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North Carolina Newspapers

The Carolinian. volume (Raleigh, N.C.) 1940-current, September 06, 1958, Page 12, Image 12

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12 THE CAIGUffIUUt FFU; ENDING SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6. 1358 Yes, We All Talk By Marcus H* Boulware AME.’-DttENT m SUBS TUITION '■• • E--no,'J w r:.31 rices on# mean •' Ameding bv Sub:,titution?~~Mrs. r l v A’ iF T'-e method of “rnend tn.g (r> > ibniiution’ mean* to strike ,-;i> t: v '- rd or irorup of word* and th-* £ if;i 1 ion of a word or group of 1 u orcl ' ' :• oppose the rassn motion if "T mthat wp donate sixty doiairs to the United Fund.” r may be that the member# are t in favor of donating this am count o arnthie member rises and propose • the following nmpndriientj "ißv -uhstlt’«) | move that y/e .smeisd the motion by stHk tor <uj! #h» ward 'sixty’ and PJliH.uj in it* place (be ward 'twenty '. “ The chairman say... "Mo 1 hey f econd to the amendment." After *he amendment is sec onded it pul before the house foe discussion. When the discus lon is ended, the chairman says: "Ail who ere m favor of the a. wetfdeTren’, rh.v, AYR tihen* ill Who are opposed say, NO!" 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Those who humbly, truly, live within Him ,! wrl! n<st fear, l.howrh the. earth be removed.™ f' wSk < M S m & CONVINCED OF CONSPIRACY The Her. rhiliip Coleman.lrio because Ihr white couple was fivinr with Rm rnleruan ,»nd Wt. and Mr. and Mrs. .1 W, Vaughn, sit in Justine of the Peace bn. family while Vaughn was in inm i„ r.onrfurt tcisci.m revival court, at Jackson Miss., where they were convicted of “eonsplraoy at Rev, Coleman's Church (UP! TEEF-PHOTO). to overthrow” Mississippi’s segregation laws. Officers arrested the Virginia Parents Ask: “Wiil South Secede Because Os Integration?” Ry VICTOR CA • VUR TON RICHMOND, V-< ■• l ANP) | Will the Deep South secede from | the Union over the controversial school desegregation issue? Will Virginia which is leading the massive resistance forces against the tj. o. Supreme court secede? Will the schools be closed in Vir ginia or Arkansas or any other slate in the South to avoid (he mix- t ing of tbs races ;n the classes? These are question* that haunt some parents in southern states and many of them are - ■white parents in Virginia have ursed parents io take appropri ate action to prevent siatr of ficials from closing the srhools 2 HOUR CI-EANING SERVICE At Net Extra Charge wßiemwttmttatmmKunmmmttmimmmmtamKmmmm. I We Vm 1 I NUPRO I PRO CESS p G«»=saa«*aaa»MKaa| SsstabU#fcc4 I U S ■” s Russos Hatters & Cleaiters 12% W. MARTIN ST, Dial TEtnptes *-S«»i io prevent Desegregation- Three member* of the school i board m Arlington Count*/ for ex ample. have said they would favor admitting Negro c* to white schools. They indicated last week they would not ignore 3 federal court order to admit specific Negro stu dents to while school.*. Some members, however, said I ! there is a question whether a fed - j I era I decree last year ordering seven ! ! Negro students into county schools j i —■ ' NEW LINCOLN CAFE FIRST IN FINE FOODS MEALS - SANDWICHES - BEER - SOFT DRINKS 333 South Wilmington Street Raleigh, N. C. For A Complete Line Os New & Used Furniture & Electrical Appliances Use Our Courteous and Friendly Service Raleigh Commission House, Inc, 134 E, HARGETT ST. TE 2-7741 SURETY EXTERMINATING €O. RATS BEETLES ROACHES FLEAS MICE MOTHS Protect: your home from costly pests and insect danger ! FREE INSPECTION AND ESTIMATES WITHOUT OBLIGATION! Dial TE 4-8525 ft No Answer JWal TE 8-6*41 2b?A 8. Wilmington St. Raleigh, N. c YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT QUINN’S Freshen Up Your Homs For Spring From Distinctive Furniture R. E. Quinn Furniture Co . 10S EL Martin St Your Capital City Tfti TE 2-4471 is still valid for the school year 1950*59. While the. world has focused its eyes on troubled, strife-torn Little Rock, Virginia has calmly, delib erately and up to ihis point, suc cessfully \v33ed a “silent 1 ' war r,gainst integration of it* public j schools. Virginia White# v < mintly feel they ate a cut above thru fellow Soijilicrit brrfhrrn | Down tbrniigb ihe year* they have nropaßirrtizpH (his *« (he eMit-ili es impr rising Upon Ne rues of 'iffi<•• i o itrs. WAR OF FAPLK While Arkansas and Governor Faubus have taken the “lew road" of violence in the struggle against the Supreme Court desegregation ruling. Virginia, cunningly has tak en the ‘high road" and waged a war on paper. ;^igi»,»w-air?!i i^ n »r , übhwm mMs>w,mgxutp 50% OFF LIST Off ALL Frigid Window Portable Fans ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS INCORPORATED ' 911 N, West St. 1957 Highest Price Average on the Middle Belt Fuquay-Varina TOBACCO MARKET tsrnmtiTtßßnmitaiaKemF-v -m manr, „ - Beginning Our 50th ANNIVERSARY Thursday j Sept 4th Minnw. MMit'W iir sw i Sdsasnssw 2 - COMPLETE SETS of BUYERS - 2 • Each Firm Has a Sale Every Day * 5-PROGRESSIVE WAREHOUSE FIRMS -5 GOLD LEAF NEW DEAL BIG TOP I *Hik s THSIDE EVERETTE CLAYTON LIBERTY J, CARL IE ADAMS TALLEY BROTHERS P, L. (Buddy) CAMPBELL JOE W. bTEPHENSON 2 - REDRYING PLANTS - 2 11-BUYING COMPANIES-11 Several Appointed To Civil Rights Bodies WASHINGTON, D C A fam ous West Coast, architect, two New fc.ngland lawyers and a Boston ad nunistrator are among the most re cent to State Advisory Committees named by the Commis sion on Civil Rights Paul Williams, of Los Angeles, designer of many well known com mercial buildings and home of mo vie stars, was apomted to the nine member Californio group William D. Graham, former as>sts toßt. corporation counsel for the city of Hartford, was named to dip seven-member Connecticut com mitter Edward W Brooks. Boston attor ney, and Clarence R Plain, Ro\- bury, chairman of the Boston Li censing Board, are among the nine persons to serve on trie Massachu setts corn in Dr. John A. Hannah, president, of Michigan State University, and chairman of the Commission on Ci il ni K hl s. announced the appoint incut., State advisory commitlces have now been named for 1,1 stales. In addition to Massachusetts. ConnecPeut. and California, these Texas, Indiana, Florida. Virginia. Michigan, Oklahoma, Arkansas. Now Mexico, Arizona, Vermont Maine and New Hampshire At Vm net's battlefields are the leg isiative halts and judicial chamber. There are no mobs teemin m th r streets crying out, against iut'->;ra tion; the world isn't pointing to Vn - cinia. whsppring about the stale the way they are scorning Little Kook CLUB or RIB STEAKS Lb, 69h » :. -t .g*a.-.auaL=w x. ~r- , zi. Rib Stew Beef lb 29c j t'teih .••pare Ribs lb. 30c «' ' 49s BonL N?Ck lb 15c OICKSTEAKS ~ uTTOc Hlllf Plate t’each C*? Snip hr? i, K:n i ,0'- / wv i"teserves ,’-lb Jar jp | Q and Chirm »• 1* ,1 |,. Greei reaches « a #■. :M can ... % for s, ' rr ' f F » rl Mr 'k ,b ' _ _ Bennett's MAYONNAISE Pi. r ? - No. I White <4 I U|b Green Cahiii, 1H ■'% rotators ... | yfy* Vmn strawberry ««a I LwL- Old' Salad it %■' Preserves ' lb ,t,n ZjJjlL* l*re-.s»n- i Open Friday Night Until II P. M. HORTON’S CASH STOP a 1415-17 South Saunders St. Raleigh, N C. jaigawHWiaßMiwiit>-a«y: >» m k. v zttr/jto&e&ax**!'::. :■*■; t\y.. lea&t. 13 other state committee: .< ii | he announced within the next t. 1 ; or three weri .cujuu *,T Ti ff m staff director, stated The California group arqui. *d : United Nations flavor v ith th- a l pointmenl of Ignacio E. Lot «?n • Jr , Low Angeles, publisher of t| | Spanish language newspaper i 1 Opinion, and ivi-■ 'y* p- .i ’ 1 ?, | Katow, San Francisco, national d i rector of the Japanese Amerw j Citizens League Mr. Graham is also senior - : - j ney for the Legal Aid Loci “by | Hartford County He | bachelor's degree at VU; t - ' v ■ 'College in IfUfi and hr-, U ■ d --r - at the University of Oonne'tKu* i 1943, I Mr Brooke in a member of U I boards of the Urban League iGi eater Be; ton uari of th*' I England Ho.-piGi Hr ha; m completed a Up term as ! director of +hr National Cor-fey ini' 1 of ChiLiians md ,lev He ••• ivies president of Alpha Phi Alpl Fraternity for a number of yeai Mr. Elam formerly was executr ■ secretary to the Masachusetts Go cronr’a Counci) and a director the Urban League of Greater Bo ton. •Advisory romiiTiHees of from to t.o nine <- are being appoin . ed in each -hue to supply the fa ; red conmusninn uith inforrwat; i and i ceotnme.ndtdtnns no -1 : lights matters within their tntpe I Live states i ,'ATRONIZE OltK UiVEßlir-f? mm

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