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The Carolinian. volume (Raleigh, N.C.) 1940-current, August 10, 1957, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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WEEK ENDING SAT . AUGUST 10 195“ Dr. King Slaps “Gallup Poll” Dealings With Rights Says Our Actions Are Determined By “Poll” Rather Than Morality Bv RICHARD A JACKSON’ BROOKLYN, N. Y. <ANP) Dr. Marlin Luther King, Mont gomery, Ala., civil rights crusader, warned thal man may be getting tco smart for bis own good He told more than 2,500 persons at XO RFC EfVf ELKS AM \I?P j iptl (hf f.nvcj-'* \w trr! on Mon - A Fhiiin fUmlniph president ! «» y : A *g£* " hr *. the 'T"* j Lodge- fBPOE of W, robots in of the AFL-CIO. wilt be ttre-rn i Philadelphia. > \\'P) GUARANTEED RECAPPING with the ferrous ; HAWKIHSON TREAD (Since 1931) COST LESS THAN i/ ? HEW TIRE PRICES tellfl l!|l •No Bounce or Bumps * More Safe Miles 9 ()ne Day Service - • EASY TERMS equipment T he rubber we use on your good smooth j to ~r reap Mrex is better quality than that used in j , n!J| |i brand new tires', inch tires L t TIRE DISTRIBUTORS, INC. A’ rosy Prom Meredith Colie ie 3811 Hillsboro St. rjial TE 7 U 4-, 1 T-Ts ' " 1 . 111 u- .7- Juei . . ' '..'l. i —g- . 1 ■ 11l ■ m •MinillMMß "iSSjaU' .^ruTe^i^,- SOiiilY Y<?i, someday will bn «bta to *t#p into your shoes. Befoul It© do§t, jus* be sure you teach 'him some of the things that you have found to be worth* while , , , like thrift. *l44* Uul rfbicKdtiy tAeip, FIRST-CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY I , 3aeTei>mirtire.»Hwiainiitinni—fivir-p— m , two morning services at Cronrr- ■ atone Baptist Church here rectoi- j ly that moral laws are being sub- | jugalcd to Physical laws, in marts i dealings with one another. He said. “Today many have adopted i tlie conception that right and wrong are merely relative in our likes and dislikes We dr ride how (o art hv a sort of Callup Toll with a kind of an everybody's doing it attitude, or a just matter of custom ex cuse." Others, ihr 5957 Springarn rned- | j aiist continued, have adopted a j | sort of “get by iest of right and j | wrong; survival of the clickest.” j | They have sol up an 11th Com- j mandniont, “Thou shall not get ' ! caught.' Dr. King warned that the world ! America must rediscover the priri- I i ipios of the worth and sreredness | of human personality. dae-; ovt ...ui! as to out brothers as a means to an end." he cautioned. "His tory has shown thal nations j which have done so have fail ed and faded into oblivion." In his opinion, he said that be tclt that wth 311 the faults that exist if we continue to work > and pray we will s ee a new South in which all will live together in peace and dignity. Dr. Sandy y Ray. host pastor ; ! and president, of the New York i j . Bantis's, praised the courageous ! i leadership of Dr. King in the cam- ; j pnign for complete Democracy in : I Ame, it :). i Dr, King accepted the jrtvtia- ■ • tion of the president of the No - I i ttonal Baptist. Laymen. Mr. Alien I S Jordan, :o address the laymen Sep- i : {ember 4 during the N. B. C s»ys- i j sion in Louisville. | Dr. King was accompanied by j his sister. Miss Christine King, who ! I s studyna at Columbia Universtv : .... 1 ] Follow soil test recommends : lions for fall plantings Desirable Propert> FOR SALE! '] House & Lot S. STATE ST. a tid NEW BERN WE, i House Hex 3 Apartments j ibn FT FRONT I : 110 FT. DEEP CONTACT: GEORGE DAVES ‘TO T MARTIN »T. BI Al TEciplf * !I3of. MEALTIME'S EASIER f $g 1 WITH A M ,-y^~ f >■■ ■ - ~gj£^ nn r-\ r~\ r\ / FREEZES!’ foatf bfg parade of s-mats Uy marches rrfo «-•** kHchen Ma,ww sometwws Was to bsto a hssfcf retres*. BUT *r* ***» 50W bswe a rwocfom Bectobe Home Fore-rsd or w.iDoß>rti w »e, foe foo«*<y oonvoofor'e* ors « famfo> foe***-, «" be *».w feaggesf “Ertfrto befo?* " T *w'» **> pfobtem and otofoer fe dfoto*?. At fw ffogm tJP* br-.-** «s foe d&m, a wordror* -w-w-toty erf foods ** yome for fo* p*c*ffoej to «*i, feat, or (hm and eat. CMm, pm* ■■*rtd ooohfoa—flsvorhrf fnrfo and vegatobfos-—mee>H. 6wfc and Dowfoy—. cvf! are Sihero to fo* foes*-topped momenem erf your hm foeeKw®. So tafe* adxawtage erf (h*> bmO hi of fotoi ford stoee «srf soon. Votmt k foe eH-fo* «rs -pzrtoytm t*hAn*t w*wr*V sfotod arefohE mofoh or #w happy «Mv SKtwri-«oe of # Rerfrkjerator Frefjw, Thee fo* newt sow e»i ***** fo<* Mg parade ors small W, ww*s fed ****l ©tow's easier— film's »Mi Maezw*~~tto ft*****,- j Bmm Y**om Miwrrw'ai W«o«*ee Bnmn** (CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT * 11 j THE CAROLINIAN KSIL. I 'TW?iwiiiiMiiiii.,i- jrmau- -, # j coed IS NEW EDITOR —Sig- j red da Richardson, senior Eng lish major of Nashville, N, C., will edit North Carolina College's prize-winning student newspap er, The Campus Erhn, next year, i Durham Business School Students Attend Chicago Sales Institute I DURHAM —Three members of : the salesmanship class of the Dur- ! ham Business School were selected • to attend the Annual Sales In- : stti.ute in Chicago, sponsored by j the Fuller Corfunc Company The ■ Science Shrinks Piles j New Way Without Surgery j Finds Hf.aiins: Substance That D***» Both- Relieves Psin—Shrink* Hemorrhoids New York. N. V. (Special) i For the first time science has j found a new healing substance j with the astonishing ability to j shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve j pain—without surgery. In one hemorrhoid case after another, “very striking improve ment" wax reported and verified by doctors* observations. Cain was relieved promptly. And, while gently relieving pa<n, actual reduction or retraction | (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of all—this Improvement was maintained in | cases where, doctors’ observations ! **re continued over a period of ; many months! In fact, results were so thor- J ough that sufferers were able to ■ make such astonishing st a tements * as ''Files have cease d; _t o _hoj» i She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Richardson. Route l, Box 412, Nashville. Sigrcdda is the fifth coed in NCC history ! to edit the Echo. She formerly served as a reporter on the pub- j lieation's staff. students are Robert Hackney. Chs j nel Mill; Leon Penn, Raleigh; Theo !ise Fogg, of Henderson The students, who are part time salesmen for the Fuller Product* Company, vrr i» rhn j problem I* And among these sr«f --i ferers wore a very wide variety i of hemorrhoid conditions, some <*f j to 20 rears’ standing All this, without the t»s« of narcotics, anesthetics or astrin gents of any kind. The secret v* -■ new healing substance (Bio Dyne*) -thadiaeove ry of a world - famous research institution. Al ready, Bio-Dyne is in wide m for healing injured tissue on all i parts of the body. This new healing substance i* offered in tuppository or ft' rr >i called Preparation HA Ask for individually sealed eorverticmt i Preparation H sunoosttories »t Preparation H ointment with spe- | : ctal applicator Preparation H>« i sold atalldrugstores.Satisfartsw t guaranteed or money refunded ! ‘s-i r > ps.t ger «tt™imnra.r.TO* Wm , W9 # j sen because of their salesman ship ability. They became in terested in selling after enroll ing in a class in “Salesmanship Fundamentals” at the Durham Business School. The three students motored <o Washington. D. C where they me! j 3 SEE... ELVIS RAND 3 THE TAILOR v -—a t S SNAKE N R l R U I 6E. Martin St., Raleigh FOR YOU FURNITURE NEEDS Shop Us For . . . LOWEST PRICES ■and EASY TERMS lowa & Country Furniture NEW RALEIGH HIGHWAY PHONE 3-3521 3 Miles East of Durham 15 Miles West of Raleigh ON HYV.W 70 Swept, Ripe Calif. Red EXTRA SPECIAL! Ann Case Cram; ■itttt?JKr^^.“x.rtt-rjrT.^.’i::?x^iz^£i£x.^r^v!aKMZxx:xxzaFJsr3sue:isMsv. EXTRA SPECIAL! Fancy, A&P max. i7i:-x ■mttmisnsritxiii. - -. r~ c^3Ba^Jxn:aagtsa:»v..^. , » SAVE 6c On Ann Page Pure Plum New Low Price MP^STANT Equal To The Best Vet Costs You Less A*.P’s OWN ALL-PURPOSE Oil, A&P’s Own Pure Vegetable Shortening dexo : 31° ; 81° ——— t ~T n -i imiTiTTiiiiaini. wwnirwiiTr-rr--iw n~~ EXTRA SPECIAL! Jane Parker Spaniih “Super rtight” End Cut • PRICES. THIS AO EFFECTIVE THROUGH SATURDAY, AUGUST 11} I t •""■HK.wntinE'rsnK aN,muKW«. other sales representatives and i boarded a special train for Chica- I 1 1 38 PROOF 5 YMRS UlO RiClCfO Straight JP* BOURBON Whiskoy $ "*24 4/0 QUART : GOODEBHAM & WORTS, LTD , PEORIA, ILL. PAGE SEVEN | go. The Sales Institute wae held I July 23 25

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