a | 56 PLYMOUTH Savoy 2-Dr. '64 FORD Cu" -p. 2-Dr. one- 55 PLYMOUTH Bdveder® * fully equipped. «p(): owner fully ponip- f9a: hard ton, - equipped. ex- | one-owner '-• i * f peri. Clean vtt •) tra riron '?<”.> f -.6 DODGE 2-Dr Coronet, '53 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- ftili.v eoul pp e d with Dr., fully equipped with 5(1 VORr > -Ur <sjvu« car i over ' CIQQt automatic d.'ivc, extra *210“ drive '* lw; '' clean, 32,000 $991 * L/,} | ’55 STU DEB AKER Com- mUpS ' ’ ’ SO PLYMOUTH 4-Dr. clean. j mander V 8 4-Dr, fully ’53 FORD V-8 ? Dr. fully :r ' ,ori equipped overdrive, one- equipped flj/tn" condition *"' 1 owner. $139-1 '* 'BO STU DEB AKER Cham- i low mileage d>xrjstt . '53 STUDEBAKER Cha m • ■/ ™ ,S i 9,7 '55 PONTIAC Starchief 4-Dr.. '53 STUDSBAKER3 W light green like new. fully pion. 4-Dr heater, signals 49 HUD PON Commodore "9" i ST $1393 $69.3 «* $19.3 ; STUDEBAKEK and MERCEDES-BENZ Sales and Service L*”"'. " l P nr-Ti"inv-rTnfT' , inrfTrriT)inn-rT~iiiTni'tirw'«iiit>>i m-frtnr-rr — ,» mhi m» ■. u, n , ~, i r-uu-L - j.. ii.ii . V ________ ' I SELL YOUR TOBACCO IN | FAYETTEVILLE Two Big Warehouses • S Owned And Operated By Big Faimers: p - L “ Buddy " R. H. “Boh” Barbour mk m Owned And Operated By Planters: toiiew » s Joe Stephenson A Sale Everyday Opening July 30, WSJ Fayetteville Merchants Welcome You FAYETTEVILLE,!!. C. iim imijii'w ii l mimi in i— — rT1 —rrril-ir/n-i .. n , _ , .—, ,■■■-- i it was decided to proceed with the. trial BON US~MONEY • j (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1) t 1 July 25, and will close Wednesday. : I July 31, at. midnight. . . There will be five weeks of competition in this month and ! participants are urged to wait until an announcement ap- j pears in The CAROLINIAN, j instructing them when to turn in their receipts or purchase j slips, before submitting them. The Bonus Money Program a waids $l3O to ten persons month ly. DRIV l SAFELY ! THE CAROLINIAN Fayetteville I FAYETTEVILLE—Hundreds of 'unloving citizens with their beau- j tifui evening gowns and tuxedos invaded the spacious auditorium' of the Winslow Street USO to 1 witness the crowning of Mrs. Ruth Burney Washington as Miss Fay etteville Beautician of 1957 re cently. ; * The occasion was the annual 1 t beauticians cabaret hall and Mrs. I, Washington had been selected by j' popular vote. Mr. Sippio Burton, | ‘ president of the Barbers Club, crowned Mrs. Washington. Carroll’s celebrated orchestra . played for the dance that follow- j ;d and foi the one hour floor! how, which featured a local quar-1 lette and dancers, singing some 1 ! of t.he latest song hits and demon-1 \ trations of the popular and new ' Jance;-.. Refreshments were served 1 by the committee. j 1 Each year this club sponsors a : i-aiiai’ci. night in an effort to make ; ’ their contribution to local civic, j religious and educational organi-, , zat.ions. Mrs Laura Wright, is president of the club. Honors Adults A* C. E. League On Sunday, July 21. the Drive •-onfinued with a Rainbow Tea. After the program, the group went downstairs to the beautifully de corated dining room According to .he judges. Mamie Riddick received the prize for the most, attractive table. Barbara Mitchell received the prize for the highest amount of j money brought in. The Young people are enjoying ! the lessons in the Allen Christian i Endeavor Quarterly. These lessons | have been prepared by our pastor, | Rev. L, S Penn. They are whole- \ some, colorful and their minds have become enriched by the study of them. They are grateful to the pas tor who is using his time and tal ent to give this literature. The winner for bringing in the largest number of members will be announced later. So tar Barbara Mitchell is ahead. Sunday will be "Wear a flower ! I for the League Day", directed by 'he flower Committee. The topic for discussion is Prop- ; n Uses of God’s Gifts." Market Furniture COMPANY 401 Hay Street ONLY’ Bargain Basement in j Fayetteville Dial HEmleck 2-3039 WARNER LOOKS CHARLOTTE Last Thurs-, day, July 18, the Rev. E. ft Mich ael, pastor of the Little Rock | AME Zion Church, and Rev. Wil- ; son Bridge, '.white) of Canada | made history when plans were ' made to swap or exchange pulpits I in August. Rev. Mr. Bridge is: pastor, Lnchute United Church. j in Lachute, Quebec, Canada. The ministers will not only ex i change pulpits, but will exchange | church parsonages. Rev. Bridge i will bring his wife, and teen-age son to reside at the Little Rock parsonage, while Rev. Michael, along with his wife and two daughters. wLU reside at tne Rev. j Bridge’s parsonage in Canada. Rev. Michael said so far as It j is known this wil) be the first time in the United States that a colored and a white minister hare exchanged pulpits. FIRST MT. ZION BAPTIST CHURCH NEWS Last Sunday morning the pas-1 ter brought a soul-stirring tnes-1 sage. The text was taken from' John, 5:17. The Rev. Mr. Lowery spoke from the subject, “Power”. The able minister pointed out that sometimes we seem to feel that we can do whatever we wish j without the power of God. But.' he said that if we fail to put God ! in our program we have failed ‘ already. During the morning service the music was furnished by the Junior; Choir, under the direction of Miss j Earthy Clay. The pastor and officers are ■ very proud of their Senior Mis sionary Circle which Vs doing such a wonderful ,iob. rockymountTu I NEWS end -HMfflllr I. ' I views JEMalk V, safiß&irsi PARKS FOR ALL ROCKY MOUNT AH the ar s’ument being raised against the use by people of color of ‘he- Siam Parks in the South (National | Parks arc now open lo all), should ! prove to be enlightening—if not ! indeed embarrassing— to intelli j gent white leaders, particularly in ! Tarheel is, as they strive hard to j Keep the parks ‘lilywhite . LESS THAN 20 PER CENT A Durham weekly has given gi ! gure* which indicate that the N, C | Board o.f Conservation and Devel opment has secured appropria ■ tions for the operation of nine 'white' parks in the amount of 5517.175, while only $90,775 has been allocated for the two 'coi ned' parks (Jones Lake and Ree dy Creek). This figures to he less than 20 ! per cent allocation for Negroes, of I the amount given to whit, s, or less than 15 per cent of the total allo cation while colored population is 25 per cent of total. This appea.'? POSNERS '/ \ CULTURES • STRAICHTENS l \ Ra^Re &msjm j Htajkes process INSIST ON POSNER'S PROCESS C rJ7 IT YOUR FAVORITE BARBER SHOP, • *' ./ drug tforai artd coimatic cou I -pilj 80 Proof. Also 100 Proof Made mggGP£'p*3o from Grain by L. Rolsky A Cie, Cockeysville. Mb., USA Raleigh. North Carolina I 't«dl»dUgi>fW!Wl»M«BWißraiWMaiCWWi;iPHM l »; The officers of the Missionary Circle are Mrs. Alins Lee Pi: > man. president; Mrs. Gertrud. Williams, vice president; Mrs. Wil lie L. Walker, secretary and Mrs, Nora Saddler, treasurer. The program committee is: Mrs Mary Steward. Mrs. Alberts Ifo , boro, and Mrs. Gertrude Williams. Rev, F. G. Lowery, pastor. Mrs Gertrude Williams, reporter. MOORE'S SANCTUARY \Mf ZION CHURCH Last, Sunday morning the p,,, tor. Rev. Richard B. Campbell, delivered the morning ms. -y,-. The text was taken from Psalm 8:4. He spoke from f e sub I '-.-:, ! "What is Man sh. eryom* present | enjoyed the inspiring mex.w :e | coming from the new pastor Th' Church School Convention of Western North Carolina x\a.* held on July 1C through the 5.7, at the Steele Creek AME Zion ■ Church. Attending the convention !as delegates from Moore’s Saar j tuary were Miss Edith Cooper, and j Miss Mildred McDonald. Minis ! ters on the program were. Rev. Richard B. Campbell. Rev. Mack Brandon, and Elder G W. Hun ter. Miss Edith Cooper, reporter. Out Wilmont way. Mr. and ; Mrs. Henry Cooper, Sr. had a-- j their week-end guests, their son j and daughter-in-law, Mr. and j Mrs. Willie Cooper, god son of ! Hackensack, N. J. PASTOR TO CELEBRATE j On the first Sunday in Arums: j the Rev. Ft. H. Frazier, pa to : ! of the Mount Moriah P B. Church I will celebrate his third atmiver i sary. Severn! choruses will be px | pec ted to attend Each nv mb > I is asked to pay $2.00 to be far from our much-vaunted I ‘equality' of treatment suppivsed j to go along with nut legal "separ ate but equal*’ theory wh ch is usually without, the practice, as i? clearly shown in this rase. A Scotland Neck paper, whose publisher, we believe, has been u: not now) a member of the Conser vation Board, strives to soften the | impact of such unequal compari son by stating that the C-D Board | thought the "separation policy'' was thought "to be sound, and the >-o --opert ion of both races \v;c o .■ b in order that the parks may be of maximum benefit.” The Commonwealth contend)! that the facilities "are every- bit as good as those offered iho ruec; j of the White race” despite tin- U ■ | mi ted number and unequal distri ! button of location He spoke o f 1 I how no results had been realised i j from an attempt to negotiate a | deal with real estate intoi'csts near i j Topsail Island for a Negro b-a . h ; neat a Negro development on Si »v ! River. The writer recalls now, that j since he and his late father fra- j veled from Charlotte to Mender- i j sonville tn 1006 (twice) via mule - j and buggy Negroes weienot per mitted to go to tile top of Chimney | Rock Mountain unless they were . in the employe of white persons as a maid or chauffeur. The same j condition prevailed as late as 192(5 j j and even Inter. We wrote the j Chimney Rock Found'd ion regard- I ! ing the injii.-tie, but we got no I ! reply. We can but wonder u tin lack | of Christianity and practical ap- J plication of democracy on the part |of the white people of the State | such practices incicctC Why should | the State continue 1.0 attempt to ! maintain two separate school syr, ■ ?nis, separate parks systems, there- j iby wasting millions of dollars | : whicn could be more advantageous- | ' ; ly used to pul) up the sadly j rtr.c- i.Af'. ii c£ V<l|l t • fc'ciioolj»? \\ Kvcntunliy, v;e'!i ail w the sarin I faeiltt icr-- v.’hv Can't Wt* sl-v-.A * i! NOW? When bomb* start .fall in# | \ j vvo'il all be its a hoie—or hell—to- j , J i : l j j Legal Metises I ADM IN? STB ATK J X'S VOW & j : : NORTH CAROLINA . : WAKE COUNTY The undersigned, May© E. Ligo.o. j j I having Qualiiied ?.* Administratrix of j * ■ the Est&te of Mrs. Daisy S.’. Jone* Li*j- { y | on, dtrueaseti, a resident of Wake Conn- j I tv, North Carolina. on July* 22. iSj7, j j ! this is to notify aii persons having j ; j chum* s ici »> tat • to present I ■ j same to the uncJerskjie-i on or hetove j ! the ‘ i • lift no* j I tice wi.ll be pleaded In bar of recov-j i ' cry All person?, indebted to saif | 1 | Estate will 'please make irmmid late ’ 1 payment to the undersigned. 5 | Thiy the 2Mb day of Ji«i> . lfi.VE MAYS >' LIGON, Adminc-tvatriy I o£ the El tale of Mi:? Daisc E. Jones Ligon ft. A SOLOMON, Ji., A’Vv j July 27, Aue. 10, 17. 21. SL. .1057 IN’ THE SCtMJUOR (ipaJT Hill-ORE THE (U.KK ' NORTH < AKOLINA j WtA *i l\ C OUN T Y j NUUCF, Ot SERVICE OF I’IiOCFoS RV PUBLICATION • JOHN ALIEN MARK 9 sr.d MINNIE J B. GOOD INC MARKS. • LONNIE BLALOCK. I LONNIE BLALOCK. Take T-v- I That 1 a p)< seeking relief aeamsi | you ha - been filed in the adoption | : proceeding entoied ar» above, i ; The nature of the relief being sought • 1 against you is to have the Court to! x declare {hat the infant whose adoption i - i is being sought- by petitioners herein ! j. : was ahrmubiicd by you a> lather of j -.dd infant prior t,o the Institution oi « this action, and t.o cause the Court to j , •. who was born on or about tnc ibid | day ox July. 1955, in Wake County, j * ; North Carolina, said next friend u> i - i have authority and power lo give or j > j with-hoid consent for the proposed a ’ I cioption. You avc required to makft def, * j to such pleading not laid thru* the ?th j ;; • day oi September, 1857, and upon your j j failure to do so the parvft-T sviekm* < sciviC'c aw*in.jr vow wiM opp»> U> the ! | 1 " »»•»» ! itu? la: ot J 157, SARA Al I.IN. A- ;aiH Clerk of Super loir ■ J ! cuua ■ j P J. CARNAGE. A tty. Pc:- Pc,: Rumor a Ju'r- Li. August 3. V\ 17. 1957. in mu; supfißloh <oi ItT f in.'OPT. THE CIXRK NORTH ( aKC-LINA ‘ WAKK COUNTS’ j . r ftY n DDK A i SON TN THE MATTER Os 12AP. !%N | PAUL IT \ EVANS Ml no 2 . ■ By KAH E N Hk.\M HE R KVA N S j f'RANGES GRADY Be FRANCES GR.ADY, take nut ice that , A pkvidmg seekiag lebef against | j yon has been filed in ibe adoptifm j I proceeding entitled as above. The nature of the relief being sought I I against you is to iiave the Court to de- J < t! \,i t .n<»r wad op Hon > | j bemg sought bv petltinnftr hftvein was j [ ab.i/j'J’jWti by k >'Lii *!> mother ot smd . i minor, p: aor u-, tfu* mstmilion of This ■ ! action, iir.d to omiee Mir Court to lip - | ! *Kunt a next trserid lor said minor who j | u :..■*■ born oh or ttbout Uu: 27th day of j j May. 1052. m Naeh Counts', North Car- I j next triyrid s iJv.and i'iOvAc.i to give ot svjth-io'dd. j ; to such pleading not iiter than the 7th j : day of Semember. 1957, and upon your j j failure n> da :;o Ike p;.rfy wtekm..: ! service aguuist >ou -aill sppiy to the j , Court (or the relief nought j This 37th rtsy of July, 1951. SARA ALLEN. Assistant Clerk of Superior ) Court F J CAHNAOE. Alt j Jilt;. 21; August 3,1!,. 17. ISJ7. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE ! NORTH CAROLINA i WAKE COUNTY i Having qualified as .Vtn-.ini -.'of j the Estate of G;-o **e Henrj Wtlli-.o'*'. j Deceased, late of Watu County. Non i j • Carolina, this is to notify all pc!•.-•>»»? j : having ciauos the Estate <.f : ] said deceased to exhibit them to the in', , r naned at 13a'j. F. Ha rip ti S ti-ee i Raleitsn, North CnroUne. oa or betore i I the 18th day of July, 1988, or till? no- I tic u’ of liv. n \ esiuie 'All. please r.iake inttrcdiatc i j ' Th) . th day of July, J9S7, F ,T. CAMNAG' 6 '. Administrator i July 27, Aut’ 3. iii, 17 Ft. i t H. 57 \ AHMINISTR A TICK’S NOTICE NOTICE iNORTH CAROLINA | WAKE CO-.'NIV I Too unde‘‘signed, bavin# qualified ft. ! Adnlnia'.rstrix of the Ksirdc ot T hea- , | dorrt H. Smith, dftCcas-ed. lat«f oi Wakft j County, v *r« to notify oil i «soi;*- | havmg claims laid «stat<v to j present them so the on or i before the 2ft>*. dav of July. 1921*1, or j this notice will be plcidec) in liar r?t j recovery AD per. <oll2 indebted, to vaiti 1 ftw.twte Wil'- plri'Yf nuke immcbi 1 piiyment to the unfier&igmvl S thi» i.aih onv ot July. 1937. i Vis A R SMPi'H n-'UUj 2, Box 139 VvVndc' I. Worth Cor Min «■ r i AYI.OH & Mrrcv-PL-, All orneyr- ai iaw i'rJ f/L-t ihiraclt Street oHna July JO. 27. Auguf 3. M, 57. 2< AOMINISTRATRIX 'S NO fit E i NORTH : AROLINA WAKE COUNTY flavins Qualified a? Admintv-tralrtx of the I'si-atc of ?’"= Ada Dark, de ceased, ’air of Wake Couufy, North I Carolina, this is to notify ah persons 1 havmt* clesi-s as;a:tist Iho Kgtat’ of .•■sic! di-oo.v-cfi lo f.hibit Uir-n to t'ue • undersiftnefl at »• u»c "• Bos 174 ft*. 1 IrcL North Carolina, on or before this PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIEDS Number of Isrure and eoat per "word ISSUES 1 4 8 14 Cost ;>"r word 4c 4c 3c 3r. per line, per is.ue 10r life t'M 7V4e f . >rd abbreviation, initial or symbol count as on* word. fkmelusuoti marks aro ISOT counted as words. The minimum number of words m any ’• i”. ad is 13 words. You will - i miic-e by ordering your ad to run 8 or I?, issues. Weekly Ad: may he telephoned through Wednesday up to 19 AM. CARD Os THANKS Wi v. n to i .press our thank* to t! • ■ fi icr.di- for their expression of kindness and sympathy during '■V: ■‘’‘ I' * di'.ith of Mr David Sanders. May God bless them. Ti i SANDERS FAMILY HELP WANTED WPVrf.N—\v E.r.;y Ready-Cut Wrap- A-I. Aptons Homo. Earn *26 Id >f mi: , nave time. Write—Accurate Vfc -v, Nc'.v YL ':. OOMKB I'ICS (aims *8 to 55) Mr "tii* Y .. a Mb s.:o iii *45 per v- I Musi "i".- reCt refice*. Trar.s fit,. :.i' i proi'ided. Sleep-'n Jcbe. Fiv !. ; dr-airt Contact, Mitchell i ’■: >"i 'U. <ii:' packer St.. Gold is.o", \ c. Telephone J 370 RADIO AND TV SERVICES KAf.Elfiff RADIO & TV SERVICE CO, ' i V-,: : .air. St . Phone: TO 4-7132. TV 5- ■ ,-n and A aiennn Installations, --'toon radio, and other small ap pl 'anc SPECIAL SERVICES SrFF< HI WRITTEN for busy people •f-5 00 . ! 1 1 e. arch, Manu fret pit in good Snf- I'iMi G.S H BOIiIaWARE. Box 2761. Prairie View, Texas. AUTO SERVICES *" ;;•! I'll; S MUD CARS ~ ti* Hillsboro St., Dial TE 3-*554. AUTO fts TRUCK RENTALS IVAKk-U-DBIVI ST—CARS. TRUCK*, • t ' i 111 H i ,;IS FOR RENT - 3Pi f Mi-Dowe:: "it.. Dial TE 2.0993 in in t I E 3-0994. ■ G" t :■ : money out of used refri* • . •’ and i p.nsturo NOW. ■ mJi . -a ad*. Dial TX 4-5553. BUILDING AND HOME"" IMPROVEMENT SERVICES STANDARD CINDER RLOt R CO., tors. • te and < binder Biock*. : :M Ml Dowel! St., Dial TE LooJ:;vif or a Job? Let us htlp you tines one. Dial 45558. FOOD SPECIALS JOY'S API! ait AN CRITJL 220 Baat St, ftaielgh—Dial TE 2-9fe4. Cooper’s Bar-B-Q BAR-iS-Q and Cliicken (Oar Specialty) i‘ig and Cliicken JOS E. DAVIE ST. NURSERY I FOWXKR’S Nl.asr.KY rayetterill# Highway. Phene TE 2-0T53. ic NTINL A ROOM(l—Register it with I.i al TE 4-5558. Tina space wtli «gd : you only *2o. SERVICE STATIONS DUNN’S ESSO STATION—OO2 S. Blood wurlh St., Phone TE 2-Hk*. Consult our classified aoa regularly; i. vie are many baigatn* offered. Used Cant Bought «nd Sold Jenkms Used Cars S2 l S. Blount Street Dial TE 2-0344 WATCH SERVICES DAVFDSON'S u, A’K'H SERVICE—IIB Z. 2f>!h diy of •lone, 1658, or titif naUM • v " • 1 ! i i i u ; then iQcov-* - A - 1 ; Hnit Glea lo th.*" IlSttt# vs ' I '--‘ u payment, iii.'- . . a ~i June. iSS7 I'-'iiS ml. KIEL DARK McCOY. Aomiriisirauix V •• cahnaGC. Attorney .funtr 21) July 6,1.,. *t), 27. August I. EXECUTRIX*# NOTICE ! NORTH CAROLINA jWAKE COUNTY H*' imiiiiCci a- Exenyriy of the 1‘ : ‘ iii Mr- I.uaepia Hogan Durham, •., uie 'A Wake County, North, ii:;‘ is to notify all person, ; iw '.ur, el,cm* against tne eauie of i cmi d ,i od to exhibit them t.o the > unifiM'M.'n.v.i r.f 133; Oberiin Road Ka le ' t'.iioiina. on or before tin 131" ifaj of June, 1950, or this no* ■ «oi b, pleaded ui bar of Uieir re- A i person* indebted to the "ii please' make immediate j payment. ! This isth day of .Tune, 1957, ELLEN DURKAJM HINTON, Ksfi;,lr:x F ! CARNAGE. Attorney i June '£i, 2?: July 6, 13, 23, 27. AOMINISTiIATOR S NOTICE ! NORTH CAROLINA : WAKE COUNTY j i 1 ."tviiit as Administrator of I .late ot Mrs Clarissa Hinton, ■ rim ,).--td, fate of Wake County, North C.V'.'.na. Uiis U to notify ail persona j 'i.iviny cl 1 . against the Estate of •"id'i'd to exhibit them to the , "•.o.i i .-'i il -'it 115'w 1? Hargett Street, i Hi.. " . North Carolina, on or before tin' 18 day of .Ume. 1958. or this no - tit c ■■ ■ ill !" pio.ici' d in bar of their re» 1 A i- ..-on. indebted, 1* ilia , ' ■■■■■ ■ ill pit - " i makt immediate pay* tfHStlt , ; Tliisf ;oLi of Juno, 1957. ' CARNAGE Adinmisitfstof June : iii; July 6. 13, 30, 27. AOMJNtSTUATOR'S NOTICE i NORTH CAROLINA WAKE COUNTY lin urn■, >■''.wed. having qualified ?ts Adm'n;-ii rttu o? the Estate of Rev. '■ L Um-aisiton. deceased, late at I W k( i.'uuat.i. tliis is to notify all per* ! sol,:; haviny clainf.r. ..cilttiit said estate | io ins nf ti -m to the undersigned os or oi tore < r 25th day of June. 19.78, ' or this no re will be pleaded to bar of til per-mi* indebted to I id elate will please make Immesfi j p,-.' . i.tii to the undersigned. ! Til a 25;n dav of Jure 19.V7. i HARLLS C IRVING, olt Administrator .70’) ti East ?tieer ti neigh North Carolm* Jiini 29 July 8. 13. 30, 27. Adfuat 1 3, 11 37.

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