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Zion's landmark. online resource (Wilson, N.C.) 1867-current, September 01, 1869, Image 2

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f 146 ZION’S LANDMARKS. God, which is in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Romans, the 8th chapter, .‘^8th and 39th verses. Notwithstand ing all the direful things which our cjes may see and our hearts mourn over, the Lord of life and glory will be sure to watch over, take care of, and like this ? Under the sweet influence of the effects of Love divine We do not mind to spend a little of our time in the defence of our Lord and Mas ter’s cause, and also support and maintain his Gospel, and also, con tend earnestly for the faith once de conduct us safe home to the Celestial livered to the saints, while this world City above. Not one will bo left be-j with all its appendages at the same bind that the Father gave to bis Son, ! time will appear trifling and worth- for the Gospel and every precept of the I less to us. Such a state of felicity jlible, and every part of the Covenant: is Heaven begun below; this we may of Grace, and the designs, purposes and counsels of Heaven, with all the divine perfections of God immutably stand, and thcv ever did and ever will stand responsible for the safe arrival of all his dear children to the Celestial City above. In this let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad; yea, let all who in heart and soul love our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, icjoice in this same glonous doctnne, for saith lie, “lhave loved thee with an everlasting love, therefore with lovincr kindness have I drown thee. view as living at the gate of Heaven, while here in this world of sin and misery. Yes, seeing that tne Lord has done all things well for us, and of his own Lee grace and purpose, has made us accepted in the beloved, and made known unto us the riches of his grace, and made us heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ; for whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son that he might be the first born among many brethren. gether unto-Him, not to be soon shaken nor moved, or troubled, neither by spirit nor by word, nor by letter as from us^ as that the day of Chiist is at hand. This is as if he had said to them [f any spirit declare unto yon that the second cominG!’ of onr Loi'd is at hand, or that it will Paul says “ as from us.” Paul evidently accuses and convets them of forgery against the Holy Ghost, and also against, the mora character of the apostles. I'his, we conclnde, is tlm sin of blas phemy against the Holy Ghost, “And for tijis cause God shall send them strong delusion, that be at such a time, or if you get | they should believe a lie ” In the a vc]-l)al word, or if you receive, 3d verse Paul waims tlie chni'cLi a letter from21sas from us ; against those deceive]'.-', saying, signifies that if yon hear by word “Let iio man deceive you by aiiv I Moreover, whom lie did predestinate, liow grciit and inconceivably rich is ! them he also called, and whom be the effects of divine love; it is the; called he also justified, whom he foundation of all the happiness which ‘justified, them he also glorified. Ro- the saints enjoy, either in this world, i mans, the 8th chapter, 29th and 30th or in that w hich is to come. Y es, | versos. Since there is no one that every divine truth is connected with ' can lay anything to the charge of of some one that the apos tles, say that the second coming of our Lord is at hand, or if yon should receive a b.-ttei’ pui'poi't- ing to be writteii ov ns, and tlse writer claiming lo be an ajios- tie, even if !:,■ sliould forge the name of Pan! or any of the apos tles to sncli lettei', so as to make it a])pear that it was ns that sent eternal God has done for us, or pro mised to do, and all that he ever re- \ ealcd of himself in his sacred word or elsewhere to his chosen and afflic ted ones, is but rnaniLsting a dispJay of his unchangeable and unalienable love to his chosen inhabitants of ZiOn. ^God’s-ftlect^ “let us lay .as4de» overy-. weight and the sin that doth so easi- means : fur that (hnj shall not coine^^ except thei'e come a hilling awa_y first, and that in;in of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.” This man of sin s])oke,n of by Paul has been revealed from Paul’s day until nowg and that revelation is raanife.-t bv ahdiim'- away or a dejiarture from the true gospel of Clirist to the in- it. Ilencehe saysventions of men and devil,-,. The iloly Ghost had informed i This man of sin was revealed in Paul that there were false spirits i Andrew Fuller, in 1 792, bv fall- gone out into the world, and that; ing away from the love of tlio tnith [professedly'] and clioosing such spirits had crept into th ffeh under a garb of reli-lfor his tl , ,V gie (i|* excitement th ly beset us, looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.”'— Praying God to give us light and un derstanding, that we may do our du ty to our God ami fellow man; that we may be found at our post carnest- i.ffar brethren, as God is eternal and | ly contending for the faith once de- iiicoraprchensiblo, just so is his love; | livered to the saints. Amen, w hen we were fast sinking down v of a highly i God, I immortal!" under the displeasure provoked and sin through the channel avenging O of jiovo, Christ was revealed tons as our suretyship, and one altogether lovely, and as the Chief among ten | Wilson, N. C., September 1. ELDER L. I. BODENIIAMER, thousand. When wm can, by faith, 3UDIXOK. ;ct sight of our Lord and Master if; Brother Bodenhamer:—Please "ive us vour 'vVe only get one crumb of Heavenly | views upon the 2d chapter lltl) and 12lh manna, it will be sure to raise our ^ ;;flections to Cod, and captivate our; souls, and wc view' Jesus as our bus- j 1-and, brother and friend. Such be-i ing the case, it will be sure to spread verses of I he second epistle of Paul to the Tlicssalonians. 1). L. HITCHCOCK. amkthat they'were grace- deplorabTe conditiorj ofheatheils. lej?.=) professors, whose object was: andforatfci'iliufingtheii'salvatioiA filtliy lucre and power, and not To money and not to Clirist, the good of Zion and the glory | This man of sin is revealed 1j\’ of God. The apostle also knew modern Fullei’ites or missit»nti- that such were well calculated, ries, in their falling atvay froiii and elemented to trouble and; apostolic ordei’ and faith, and shrke the minds of the saints by j specially in tlieir falling awa\' the liitroduction of their malig-1 from the true Bible and the love nant heresies into the church. | of the truth in the and in The object of such heresies is to | the willful pervei'.sion of Divine excite the animal passions, de-1 Truth, and for joining affinit\' throne reason, and eclipse ssii\\ \h(iAniericanUnion JhiJAe brightness of the glorious gospel of the blessed God. Hence the first workings of those false spir its ill the church was to get up Society'’^ irx that atrocious anil heaven-daring sin in attempting to slay the two witnesses of God, by denouncing the Scriptni'es, as an excitement so as toshake the | testifying to thirty thousand er- miiids or faith of the church and ' rors or lies, find for assisting and ' L J a withering inllucncc on all the poor, IVothy I'eligiou of this present day in AN Inch we live; while it sweetl y draws our affections to Him onAvhom the hope of our salvation is built.—- Riossed, indeed, is the eflccts of love EDITORIAL VIEWS UPON THE ABOVE VERSES. Eleventh verse—“ And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” The apostle in this chajiter is writing prophet- turn them from the belief of the abating the mother of harlots truth of God to believe a lie. in tlie blackest of all crimes, to To get up this excitement they i wit, the jiroduction of the lateso- necessarily had to resort to a lie I called ‘‘ Revision and Trausla- as all their kindred spirits do mi- tioii of the New Testament,” ically to the brethren, and in this .livlue, Klicd abroad in tb7iioaTof| encourages tliem by the power of coming of our Jxird Jesus Christ, and by their gathering to- his dear children by the Holy Ghost. Was power ever love til now. Hence they chose for their theme the immediate com ing or day of Christ, and to give character and imjiortance to their heresy they introduced it in the name of the apostles. Hence wherein is tlie greatest display of human ignorance, illiteracy, stupidity and divine contempt; yea Paul saith in the 4th verse, “ Who oppo.seth and exalteth himself above all that is called A.

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