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The Carolinian. volume (Raleigh, N.C.) 1940-current, August 10, 1957, Page PAGE FIFTEEN, Image 15

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WEEK ENDING SAT . AUGUST 10. 1357 II ' 111 M HIM INI Ml 111 ' " .. New Maeiianics And Farmers lank li¥©a!s Contemporary Designed, Larger Building The build m; of the Me rhanics and Formers Bank Build in? at. 33 East Hargett Street, re 'ro 1s 3 contemporary destr.n semi- ; fireproof structure. two and one-i ■ft ~ » f- 1 ’■ -Twu:*rc-r~ ■ / -< . c /••'•'>•-•• -*»V V-'- • • X- ' ''if hs***ii * f * *' • SEmI-t E?’" Tr*- — «■«» - y* s a 1-4- tfSB-fslSfeMif *r T' 1 - X ‘’-SEIt. ■ *W' p -" * w i jfvTiy _ EXTERIOR OJ M,H BANK—The exterior of the ultra-modern Mechanics & Farmers Bank heir is nude o< basically pink Norma! ht-tek, laid m panels, emphasized with grids of aluminum strips, relished rainbow granite. Quarried in Winner ta wa* also used. An aluminum ciirtoin wall forms a continuance of (he entrance SERVICE WIT« A Vlffl.r-Miv. DUi, lohnsnn - shown in the bootb of .he „ T M , 'Jr;? * * ,** r »*r.. B «"k» ,!k,< P VVi,,,Jf, ' v ing .Mis-, Marguerite Mann, a customer ' Ae, • jr f If* I™"* na ,rad ' >m3rk Mfbanic**- farmers Bank The u alk Up Window I. for ««« i ; We Are Happy Fo Join j Irp* ii ine i I 5 A L U TE : A | To The | BA.IK » . . , OF RALEIGH Use Hood System industrial Bank jffjllfL 122 S, Salisbury x '^'-" Kalei.s-h \Mjjjmp oa --—. Trf r- ~ i i _ j | half stories in height Thf exterior is basically pin', Norman brirl- laid in panels. rmph:iV)/eu '• h cii-K of aiil ; miniim -■ trlr* A continuation I of the entrance is achieved h> an aluminum curtain wall furnishing i'gbi and ventila tion to the mezzanine and second floors, with a border stemming from the entrance wav of polished rainbow gran ite Quarried in fold Springs, Minnesota. i The off-street, entry features j | a Walk-Up Tellers' Window for j i after hotirse service, sepeial hing- j re! Ellison aluminum doors to | main lobby and second floor, and | self-lighted night depository Entering the building re vimlv the main floor and mi>7- ranine. The floor of public i spare is terrareo with a pink tinman brick wall, lined vith i two check desks. The five teller spares 3CCOSS ope side of main floor have counters with colorful leather panels cm front, and formica. tops to match the walnut paneled walls in the open office at oid of public spare. The work space has a cork floor with sprayed-on coustic-al plaster ceiling and is adequately lighted by flush type fluorescent light in ceiling and individual lights ion the counters In addition to the | open office, there is a reception : area and one private office Dt | rectly behind reception ares, there ; is a stairway to ground floor and j an automatic elevator serving all | floors. | The mezzanine directly above I the teller counters and overlook | inc the public space, has a front I rail of biumcraft aluminum with j obscure glass panels Tire floor is j | of cork tile with plastered -wans! j and acoustical plaster ceiling. In j addition to the bookcepirsg depart- ; I ment,. the mezzanine houses a di- j | rectors' room with aluminum ’ framed class wall overlooking the i main floor. The walls are a com- j bination of Roman brick, plaster. ! ‘and glass, with carpeted floor. Ac- ! cess to mezzanine is by stairway and b.v elevator. At base of stairway and elevator ; landing on ground floor, are the | bank vault and night deposit safe. 1 with two coupon booths near. Also ! on this floor is a spacious lounge i with concealed kitchen facilities, j i two ceramic tile toilets, and I room housing complete healing j land air-conditioning facilities for j ground, main, and mezzanine floors. Air-conditioning fm second floor is located in separate un-t : on second floor The second floor coiif.’-i r-f one large room with two toilet room, j private entrance and is to be rr i copied bv the N. C Mutual LA - | Insurance Company. in ■iniimi .7. Ml muniMiHi ■■»...■« I.l.—T—. I ... .I ..... ...I I r Till n" ,~ r ~ ~ P~nT~r'ii» ' —— iTiTTn i i imim r '■ ■«ii'l'wiwm*ihi»i iuh irrn-miMnT>-iiMiiitiii Hriiiß i «iii (ORGANIZED 1907) .pi' ’ r. Met'AVl ry < STRICKI.AVD PR CI.YDK DONVKT.I, V W . HEMET f 4 HUTnnn f teUdent Chaiiman I- 1: ':h ' • m Vu r-l'rt-.itlont chairman Board of Director* Ralctjh Manager Hoard Member MR * NEWKIBK MRS OlXIt lOHNsON MK At’BURY laOHAV MIS? ILT.IA WHEEL Bit MISS PWnfBT HIBSON WJ3S vrp., fP Fr , ,v» lellrr teller Note Teller Bookkeeper Bookkeeper Minute Banki-ig Service To You - - - With Auto loans • Quick and eas.\ -to-obtain Personal and ® Convenient, low cost loans for Mer chants, Home Ow ners and Farmers * After-hour “Walk-Up Window” service ® Low-cost or Regular checking accounts A GOOD BANK FOR YOU *fwmnßL**aK*VAKirimna m in n i«wiimwi»iwiw>i»iii imiimiwwm who—h irmwmimrH iwi i» A Jr cTwywjsew /, g rnmrmmm THE CAROL INI A? Durham Businessman Founded Bank 5Q Years Ago; O’Kelly First Board Head The public i.= invited tn inspect . he new ultra-modern building »nd facilitio-s m (he Mechanics and Far. i miers Bank. 13 E Hargett Street. ! Thursday, August s. from S to !> ; ; P.nv, it wa announced this week i by .? H. Wheeler, President The At Home is planned for the j j< int celebration of the bank's 50th | . nmvei sai-v and the opening of the ' I now building, which occupies th, j -itc of ijif, tirst building that was i opened to the public in 1922. The Mechanics an»l f irmers B-uik vis oresnized in .l.'inu arv 1907 by R. R Fitzgerald, prominent Durham Negro Pus tnr-vsj,'in and brick maker Thr hank c. ,n open'd sot >"i i | nc’y 'll) i, r’Qg r.prpy O'Kelly Vice-President and leading Method. N, c.. mer 'bant became the first chair man of the Raleigh Board of Management. Associated with Mr. O'Kelly were ten promi nent NejfM business and professional men fiic bank hns grown steadily r'iice its opening. At the end of the first year it* resources were $40,000. Following the banking j holiday of 19.13, the Mechanics and I Farmers Bonk, and the Wachovia | were the only Raleigh banking 1 iir-uses to survive the tragic holi : day In 10.1 t the )i?ets of the M | anrt t Rank passed the million m i rl. and on December 31. * Safety liquidity for your saving through Fed eral Deposit Insurance Corp, » New ultra modern quarters and equipment • Experienced counseling and confidential treat ment of your affairs 1938, She totai resources at the combined Raleigh and Durham offices of the bank were in ex cess of seven and « half mil lion dollars. Out of more than 13.000 banks in the United States, the M. and F. Bank was ranked 3,021. and largest Negro bank in the world in order of deposits held at the end of 1956. tn ,h-' fifty year history of the bank there have been five presi dents; R. B Fitzgerald. John Mer rick, Dr Stanford L Warren. C' U Spaulding ar.d .1. H. Wheeler Tne Raleigh Board of Manage ment. is composed of Dr L r McCauley, chairman. C A. Hay- : wood. J. E. Strickland. 7 S. Ste*c- PAGE FIFTEEN art. and .1 H Wheeler i The Mechanics and Farmer. Bank ie composed of three mod ern offices, the main office is lo cated in the heart of Durham’s lousiness district, and a recently completed branch is located in the North Carolina College section o' Durham. The new Raleigh office represent,- a significant addition to the other modern facilities main tained b> the hank The Raleigh hank, «hich will be formally op ened Thursday, reveals a contem porary designed semi-fireproof structure of two and a half sto ries in 1-fieht. The second floor of th* building is occupied by the Raleigh District of thi North Carolina Mutual Life Company These offices will also he open for inspection by the public from 5 to 9 p.m. Thurs day The hoin- office of this com pany 1= located in Durham At the end of 19.17 it had 5.1 million dol lars in resources and 236 milion dollars of life insurance in force 1 DR! V ~. SAFELY

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