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The Carolinian. volume (Raleigh, N.C.) 1940-current, August 10, 1957, Page PAGE TWELVE, Image 12

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PAGE TWELVE iMfll ! L f C? A H 1 ■— ", ■ *2* i- rv of- hkaiur club I Ml* VR-FR 5: Xhl« collection of i « * - llleged Slayer Os Cop Nabbed On Bus; I t Victim Os Police Beating In 1955 If: V;> • ANTI -An |? . . ■•>« cu. hunted steadily j lor '■■-'■■ i •,' after he allegedly i lletv a Linsntia'n. A! , police ser-! I. -. } ■■ .’ •'• '• . ‘ \\• . : :rn olf a 1 l? ■.’ T .v: »! Hyhalia ■ < r '■ ML'rf.:. : ,r-ippi highway po-jl be . - week. . _ jj I 1!; atl. id i- Caliph I -I. nn army Ml’ re H I t ■■•>!*. i' !niiicfi !'»•<■'in J.ipan | v ' i;h !>•• .. h<-r. lose- ' ] I j ». shKi't !---•• v.-.n'i a pro was I fined iflSO on charges of dls- I f \\ : t • s;! resist irur | . ' J’.i v.enicv po - I ) ;• m >f - tis.'fl them of ‘‘in I dec tut p'is;i( on their I i ,-■!•. poy.-h in full view of his I (<f» teen-aued daughters. I ; fatally I bo.-•••• ,-•••• • Tame n. Clark in: [iv: ; • .0, r)- -Tih » .18 calibre i tji). A cu <i 1 ;f» R»’■ • • •nit'!* r*o- j if\ TJu'ff SMofs’* T 3 ; * v , w.pyo eoiiii j i i*t jf'Ovt’ 1 o mt.n he' cm ■ ; ' mm. n. s.-.-.d ■ •- , -.*p>p sve identified m he-' '}' < »>< ■: '.V;- iiin ;<Ofl. po T - ... ; , , p ! . ;.. - ! | i .. , f 1 A 'l'"’'. I ' \ 10 r t'll of i <• .pet v, ;f of the Acbam < Mississippi stale !•-•>• iovi ip.. !rail. They | i! iT- Vi.-. siv in pi poliff. .' ’ ft !:i Mi-• m-iniE. frnrn W i;-; 1 s pros irlc-ri the bus j p-|'s'- v -Ui . . ;Jr \VIS vp- .| r ■ I-, liufii'pd i in Aberdeen, ac* i ■ • ■ 'S i"* r-ri Furm r >n Tor; :■. of i-V'fi Ho'.rt, Tex., who m i ifed next to Washington ; ' ; : ■ -'TP- - rsTrs -rvij f :'vi 'o ' te-lo ni Hie ahiying, ! "i s' ! 1 W■ ■: ,n -on is sa id ; ] In -iiori. ti'i.--,.". Caliph and I-; tihi’i- Here .irrested V>y • h;. far-on of I’rs no . ■ 11 .- «tiieh in PARK TILFORD RESERVE j frit'-tfetS i®i i 0— iOOYenn! ! dOiwilier i i f | RIRK&TILFOKP : | !'"Ri'SERH> | rjsf. «os>sbs» .r«o j ?;!yrifs;«;• Sf|!!?£.liSS, fsfi;r ttf'jrt.l! 'HSUS I ! beauties are the members of the Queen of Hearts Club of Char* 1 1 eluded “inderent exposure”, beaten and later fined $l5O for disorderly conduct and resist ing arrest. Parson accused the two youths i of being on the back porch of their home at night, dressed only in their underclothes and whistling "wolf calls” at the policeman's two daughters. Both boys pleaded innocent to the charges, and said Parson beat them over the head with his pistol and kicked them. r the'BEST WAV TO GET FAST 1 SEKVICE FROM VA ON YOUR CLAIM IS TO IDENTIFY IT WfTH ; YOUR*C" OP. CLAIMS NUMBER EVEPY TIME YOU WRITE VA V ABOUT IT T . ■ - -T 1 0 n 1; 6 i-ymM m ;i»|«,n.4lwr». *.r*r'*t \>TKRANS AOMINISTJLATIOV l • iriHITHIIIW.MIMIIIH—IILWIW Hi M..1..11. HWIIW— . I IWlilMtl III! im„>^ j LAyr CALL ' On Summer Merchandise |" " DRESSES Values m $7 Values to $0 Values to sl3 Values to SI.A $490 s||So s|'9o SQSO ■a- eee-wgti.i-Mjj.uue'waaiiWß'JWWffw* SKIRTS s2go VALUES TO $6.00 'i»iwir«i Mili'ia inmr&mmK-m/nennrimnii wtwwiaiw»»tiwi3ttiic.w'wiw 1 Bathing Suits! gowns-sups | PAJAMAS I I | s 3°o | s2oo 1 Use Our Lay-A way Plan No Extra Charge 8 j Betty Cay 130 Fayetteville St. ~ . Raleigh 1 FRIDAY NIGHT ’TIL 9 P.Mwn—■ fntle. the "Queens' staged a dance at the Excelsior (Tub last j I * ‘ National Art Shop | INTERIOR DECORATORS 1 >ECORATIVE ACCESSORIKS I PHONE TE 3-9717 i 621 HILLSBORO ST. RALEIGH, N. C. i . ... «........j. ...I—«—■< | REPAIRS ON ALL MAKES of CARS (20 YEARS EXPERIENCE) Satisf action Gu ar an teed Ca 11,,. TE 2-9280 for Pick-up Service | WILLIAMS’ GARAGE J j 2227 Poole Pd, Raleigh, N. C. j WAITER WII .|,l A MS, Prop i j BLOUSES 77= 98= VALUES TO $2 00 week fnr the benefit nf the "Mart'll n Dimes.” Mrs Clara Garvin is president nf the QOM'v THE CAROLINIAN 2 Negroes Kidnaped, Beaten In Alabama BIRMINGHAM, Ala. < ANP) I Two Negroes kidnaped from these j early last week returned with a story of a beating administered at the hands of four white men. * \,/T * \ NCOtWRES • STRAIGHTENS j| v Ray SStabrns®** - ja.SIST AT AWW v ulortt and c«»wt»lfo FAYETTEVILLE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA OWed Stat«~svpported, T*ach»r- Training Institution in North CaroHnx Beginning With The Fall Session ADDS TO THE STANDARD COURSE 3N TEACHER, EDUCATION • Commercial Education | • Auto-Mechanics •Carpentry MANY STRONG FEATURES! • Laboratory School situated oil the l ampu;. • Rates always reasonable • Bureau of Placement for graduates • Atnoosiphere conducive to senovm study Further details write tot DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS FAYETTEVILLE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE I Fayetteville. North Carolina FRESHMEN ENTER SEPTEMBER 11. 1967 FALL SESSION BEGINS SEPTEMBER !ft, If>.1 f >. 1867 1957 j St. Aupsike's College j Aflf AIVMNSIimN C MitM viewing ntudent work during the* Art Festival at. St. Augustine'* are; \lism irtih* Field*, Raleigh* Mary Mfrtmne* ifarrieit Bryant, Wilmington; and Johnsie MHehell. Wendell. . • A.B. and 8.8. D&grea in Art and Music • Sciencs and Mathematics ® Social Sciences ® Business Education and Secret a pin! Sturfi-, • Health and Physical Education $ Teacher Training, Elementary Education and Secondary Education • Pra-Theological, Pre-Medical, Pr«- Dental, Pre-Legal, Pre-Social Work Fall Term Begins September 12,1857 ! WRITE THE REGISTRAR JAMES A, BOYER, PreMdfcnl safe*,**. .— -mzjbxzx . I Harold Cunningham. ’.9. and j Henry Silent, 21, stated that they j queiioned about their activities • parked car and driven to a wood* * ed area and beaten after being | questioead about their activities, cm the proceeding Saturday, Both said they were working | on the date in question and had no idea what bad occurred. Cunningham said he didn't | | know where they were taken since i they were forced to be on cne j i floor I _ I RIVERSIDE INN 5 MILES EAST OF RALEIGH. N. C. THURSDAY A A C T m m H I 51 .50 August #C AT DOOR 9 until 1:00 Fni 1 * us Srrvu ' n With A.d'.'nre Ticket 4 : i ATTRACTION the r~ • -i “Breaking Mr- Heart" RAVENS <g MARIE IfMinUT | ItIIIM fc 11 rm KAVrv , 3 SINGER I ORCHESTRA j HAL SINGER ¥ IT “GET WAY *%F ! JxjUt BACK” I Ed/% I Accredited by the Southern Associa tion of Colleges and S e c o n d a r y Schools, and Rated Class “A” by the American Medical Association. Member of the Association of Ameri can Colleges, the American Council on Education, and the United Negro College Fund, WEEK ENDING SAT , AUGUST in t?.n? for Basting fgljgfef hoy fever 1 »• Dr. Guild's Mcynleift C ** A B t f ' * S Os COMP c H 0

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