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Zion's landmark. online resource (Wilson, N.C.) 1867-current, September 01, 1869, Image 1

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f r w /: I ZION’S LANDMARKS. DEVOTED TO THE DEFENSE OF THE PRIMITIVE BAPTISTS. “TO THK jyjSriD TO ti-ie: testimony.” Volume II. Wilson, North Carolina, September 1, 1869. Number 19. foitVij. The Little One. I am a liUIo scholar, 1. daily go to school, To leara of master Jesus The perfect golden rule. The scholars they ait love Him, The school is good and free ; Come all yo careless siusiers And go to school with me. I am a little Christian, The Lord has made me so— All over a new creature. What wonders He can do? I love the things 1 bated, I hate the things 1 loved ; My Master is preparing roe To reign with him above. I am a Utile preacher, 1 preach the gospel free, And all my Master gives me I give it all aw.,y. V Allot when my hc.iu'geoTl 1 go to ifaster’s store ; 1 tell him all about it, He smiles, and gives tae more. I am a little shepherd. 1 teed my Master’s t heep, A.nd on the hill of Zion I love with them to ceep. The food my Master gi, ?s rrta To feed the little flock ; It is the bread of life divii e, And honey from the rock. 1 am a little w'atchmaii, I stand upon the wall, And when the foe is comiiif I give a sudden call. I blow my little trumpet To let the people know ; And all who will lake warning Kscape from every foe. I am a little poet, 1 made this little song; And oftimes it doth comfort me AVhen i am all a’onc. If any little creature Would wish to feel the same, 1 ])ray the Lord w'ould set his soul All in a heavenly flame. “ Ihy piesence, LerJ, cjn cheer my lie Though every earthly comfort die ; Thy smile can bid my pains depart And raise my sacred pleasures higli. art. “ Oh, let me hear tby biisslul voice. Inspiring life-and-ioy divino; The barren desert siiall rejoice ; ’lis paradife, if :liou%tt iaiQe,” Circular Letter written for the Bear! world, ^Yith all its corruptions, trou- Creek Association hy Elder S* C-1 j^jes cares and woes, with all its dy'^ Little- I T ’ • ‘ ■ , ing interests, sink down low in our The Ministers ana Messengers com- , , r u c -u ° . esteem, and we live by laith on posing, the Bear Creek Associa tion, convened With Watson Son of God. the And as such, we may become well acquainted with Christ Church, Union County, N. C., to f teaching the Churches they represent : j],,, n„|y Spirit, for Grace, Mercy and Truth be with of certain it is, that all teaching short of this, will r, y . y he sure to end in midnight darkness. Dearly Beloved Brethren in the ■ i • i „ i • , , . r And right here, is it not to be lear- Lord, Through Divino permission | ^ we arc again assemhled, m an asso-! ^ dated capacity, in inhospitable | j,y and unfriendly world , and we ought to be thankful to the great Giver of all good for Ilis kind preservation over and toward us. Let us rejoice Divine truth, we live in a day of de lusion and darkness instead of the true light of Gospel liberty as ■ some of the religionists of the day would in the truth of the gospel oi our Lord ! i i- o vm ‘ tv • , m . VT ; have you believe: Oh, may Divine and Saviour Jesus Christ, in that lie I , • '> , tt t . . ,1 1 i uv tiiG tcRciiinff ot liiG AjLoiy being the Way, the Truth and tne i ° ^ . -TV 1 • ai Ghost, shine into our hearts, lor by Life; this glorious Redeemer is th^f ’ life giving life ’jji,aintainiirg?M||j| of all His dear saints or^ belief^ poison m harm in it,” for there is the end. Let us turn our attention toward the modern men of the day,^ and what will we find ? If we find any thing, it must be a fire of their own kindling, for those mighty effort men have kindled a fire high and flaming, and have encompassed them selves about with the sparks, and in the light of their fire they walk, talk and amuse themselves all the day long, and in their own fire light they speak great swelling words, which they do not understand, about the great deeds they themselves have done, and the great number of proselytes thus formed and fashioned, in the light of their fii'e, and what a surprisingly state of prosperity their tne children ; and he never has, nor nev er will forsake the work of his own hands. As such, what he begins by his power he carries on with his arm, and will not break the bruised reed nor quench the smoking flax. Ilis heart is loVe and his bowels mercy, and ho will prove himself to be an all sufficient Saviour to all tliat put their trust in him for life and salva: tion. May we all put our trust in him that he may dispose of us as his cause isi n, and how very popular and shining of this light, "we shall be j respectable they themselves of late^ ^bri’a eliabiod’tO^discbver the' dtirkae's^. of’ka: the day, in the general, and also to discern the dark state of things that ' is now upon the true Church, which is the pillar and ground of th® truth. This same light will enable us to dis- he cold and barren condition cern that a great many of the real chil- seems good and right in sight, for certain it is, that our natural ignorance and blindness is such that, without the teaching and guidance of the Good Spirit, we shall soon lose the right way, and fall into pits and snares, errors and heresies, to our great injury, and to the .dishonor of the holv religion of Christ our Lord. May t!ie Holy Spirit be our sure and constant guide while in this trouble - some woild. May ho lead our minds into the mysteries of the Cross, and ma}' our souls center there, and we feel ourselves at home. Yes, my brethren, may the whole gospel be- come very precious and refreshing to our souls, and in Jesas may we con fide, and of him boast and sing his praises. And may this polluted dren of God are in at the present day. Brethren, what is the matter? There is something wrong. Such a state of things would not exist if all was right. Well, where is'the fault? It is not in God, for God has not changed. The fault, then, most assuredly, is in us, and as such, let each and every one of us pray God to give us light and^' understanding, that we may by this Divine light be enabled to search our tents thorough ly, to see if the accursed tiling is hid there-, as was the case of Achau of old. (See Joshua, 7th chapter and 11th verse.) We are commanded to try the spirits. Take them to the standard, the Woi’d of God, and try them there, for there is danger of be-‘ ing ensnared by these spirits. We would dissembling advise you to stand aloof from all those modern isms of the day; and also beware of all se cret political machinery, which goes under the dissembled name of “no and Avhat is it all, but an empty blank? ■‘^Iretliren, we would that the Lord would grant that our souls might be wet with the dew of Heaven, and we find it good to wait upon the Lord and draw near to Him at a throne of Grace, and live near to Gcd, by faith, and feed on Divine things. If we can feel that we live by faith on th-o Son of God, we will grow and thrive thereby. If we can view Jesus, and contemplate his love, in undertaking the work of salvation, and engaging as our surety befoi e the foundation of the world, we will see that the foundation of our salvation was had in covenant arrangement between the Father and Son, to which the Holy Ghost bears testimony. Let us rejoice, in that our names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life from before the foundation of the world. What then shall separ ate us from his love ? Shall wars, pestilence famine or distreee, per secution or the frowns cf this inhos pitable world? Bay, the Apostle tells us that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, ror heighth, nor depth, nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the lore of

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