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The Carolinian. volume (Raleigh, N.C.) 1940-current, August 10, 1957, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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PAGE TEN — 1 ■ -* --1 -~ ' *--*- -' ' - -' <-■:■- I* |,y ■ - Carollnas MU Honors Walker For Olympian’s Achievement; Lee Calhoun To Wed August 9th DURHAM - Dr T. : nr T Walker, track coach of NoUh r frolina College? niymp-.. hurdler Stadium. Evanston* 01. os they pause Pom a workout in preparation for the due? «Hth the world yhrrmpion New York Giants on Ana ;t T l’*orn left. Sire* row; Son Kramer. Earl Leggett. Jus Parker, and Jeny Tubbs, *’rom Soft. hark row. Jim Brown, Del Schaffner, Don Bossier. John t Brodie Paul Homing, Lon Pcwum. and Jan Arnett. (Mcwprefsg Photo}- Pranklintcn Redcaps And Centra! Prison Giant; Clash Hhre Sunday j The Franklin ton Redcaps '■ lnv*A* Raleigh, Snndav , A-:- 11. The Redcaps come t<* UN •• Park 'ci d ! .‘ oattic \>yh rh® ' ■ : Central Briton Giants lon a on er In the baseball wnr!.- \ Carolina This will nr. r the n U&l o-" ■•• n t this City this v- -or; Th® Redcaps tvi!! n, their first appea-ance 1 last season when the*. drßuited j the Baltimore Elite Giantr. Independence Day rh- h ‘I r Central Prison Giant* ing then- fir?? public apnea' < in five year''- ‘D :n is -v. de i, entirely of life-tern!'is .jn f . have been reported to have !- ■; or. the winning end -.f aii <h, ■• games this season .sirron: ihe ■ son league. Leading the Brin ps v jit be Lonnie Flevrl, who ib-Mg • • ted to replace Kenny iViitio, •kipper for *h< Re deeps for tie pa:** three ra?on> Mona get Flovd hr a ird fi, ( the Cap* will he at fob .tr, r.c th and he expect-, the game to Pirates 9 Ctcmente May Quit CINCINNATI <A- p» R’ -r eircuiated here lasi that Ho merto Clement? r«H hui.ih p . rates outfileder ms? quit *>■ and return to his n R:co at the e: d of -iv- oi ; v, bail season because of a chronic back ailment The third leading h,n i :• National League las' fue.n <u, ments has been ph -it i-.v injury almost constantly this son A* onp perind. he ,p< > i Giants' Brown To Wed In October Pu ishing NASHVILLE, Tern. AN Members of the General Sunday School Publishing firm'd of the National Baptist Convention. V ■: A. Ire. met in Nashville «.. . to rev-ie-.c- work of the Knnj ~nd lay plans for the future. He". M. B. Rib’oins of Chattanoo- ■ cb,)i> man of the board, pro,sifted. The board's attention was dir »r- I ted largely to administrative r ■ ! ports of its Secretary, Dr. A. M, ’ Townsend, who has- led the hoard 1 for 37 years. The Board beard dt'cm-mon of its legal status b;. A»iy \ T. Walden ‘of Atlanta, National Bap tist Convention attorney' ftepm of the financial st.ifsi* t m ; Mr. 3. B Bltyton. Convention and- ! itor The Expansion nrnvrjm of j the Board and a look into it* future need* wen explained by Best Chat let. ? Dinkins, the Board's Director of education and AsMMant to the Secretary. Plan« for reorganised chil dren's curriculum, were repor ted by Miss Mildred L. McTyre, Editor of Children’s Literature. Among the affinal actions taken | were. The Board voted to approve the action of the board of ciu - i-v!is: in acquiring property adjacent to the I Morris Memorial building in Nash- j Villa to provide • !. V r 1 ris Memorial building, now k>. ted i I *ee Calhoun, received th® Caro* j : ri.n AAU Honor Roll certificate j "for outstanding contribution to ] he «<l*» of the toughest that the ; have played this year ! if *, i ir.ll.'!. is going; to place most of the dependence on his i ' hi!o ■ . James Meyvsooif. M-hn ho, » record of n wins, :'"i. !•>' los-cm for this year. Ready to e« in relief, if neers- I will he times Thurring- ! !i>n, ‘he limr.m" for the Red- | LciMltng the Caps afield and at j ’he plate will be their powerful | "Murderer'; Row", of Blalock. ; Stallings, and. Hicks, who have a i i fio'bio.od bast ins! average of .418. 1 i 1 narlos Bislock. 2nd baseman, who ; ri the Redcaps at the plate last i season rCinquished his batting j I lend to Clnvenec Hicks. Ist base- j .nan. due *o 3 current slump. Blalock was leading the < mv vMb a .422 effort, htif bis fuller, to .502 over a period i the !:<*i. three weeks. Hu-iis, who ii.ts been consistently peirdiu* on the horsehidp went ahead in the hatting >.! !' with a .430 total. Jason SLtßme?. the leading home tun producer last year, better ' j whole month to a Pittsburgh hos* 1 Vital. During his stay in the hos* pita! he lost ] "■> punds. i Wording to fdements. the perulMr ailment has so far baffled the medics, who have j not been ibSr to successfully j diagnose it "No one knows j what it 1 said Clements. ' hey can't, find anything, i | run. I throw, I move, eet hurts. Some day ect hurt, some day 1 • j CHAFLOTTRSVILLE. Va. (ANP) ■ -•Roo.-a vrtf Brown, arid star of the j oriri ch.unpions New York Gi , - i t., and Miss Thelma F.lizsbeth | - oronton of Charlottesville, last | ■ cr.o!< announced that they’ll wed | in October. The announcement came as Brown, 9 tackle, prepared to break imp v»ih the Giants and head tor ( ‘!ih ago for the Giants-Oollege i A!I-fitar„ football Jitnc Aug !> 1 Tan Grid Stars Try Out With Philadelphia Eagles IWifef'.i Note; This is the hi- i of a scries of stories deal- I to.; with the prospect,: of pro foutball trams with Nn.:rc personnel.) CHICAGO iANP) - The br r-. i up; ■•enldfion of tan talent m Hie le-irn’s history is now in iittihuiji with the Philadelphia Hag j 1> s profess >nal football team at j Hershey P.. j Altcniiop will be centered -on : Clarence i-’ita'ks. Michigan State’s i:r«-at all-around performer and the Eagle:- No, 1 draft choice. Among the veterans on the club !'■ I’lddie Hell, defensive end and half' ick, who will be playing his ) | third i non with the club. The tattles have reached into the armed services for several j tan prospects. These include i in the ;o million dollar Capital i Hill development area in rtoun ' town Nashville The Board voted to approve | pl’n to .icq-,lire property on which tin- I <rrl M in (lie futuro erect i a bui .’’pg to house its printing I fbe furtherance of amateur athle tic? in the two Carolinas. Thp award was believed to be a known ».» "The Pride of the Redcaps.’ and (he player ■ named as (he Most Valuable Player for the last year's (earn rounds out the concentrated power of the Redcaps batting strength. he currently is hit iing at a .424 clip, j Afield the Caps should look like j I Ibis: Nathaniel Davis. C, Clarence j ; Hicks IB; Charles Blalock. 3B; j William Nichols, SS; Jason Sfal- I lings, 3B: Arthur Wilkerson. LF: ! James .Joyner Cf; Henry Will- I tains, RF Manager Floyd is ex* i peeled to choose. Newsome for the pitching duties. There will he 3 Little l eague game played prior to (he start of the Redcaps.—-Gi ants game There will also he r pieeaMng contest with a j big prb.e for the winner Game time is 2:45, Sunday. August j it. at Chavis Park, j The Redcaps' record tot the ! | season stands at 17 wins and 1 loss j | Their loss came at, the hands of j | the Durham Rams. The Central i Prison Giants record is reported 1 m he ,4 wins and o losses no If eet doesn’t mre f ijni* (baseball! I no foot around," Meanwhile. Pirates officials are ! concerned over Clement’s threat j to quit, baseball. They realize the j worth of the 2-year-old player to j the Pirates, He's been the team'; j ; mainstay for the past, two seasons ! A speedy fly-chaser ss well as j j a top hitter Clements last week i was baiting only 249, more than i |6O points below his 1058 season j ! average The Giants did their conditioning at Winooski, Vt Brown s bride-to-be is the daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs, Thompson Curenton of this city Brown is the son of Mi and Mrs Roosevelt Brown Sr., also of this city Miss Curenton is a graduate of Central Slate College, Wilberforcn, Ohio Brown is a graduate of Mor ! cm Stale College in Baltimore 3iw Greer All-Army offensive and In 1956; Vlnnie. Drake. AM- Army quarterback for two straight seasons; Larry Boyer, former halfback for Wentover (Mas*. Field AFB. and David Rogers, another halfback who was named to the All-Army first team In 1956. Othei aspirants include Alvin Richardson, a 235-pound tackle from Gramblitlg College, and Dick Booker, an end who failed to stick with the De(roit lions last. season. Peaks was sailing along toward All-American distinction last sea son when he suffered a torn cart 4 - lege in his knee in the fifth game of the season. Surgery removed the cartilage and doctors pronoun ced him “good as new," He maintained a 5.2 average rushing in his Big Ton career for the Spartans Michigan Slate's roach, Duffy Daugherty, declared that 'Peaks ran do more things better than any back I ever had " Daugherty believes that he is a good enough to play "fullback, I naifbaek or end ", THE CAROLINIAN first ' for a Negro coach in this area. Ironically, Di Walket >«. the man most, responsible for Negro athletes’ cracking the rind ” cut * tain in competing tr. the annuo! AAU track mee' held a* State College in Rnleigh each year. Joe IV Glynn, President of the AVI sectionaf. made the announcement and added, "the Carolina AAU was honored to have one of the national track and field champions for this sectional, and that was Her Calhoun who was so ably coached by Coach Walker Lee, of courts. won an Olympic, cold medal and he w aho too only member of the Carolina? AAU to obtain 0 national award at the Dayton. Ohio. Hack and field ev ents. We extend our heartiest coo ' grain! ations to Coach Walker on hi? part in this achievement." This is a monthly solecfon made by the Carolina; AAU to honor those who have played outstand ing roles in the progress of mro tour athletics >n the two states. Dr Walker nnd ids noted protegee, Calhoun, are nxpeci erf to meet on August HI when Lee will hr married to Mi Gwendolyn Bannister, Hie track star s coliege sweeiheari Calhoun will enter recreate o I work in Cleveland. Ohio, in Ar I (ember, accorebng to Walker i . . i&A. MEET—Churles A- Ray, left <»f \(:C and Lrnc ' E Goodman of Howard l.’niversiiv. pariicipalrd ! in (he atinutil mceiiuc of the i American College Puititc Rri.i --i (ions Asocial ion, Sports nivi-*- ion. at th* Bismarck Hotel, ('hi | cage. 111.. August 6-8. May. who is also director nf (he C(A\ i News Service, joined Goodman ; in a smalt college pane! and de scribed functioning of confet cnee icrviee "in round up nf a!! major conferences. Goodman Vi a pioneer member of \{'l'F.A Barnes, Smith Star In Game OMAHA. Neb. (ANT- - Right* : hander Fiank Barnes, ir. hi? sec- j _ | ond season in the Amen, m Asso ciation. has set a 57-,voar-old Am ertcon Associ."’!-.'!! .record n■' pd chine 41 1-3 consecutive score les:- i innings. j The Omaha rudm U' butler. | unanimously chosen to the annual < jA A all-star team has shut out i i five different clubs in thp 1 ague. ( j His 2.40 earned run mark • - the 1 > lowest among the Association pit* j chers, Barnes ha? a season record of ‘ | eight wms and six losses, pitching 1 ; eight, complete games in 18 start?. In his first 115 innings, he turned in 102 strikeouts, second highest in the league The Cardinals recently sign ed Boh Gibson, just >ut< of Creighton University. He star j red in baseball and basketball for the Omaha school. Gibson, j winning his first start in pro baseball with an fi 2-3-inning performance, is considered an excellent major league pros peel. He was sought by seven other major league organiza* i tions besides the Cardinals. | Gibson , incidentlly, plans to ! ploy basketball with th® Harlem I Globetrotters this winter j The third lan member nf the I Cardinals is infielder Milt Smith, j who has performed at. second, third i and short this season Smith, who ! has had a major league trial with AIDS 'KENNY' FUND - Frnnad #r»»«rt«rinw Enrtha RiM odds swr woi'-e l« o host ot other slo.w. in tjugtn'j public nyppnri of the 1957 annual hind anpeotl of the SLoloi Elisabeth Kenny founds lion. Miss Kid, who has nvjds one-minute TV ctfranarctals i» aid th« drivo, view? a pcjrtrrvt of the late Sintor Kesvvy • who aided to the fiqht oqaiwu polio. (NaweprwPhot©), I forß PfU.sT LANDING Challanger Tommy “Hurricane" hnui at the Polo Grounds (left photo) and saga to the floor te the Jackson grabs th? rope.. liter takinc a bard right, from heavyweight nroccss (right photo). Jackson hit the canvas three times, lost In the champ Flovrt Patterson in the second round <>f their July 29th title lOth by a TKO, (UNITED PRESS PHOTO), * For Sept. Bout: j NEW YORK fANP' --- Middle- | weight champion Su ar Hay Rob ; inson and welterweight kir.gpns i Carmen 80.-Rio Vest '.reek official. I ly signed iesal documents fur thoiv j middleweight, title showdown at i Yankee Stadium, Sept. 2d The ceremony whe!.! it heudquriers of the New York State Athletic * otnrni-sion. !* vi .fs delayed I ( ' h »,?■ ■; ri(r the lepaf-minded jiohitwon r\ ainined the return clauses of the contract. The contracts call tm Sugar Rav ! to receive 45 per rant of all n>: f i proceed?, and Basilic. 20 per cent : of the same. Meanwhile promoter Jim Norn; j of the International Boxing Cb b j prerii'Oed » gate of be''- 1 wn i 000 to $i million, with an addition- ! a! $250,000 coming from -theater television, The IBC is promoting the fight !50 Enrolled In ; A Ch e.c rl eacl ers Clime At P. V . ! PH AIR IE VIEW ’lex <ANF" - The fir'd clinic for tnojoi'ctts and cheerleaders held last v» eok st i Prairie View A & M Co'< !.->g« en- ; rolled 150 students from all parts; of Texas and Louisiana A large group worked two?■- - ■ sions per day ucdrr the leadership of Mrs J H “Pud’ Patter son. head cheerleader at. the University of Be tty e East of Sam Houston State Teachers College and Margaret Ciaid of Baytown The project was held under the ; supervision of the dire,-for of ex tramural services. Dr . ,T L j Brown, and will be repeated next slimmer. the Cincinnati Redlcgs as well ■<- the Cardinals, loads Omaha in doubles with 15, in triples with nine, in hits with 75 and in runs scored with 50. His current wit ting average in ,260 and he has knocked in 40 rum- Smith was an outstanding hitter with San Diego in the Pacific Coast League in 1965, when h;s contract was purchased by the Redlegs, He failed to hit major league pitching and war. rent hark so the coast loop in 1956. v hen he played for Sr.(tie. t.n . TIT'.C BOUT SET Light heervyweigbo king Archie Mooro points te chcdJeasgisr Tcsiy Anthony (right) during r* huddle m Atiqoic* nr' which <i title howl was sot for Sopi- 11 t» C, hr..-.i p Stodnan Attomoy Julas Covey *cwro(he fighters, while Honk Smskale- reorCßpaf irig »H«* Colik mjr» Sports Enterprises (promoters o( the bile go), looks on, Mne*« wos mshvd <s t, In ,r rjf;vn tr i M<r« York hovmg comnOtSSlOß or Jubw HpUotiHL rtfter Wrung on g'isT'enS'iOß foe imling if* defend h y» crown m n yonr. fNewnpr® - f - Photo). , I NEW YORK fANP'i New York j ' Giant,? fans' iart wwk were urged ; \to organ;/c a■ V iip. Mays Day" | \ at, tlie Polo Cl round? o s a token of : j their appreciation of the star out-1 i fielder s contribution *o the term? i i and its supporters over the years, i '1 be suggestion was made bv ; a New York newspaper, which | i CHICAGO tANPi-Friot to lea- , ving for Kiamesha Like. N. Y tor I ; 3 week of g.-illing and fellowship, a j i ; group of .some 25 of lb* nation’s j ' j premier • profession*:! and business I : i men dined at fashionable Morris j I i Eat. Shop on the near Sotilliside ! 1 i where they were treated to a sump- j t j tuous menu and an exhilarating j < | afternoon of wit and humor. 1 Tim humor, for the most part. < J was provided bv Larry Do by, star ! Chicot;-) White Sox outfield#*’ who ! v/as one of ;i-vend piles! speakers I Dr. Waiter Or-mv. Aaron Payne, i I Truman Gibson, Jr. and Jesse ! Owens, former Olympic star. «tl*o spoke. i i V, guest speaker n«hv was j ] ) surprisingly (join! pne No ted more for his exploits on j ’ I Hie h iso,bill diamond rather ; l | than t*is ibiliiv ns an after j ! dinner speaker, Larry exhibit i rd trenrhent wit md a retnr j fee that had *br whole group applauding. Ml present agreed (hit the bait-hawking Doha Bobby Beli’s j Victim Given Brain Surgery | SPRINGFIELD. Alas? t ANPI Knocked out in the eighth round or a H’h -di'.f'd 10-round';, by Bob hy Bel) in N, r York recently, 1 e teran lightweight Bobby Courches* ne 22. v ■,) reported in f-itr condi tion at Spr lngfiold hospital follow ing an operation for removal of .? blood e'ot oil the brain CoUJ'ehesm, a veteran of 61 pio bouts, had taken a savage beating from ito!! arid was sitting in lus corner between the eighth and ninth rounds when he suddenly stiffened. A Phy tetan war- called into the ring 10 revive the Holy oke, Moss fighter, and reported he h id suffered a temporary para lysis. Since then Courrhesne has en tered the hospital The operation followed Brrf entile pn-”i ;. are expected to remain at present favorable le vels throw gout the) remainder o' ! 19>7. I staled that approval of such a ipove bv Giants bra:,.; would be •t significant, gesture on their p,rt to the thousands of (n\af fans who must remain behind when the Polo Groundci rjr parr for San Francism next rear. Will,*-, 4li«s p«3pj?r v-r*?d. rpniitids • was in rare form i« a speaker i Do by found a receptive audience in the informal group of golfers, who were preparing to leave for their annua! get-together. Mem bers of the group which has a j president but neitl or constitution ■ nor by-laws, have been meeting ! on the golfing links for the past ! l.i years, They play sf various pla- | eer. but. this year decided or. New I York They ate guests this week at j the Concord Hotel, one of the most j luxurious on the president of the Masters Golfers Association The group is composed of friends and associates w business and the professions. Here in Chicago they gatht-r monthly or so socially. Then president is Eugene Woods:, prominent attorney With a mem hershtp list reading like a Who? ,?**+** mj wm*~ Mi «. * lrind ' n m ' ,K ' ¥ ‘ lf,% streigbt Wh!jkfi V 5 m • 70% Grrm Spirt* WEEK ENDING SAT . AUGUST 19 1957 Giants fans here of the glorious days of the past Called the last of the Giants super stars, he is ranked with such former greats as rail hTibbfu!, Mel Ott, Chris Mat thewsrin and Frankie Frush Mays has been termed by. ejf neri.- a? the most exciting player in baseball today Who. the group includes the fol lowing Truman K Glbeen Sr and h(x son. Truman K Jr ledge Herman Moore of the Virgin Blands, *Hf Bey Archibald f. Carejy, Attorney Aaron Payne, Hi 'j K Lawless James £. Thatcher. A Spaulding, A K. biggs, Homer Wilburn. It. M. Calvert, s. r Himillon and P C. Podrers Also Ralph Metcalfe. Jesse Owens. A W Williams. and Wasscll Donaldson. Guest.- ;n addition to Doby. mere Wendell Smith Claude Barnett, director of the Associated Negro Piers. Dr Clinton Undo. Leslie Abernathy and Harry Gibson. Following the dinner the group travelled hy auto, Iran? and plans for the golfing retres*

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